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Crocodile in One Piece

Sir Crocodile, or "Desert King," was the president of Baroque Works, a mysterious crime organization. At the same time, Crocodile was a member of the Seven Warlords, a title which was withdrawn after his attempt to take control over Arabasta Kingdom. Crocodile now works as the Chief Officer of Cross Guild. Crocodile’s origin and history is unknown as of yet. None of his life details have been revealed in the series.

During the Impel Down arc, Crocodile was set free by Luffy in order to help the latter in escaping the prison and stop Ace’s execution. After the war, he and his subordinate Daz Bonez made the decision to travel to the New World, where Crocodile and his former Warlord associate Dracule Mihawk established the Cross Guild, with Buggy, another former Warlord and current member of the Four Emperors, serving as the group's figurative leader.

Crocodile is one of the most famous and long-running main antagonists in the series. He is the main antagonist of the Arabasta Arc and the whole Arabasta Saga and plays a supporting role in the Impel Down and Marineford arcs.

All About Crocodile



First Appearance in Anime

One Piece Episode 76 "Critical Counterattack! Usopp's Quick Wit and Kaenboshi!"

Voice Actors

English Dub: Brian Zimmerman

Japanese: Ryūzaburō Ōtomo

Date of Birth

September 5th








Cross Guild

Seven Warlords of the Sea (former)

Baroque Works (former)

Impel Down (former)



Cross Guild Chief Officer

Baroque Works President (former)

Proprietor of Rain Dinners (former)

Prisoner of the Great Prison (former)


Grand Line

Crocodile’s Personality

Being one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea in the past, Crocodile is an experienced, clever, and business-savvy pirate who is self-assured and confident in his abilities. He laughs arrogantly in battle while smirking and playing with the weaker enemies. However, he grossly misjudged Luffy's willpower due to his overconfidence, which ultimately contributed to his downfall.

Crocodile defeated by Luffy.

Crocodile has shown an extremely negative and arrogant attitude, utterly disrespecting the romantic pirate lifestyle and declaring that all the ideals that the title of Pirate King previously stood for are now of no significance to him. Crocodile believed that only ignorant fools reveal their elevated ambitions, placing military might above fame, stardom, and wealth. He repeatedly indicated that trusting and believing in others as being foolish.

Crocodile consistently displays a complete lack of fear and hesitation in combat. However, this quality was somewhat compromised during his third encounter with Luffy. He frequently gives the impression of being relatively calm and fearless, even when battling formidable opponents. This turned out to be a poor habit, which ultimately cost him victory.

Crocodile didn't immediately kill Luffy during their first and second encounters; instead, he made him suffer. Because of this negligence, Luffy overcame him by returning two separate times. Crocodile's tendency to kill shows his unsympathetic character, and he has no misgivings about putting someone else to death. In addition, he has a very short temper and gets upset easily if someone makes fun of him.

Crocodile acknowledges that he isn't always logical. Crocodile’s unique laugh begins with the letter "Ku" (Kuhahaha!). In the anime, he often laughs more slowly than anticipated, with his "hahaha"s occasionally turning into "ah-ah-ahs." Although the Arabasta Kingdom's citizens saw Crocodile as a hero who saved the nation from pirate raids as part of his duty as a Warlord of the Sea, he is initially depicted as a menacing and brilliant mastermind.

Despite becoming a national hero, Crocodile didn’t care about the locals or their admiration for him. To spark a conflict that would eventually erupt into a deadly civil war, Crocodile intentionally and inhumanely planned the destruction of many communities to seize control of Arabasta.

Even former bounty hunter Roronoa Zoro, who referred to the Warlord as the worst scoundrel, was disgusted by Crocodile's conduct. Most of his subordinates have no emotional attachment to him, nor does he. He ultimately intends to sacrifice them to fulfil his goals. Because he has little patience for anything that can threaten the success of his plans, he also has no qualms about killing them if they fail or betray him.

He treated them as puppets and showed no genuine compassion, trust, or attachment. Despite everything, Mr. 1 and Crocodile seem to get along well; Mr. 1 even went out of his way to free his former subordinate from jail, showing Crocodile's firm loyalty to Daz Bones. In response, Daz is fiercely devoted to his boss, even becoming enraged when someone treats him disrespectfully.

