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Trevor Philips in GTA 5

(Source: In-game screenshot)

Trevor Philips is one of the three playable characters in GTA V alongside Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton. He is short-tempered and is often annoyed when things don't go his way.

Trevor is a former bank robber and criminal with a hot head and most of the time he is full of rage. Trevor is also an emotional guy who is soft on the inside. He founded his own company, Trevor Philips enterprises, dealing in drugs and smuggling in Blaine County. Trevor considers Michael to be his best friend. He is also friends with Ron Jakowski and Wade Herbert who work for him.

For nine years, Trevor thought Michael was dead until he saw something on the news about Michael’s whereabouts and went looking for him, finding him in Los Santos with his family. After this, Trevor, Michael and Franklin worked together and pulled off a few heists. Franklin and Trevor also became friends and Franklin looked up to Trevor as more of a mentor than a friend.

Trevor Philips’ Personal Information

NameTrevor Philips
AliasesT, Boss, Captain T, Jock Cranley, Tony, Trev, T-revor, Uncle T, Philip Trevors, Trisha, The Crazy Dude, The Creepy One, Crazy Trevor, Diego Santiago
Voice ActorSteven Ogg
DOB (Age)November 14th, 1967
Height6’1 (1.86m)
FamilyMrs. Philips (Mother), Unnamed father, Ryan Philips (Brother), Unnamed cousin
HomeTrailer, Zancudo Avenue, Sandy Shores, Blaine County Vanilla Unicorn, Strawberry, Los Santos
BusinessesArmed robbery, Gun running, Drug dealing, Vanilla Unicorn, Trevor Philips Enterprises, McKenzie Field (Optional), Los Santos Golf Club (Optional), Car Scrapyard (Optional), Tequi-la-la (Optional), Pitchers (Optional), The Hen House (Optional), Sonar Collections Dock (Optional)
AffiliationsMichael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, Lamar Davis, Dave Norton, Wade Hebert, Floyd Hebert (Formerly), Chef Trevor Philips Enterprises (Leader), Lester Crest Brad Snider (Formerly), Jimmy De Santa, Tracey De Santa, Martin Madrazo (Formerly), Patricia Madrazo, Altruist Cult (Possible betrayal), Mushroom Hank, Oscar Guzman, Ortega (Formerly), Maude Eccles, Cletus Ewing, The Lost MC (Formerly), Josh Bernstein (Formerly), Civil Border Patrol (Formerly), Joe (Formerly), Josef (Formerly), O'Neil Brothers (Formerly), Devin Weston (Formerly), Steve Haines (Formerly), Wei Cheng (Formerly), Tao Cheng (Formerly), Tao Cheng's Translator (Formerly), Nigel, Mrs. Thornhill, Mary-Ann Quinn, Getaway Driver (Formerly), Daisy Bell (Briefly), Kush-Chronic (Briefly), Ursula (girlfriend/optional)
WeaponsPlayer's choice
Phone/Email ID2735550136/[email protected]
Appearance(s)GTA V, GTA V Online


Trevor Philips had a bad upbringing which made him the man he is. He was born and raised in Canada, close to the border of the United States, or as he calls it, “the Canadian border region of America”. In his childhood itself, he had a hot head and was rageful. (In a conversation with Cletus he mentions that he once strangled a clarinet player with his own instrument). Trevor was dealt a bad hand when it comes to being raised right. His father was an abusive alcoholic who abandoned him at a shopping mall. Later on, Trevor went on to burn down the place. His mother always considered him useless and had no expectations from the boy. Trevor also had a brother, Ryan, whom he didn’t like much.

(Trevor crying in front of his mom in “Mrs. Philips”)

Trevor seems like he doesn’t possess basic knowledge as he dropped out of school. This doesn’t mean he isn’t talented. When it comes to mathematical calculations, like calculating amounts of gold and money related to heists, Trevor is pretty good at it. However, he struggles with his grammar and often “improvises” with punctuation. He had a talent for flying jets and even enrolled in the air force to fly fighter jets, but wasn’t allowed to complete his training because he was put down as ‘mentally unstable’ by the woman in charge of psychological evaluations.

