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Los Santos Customs in GTA 5

Los Santos Customs is an achievement/trophy in GTA V unlocked for fully modifying a vehicle at the Los Santos Customs.

Los Santos Customs Information

NameLos Santos Customs
DescriptionFully mod a vehicle.
Game Score10G
Trophy TypeBronze Trophy

How to unlock Los Santos Customs Achievement

To unlock the Los Santos Customs trophy in GTA V, a player has to fully modify/customize a vehicle with every upgrade at the Los Santos Customs. The achievement is unlocked after leaving the Los Santos Customs garage.

(A car being modified at Los Santos Customs)

Los Santos Customs has different modifications for different cars and bikes. Grilles, hoods, bumpers, spoilers, skirts, wheels, etc. can be modified depending on the vehicle being modified.


  1. If the player drives any vehicle while wearing the Epsilon robe into Los Santos Customs as Michael, the mechanic will shout, "Kifflom!"
  2. This mission is cheaper to complete in GTA V story mode than in GTA Online.

FAQs about Los Santos Customs Achievement

Q. How do you get the Los Santos Customs achievement?

A. To unlock this achievement, a player has to fully modify a vehicle at the Los Santos Customs shop in GTA V.

Q. Can bikes be upgraded at Los Santos Customs?

A. Yes, bikes can be modified/upgraded as well at the Los Santos Customs in GTA V.

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