Crocodile seemed to have lost interest in the outside world after being defeated by Luffy and having his Warlord title removed. When captured, he ignored the idea of running away since he didn't feel like it. He might have thought that running away would be simple if he changed his mind. Similarly, he smiled when it was announced that he would be transferred to Impel Down and appeared unconcerned while being held.

Crocodile was the only prisoner at Impel Down who seemed to be having fun; at first, he was spotted smiling and making fun of his fellow inmates. He stated that he only remained in Impel Down because he decided to do so, which was in keeping with his overly patronising attitude. He seems to have only left Impel Down to get revenge on Whitebeard. Crocodile appeared anxious to travel to the New World with Mr. 1 after the war, having rekindled his ambition.

Since being defeated at Arabasta, Crocodile seemed to have at least somewhat relaxed. He offered to help Luffy escape from Impel Down, and he casually accepted help from others, showing that he is more inclined to help others.

Crocodile assisting Luffy to free Ace during Summit War.

He may not be as heartless as he makes out to be, according to certain reports. He frequently sacrificed his own interests during the battle to protect his allies' lives. In addition to saving Ace's life, he shielded Mr. 1 and Luffy from Mihawk. He even stopped Luffy and Jinbe, who were desperately attempting to flee the battle site, from being cornered by Akainu. But he insisted that he only did so because, if he hadn't, the Marines would have felt victorious, and he didn't like the idea of that.

Crocodile’s Appearance

Crocodile is a tall man with broad shoulders, powerful arms and legs, a strong neck, and a big chest. Although strands of his black, nape-length hair sometimes fly in front of his face during battle, it is carefully styled back and matches his fair skin.

Crocodile's appearance.

Crocodile has a huge hook made of a durable gold alloy in place of his left hand and a long, stitched scar across the bridge of his nose In addition to several battle scars. He has heavy-lidded, deep-set eyes, and the centre of his thin eyebrows is always drawn up.

This gives his generally condescending facial expression a tone of mistrust. Crocodile typically speaks in a deep, laid-back tone while puffing on a substantial cigar made by his business. His skin appears to be somewhat grey in the anime.

Crocodile as a prisoner in Impel Down.

Crocodile's attire is designed to evoke the persona of an Italian mafia boss. His original outfit had a bright orange, black-striped button-up vest over a long-sleeve peach shirt (which was white in the manga), a blue scarf, dark brown suit trousers and shiny black shoes with gold buckles.

In addition, he had a long, thick, heavy, pelted fur coat over his shoulders that varied in colour according to the setting (totally dark green in the manga).

Crocodile's current appearance.

He wore a striped prison uniform after being imprisoned at Impel Down, like most other inmates. Still, he was mysteriously allowed to keep his gold hook. He is shown after the Summit War of Marineford wearing clothing that is strikingly similar to that of the Arabasta Kingdom: a vest over a plain shirt, a scarf over his neck, suit pants, chic shoes, and a fur coat slung over his shoulders.

His attire is still similar to what it was during the Arabasta Arc after the time skip, but the vest now has stripes that cross in a diagonal pattern instead of squares.

Crocodile’s Relationships

Baroque Works

After losing to Whitebeard in the New World, Crocodile made his first known action to create an organisation to help him rise to power. This organisation was called Baroque Works. In light of the size of Baroque Works, Crocodile's relationship with his staff was nonexistent. Except for Nico Robin, everyone in the organisation was unaware of his identity.

Crocodile did not hold back on his nasty behaviour regarding the Baroque Works agents he employed, especially those that misled him.

Baroque Works meeting.

The only connection Crocodile had with Robin was business-related. He saw her solely as a tool to further his goals, not as a friend. He would, at best, compliment her brains and foresight. Robin was given trust as the director of Crocodile's exclusive casino, Rain Dinners.

Despite Crocodile's brutality towards his employees, the Officer Agents were able to show some allegiance to him even after he was defeated. This was proved when Mr. 1 chose to remain in prison with him after Miss Goldenweek tried to save him and the other Baroque Works agents.

