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Trafalgar D. Law in One Piece

Trafalgar D. Law in One Piece

Trafalgar D. Law is the captain of the Heart Pirates and he acquired the title of a Shichibukai by sending the World Government the hearts of 100 Pirates. Law became a Shichibukai to take down Doflamingo, who had Corazon. Once he had defeated and taken down Doflamingo, he handed in his resignation and then formed an alliance with Luffy.

All about Trafalgar D. Law


Trafalgar D. Law

First Appearance in Anime

One Piece Episode #392

Voice Actors

Hiroshi Kamiya (Japanese Dub), Matthew Mercer(English Dub)


6th October






Seven Warlords of the Sea, Heart Pirates




North Blue

Devil Fruit

Ope Ope





Flevance was known for its white surroundings and Amber Lead. But almost a decade ago, it was found that the Amber Lead was poisonous to the royal family. They didn't inform the country about this discovery to gain profit from the industry. As the adverse effects started kicking in, each coming generation started having a shorter lifespan than their predecessors.

By the time the world discovered the toxicity of amber lead, it was too late to save the country as it was heavily poisoned. The royal family selfishly escaped all the trouble with the help of the World Government and abandoned their citizens who became sick and eventually started to die. The neighboring countries feared that the disease was contagious and said that the island should be quarantined. The citizens of Flevance were desperate to leave the place, so they fought their way out and when they escaped, they were killed by the neighboring kingdoms.

Trafalgar D. Law is the only survivor who managed to escape by hiding in a pile of corpses. The blatant disregard towards his country’s well-being turned Law into a bitter child who was on a mission to destroy the world that destroyed his. Even though the country was destroyed, the citizens were still vigilant about the Amber Lead syndrome and when Donquixote Rosinante took Law to many hospitals in the search of the cure, the doctors all said that the child is a survivor of Flevance and is an infectious danger to others.

The Donquixote Pirates set up their base in Spider Miles. When Law was ten years old he held grenades on his body and approached them. He requested to join them. He was accepted and was told that there were a hundred children who had come to them, but dropped out after two days maximum. After Corazon returned from his mission, he tossed Law out of his window which caused Law to land face-first into a mountain of scrap from several stories high.

Shortly after this, they all left Spider Miles for another place and shifted their base closer to the Red Line. When Law had less than a year to live. Baby 5 saw how the white spots had increased. When Law revealed his full name, Coraxone took him and asked him if he really was a D and that he should leave the crew and not go anywhere near Doflamingo. Law was shocked to know that Corazone was not mute at all and he made a soundproof barrier so that no one could hear them. Corazone then said that he wanted to end Doflamingo’s madness.

In order to find the cure to Law’s Amber Lead Syndrome, Corazon set out with Law but was unsuccessful. After a long search, Doflamingo told Corazone about his plan to steal the Ope Ope no Mi which could be used in Law. He then told Law that he would steal the devil's fruit from him and feed it to Law so that he can cure himself. When Corazon stole the devil's fruit and showed Law the fruit, Law was skeptical about the fact that the fruit would be able to heal him. Corazon finally force-fed Law the fruit.

Later on, Corazon handed a letter to Law and told him to take it to the Marines but instead, Law took it to Vergo not knowing his true intentions. He returned with a Marine to Corazon but then realized that Vergo was actually working with Doflmingo. After reading the letter, Virgo attacked both Corazon and Law and then went and told everything to Doflamingo. Corazon managed to escape and knew that he wouldn't survive so he prioritized saving Law at that time. He told Law to get inside a treasure chest and Corazon told him that he would die smiling so that Law remembers him like that. After that Law witnessed Corazon being killed by Doflamingo.

Law, later on, ended up on Swallow Island where he met two boys Shachi and Penguin bullying a young mink called Beop. Shachi and Penguin picked a fight with Law but he defeated them easily and told them to join him, thus leading to the formation of the Heart Pirates. After that Law was able to master his devil fruit abilities and cure his sickness.

Sabaody Archipelago

During the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, Law met Luffy for the first time and they both along with Eustass Kid together fought all the Marines that were surrounding the Auction House.


