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One Piece is a Japanese shonen manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It was first published in July 1997 and it hasn’t looked back since. One Piece became a fan-favorite manga series soon after its debut. Its market domination was so overwhelming that it affected the sales of other series. With its huge success, it became one of the Big Three in its community and also got an anime adaptation by Toei Animation. Its first episode premiered on 20 October 1999 on Fuji TV.

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One Piece follows the story of Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of the series. As a child, Luffy ate a devil fruit unintentionally and his body gained the properties of rubber, essentially turning him into a rubber man. Luffy sets sail and travels the Grand Line along with his pirate crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, with a dream to find the One Piece and become the King of the Pirates. In his journey, Luffy travels to unique destinations and meets various people, friends, and foes.

One Piece has a wide range of characters, each with a unique personality and astonishing backstories. It majors in world-building and takes its fans on a journey through a world filled with danger, experiences, and mostly, adventures filled with humor and excitement.

One Piece is still an ongoing series with continuous manga chapters as well as new anime episodes. One Piece is the best-selling comic book series printed in book volume and the best-selling manga series in history as of November 2022, with over 516.5 million copies in circulation across 61 nations and territories. Additionally, it is among the most successful media franchises ever.


One of the things that make One Piece the successful franchise it is today is its unique and diverse cast of characters. Eiichiro Oda took a very interesting approach while designing his characters. Each character in the series has their own unique personality, quirks, and goals, which considering its vast number of characters, is a feat of its own.

One Piece's characters are from a variety of nations and backgrounds, and they each have their own unique objectives and morals, not to mention their peculiar quirks. It's interesting how a character's skills mirror their character's personality. For instance, Luffy is a carefree and simple-minded individual but can be very rigid and a force to be reckoned with once he sets his mind on something, which is reflected by his abilities as a rubber man, simple but powerful.

Apart from Monkey D. Luffy, viewers can choose their favorites from a large and diverse cast of characters. One Piece fans have been fortunate with a wide cast of characters that they have related to on many different levels over the years because each character has a unique backstory and identity.

Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits are mysterious fruits that are scattered throughout the One Piece World that provide superhuman abilities to the person who eats them. Devil Fruits are one of the greatest mysteries the world of One Piece has to offer. So far, their origin has remained a mystery. These abilities can be anything from gaining a rubber body to becoming a humongous dragon. When it comes to devil fruits, the sky is the limit.

However, this extraordinary prowess does come at a cost. In the One Piece world, there is a saying that the Devil Fruits are fragments of the Sea Devil’s prowess, and whoever consumes one becomes the target of the sea’s wrath and lose the ability to swim and lose all of their energy once they come in contact with seawater. So, no matter how powerful a devil fruit user might be if they fell into the sea, they lose all their energy and get sunken to the bottom of the sea,

Devil Fruits in One Piece
Devil Fruits in One Piece

Their devil fruit abilities can also be rendered useless with the use of sea-prism stone. Furthermore, an individual can only consume and possess the prowess of a single devil fruit in their lifetime. If someone tries to consume two devil fruits, they will inevitably die. The only known exception till now is Marshall D. Teach, popularly known as Blackbeard who has consumed two devil fruits and survived.

Each devil fruit provides its consumer with unique abilities, which can be mundane abilities, like becoming a jacket man or abilities with the potential for mass destruction. Based on the type of powers they provide its consumers, Devil Fruits are classified into three major categories:

Paramecia - It is relatively the most common kind of devil fruit found in the One Piece World. A Paramecia-type devil fruit provides its consumer with various strange abilities, like turning their body into springs or being able to swim in landscapes.

A still from One Piece
A still from One Piece

Zoan - Zoan-type devil fruits are comparatively harder to find. It allows its user to transform into animals or hybrid animals. The ability to transform differs among different devil fruits. It ranges from common animals like snakes to ancient animals like dinosaurs and phoenixes.

