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Youtube Beauticians

YouTube Beauticians

YouTubers who create content around the field of beauty, lifestyle and cosmetics are often referred to as ‘Beautubers’. These beauty vloggers, influencers, and fashion gurus

create and post videos on YouTube about a plethora of sub-genres like cosmetics, hair-styling, nail art, fashion, and other such beauty-related topics.

Other popular sub-genres in this category include product reviews that often pertain to cosmetics, shopping hauls, makeup tutorials, and personality clips with “Get Ready With Me” being the latest trend in the field of beauty content. This particular trend shows how content creators get ready for special occasions, their day-to-day life outfits, and skincare routine.

This genre has become popular over the years as Beautubers have allowed themselves to be extremely vulnerable as they often disclose stories from personal experiences, and share their feedback be it positive or negative about products they have purchased, which allows a Beautuber and their fanbase to have a mini-forum where everyone is welcome to share their feedback on products or brands they have tried. This category has evolved into a mini DIY/tutorial with many Beautubers teaching their viewers about various techniques and products they can use to create unique makeup looks.

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