Following his escape from his cell, Crocodile personally freed Mr. 1 as payment for his faithfulness. He then invited Mr. 1 to join him in the New World.

Cross Guild

Dracule Mihawk, Buggy, and Crocodile.

Crocodile's second known attempt to found a bounty-hunting business, The Cross Guild, uses Buggy's Delivery's existing infrastructure to manage his new operations. He is one of the group's real leaders, along with Dracule Mihawk. He uses Buggy as a mascot to deflect negative attention off himself and his group. Both individuals enjoy high regard among Buggy's subordinates.

Straw Hat Pirates

Crocodile's first encounter with Straw Hat Pirates.

Crocodile was a powerful enemy of the Straw Hats, and their victory over him is regarded as one of their most significant victories. Crocodile and his company, Baroque Works, began to pursue Luffy and his group from Whisky Peak. To protect their comrade, Princess Vivi, the Straw Hats crew battled till they reached Arabasta and then managed to stop Crocodile's plan.

Crocodile continually made fun of Luffy, treating him like another inexperienced rookie. He predicted that Luffy would give up his dream during their third bout once he realised how the waters really were. Nonetheless, this ultimately leads to Crocodile's downfall because Luffy discovers a way to defeat him permanently despite having apparently unbeatable Logia skills.

After two years, Crocodile suddenly appears interested in reading about Luffy's adventures in the New World. As the heads of Baroque Works, Crocodile and Nico Robin collaborated for several years to accomplish their objectives. However, their relationship never went beyond a simple level of mutual trust.

He protected her from authorities in return for her services, but he never once showed her mercy. She never exhibited loyalty to him; she was merely supposed to do as she was told. Although he did confess that she had been a helpful partner to him, he had no sympathy for her and did not hesitate to strike her. She also did not hesitate to betray his faith in her.

Among his former coworkers, Crocodile seems to have a terrible history with Jinbe, who was especially enraged to learn Crocodile was in a cell next to his at Impel Down. Jinbe instructed Crocodile to leave Whitebeard alone after they were freed. But, Crocodile didn't say much more than to inquire about his desire for combat.

Despite their disagreement, Crocodile assisted Jinbe and Luffy in escaping from Akainu during the climax phases of the Summit War of Marineford.


Vivi attacking Crocodile.

The Warlord Crocodile was revered in Arabasta for consistently ending pirate raids on the island. The people revered him, and even the monarch recognised his good actions, unaware that his true goal was conquest. In actuality, Crocodile was actively working to destabilise the nation. Nefertari Vivi was the first Arabastan to learn about his sinister scheme. Immediately after his defeat, Vivi told the shocked crowd the entire truth.

Crocodile attempting to assassinate Whitebeard during Summit War.

Crocodile held a grudge against Whitebeard for causing him to suffer a humiliating defeat in his early days at the New World. He declared his intention to exact revenge on Whitebeard at Impel Down. He declared that his wounds had completely healed and that he was now prepared to face the New World once more as Whitebeard passed away.

World Government and Marines

Because he schemed to upset the balance between the Three Great Powers, the Marines and the World Government see Crocodile as an enemy. Crocodile used his Warlord status to establish a vast and powerful covert operation for himself. The World Government was forced to revoke his status as a Warlord of the Sea due to his conduct in Arabasta, despite the fact that they had not even been aware of the issue before Luffy's defeat of him.

Crocodile would go to any lengths in order for Marines to not have their way. This is evidenced when he saves Ace from being executed and saves Luffy in consecutive events, only to make Marines taste some defeat.


  • While Crocodile was a rookie, Ivankov and Crocodile were acquainted at some point in the past. At that moment, Ivankov discovered a valuable weakness in Crocodile, which he later used as a form of blackmail to ensure the infamous bad guy would not betray the escape team.

  • When they first saw one another during the Summit War of Marineford, Crocodile vowed to kill Doflamingo for invading his space and making fun of him. However, Doflamingo recommended they work together instead. Doflamingo also recognised Crocodile's strength since, after learning about him in the Arabasta cover-up, he did not think he would be defeated by a Marine commander.

