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Three's Company in GTA 5

Three’s Company is a storyline mission in GTA V played as protagonists Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips. This mission is the first mission where all the three protagonists come together. Franklin Clinton meets Trevor Philips for the first time during this mission.

This mission begins with Michael De Santa meeting Dave Norton at the location given to him earlier. Dave is seen accompanied by two other men, Steve Haines and agent Andreas Sanchez of the FIB. Michael is seen trying to be humorous but Steve Haines shuts him up. Steve tells Michael that he now sort of works for him and Dave asks him to come with him for his next assignment.

Michael and Dave drive to the meeting point where Trevor has already been brought and Franklin is called by Michael. On the way to the meeting point, Dave explains the mission to Michael, who then explains it to Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton. Franklin is supposed to cover Michael and Trevor, who will be in a helicopter breaking into the IAA building and extracting Ferdinand Kerimov while he is being interrogated by the IAA agents. Michael breaks into the room while being suspended from the helicopter with a rope and gets Ferdinand Kerimov out.

Franklin helps with their escape by providing cover with a sniper from a building opposite to the IAA tower. Michael and Franklin take down three IAA helicopters after which they meet back at the meeting point at El Burro Heights. Franklin and Trevor leave in their respective vehicles after which the mission ends.

Three’s Company Information

Name of MissionThree’s Company
Protagonist(s)Michael De Santa Franklin Clinton Trevor Philips.
LocationFIB Headquarters (Start) Downtown Los Santos IAA Headquarters Dutch London Warehouse (End)
TargetRescuing Ferdinand Kerimov from the IAA
Time of the DayIn-game time

Mission Objective

  • Go to Dave. (Michael)

  • Get in Dave's car. (Michael)

  • Go to the meeting point. (Michael)

  • Fly to the Agency headquarters. (Trevor)

  • Rappel down the Agency office window. (Michael)

  • Take down the choppers. (Franklin or Michael)

  • Land the helicopter at the meeting point. (Trevor)

Gold Medal Objective

● Time - Complete within 07:30

● Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%

● Headshots - Kill 10 enemies with a headshot

Deaths and Destruction

  • Multiple IAA agents are killed by Michael, Franklin and Trevor while rescuing Ferdinand Kerimov.

  • Three IAA helicopters are taken down by Michael and Franklin.


  • Frogger at Trevor's Airfield

  • AP Pistol

  • Heavy Sniper

  • Steve Haines as Director Mode character (Enhanced version only)

After Mission

After this mission, Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips are called in again by Dave Norton and Steve Haines to a warehouse on Dutch London Street. Here they see Ferdinand Kerimov being questioned and tortured for information on Tahir Javan, an Azerbaijani terrorist. Their help is needed to extract information from him and assassinate the target.

Mission Video Walkthrough



  • Originally, this mission was going to be called "The Extraction".

  • Even if Franklin has moved into his new house when this mission is started, Dave will still say they will send some agents to his aunt's house.

  • In the Brazilian Portuguese version of the game, the name of the mission is "Dois é bom, Três é Foda", which can be literally translated as ‘Two is good, Three is Fucked Up’.

  • In GameInformer's demo review, it was mentioned that the target would be injured due to one of the agents smashing a flashlight on his finger, causing his finger to bleed. However, in the actual game, there is no effect on his hands.

FAQs about Three’s Company Mission

Q. How do you start Three's Company in GTA 5?

A. To start Three’s Company in GTA 5, go to the B marked on the map to meet Dave Norton after completing the mission Dead Man Walking.

Q. How do you complete Three’s Company in GTA 5?

A. Simply follow the mission objectives that appear on the screen during the mission. They are as follows:

  • Go to Dave. (Michael)

  • Get in Dave's car. (Michael)

  • Go to the meeting point. (Michael)

  • Fly to the Agency headquarters. (Trevor)

  • Rappel down the Agency office window. (Michael)

  • Take down the choppers. (Franklin or Michael)

  • Land the helicopter at the meeting point. (Trevor)

Q. How to earn the gold medal in Three’s Company mission in GTA 5?

A. To earn the gold medal, complete the following gold medal objectives during the mission:

  • Complete within 07:30.

  • Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%.

  • Kill 10 enemies with a headshot.

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