A still from One Piece
A still from One Piece

Logia - Logia-type devil fruits are the rarest and considered the strongest among the three devil fruit types. It provides its consumer with the prowess of a natural element and converts their physical body into the same, such as sand, light, ice, lightning, darkness, etc. There are also Logias that have the power to turn the user into unnatural substances like paper or syrup for candies, but these are regarded as non-canon.

A still from One Piece
A still from One Piece

Only a single devil fruit can exist with a unique power. For example, only a single Gomu Gomu no Mi that provides its consumer with a rubber body can exist at a time. Once the user dies, the devil fruit comes back into circulation.

In the One Piece world, devil fruits can be both naturally occurring and artificial. Although it started off as a mysterious naturally occurring fruit, some individuals, like Vegpunk, figured out a method to create artificial man-made devil fruits.

Devil fruits play a major role in the series. The abilities gained by devil fruits have empowered many individuals in the series and led them to become forces to be reckoned with. Many people set sail in search of these devil fruits but return empty-handed due to their rarity.


The One Piece world is a world of the sea with only one continent. So naturally, most of the population is established on distinct islands. Due to this, ships are the most common mode of transportation in the world. In the series, most of the ships are based on the classic sail design. There is a wide range of spectacular and amazing ships ranging in size from massive islands to tiny one-man ships. In the anime, the vast variety of ships consists of

  • Caravel

  • Galleon

  • Raft

  • Cruise Ship

  • Submarine

  • Ark

  • Ice Breaker

  • Brig Sloop

  • Tanker

In the One Piece World, ships are also categorized by the profession and status of their sailors, for example, a ship used by pirates and carrying a Jolly Roger flag is identified as a Pirate Ship. The classification of ships used in the anime are

  • Pirate Ships

  • Marine Ships

  • Government Ships

  • Merchant Ships

  • Cargo Ships

  • Evacuation Ships

  • Ghost Ships

Going MerryThousand SunnyMoby Dick
Marine ShipWorld Government ShipQueen Mama


One of the reasons behind One Piece’s colossal success is its astonishing world-building. The fans of the series get to tag along with their favorite pirate crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, and experience the vast One Piece universe filled with unique locations, and islands with unique characters.

A still from One Piece
A still from One Piece

The Strawhats travel from one island to another, each with its own culture and unique landscape, and a set of quirky characters. Interestingly, most of the islands that the Strawhats have traveled to are situated in the Grand Line. Interestingly, the Grand line is divided into two parts by the Red Line. These two parts of the Grand Line are known as Paradise and the New World, each filled with adventures and dangers.

Red Line

A still from One Piece
A still from One Piece

The Red Line is a massive ring-shaped landmass that circles the entire One Piece planet and acts as a wall, dividing the globe. Combined with the Grand Line, it divides the sea into four quadrants, namely East Blue, North Blue, West Blue, and South Blue.

New World

The Grand Line's second half is known as the New World. It is situated between West and North Blue, Fish-Man Island, and the other side of Reverse Mountain. Only Gol D. Roger and his pirate crew are known to have thoroughly explored it. After a two-year time skip the main location of One Piece's second half is in the New World.

A still from One Piece
A still from One Piece

The New World is also the home of four powerful pirates known as the Four Emperors. There are only two ways for a pirate to survive in the New World: either they can join forces with one of the Emperors or they may take them on and for most of them, the latter is not an option.


Many of the major characters that have a huge impact on the series usually come from a well-renowned and formidable family, like the Donquixote Family. Since the beginning of the series, many formidable families have been introduced that have marked the One Piece universe with their feats. Here are the renowned major families that have been introduced in the series so far:

  • Accino Family

  • Celestial Dragons (World Noble)

  • Charlotte Family

  • Chinjao Family

  • Dadan Family

  • Donquixote Family

  • Franky Family

  • Figarland Family

  • Gorgon Sisters

  • Monkey Family

  • Nefertari Family

  • Neptune Family

  • Riku Family

  • Tearoom Pirates

  • Vinsmoke Family

  • Wano Country Families

    • Amatsuki Family

    • Fugetsu Family

    • Hitaki Family

    • Kozuki Family

    • Kurozumi Family

    • Shimotsuki Family

    • Uzuki Family

  • Whitebeard Pirates

These are the families that the fans have had the fortune to know, cherish, despise or fear in some instances in the One Piece world. With any luck, we might have the fortune to come across and know many more formidable and intriguing families with amazing members and unique personalities as the story progresses.


