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Show Off in GTA 5

Show Off is a trophy/achievement in GTA V received for completing all the stunt jumps in the game.

Show Off Information

NameShow Off
DescriptionComplete all Stunt Jumps.
Game Score30G
Trophy TypeBronze trophy

How to unlock Show Off achievement

To unlock the trophy/achievement “Show Off” all 50 stunt jumps have to be completed. Stunt Jumps are located all over San Andreas. Either a two-wheeler or four-wheeler can be used for stunt jumps. They are usually ramps on which a vehicle has to be driven/ridden and landed on a designated area without crashing.

For details about the locations of the Stunt Jumps check out the Stunt Jumps wiki page. The locations can also be found on the Junk Energy Drink website in the game.


  1. In GTA Online, the stunt jumps do not register with certain vehicles like the Toreador.

FAQs about Show Off Achievement

Q. Can you get the show off trophy in GTA 5 Online?

A. Yes, you can complete the Stunt Jumps in GTA Online as well to receive the “Show Off” trophy/achievement.

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