Trevor began committing small crimes along the border after he was discharged from the military. He never committed a major crime, up until he came across Michael Townley. While escorting cargo across the border, Trevor noticed not one but two trails leading towards him. Michael got out of the first vehicle and began running away, while another man got out of the second and began shouting and waving at them. Trevor took the man’s flare gun and shot him in the eye with it, killing him. Michael and Trevor had to later dump the body in a lake and even threw up because the stench was so bad from the burning corpse. After this incident, their criminal partnership began.

Events of GTA 5

Trevor watches something over the news that shocks him. He says he just saw a ghost when Ron and Wade enter the scene with Johnny, who is mad at Trevor for having sex with his girlfriend Ashley. Trevor loses his cool, throws Johnny down to the ground while holding him by his neck, and then slams a beer bottle into Johnny’s head. He then kicks his face multiple times leaving him dead. Ron, Wade and Ashley watch this horror in silence after which Ashley cries over the dead body of Johnny. Trevor leaves in his Canis Bodhi with Ron and Wade, to take out Johnny’s gang before they can come after him. He follows the members of The Lost to their main gang hideout. Trevor, Wade and Ron then attack the hideout.

After taking out most of the gang members, Trevor instructs Wade to go to Los Santos and find out more about Michael Townley. Meanwhile, Ortega, the leader of the Aztecas, vandalizes Trevor’s van in revenge for killing Johnny. Trevor finds out and with Ron’s help attacks Ortega’s trailer with the option of killing him and taking over the airfield run by the Lost MC.

Trevor now tries to do business with the Chinese triads, whose leader, Wei Cheng, wants to expand his business in Blaine County and needs a reliable partner. Wei Cheng sent his son Tao Cheng along with a translator to talk to Trevor. This meeting is ambushed by the gang members of Ortega’s who arrive to take revenge for killing their leader. Trevor hides Tao Cheng and his translator in a freezer in the meth lab and fights them all single-handedly. This causes Wei Cheng to change his mind and go to the O’Neil brothers' gang for business. When Trevor finds out he decides to kill the O’Neils. He receives a call from Elwood O’Neil wanting to talk things out but Trevor declines the offer. Elwood panics and sends his people to protect the farm, but Trevor manages to destroy the ranch by lighting it on fire using a gas trail.

After a while, Trevor receives news from Wade about a Michael De Santa living in Los Santos with his two kids and his wife, Amanda. He recognizes Michael’s alias and his wife’s name and plans to go visit Michael De Santa. Before he can leave for Los Santos he takes down the Lost MC’s main hideout with sticky bombs, completely deleting the group’s presence from Sandy Shores. After that, he locates Wade’s cousin Floyd’s apartment and decides to stay there.

Trevor sets off to find Michael’s home in Rockford Hills. When he arrives at the De Santa residence, everyone is shocked as Michael told them he is most likely dead. Trevor notices everyone but Tracey being present. Jimmy reveals that she is auditioning for the TV show “Fame Or Shame”. Michael and Trevor rush to the Maze Bank Arena upon hearing this. When TV host Lazlow sexually approaches Tracey, Michael and Trevor chase him down to the Los Santos river in a truck. There they humiliate him and send him off with a warning.

Trevor learns that Floyd is working at the Port of Los Santos and forces him to take him there to see if he can find anything worth stealing. He gets to know that a private security force called Merryweather possesses some secret cargo on a ship there. He decides to plan a heist to steal the cargo with Michael.

Before this plan could be executed, Michael is contacted by Steve Haines, a corrupt FIB officer. Steve wants Michael to extract a prisoner being held by the IAA. Trevor gets introduced to Franklin Clinton, a Families gang member. Trevor flies a chopper to help Michael with extracting the prisoner and then keeps it for himself.

Trevor accompanies Franklin and Lamar on a drug deal at Grove Street. The deal goes sideways when Trevor intervenes. He snapped one of the bricks in half revealing that it was actually drywall. A gunfight starts, attracting the LSPD’s attention. Franklin, Lamar and Trevor escape via the Los Santos river on a bunch of jet skis.