During the Marineford Arc, Law was the one who treated both Jinbe and Luffy after the war was over as they both were in critical condition.

Punk Hazard

During the Punk Hazard Arc, Law met Luffy again for the first time after the time skip. This was the Arc that Law and Luffy formed an alliance to work together and defeat Kaido, the Emperor.


During the Dressrosa Arc, Law’s main intention was to defeat Doflamingo as he had years of hatred towards him because of what he had done to Corazon. He managed to defeat Doflamingo with the help of Luffy.


During the Zou Arc, Law finally manages to reunite with his crew and he was really happy to see his crew once again. Law then joins the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance to take down Kaido.

Wano Country

During the Wano Country Arc, Law and the Worst generation were seen fighting against Kaido but they were defeated. After recovering from the injuries, he and Kid fought against Big Mom.


During the Egghead Arc, Law was able to awaken his devil fruit powers and fought against Blackbeard.


As a kid, Law was a very kind and sweet child. He refused to leave his family during the evacuation that took place in Flevance. He wanted to be a doctor like his father. He was really devastated when he lost everything. Currently, Law is very laid back but can be very scheming too. Law usually is patient and only acts when the time is right and tends to stay out of fights that do not involve him. He also does not like a lot of attention being focused on him but he really likes seeing chaos started by others.

Law is not seen smiling a lot. He does not like being bossed around and tends to make alliances if it helps him and his crew survive. Even though he had a chill and cool attitude, Law can become prideful and can be competitive. Due to his childhood trauma, Law has become cold and heartless. He is merciless in battle and doesn't like to deal with any hindrances that come in the way of his goals. He also tends to be very blunt and does not apologize for his words and actions.

Even though Law can be heartless he still is very compassionate and kind. He does not like showing this side of himself so that he doesn't get taken advantage of and the concept of pirates being nice to civilians disgusts him. Law is also a very dedicated doctor and is really dedicated to saving lives and is against the ideology of needlessly murdering people. He does not like to take credit for others’ actions. Law tends to get fascinated by really cool things but does not show it a lot.


Trafalgar D. Law
Trafalgar D. Law

Law is a slim and tall guy who had faint shadows under his eyes. His eyes are yellow in color and he has a smirk on his face. He wears a northern-style fur hat which has a white spotted pattern and a bill. He has short dark hair with sideburns and a small goatee. He has many tribal-style tattoos on his arms saying ‘DEATH’. He has a black cross on the back of both of his hands. On his chest, he has a tribal-style tattoo, and a simple heart tattoo on his shoulders.

Before the time skip, Law wore a yellow hoodie with black sleeves and a black hood. The hoodie has a Jolly Roger printed on the front of the chest area in dark ink. He rolled up his sleeves. He wears his northern-style fur hat and wears jeans with odd dots on the knee and ankle areas. He also wears dark, pointed shoes and a small pair of earrings on each ear.

After the time skip, Law’s hat became a spherical hat. His goatee became scruffier and his right hand has also been tattooed. He wears a yellow t-shirt which is just like his old hoodie and wears a black hoodie over this shirt with a fluffy collar.

Trafalgar D. Law’s Abilities, Strengths, And Fighting Style

Trafalgar D. Law went under rigorous combat training when he was with the Donquixote Pirates as a kid. This made Law have extreme physical prowess. Law is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and can hold his own in fights. Law has great endurance for he was still alive when his heart was crushed to a point that he lost consciousness. He was also able to survive the Amber Lead Syndrome.

Trafalgar D. Law’s Abilities, Strengths, And Fighting Style
Trafalgar D. Law’s Abilities, Strengths, And Fighting Style

Law has a lot of knowledge in the field of medicine. His interest in medicine had come from his father who was the best doctor in Flevance. Law is able to use his devil fruit powers to remove any traces of Amber Lead that is present in his body. He was even to find antidotes for poisons that are deemed to be incurable. Due to his knowledge in the medical field and great surgical skills, Law is known as the ‘Surgeon of Death’. Law’s devil fruit power helps him to perform the most complicated and difficult surgeries with ease.

