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Phoenix in GTA 5

The Phoenix is a 2-door Muscle Car in GTA V manufactured by Imponte.

The Phoenix is a Muscle car packed with power but isn’t very stable. It has a good top speed, almost touching 120mph. It is manufactured by Imponte and cannot be purchased at dealerships in GTA V but can only be found driven by NPCs. It looks very similar to the older Pontiac Trans Am cars.

Phoenix Information

Vehicle ClassMuscle
Vehicle TypeCivilian Car
Body Style2-door Muscle Car
Appearance(s)GTA: Vice City

GTA: San Andreas

GTA: Vice City Stories


GTA Online

Design and Performance

The Phoenix looks very much like a combination of features from the Pontiac Trans Am models over the years. It has a really long hood and quite a large bumper that protrudes out a little at the front end. It has a chrome finish on the door handles and the circular rear-view mirrors. The Phoenix is often found with a triple stripe paint job mostly in darker colors. It has rectangular headlights at the front and circular brake lights. The front grille is rectangular as well and the top part of the grille can be hidden with the Iron Mask grille modification. It has a twin rear exhaust pipe which can be modified.

(The Phoenix driven in first person perspective)

The Phoenix comes packed with a V8 engine that causes burnout everytime a player fully accelerates while being stationary. The powerful engine struggles to drag the car around because of its weight. The Phoenix has a good top speed that almost touches 120mph on upgrading. At high speeds, cornering is very difficult and the car often oversteers. It is a fast car on straights but not very ideal for city streets.


ArmorNo Armor$100

Armor Upgrade 20%$500

Armor Upgrade 40%$1,250

Armor Upgrade 60%$2,000

Armor Upgrade 80%$3,500

Armor Upgrade 100%$5,000
BrakesStock Brakes$100

Street Brakes$2,000

Sport Brakes$2,700

Race Brakes$3,500
BumpersStock Front Bumper$250

Extended Chin Spoiler$500

Custom Chin Spoiler$750
EngineEMS Upgrade, Level 1$900

EMS Upgrade, Level 2$1,250

EMS Upgrade, Level 3$1,800

EMS Upgrade, Level 4$3,350
ExhaustStock Exhaust$130