Trevor is once again summoned by the FIB for another assignment. He is instructed to torture Ferdinand Kerimov for information, the man he helped Michael extract from prison. Kerimov reveals information about an Azerbaijani terrorist by the name of Tahir Javan. Steve orders Michael and Dave Norton to assassinate Tahir Javan, while he tells Trevor to kill Kerimov and dispose of his body. Trevor instead drops him at the Los Santos airport and tells him to run away.

Now, Trevor goes ahead with his plan to steal the cargo from the ships which turn out to be a success but soon after, Lester Crest arrives to warn Trevor that it would be best if they returned the cargo as it was a highly dangerous superweapon that the United States was planning to trade with the Chinese. Trevor isn’t happy with the idea but Michael and Franklin convince him, promising him better heists in the future. Trevor soon receives a call from Elwood O’Neil who threatens to kill him for destroying his farm. Trevor invites Elwood to Los Santos to come to find him.

Trevor accepts a job with Michael and Franklin for Devin Weston, to steal expensive cars for him. They do not get paid for this job which makes Trevor mad. He soon takes up another job with Michael where they are supposed to assassinate Martin Madrazo’s cousin who was planning to testify against him in court. Michael shoots down the plane carrying Madrazo’s cousin and Trevor finds him and kills him securing the testimony, but later on, arriving at the Madrazo residence finds Martin Madrazo ill-treating his wife and kidnaps her. They go into hiding at Trevor’s trailer in Sandy Shores as they cannot enter Los Santos now without being fired at by Madrazo’s men.

Since they are in hiding, Trevor tries to take care of his business while Michael and Franklin finish whatever is left of the O’Neils. Trevor helps rob a bank in Paleto Bay to secure funds for another FIB operation, this time helping Michael and Dave Norton to secure a neurotoxic chemical being developed at the Humane Labs and Research facility. Michael pays Madrazo with an ancient artifact stolen from a Merryweather train while Trevor reluctantly returns Patricia to her husband, warning him to respect her and never ill-treat her again.

After Michael and Trevor are back in Los Santos, Trevor returns to Floyd’s apartment. He comes across Debra, Floyd’s girlfriend, who is back from her overseas business trip. Debra is annoyed by Trevor’s presence in their house and asks him to leave. Trevor creates a scene that gets Debra even madder, pushing her to ask both of them to leave again. When Trevor refuses and with Floyd not saying much, Debra pulls out a gun from a kitchen drawer and points it at Trevor. Floyd too pulls out a knife while Trevor loses it and is shown leaving the apartment covered in blood after killing them both. As he gets out of the apartment he sees Wade and tells him it would be best if he didn’t enter the apartment.

They both leave together in Trevor’s Canis Bodhi. They take over the Vanilla Unicorn strip club by killing the previous manager. Trevor, Michael, Franklin and Lester meet up at the strip club to plan the Union Depository heist. They survey the depository for possible escape routes, which Michael and Franklin do by car, and Lester and Trevor do the same by helicopter.

Trevor meets Michael at his mansion and puts forward the plan of getting Brad out of prison. Michael changes the topic and says he will do one last job and the partnership is then over. Trevor gets suspicious and finally confronts Michael about North Yankton, telling him he has a theory for what happened there. Trevor asks Michael who was buried in his grave nine years ago, to which Michael has no answer. Trevor rages out of the house and takes Michael’s car, driving it to Sandy Shores Airfield. He reaches the grave and digs it up to find Brad’s decaying body buried there. Michael also arrives at the scene and they both find themselves pointing guns at each other. Michael explains the deal between him and Dave Norton, right when they get ambushed by Wei Cheng’s triads. Trevor flees, so Cheng’s men take Michael hostage instead, assuming he is Trevor’s lover. Wei Cheng calls Trevor and tells him he will kill Michael if Trevor does not surrender his business in Sandy Shores. Trevor tells him to do as he pleases due to his feud with Michael.

When Trevor returns, Franklin asks him about Michael and he reluctantly and angrily tells him that he has been taken hostage by Wei Cheng’s men. Franklin rescues Michael.