Law is known to be very opportunistic and clever. He is a very skilled strategist and because of that, he was even one of the Warlords of the Sea. He became a Warlord of the seas so that his actions go undetected by the World Government. He has concocted many strategies to defeat people like Doflamingo, Kaido, Caesar, etc. Law is a very skilled swordsman and uses his Nodaichi Kikoku. He also is a skilled marksman.

Trafalgar D. Law’s special abilities

Devil Fruit

Law ate the Ope Ope no Mi which allows him to create a sphere of light blue aura in which he can manipulate the fabric of space. He can manifest inside this aura over a wide area but he cannot move the sphere once he had already manifested it. He would have to disregard the sphere and create a new one in a different location. Law has to concentrate to use his devil fruit abilities which can take a toll on his stamina.

Law has control over anything that is there in his space and can move with telekinesis which helps him in teleportation. He is not able to move people who have very strong Haki and can resist his power. He can even swap souls and is able to cut things from a distance without damaging them. He can even cut things and attach them to non-living things. Law uses his devil fruit powers for medical purposes and can completely remove harmful things like diseases and drugs. He can also attach body parts to a person’s body to replace their body parts and can use his power to scan someone like an X-ray.

Law has also awakened his devil fruit powers which allow him to make a lot of room spheres that can be put on specific objects rather than a designated area. He can even have a small room to store his weapons. Law can throw a room on a specific object and can say a specific effect that needs to take place. Law has not yet mastered his awakened powers and this takes a huge toll on his stamina.


Law is able to use two types of Haki-

Busoshoku Haki

Law is very skilled in using Busoskoku Haki. He tends to harden his hands to block the attacks without getting hurt.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Law can also use Kenbunshoku Haki. During the Onigashima Raid, Law showed that he was really skilled with this type of Haki and he was also able to sense the fact that Luffy defeated Kaido. He could also sense Luffy’s devil fruit awakening.


Law uses a Kikoku known as a nodachi. It is an oblong-shaped handguard coated with short white fur. It is sheathed with a black scabbard and decorated with white crosses from opening the bottom with a small piece of red rope near its opening. Law is very skilled with his sword and is able to slice up targets from a distance.



Law was so dedicated to his parents and his sister Lami that he even refused to leave with the other kids while they were escaping. Law said that his father was the best doctor in Flevance and that it was because of him that he got his medical science education. He was devastated by the death of his family, especially his sister, and this was the beginning of his character development from a compassionate to a ruthless and clever person.

Childhood Friends and Classmates

Law studied medicine in a large academy in Flevance when he was a young boy. Although a few kids were disgusted when Law was clutching a dead frog, nonetheless they were good friends.

Heart Pirates


Bepo swore loyalty to Law out of respect and admiration, joining the Heart Pirates as one of its founding members and Law's navigator. Bepo has no problem with Law lying on his plush body. Law also allows him to use his nodachi as a shoulder. Upon their reunion in Zou, Bepo excitedly hugged Law.

Donquixote Pirates

Law is quite familiar to the majority of the Donquixote Pirates' crew members. Due to his surprise eating of the Ope Ope no Mi and his defection after the second Corazón Rosinante was killed by his older brother Doflamingo, everyone in the crew started to view him as an adversary.

Monkey D. Luffy

Trafalgar D. Law has some respect for Luffy. Additionally, he and his crew went to Marineford during the Summit War of Marineford to help Luffy escape and later provided him with medical care. It would be a shame for Luffy to die at Marineford, he saw, even though Luffy would one day be his opponent. An enemy connection is still a friendship, he added. Law appears to have a few concerns about Luffy's loyalty and carefree attitude.

Roronoa Zoro

Law and Roronoa Zoro both assisted one another in fighting the Marines who were attacking them when they first met at the Sabaody Archipelago. When they met two years later, Law suggested an alliance. Zoro fully collaborated with Law in their joint efforts since he had enough faith in Luffy's judgment to agree to it. Law acknowledges Zoro as a fellow swordsman.


Law and Sanji have respect for one another. Sanji was the only one who didn't seem to doubt Law's apparent knowledge of his ulterior objectives in their plan to overthrow Doflamingo.

Law and Sanji share their hatred for Germa 66 , he even told Law to stop ever referring to him as "Stealth Black."

