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Ocelot in Minecraft

Ocelots are passive but rare mobs that spawn in Jungle Biomes. Players can use fishes to tame them, they are the third tamable mob to be added to Minecraft after Wolves and Horses. Ocelots like to chase away phantoms and creepers. They have a total of 9 different skins.

An Ocelot in the Jungle (Via Screenshots)

Where do Ocelots spawn in Minecraft?

Ocelots spawn at sea level on top of grass blocks in groups of 1 or 2. Most of the time they will spawn as adults but there is a chance of them spawning as a kitten. If an adult Ocelot spawns there is a slight chance (14%) of 2 kittens spawning with it. Ocelots have different spawning conditions depending on what version of Minecraft you are using.

For Bedrock Edition players Ocelots can spawn in all kinds of jungles, but for Java Edition players ocelots cannot spawn in bamboo and sparse jungles and have a 33% chance of failing to spawn in any jungles. Even though they are passive they will never spawn in peaceful difficulty. Even if you manage to find one it is quite hard to track them down because of their small size and quick movement speed.

Some Ocelots in the Jungle Biome (Via Screenshots)

How do Ocelots usually behave in Minecraft?

Ocelots are one of the few mobs in the game that can sprint away from players. They attack chickens and baby turtles but seem to stalk and sneak around their targets before attacking or chasing them down. They can even kill mobs through fences and doors.

A nice feature they have is the ability to negate fall damage completely. Kittens have all the abilities of adult ocelots with the exception of their quick movement speed. They also have a tendency to jump on top of a bed if one is nearby.

A tame Ocelot sitting on a bed (Via Screenshots)

What are the uses of Ocelots in Minecraft?

Ocelots have proven to be quite the helpful pet you can get as they keep creepers and phantoms away. Players can use raw fish to tame Ocelots after which they will turn into cats. But be careful when you approach them as they will quickly sprint away from you. Despite the trouble you have to go through to tame an ocelot, they are quite useful.

If you are able to tame an Ocelot you are rewarded with the Lion Hunter achievement. Creepers like to keep a distance of at least 6 blocks whereas phantoms prefer to stay 16 blocks away from Ocelots. With an Ocelot by your side, you will never have to worry about that creeper silently walking towards you gearing up to blow you to smithereens.

A creeper getting chased by an Ocelot (Via Mojang)

What does an Ocelot Drop

Upon its death, an adult Ocelot will drop between 1-3 experience points, and killing the baby version (kitten in this case) doesn't drop any experience. If successfully bred, between 1-7 experience points drop. You don't receive anything from killing a baby Ocelot.

How to tame an Ocelot in Minecraft?

To tame an Ocelot you need to have some raw fish and be careful when you approach them. They can get easily spooked and sprint far away from you so crouching and slowly moving towards them is recommended. When you are within 10 blocks of it, you should pull out raw cod or raw salmon and try not to make any sudden moves.

If you move your head too quickly or unequip the fish the Ocelot will run away. If everything goes well you should be able to feed the Ocelot the raw fish until some particle effects in the form of hearts show up. You have ⅓ of a chance to tame it per fish.

Taming an Ocelot in the Jungle (Via Screenshot)


If you have two tamed Ocelots you can breed them using raw fish. After breeding, a kitten will spawn which already trusts the player. Adults have a 5-minute cooldown after breeding. The kitten’s growth can be accelerated by feeding it raw fish. Each fish will reduce the growth time by 10%

A kitten spawned after breeding two Ocelots (Via Screenshots)


Ocelots were added in patch v1.2.1 with 4 skins. They received small bug fixes and texture updates through the version updates. Major changes were done in v12w05a where they would not take fall damage and would frighten away creepers. In v1.8 you could now accelerate the growth of your kittens by feeding them raw cod, it is not known if they accept any other fish.

In v1.14 Mojang decided to split cats and ocelots into separate mobs. For an unknown reason in between v20w45a and v20w46a Ocelots had three legs.


Ocelots were the brainchild of AI specialist Jon Kågström who worked together with Jens Bergensten on Minecraft. Jens was responsible for the creation and development of the Ocelot’s textures as Jon struggled in doing so.

Their ability to negate fall damage is a reference to how cats in real life are able flip themselves upright during a fall and land on their feet.


Ocelots have been quite useful for players who have a tendency for tunnel visioning. The ability to scare away creepers and phantoms at night is a cool and helpful feature. With an Ocelot by your side, you can feel much safer if you decide to venture out during the night.

FAQs about Ocelots in Minecraft

Q. What do Ocelots eat in Minecraft?

A. Ocelots eat raw fish such as cod and salmon in Minecraft.

Q. Can Ocelots be tamed in Minecraft?

A. Yes, you can tame Ocelots by feeding them raw fish

Q. Where do you find Ocelots in Minecraft?

A. Ocelots can be found in Jungle Biomes.

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