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Sandy Shores Airfield In GTA 5

Sandy Shores Airfield is a private airfield in GTA V. It is located on Panorama Drive in Sandy Shores, Blaine County. This airfield is in the middle of the Grand Senora Desert and is owned by Trevor Philips.

Sandy Shores Airfield Information

NameSandy Shores Airfield
LocationSandy Shores, Blaine County
Owner(s)The Lost MC (formerly) Trevor Philips
Appearance(s)GTA V GTA Online


The Sandy Shores Airfield has three runways. Two parallel runways run from east to west and one smaller runway stretches from northeast to southwest. It has a hangar at the east end in which a plane of the size of the Shamal or smaller can fit inside. It also has a helipad opposite to the hangar.

(The hangar at Sandy Shores Airfield)

Any plane except the Cargo Plane can easily land on any runway of the Sandy Shores Airfield, however bigger planes need careful manoeuvring to land. The airfield can be accessed from Panorama Drive and from the dirt roads connecting it to Joshua Road in the north and Route 68 in the south. Senora National Park is located in front of the main entrance of Sandy Shores Airfield.

Events of GTA 5

During the early events of GTA 5 Trevor Philips and Ron Jakowski capture the Sandy Shores Airfield after taking over it from The Lost MC. They clear off the Sandy Shores Airfield by gunning down several Lost MC members. The Sandy Shores Airfield was soon taken over completely by Trevor Philips.

Later, the airfield is used many times and appears in many missions like Monkey Business and The Merryweather Heist Offshore Approach. In Arms Trafficking Air 5, Trevor's rival drug runners take over the airfield and move in their own aircraft and equipment. Trevor has to bomb them with his Cuban 800.

(The Mallard parked at Sandy Shores Airfield that triggers the Stunt plane Time Trial)

In the Enhanced Version if the player gets into the Mallard parked at the airfield, the Stunt planes Time Trial is triggered.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

  • Nervous Ron

  • Caida Libre

  • Minor Turbulence

  • Cargobob

  • Sidetracked

  • Predator

  • The Merryweather Heist (offshore approach only)

  • Monkey Business

  • Bury the Hatchet

  • Surveying the Score

  • Delivering the Truth

  • Sidetracked

  • Arms Trafficking Air 5

  • Random Events

  • Stunt Plane Time Trials (Special/Collector's Edition and Enhanced Version only)


  • Health Pack - Inside the hangar.

  • Letter Scrap - On a large rock located to the southwest of the airfield.


  • The airfield is similar to the Verdant Meadows Airfield from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, both located in a desert and owned by a protagonist.

  • One of the "abandoned vehicles" Random Events takes place along the southern perimeter of the airfield.

  • The original beta name for the airfield was "Alamo Sea Airfield". This name can still be heard and mentioned by characters in early missions. This is further referenced in the mission Caida Libre, when the pilot states that he can't make a landing at the "Alamo Sea Airfield".

FAQs about Sandy Shores Airfield

Q. Where is Sandy Shores Airfield GTA 5?

A. Sandy Shores Airfield is located on Panorama Drive in Sandy Shores, Blaine County.

Q. What is the Sandy Shores Airfield in GTA 5?

A. Sandy Shores Airfield is a private airfield in GTA 5 controlled by Trevor Philips.

Q. What is the Sandy Shores Airfield in GTA 5 based on?

A. The Sandy Shores Airfield could possibly be based on George Air Force Base in Victorville, California.

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