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Kifflom in GTA 5

Kifflom! is an achievement/trophy in GTA V unlocked after completing the Epsilon Program missions for Michael De Santa.

Kifflom! Information

DescriptionComplete your path to enlightenment... or not.
Game Score30G
Trophy TypeSilver Trophy

How to unlock Kifflom! Achievement

To unlock this achievement/trophy the player has to complete the final mission in the Epsilon Program missions thus completing the series of Epsilon missions. After completing Unknowing The Truth the player will receive the Kifflom! trophy/achievement.

In the mission Unknowing The Truth, Michael has to take down the Epsilon security guards shooting at him along with the helicopter and steal the car before making an escape and getting rid of the cops.


  1. If the player chooses to betray the cult, the radio in Michael's Tailgater will always be tuned into Los Santos Rock Radio and the song "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" by Elton John will always play once the mission is completed.
  2. During the mission “Unknowing The Truth”, the nearby Los Santos Customs will be closed.
  3. It is most likely that betraying the Epsilon Program is the canon choice, since both objectives for the gold medal require the player to betray the cult.

FAQs about Kifflom! Achievement

Q. How do you get the Kifflom trophy in GTA 5?

A. The Kifflom! trophy/achievement can be unlocked by completing the final mission “Unknowing The Truth”, in the Epsilon Program mission series for Michael.

Q. What does Kifflom mean in GTA 5?

A. Kifflom is supposedly a Mythical God worshipped by the members of the Epsilon Program.

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