Crocodile’s Abilities

Crocodile is strong enough to be acknowledged by the World Government as a former Warlord of the Sea. With a bounty of 1,965,000,000 Berries, he holds the fifth-highest position after the past Warlords Blackbeard, Mihawk, Buggy, and Law. In fact, Crocodile was put on Level 6 in Impel Down, which houses the world's worst criminals.

After time-skip Crocodile's strength advanced compared to earlier. With a bounty of 1,965,000,000 Berries, he poses an extremely severe threat to the activities of the World Government. This is supported by the truth that he and Mihawk merely becoming aides to Buggy was enough to get him named one of the Four Emperors by the World Government.


The fact that Crocodile was able to command Baroque Works while keeping the World Government entirely in the dark about what he was doing and presenting himself as a hero in the eyes of the populace speaks volumes about his intelligence and craft. In addition, he is proficient at developing nearly perfect plans and picking up on details that other people would miss. Together with his Logia skills, the Marines recognise his brilliance and leadership as two of his most threatening qualities.

He has a reputation for drawing the right conclusion from very little evidence. For instance, upon observing the white wrappings on the Straw Hats' arms, he almost immediately surmised that they were a defence against Mr. 2's intrusion. By sneaking rain-producing dust into the capital amid a severe regional drought and then having it "accidentally" discovered on the way, he could damage the king's standing with the people while deflecting attention from his scandalous schemes.

The entire Arabasta Saga is a monument to Crocodile's planning and cunning abilities. Over the years, he successfully maintained control over all activities within "Baroque Works" while remaining underground about his true identity as a Warlord to everyone but Nico Robin. In addition, he worked hard to establish himself as the Arabasta people's "saviour" by ruthlessly eliminating any potential intruders or pirates.

His abilities are not limited to his organisation. He helped fellow warlord Buggy acquire the funds and materials required to form Buggy's Delivery, a successful underworld organisation. Later, it was re-integrated into the much larger, more potent, and more dangerous Emperor-led organisation, Cross Guild, capable of placing bounties on Marines, thanks to the assistance and influence of fellow Warlord Dracule Mihawk and Buggy's offer to pay off his debt by offering up his organisation.

Additionally, Buggy, who was mistakenly given credit for the creation of Cross Guild and made an Emperor as a result, now serves as the organization's figurehead, allowing Crocodile and co-founder Mihawk to operate as they please while the world focuses primarily on Buggy. With Buggy as their presumed leader, the two ex-warlords serve as his chief officers and have their respective reputations added to Cross Guild's history.

In addition to having a lot of knowledge from his many years as a pirate, he also seems to comprehend Devil Fruits better than most, as seen by his mastery of Logia-type abilities.

Physical Strength

Crocodile possess extraordinary physical stamina, durability, pain tolerance, resilience, endurance, quick reactions, and speed. In his third encounter, he was able to withstand a powerful barrage of punches from Luffy while he retaliated with his own attacks. He also took a direct hit from Jozu, who was wearing his diamond armour. Still, he was able to jump up quickly and suffer only minor wounds.

Crocodile is physically very strong. He is one of the few individuals who can stand being "baptised" in hot water in Impel Down without quivering, which is regarded as a remarkable achievement. Levels 3 of Impel Down, where the heat is hot enough to roast a bird alive, Levels 4 (which is even hotter), and Level 5, a room with sub-zero temperatures, were no match for him.

Devil Fruit

Crocodile consumed the Suna Suna no Mi, a Devil Fruit similar to the Logia that allows him to produce, manage, and change his body into sand. He has perfected his skill to the point where he can instantly transform into sand in response to an attack.

Crocodile's Logia-type Devil Fruit powers.

His abilities make him almost unbeatable when in a desert or sandy environment. Large sandstorms, several bladed weapons made of sand, and quicksand can all be created by Crocodile (given the presence of a nearby underground waterway). In addition, he can generate strong sandstorms that can eventually become too powerful for even Crocodile to contain.

He can use his right hand to touch anything, living or not, and completely absorb all its moistness. This power lets him completely destroy his surroundings by dehydrating anything biological, killing it, and mummifying it. Nevertheless, metallic materials are not compatible with this power. However, his body cannot change if it comes into contact with moisture; instead, it immediately returns to solid form.



Crocodile's hook.