Tony Tony Chopper

Law and Chopper appear to have established a mutually respectful relationship, because he thinks Law's Devil Fruit abilities are "cool."

Nico Robin

Due to their personalities, Law and Robin get along well. Law was so confident in Robin that he revealed his complete name to her, revealing his relationship to the D. family and making Robin the only Straw Hat member to know this.


Law saved and treated Jinbe's wounds during the Summit War of Marineford, despite having no duty to do so. After getting better, Jinbe expressed gratitude to Law for his help and promised to remember his debt. Law was surprised to find that Jinbe had joined the Straw Hats just before the raid on Onigashima started, but he welcomed his support in the fight against Kaidou.

Donquixote Rosinante

Their relationship got off to a very bad start when Corazon made a poor first impression by awkwardly falling for Baby 5 and Buffalo's juvenile antics before throwing Law out of a window ostensibly because he detested kids. Corazon had no hatred against Law and chose to remain silent. He then bonded with him and also helped Law find a cure to his illness.

Eustress Kid

Law and Eustass Kid weren't even close. Law took Kid's arrogance as an insult and chose to follow him outside in order to compete with his fellow super rookie. Law was the first to respond by threatening to kill Kid if he continued to boss him around. But when a Pacifista attacked the two teams, he once more joined forces with Kid. Law and Kid came together to battle Big Mom.

Donquixote Doflamingo

Law used to be Doflamingo's assistant. Law and Doflamingo got along well since the latter treated him like his younger brother and defended him when Giolla thought his illness was contagious even though it wasn't. Doflamingo wanted Law to die brutally after the betrayal so that he would regret ever being born. Law said he wanted to defeat Doflamingo. When Luffy ultimately overcame the Warlord, destroying his kingdom and exacting revenge on Corazon, he was able to fulfill his ambition to watch Doflamingo fall.

Caesar Clown

They don't seem to be particularly honest with one another and their relationship is not really great because they both want something back. Caesar does not appear to have faith in Law, as he assumed Law had betrayed him right away. Law is primarily interested in Caesar because of his capacity to produce SAD. Law also seems to be quite knowledgeable about Caesar's genuine plans to overthrow the World Government.


Since Law left the Donquixote Pirates, Trebol views Law as an enemy that needs to be destroyed.

World Government and Marines

Due to the World Government's failure to assist the citizens of Flevance and anything else associated with the global bureaucracy, Law has hated them. This only got worse when the government circulated false information about how contagious Amber Lead Syndrome is, leading most of the globe to believe it and have prejudices towards him.

Marshall D. Teach

Once Law learned what Blackbeard wanted to steal from him, the copies of the Road Poneglyph now that Kaidou and Big Mom are no longer around, he demanded that Blackbeard reveal his plans. Law did not back down from the challenge and even made fun of him and his crew for relying on their Devil Fruits.

Boa Hancock

Hancock had a lot of faith in him because he was prepared to help Luffy when he was in need. Law and his crew were given food and lodging on her island in exchange for staying out of her city. Law has also shown that he is one of the rare men who does not appear to be attracted to her beauty.


Brownbeard was confident that Law would help him when he was taken prisoner by the Straw Hats. What Law thinks of Brownbeard at this time is unknown. Although Law had no objection to temporarily partnering with Brownbeard in order to defeat Caesar, he entirely disregarded Brownbeard when the pirate pleaded to Law to save him, demonstrating that Law has no sympathy for the man.


Kin'emon previously harbored resentment towards Law for cutting him as he was looking for his son. After helping to defeat Caesar and save his son, Kin'emon gave up his anger. He also went to Dressrosa with the Warlord to save a fellow soldier.


When Law learned that Raizo was a ninja thanks to Kin'emon, he became intrigued. When the Straw Hats first encountered the shinobi, they demanded that he perform various imaginary ninja arts. Raizo eventually used a clone jutsu along with other ninja techniques after Law requested him to.


