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BZ Gas Grenades Mission in GTA 5

BZ Gas Grenades is a mission in GTA V given to Michael De Santa by Lester Crest if the player chooses the Smart Approach for the Jewel Store Job heist. This is the second setup mission for the smart approach of the main heist.

This mission starts after delivering the bugstars van to Lester. In this mission, Lester gives Michael the route of the Humane van that has the gas grenades required for the heist. Michael has to intercept the van on its route to trigger the setup mission. The player can kill the guards and hijack the Humane Labs Boxville, however this will give the player a 3-star wanted level.

The better option is to shoot open the back doors of the van causing the cargo to fall out from the back. This also rewards the player with the gold medal for the mission. After collecting the cargo in this way, the player will receive a 1-star wanted level which they have to lose before delivering the grenades to the garment factory.

BZ Gas Grenades Information

Name of MissionBZ Gas Grenades
Protagonist(s)Michael De Santa
LocationDarnell Bros.
TargetGas Grenades
Time of the DayIn-game time

Mission Objective

  1. Steal the Humane van or its cargo.
  2. Lose the Cops.
  3. Deliver the BZ grenades to the garment factory.

Gold Medal Objective

Loose Cargo - Shoot open the back doors to release the cargo.

Deaths and Destruction

The player has an option to kill the guards before hijacking the Boxville van.


This is a setup mission and hence there are no rewards.

After The Mission

After this setup mission, the preparation for the Jewel Store Job is complete. Lester can be visited to start the heist.

Mission Video Walkthrough



  1. The name "Humane" is ironic as the company makes biological weapons.
  2. Sometimes, if the player kills the guard driving the Boxville, then shoots the rear doors and steals the grenades from there, they will not gain a wanted level.

FAQs about BZ Gas Grenades Mission

Q. How do you get BZ gas grenades?

A. BZ Gas Grenades are obtained by stealing them from the Humane Labs Boxville in the second setup mission for The Jewel Store Job.

Q. How to get a gold medal in the BZ Gas Grenades mission in GTA 5?

A. To receive the gold medal in the BZ Gas Grenades mission, the player has to shoot open the back doors to release the cargo from the van.

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