Trevor helps Michael when he falls into trouble at the Kortz Building where the FIB, IAA and the Merryweather mercenaries all arrive at once. Trevor assists him even though he considers Michael to be his enemy at this point knowing that the Union Depository heist would be impossible without both of them working together. Trevor helps Franklin rescue his friend Lamar from the captivity of the Ballas along with Michael as well. The plan is a success and the crew manages to escape with millions worth of gold.

After the Union depository heist, Franklin is approached by both Steve Haines and Devin Weston. Steve wants him to kill Trevor and Devin wants him to kill Michael.

Franklin has three choices.

  1. Kill Trevor
  2. Kill Michael
  3. Team up with Michael and Trevor and take down their enemies.

Option 3 is the canonical ending to the game. However, Options 1 and 2 can also be chosen.


Trevor is 6’1 (1.86m) in height and weighs about 206lbs (93kgs). His default character wears a dirty V-neck t-shirt and light blue jeans or joggers. He has multiple tattoos all over his body of which one is a dotted line around his neck that says “CUT HERE”. He wears something that looks like a calculator watch on his left wrist. He has brown eyes and receding dark brown hair.


Friends and Family

Michael De Santa

Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips were partners in crime ever since they met. After that, they started robbing banks together. Everything was good, up until 2004 when Michael had enough of the criminal world and made a deal with Dave Norton of the FIB. When things went sideways, Trevor escaped. Trevor always considers Michael to be his best friend, but when he got to know the truth about North Yankton he got furious and left him to be kidnapped by the Triads. In the mission “The Third Way” after killing Devin Weston, Michael and Trevor apologize to each other.

Ron Jakowski

Ron is Trevor’s best friend. Even though Ron is terrified of Trevor due to his temper and is mostly scared even while talking to him, Trevor trusts Ron. He even lets him take over Trevor Philips Enterprises while he is away. Trevor has called Ron “a good guy”, “very loyal” and “dependable”.

Franklin Clinton

Trevor gets introduced to Franklin by Michael. Franklin is someone who isn’t affected much by Trevor’s rage and is seen calming him down instead. Franklin and Trevor turn out to be good friends. In the ending where Franklin kills Trevor, he tells Franklin that he has only been true to him. In the ending where Franklin kills Michael, he tells Franklin that he is dead to him. In the ending where they defeat their enemies together, Trevor tells Franklin that he is proud of him.

Wade Hebert

Wade and Trevor have been good friends for around a year before the start of the game. Wade’s clumsy and silly behavior often gets Trevor mad at him, but Trevor cares for Wade and sees potential in him. He immensely helps Trevor run his business and is loyal to him.

Floyd Hebert

When Trevor arrives in Los Santos he forcibly moves into Floyd’s house which he claims is actually his girlfriend’s. Floyd gets involved in Trevor’s business and crimes eventually. In the mission Hang Ten, Trevor kills both Floyd and his girlfriend Debra after Debra creates a scene and protests against Floyd staying in her apartment. Trevor tells Wade, Floyd’s cousin, to not go into the apartment as he leaves with blood all over his clothes.

Mrs. Philips

Trevor is surprised when his mom is present in his trailer. At first, she complains that he hasn’t tried getting in touch with her while she was away in prison, but soon tells him how much she loves him. She tells him how she always wanted a gay son. She accepts Trevor for what he is. Trevor is seen as a vulnerable person with his mom and she is probably the only person he is afraid of. Trevor cries in his trailer after Mrs. Philips leaves.

Patricia Madrazo

Trevor and Patricia meet for the first time at the Madrazo residence when Trevor is there with Michael for business with Martin Madrazo, her husband. He showed interest in her right then and later on kidnaps her as he sees her husband ill-treating her. He takes her in the back of their car to Sandy Shores and keeps her hostage in his trailer. As time passes, she is not tied up anymore and is seen cooking meals for Trevor. Trevor admits he is in love with her and vice versa. When he drops her off back at the Madrazo residence, he warns Martin that he’ll cut off his other ear as well if he ill-treats her again.