Crocodile is a strong opponent in hand-to-hand combat, using a hook. He fought Luffy with just his hook for the majority of their third encounter, only turning to his Devil Fruit abilities once he saw things weren't going his way. The majority of his hook is made of a corrosion-resistant gold alloy that is incredibly strong and sturdy. Its resilience was particularly astounding when it escaped Mihawk's Yoru with no obvious harm.

The hollow gold portion of the hook can be removed to reveal a venomous hook concealed inside. This porous secondary hook releases a potent scorpion venom that is strong enough to melt through rock and instantly kill anyone. If the hook is broken, a knife that can be used in its stead is concealed underneath and can be removed. The extensive base of the hook can also be used as a makeshift mace in a pinch.

Timer Bomb

Crocodile designed a unique bomb for the climax of Operation Utopia. It was intended to explode with a maximum five-kilometer blast radius, utterly destroying Alubarna's capital. Crocodile had a specific timer built onto the bomb in case the plan to release it from a giant cannon flopped. It was prepped about 30 minutes before the scheduled launching time. Less than a minute after the scheduled time, the timer was set.

Crocodile in Other Media

Crocodile is a playable character the following One Piece inspired video games:

Game Name

Japanese Release

English Release

Grand Battle! Swan Colosseum

One Piece: Going Baseball

Grand Battle! 2

One Piece: Treasure Battle!

One Piece: Grand Battle! 3

December 11th, 2003

One Piece: Grand Battle! Rush

March 17th, 2005

September 6th, 2005

Fighting for One Piece

One Piece: Grand Adventure

August 29th, 2006

One Piece: Unlimited Adventure

April 26th, 2007

January 22nd, 2008

One Piece: Unlimited Cruise

February 26th, 2009

September 25th, 2009

One Piece: Gear Spirit

One Piece: Gigant Battle

September 9th, 2010

One Piece: Gigant Battle! 2 New World

November 17th, 2011

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2

March 20th, 2013

August 30th, 2013

One Piece: Unlimited World Red

November 21st, 2013

June 27th, 2014

One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X

November 13th, 2014

One Py Berry Match

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

March 26th, 2015

August 25th, 2015

One Piece Treasure Cruise

May 12th, 2014

February 4th, 2015

One Piece: Dance Battle

One Piece: Thousand Storm

April 21st, 2016

January 25th, 2017

One Piece: Burning Blood

April 21st, 2016

May 31st, 2016

One Piece Bounty Rush

March 2018

January 2019

One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

March 26th, 2020

March 27th, 2020

Enemy appearances:

  • One Piece: Treasure Wars 2 Welcome to Buggyland

  • Aim! The King of Belly

  • One Piece: Dragon Dream!

  • One Piece: Pirates Carnival

  • One Piece: Round the Land

  • One Piece: World Seeker

Support Appearances:

  • One Piece Romance Dawn: The Dawn of the Adventure

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors

  • One Piece: Dance Battle

  • One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum

  • One Piece Odyssey


  • In One Piece Premier Show 2014, Bildy fabricated a Crocodile character to battle as a general of the DX Marines. In the 2016 One Piece Premiere Show, Pokke carried out Wilder's request to have a Crocodile clone manufactured to attack the Straw Hat Pirates. In the 2018 One Piece Premier Show's retelling of the Arabasta Arc, a crocodile appeared. He also participated in the 2019 One Piece Premier Show.

  • Crocodile's Arabasta attire was displayed in the park's Cruise History exhibit at Tokyo One Piece Tower.

  • One Piece Water Spectacle features a picture of a crocodile.

  • In the Nami, Zoro, and Vivi adaptations of the Hungry Days ads, Crocodile makes an appearance.


Q. Is Crocodile a good guy in One Piece?

  1. Crocodile is one the main antagonists in the One Piece series.

Q. What is Crocodile’s secret?

  1. Crocodile’s secret is not revealed yet. Only Ivankov is known to harbor Crocodile’s secret.

Q. Is Crocodile related to Luffy?

  1. There is no such information relating to Luffy’s lineage with Crocodile.

Q. What Devil Fruit did Crocodile eat?

  1. Crocodile ate the Suna Suna no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit.

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