In the vast universe of the popular One Piece series, there are various occupations a character in the series can choose from. The most common and popular occupations are the Pirate and the Marine ranks.

A still from One Piece
A still from One Piece

  • Archaeologist

  • Assassin

  • Bandits

  • Bounty Hunter

  • Broker

  • Combatant

  • Cook

  • Divine Soldiers

  • Doctor

  • Daimyo

  • Explorer

  • God (Title)

  • God's Guards

  • Helmsman

  • King (Title)

  • Kingsbird

  • Marine Ranks

    • Fleet Admiral

    • Admiral

    • Vice Admiral

    • Captain

    • Vice Captain

    • Staff

  • Martial Artist

  • Mercenary

  • Merchant

  • Musician

  • Navigator

  • Ninja

  • Officer

  • Pantri

  • Pet

  • Pirate

    • Pirate Captain

    • Pirate Apprentice

    • Staff

  • Prince

  • Princess

  • Queen (Title)

  • Royal Guards

  • Samurai

  • Scientist

  • Shipwright

  • Shogan

  • Sniper

  • Swordsman

These are the major occupations that have been introduced in the One Piece universe so far, with Pirate and Marine being the most popular occupations of all. Furthermore, Marines and Pirates are mortal enemies and are often at each other’s throats.

As the series progresses, we might get to witness many more characters in various new occupations and we will be waiting here, ready to capture it all.


A still from One Piece
A still from One Piece

With a vast cast of characters, there are bound to be different perspectives and goals. This gave birth to organizations focusing on a similar goal, like the Marines dedicated to stopping the pirates dead in their tracks and serving justice. In many instances, various organizations join forces for a common goal or mutual benefit. An example of such an alliance would be the Seven Warlords of the Sea, which was formed to maintain the balance of power between the Emperors of the Sea and the Marines.

Here is a list of all the major organizations that have been introduced in the series so far:

  • Cipher Pol

    • CP0

    • CP9

  • Dadan Family

  • Five Elders

  • Marine

  • Military Forces

  • Mt. Atama Thieves

  • Levely

  • Nine Red Scabbards

  • Pirate Groups

  • Super Spot-Billed Duck Troops

  • Three Great Powers

    • Four Emperors

    • Marine Headquarters

    • Seven Warlords of the Sea

  • Thriller Bark Victim’s Association

  • Underworld Organizations

  • WCI 31

  • World Government

So far, we have been introduced to these major organizations over the years. As the story progresses, the series may introduce more of such formidable organizations.


Along with its vast world, the One Piece universe also blesses its fans with a variety of characters, be it humans or animals and animal species. While many of the animals are recognizable and can be found in the real world, we also get to see many strange, fictional and mythical creatures as well.

As Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew travel through distant locations and islands in search of One Piece, they come across various characters and animals as well, some of which they befriend and some who turn out to be their adversaries or an obstacle in their journey. As the One Piece universe is mostly covered in the sea, the significant number of animals that the crew frequently comes across are aquatic wild beasts.