Lamar Davis

Trevor first met Lamar during the mission Hood Safari. At first, Lamar looks at Trevor as a weird and psychotic person, also calling him “Crazy White Dude” but eventually they become friends. Lamar greets Trevor warmly when Trevor helps Franklin rescue Lamar in Lamar Down.


Steve Haines

Trevor and Steve Haines first meet when given the assignment to extract Ferdinand Kerimov. Trevor hated him right from that point. After the showdown at the Kortz Center, when Steve Haines left Michael and Dave Norton to die, Trevor assisted them in making it out alive as he wanted Michael to be there for the Union Depository heist. After the scene at the Kortz Center Haines wants Trevor, Michael and Franklin to be killed, however later on he only instructs Franklin to kill Trevor. In The Third Way when the three of them team up to kill their enemies, Trevor shoots Haines while he is giving an interview at Del Perro Pier.

Devin Weston

Trevor first meets Devin Weston in a meeting with Steve Haines. Trevor and Franklin are given an assignment by Devin to steal 5 rare cars which he plans to sell to government officials and China but then does not pay them. Michael accidentally gets Devin’s lawyer killed after which he sends the Merryweather men to kill his family. If “Deathwish” is chosen, after killing Haines, Trevor kidnaps Devin and puts him in the trunk of his car. He drives him to a cliff where he waits for Franklin and Michael where they taunt him before pushing the car off the cliff with him still inside, thus killing him.

Crimes and Murders committed

  1. The robbery of a cash depot in North Yankton.
  2. Killing Johnny Klebbitz for confronting him, along with numerous other members of The Lost MC in order to take over their meth business in Blaine County.
  3. Killing more members of The Lost in retaliation for vandalizing his trailer and in order to take over their arms dealing business as well.
  4. Killing the Aztecas attacking his meth laboratory.
  5. Destroying the O'Neil Brothers' farm and meth lab, and killing most of the O'Neil Brothers, in retaliation for the Triads choosing to start a partnership with them instead of him.
  6. Destroying The Lost's trailer park.
  7. Chasing and threatening Lazlow Jones alongside Michael, so that the latter's daughter Tracey would appear on Fame or Shame without being humiliated.
  8. Helping Michael and Franklin kidnap Mr. K from the IAA building, under orders from Steve Haines.
  9. Torturing Mr. K to make him reveal the location of a target, under orders from Haines.
  10. Taking part in a drug deal on Grove Street alongside Lamar and Franklin, and killing numerous Ballas to escape after the deal is revealed to be a trap set by Stretch.
  11. The robbery of a high-tech device from Merryweather (only to be then forced to return it).
  12. Stealing two cars for Devin Weston alongside Franklin and Michael by disguising as a police officer.
  13. Helping Franklin steal a Z-Type for Weston by locating its owner using a special camera in a helicopter.
  14. The robbery of an armored car containing agency funds, under orders from Steve Haines.
  15. Killing Martin Madrazo's cousin in order to retrieve some files for him, and kidnapping Madrazo's wife Patricia.
  16. Boarding a Merryweather cargo plane and killing all the mercenaries aboard in an attempt to steal their weapons.
  17. Killing the remaining O'Neil Brothers in the woods, with help from Michael and Franklin.
  18. The robbery of a Merryweather train transporting valuable items.
  19. The robbery of the Paleto Bay bank.
  20. Taking part in the raid on a research facility to steal a deadly virus.
  21. Killing Floyd Herbert and Debra (possibly) and taking over Vanilla Unicorn by force, killing its owner.
  22. Delivering all the stolen cars to Devin Weston alongside Lamar and Franklin, escaping from the LSPD in the process.
  23. Killing several FIB and IAA agents and Merryweather mercenaries in order to rescue Michael and Dave Norton from a Mexican standoff.
  24. Killing numerous Ballas alongside Franklin and Michael to rescue Lamar.
  25. The robbery of the Union Depository.
  26. Killing numerous Merryweather mercenaries and FIB agents alongside Franklin and Michael during an ambush at a foundry, killing Steve Haines, kidnapping Devin Weston, and helping Franklin and Michael kill him by pushing the car he was locked in off a cliff.

