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Boiler Suits Mission In GTA 5

Boiler Suits is one of the four preparation missions for the mission Blitz Play given to the protagonists by Steve Haines and Dave Norton. In this mission either of the protagonists have to go to Ammu-Nation in Strawberry and purchase three boiler suits. The Boiler suits can be found on the right side of the shop just after entering. After purchasing the three suits the mission ends when the player leaves the shop.

Boiler Suits Information

Name of MissionBoiler Suits
Protagonist(s)Michael De Santa Trevor Philips Franklin Clinton
LocationAmmu-Nation, Strawberry
TargetBoiler Suits
Time of the DayIn-game time

Mission Objective

  • Buy three boiler suits at Ammu-Nation.

  • Leave Ammu-Nation.

Gold Medal Objective

  • Quick Shopper - Purchase all outfits within 30 seconds.

  • United Colors - Purchase a different color for each character.


There are no rewards for this mission.

Mission Video Walkthrough



  • Even though it is a prep mission for Blitz Play, this is one of the shortest missions in GTA 5.

FAQs about Boiler Suits Mission

Q. What are boiler suits in GTA 5?

A. Boiler suits are one-piece suits worn by workers. In GTA 5 there is a mission called “Boiler Suits” in which the player has to purchase three Boiler Suits from Ammu-Nation.

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