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The Good Husband in GTA 5

The Good Husband

The Good Husband is an optional mission in GTA V. Amanda calls Michael for help and it is the player’s choice whether to help her or not.

In this mission, Amanda calls Michael asking him for help as she’s been arrested at Didier Sachs. Michael can choose whether he wants to help her or not.

If Michael chooses to help Amanda, he will find Amanda handcuffed in the backseat of a Police Cruiser as she has been arrested for shoplifting. A police officer will be seen standing and speaking to another man right next to the car. Michael has to steal the police car and lose the cops. After getting rid of the wanted level, Michael has to drop Amanda home. On the way, Amanda and Michael have a discussion about money and Amanda's stealing habits.

The Good Husband Information

Name of MissionThe Good Husband
Protagonist(s)Michael De Santa
LocationRockford Hills, Los Santos
TargetAmanda De Santa
Time of the DayIn-game time

Mission Objective

  1. Go to Amanda.
  2. Get in the Cop car.
  3. Lose the Cops.
  4. Take Amanda home.

Gold Medal Objective

This is an optional mission and it has no gold medal objectives.


There are no rewards for this mission.

Mission Video Walkthrough



  1. If Michael does not help Amanda, she will say that he is gonna pay for the lawyer’s fees. Michael then loses money and he will get a text from Amanda reading that she is mad at him and she took money from Michael's account to pay the fees.
  2. When Michael takes the handcuffs off Amanda, he will mention that he remembers Amanda doing "the old girl cop routine." hinting that one of Amanda's stripping routines, when she was a stripper, was dressing up in a police outfit.
  3. While Michael and Amanda are going back to the mansion, Amanda says that she has a habit of stealing things, hinting that she may be a kleptomaniac.


Q. How do you unlock The Good Husband in GTA 5?

A. The Good Husband is unlocked after completing the mission Friend Request.

Q. How do you do The Good Husband mission in GTA 5?

A. In this mission, the player has to rescue Amanda who has been arrested for shoplifting.

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