With its vast cast of characters come various fighting styles and weapons. They range from simple blades to ancient weapons that possess great destructive power. Here is a list of the most popular weapons that are used in the One Piece universe so far:

  • Ancient Weapons

  • Alpacacino

  • Ax

  • Battle Frankies

  • Battleships

  • Battle Smasher

  • Bruiser Ax

  • Carbonation Equipment

  • Cat Claws

  • Chemical Weapons

  • Dial-Powered Weapons

  • Dyna Stone

  • Eagle Launcher

  • Explosives

  • Gorilla Puncher 13

  • Guns

  • Hassaikai

  • Kagera

  • Kau Ra Kau

  • King Canon

  • Kirisame

  • Living Weapons

  • Meito (Legendary Blades)

  • Pacifista

  • Peacock Slashers

  • Polearms

  • Projectile Weapons

  • Punishers

  • Roba-San Kick 18

  • Robot

  • Senpu King

  • Shichiseiken

  • Swords

  • Tanks

  • Takeru

  • Tsuji Shibai

  • Zau Ra Zau

This list contains all the major canon and non-canon weapons that have been introduced in the series so far.

Fighting Styles

Along with its vast cast of characters, One Piece also provides its fans with various fighting styles. Each and every fighting style in the series also tells the fans about the character on multiple occasions. For example, the Conqueror Haki, which only one in a million possesses, is a reflection of the user's unwavering will and spirit.

A still from One Piece
A still from One Piece

All the fighting styles that the One Piece universe provides add to the intrigue of the series. It keeps the fans on the verge of their seats in anticipation of knowing what would be more powerful in fighting arcs. The amazing arsenal of various combat styles with their unique characteristics always leaves us wanting more.

Here are all the fighting styles introduced in the series so far, both canon and non-canon:

  • Art of Weather

  • Black Leg Style

  • Breath Qigong

  • Carnival Tricks

  • Colors Trap

  • Combination Play

  • Devil Fruit Users

  • Eight Sword Style

  • Electro

  • Category: Fighting Styles Subpages

  • Fish-Man Karate

  • Four Sword Style

  • Foxfire Style

  • Haki

    • Conqueror Haki

    • Observation Haki

    • Armament Haki

  • Hasshoken

  • Jao Kun Do

  • Jio-Ken

  • Kanpo Kenpo

  • Kappa Style

  • Man-Demon Tactics

  • Merman Combat

  • Merman Gujutsu

  • Ninjutsu

  • Oden Two Sword Style

  • Okama Kenpo

  • Ramen Kenpo

  • Rokushiki

  • Rope Action

  • Ryusoken

  • Seimei Kikan

  • Six Sword Style

  • Sulong

  • Three Sword Style

  • Tontatta Combat

  • Usopp's Arsenal


The 1042+ episodes that have aired so far are divided into 20 seasons with 20 different story arcs. The current season of One Piece, season 20, is by far the longest season of the anime with 151 episodes and still counting as of November 2022, effectively making it one of the longest-running anime series of all time with more to come.


A still from One Piece Red
A still from One Piece Red

One Piece Film: Red, the most recent film in the series, brings the total number of One Piece films to 15. The movies narrate the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates. In contrast to other films in the series and are mostly non-canon. One Piece Film: Strong World, One Piece Film: Z, One Piece Film: Gold, and One Piece Film: Red involve Oda in production and narrative development and are considered to be canon. These four movies carry the subtitle, One Piece Film.

Here are all the movies the One Piece franchise has blessed its fans with so far:

  1. One Piece: The Movie

  2. Clockwork Island Adventure

  3. Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals

  4. Dead End Adventure

  5. The Cursed Holy Sword

  6. Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island

  7. The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle

  8. Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates

  9. Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura

  10. One Piece Film: Strong World

  11. One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase

  12. One Piece Film: Z

  13. One Piece Film: Gold

  14. One Piece: Stampede

  15. One Piece Film: Red

Chapters (Manga Only)

One Piece Manga poster
One Piece Manga poster

The fascinating and mysterious plot and quirky characters of the One Piece manga quickly captured the attention of readers. It dominated the market and was so widely popular that it sold out as soon as it hit the shelves. Its enormous success had an impact on the sales of other manga series. As a result, it became renowned as to one of the Big Three in the manga community. As of November 2022, One Piece had over 1067 chapters and 103 tankobon volumes, making it the 21st longest manga series by volume count.

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