Cavendish hated him for stealing his fame because he was one of the pirates of the Worst Generation, and as a result, he wanted him killed. Cavendish cooperates with the two Supernovas to fight the Donquixote Family after letting go of his animosity toward them. After Law's arm was repaired, they were seen enjoying a friendly discussion, with Cavendish predicting that Luffy and Law's interactions with Doflamingo would set the stage for a significant event, and Law affirming that this was his intention.


Sengoku and Law, who were both close to Rosinante, grieved together upon Sengoku's arrival in Dressrosa. Despite the fact that Law was a target at the time, Sengoku told him to continue living as Rosinante would have desired.


Despite the fact that they are both connected to Luffy, he told Law that he had thrown away his bounty poster, but Law didn't appear to care about Bartolomeo's mockery.

Trafalgar D. Law’s Top Fights

Trafalgar D. Law vs Vergo


Trafalgar D. Law vs Smoker and Tashigi


Trafalgar D. Law vs Scotch


Trafalgar D. Law vs Donquixote Doflamingo


Trafalgar D. Law vs Trebol


Trafalgar D. Law vs Kaido


Trafalgar D. Law vs Big Mom


Trafalgar D. Law vs Basil Hawkins


Trafalgar D. Law in Other Media

Trafalgar D. Law has not only been featured in the series but has also made an appearance through songs, video games, figurines and shows, etc. Some of these are-


  • Dr. Heart Stealer

  • LOST IN Shinsekai

  • HEADLINERS (with Eustass Kid)

Video Games

  • One Piece: Gigant Battle! 2 New World

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2

  • One Piece: Unlimited World Red

  • One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X

  • One Py Berry Match

  • One Piece: Dance Battle

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

  • One Piece Thousand Storm

  • One Piece: Burning Blood

  • One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum

  • One Piece Bounty Rush

  • One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

  • One Piece: World Seeker

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

Support Appearances

  • One Piece: Gigant Battle

  • One Piece Odyssey


  • In One Piece Premier Show 2013, Law traveled to Paradise Island to investigate Lambor Bukini's slavery operation, funded by Doflamingo. In One Piece Premier Show 2014, Bildy made a copy of Law to fight under the DX Marines. In One Piece Premier Show 2016, Law and the Straw Hat Grand Fleet came to Luffy's aid during his fight with Wilder and Pokke's clones.

  • Law appears in the 2017 One Piece Water Battle show and in Sanji's Pirates Restaurant during the 2015-2016 season.

  • A statue of Law appears in Tokyo One Piece Tower as one of the Tongari Island Photo Spots. Law also appeared as a major character in One Piece Live Attraction 2 and a mirage in One Piece Live Attraction: Phantom, as well as in The Great Treasure of Tongari Island.

  • Law appears in Straw Hat Pirates vs. Marines vs. Seven Warlords Holographic Battle Theater.

  • Law appears in One Piece Dramatic Stage THE METAL ~Marineford of Remembrance~, as well as in a photo station outside DMM VR Theatre.

  • Law appears in One Piece Water Spectacle 2.

  • Law appears in the Nami, Vivi, and Marineford versions of the Hungry Days commercials.

  • A statue of Law can be found at the One Piece Mugiwara Store's Osaka location. Another statue is located at the official JUMP SHOP in Yokohama Landmark Plaza.[20]

  • In the third episode of One Piece Variety: I Will be the Pirate King TV, one of the guest comedians dresses up as Law for a skit.

Popular Quotes of Trafalgar D. Law From One Piece

  • "The big timers didn't take any action! It was like everyone was just preparing for something."

  • "I don't plan to lose. I'll fight until I'm the last one standing!"

  • "It's been two years since the War of the Best. Did anyone actually accomplish anything!?" "Pirates shouldn't do such a good deed!"

  • "People call me the 'Surgeon of Death'..."

  • "The weak don't get to decide anything, not even how they die."

  • "Your naivety was your undoing."


Q. Why was Law made to eat the Ope Ope no Mi?

A. Law was very compatible with the Ope Ope no Mi, that is the reason why he was fed the devil's fruit.

Q. What is a Kikoku?

A. A Kikoku is a large version of a Japanese sword known as a nodachi.

Q. When is Trafalgar D. Law’s birthday?

A. Trafalgar D. Law’s birthday is on 6th October.
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