Mission Appearances

Story Missions

  1. Prologue
  2. Mr. Philips (Boss, Trevor Only)
  3. Trevor Philips Industries (Trevor Only)
  4. Nervous Ron (Boss, Trevor Only)
  5. Crystal Maze (Trevor Only)
  6. Friends Reunited (Boss, Trevor Only)
  7. Fame or Shame
  8. Three's Company
  9. By the Book
  10. Hood Safari
  11. Scouting the Port (Boss, Trevor Only)
  12. Minisub (Trevor Only)
  13. Cargobob (only if "Offshore" was chosen)
  14. The Merryweather Heist (Boss)
  15. Trash Truck (can be completed as any character)
  16. Boiler Suits (can be completed as any character)
  17. Masks (can be completed as any character)
  18. Tow Truck (can be completed as any character)
  19. Blitz Play
  20. I Fought the Law...
  21. Eye in the Sky
  22. Caida Libre
  23. Minor Turbulence (Boss, Trevor Only)
  24. Paleto Score Setup
  25. Predator (Boss)
  26. Military Hardware (can be completed as either Michael or Trevor)
  27. The Paleto Score
  28. Derailed (Boss)
  29. Monkey Business
  30. Hang Ten (Boss, Trevor Only)
  31. Surveying the Score
  32. Bury the Hatchet
  33. Pack Man
  34. Fresh Meat
  35. The Wrap Up
  36. Lamar Down
  37. Planning the Big Score
  38. Stingers (only if "Subtle" was chosen, can be completed as any character)
  39. Gauntlet (only if "Subtle" was chosen, can be completed as any character)
  40. Driller (only if "Obvious" was chosen, can be completed as any character)
  41. Sidetracked (only if "Obvious" was chosen, can be completed as any character)
  42. The Big Score
  43. Something Sensible (only if "Option A" was chosen; killed) (non-canon death)
  44. The Time's Come (only if "Option B" was chosen; voice)
  45. The Third Way (only if "Option C" was chosen)

Side Missions

Strangers and Freaks

  1. Special Bonds
  2. Rampage One
  3. Rampage Two
  4. Rampage Three
  5. Rampage Four
  6. Rampage Five
  7. Target Practice
  8. Fair Game
  9. Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill
  10. Vinewood Souvenirs - Willy
  11. Vinewood Souvenirs - Tyler
  12. Vinewood Souvenirs - Kerry
  13. Vinewood Souvenirs - Mark
  14. Vinewood Souvenirs - Al Di Napoli
  15. Vinewood Souvenirs - The Last Act
  16. Grass Roots - Trevor
  17. The Civil Border Patrol
  18. An American Welcome
  19. Minute Man Blues
  20. Extra Commission
  21. Closing the Deal
  22. Surreal Estate
  23. Breach of Contract
  24. Mrs. Philips


  1. Trevor Philips’ character is Bisexual in Grand Theft Auto V and that’s why the triads kidnap Michael assuming he is Trevor’s lover.
  2. Steven Ogg is the voice actor for Trevor Philips in GTA V. If you’re wondering where you’ve seen him, Steven plays Simon in The Walking Dead as well as other roles in TV shows like Better Call Saul and Westworld.
  3. Sometimes, the LSPD can be heard taunting Trevor personally over the loudspeaker, shouting things like "Get down right now, Trevor!". This implies that he has had enough run-ins with the LSPD for them to know him personally.

FAQs about Trevor Philips

Q. How old is Trevor Philips?

A. Born on 14th November, 1967, Trevor Philips is around 46 years old in GTA V.

Q. Is Trevor Philips a good guy?

A. Trevor Philips is definitely a loyal guy if not a good one. His aggressiveness and temper could make him seem like a bad guy but he always had his partner’s back.

Q. Is Trevor Philips a cannibal?

A. Yes, Trevor Philips is a cannibal in GTA V as well as Donald Love and Curtis Stocker, although Trevor isn’t as bad as the other two.

Q. Where is Trevor Philips Industries?

A. Trevor Philips Industries is located at the Yellow Jack Inn, Sandy Shores, San Andreas.

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