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Minecraft Villager

style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); background-color: transparent;">The Minecraft Villager is a passive mob in Minecraft that can be extremely useful in the survival gameplay. Villagers usually spawn in villages, igloo basements, or if the player cures a zombie villager (with a golden apple). The Minecraft Villager can have one of many professions, which decides what kind of trades will be available to the player when trading with that particular villager. The appearance of the Minecraft Villager changes as per the biome their village is located in. Thus, a Tundra villager looks different from a Taiga villager.

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Image credits: CurseForge

Health Points20 (10 hearts)
Attack StrengthBy setting firework: 5 or 6
SpawnNPC Villages, Igloo Basements, or by Curing a Zombie Villager

Minecraft Villager History

The Minecraft Villager has been a part of the game since the Beta version of Minecraft. In fact, the villagers were added as part of the Beta 1.9 pre-release version of the game. At that time, the Minecraft Villager was of only five types and had much lesser functions and characteristics. Over the course of the years, Mojang added many more features such as baby villagers as well as the green-robed Nitwit, a Minecraft villager that does not have a job.

With the Minecraft 1.14 update, Mojang sought to make a few changes to the way a Minecraft Villager behaved and interacted with the player. 1.14 introduced the various kinds of appearances that a Minecraft villager could have, depending upon the biome they spawned in. Additionally, with 1.14, the player now has to unlock five levels of Minecraft villager trading in order to get better trades.

The prices for various products during Minecraft villager trading are decided by the popularity level of the player in the village. With Minecraft 1.16, the spawning of iron golems has become easier, since it no longer depends on the professional status or last time of work of the Minecraft villager.

Spawning Minecraft Villagers

There are two ways of spawning a Minecraft villager - through natural generation or by curing a zombie villager.

Minecraft villagers naturally generate in NPC villages, which can randomly spawn in any of the Minecraft biomes, or in the basement of an igloo. Naturally spawned villagers can have any of the various Minecraft villager jobs.

Alternatively, the player can choose to manually spawn a villager by curing a zombie villager. Zombie villagers are infected versions of the Minecraft villager. The player can heal the zombie villager using a Potion of Weakness and a Golden Apple and turn the zombie villager back into a regular Minecraft villager.

Minecraft Villagers Spawning

Image credits: TheGamer

Appearance and Behavior of Minecraft Villagers

The appearance of a Minecraft villager depends on the spawn location as well as the Minecraft villager jobs. For example, a farmer will sport a straw hat while a librarian will wear a headdress that features a book!

Villagers that do not have assigned professions yet wear the default clothing of the specific biome village. Nitwits wear green robes that match the style of the biome. The Minecraft villager dresses in robes, usually with some kind of headdress. All villagers have abnormally long noses, green eyes, and arms that are folded in front of their chest.

The Minecraft villager is a passive mob and does not attack the player. When attacked by hostile mobs like zombies, a villager begins to panic and run. The villagers are fast enough to outrun zombies but not baby zombies, which are faster than the adult versions.

If the player attacks a villager and the player’s popularity is in negative, an Iron Golem will spawn and start attacking the player.

Villagers work during the day and sleep in beds inside houses at night. The Minecraft villager also picks up various items such as beetroots, potatoes, seeds, carrots, etc. The farmer villager even goes ahead and plants these into the village’s farm.

If there are enough beds and enough food in the village, villagers begging to breed with each other and produce baby villagers who grow up into new villagers and can be assigned new professions.

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Villagers and their Jobs

Villagers in Minecraft can have a variety of jobs, which determines the items that they will have available to them when trading with the player. The job of a Minecraft villager also decides the way a villager will behave when wandering or working. For example, farmers sow any seeds or plants they have in their inventory.

In Minecraft, a villager can have any one of fifteen total jobs, including being a Nitwit and an unemployed villager. An unemployed villager can claim any available job by going to an empty job site. Here is a list of all the Minecraft villager jobs and their respective job sites required to assign the villager that job.

JobJob Site
CartographerCartography Table
Butcher Smoker
ToolsmithSmithing Table
ArmorerBlast Furnace
Cleric Brewing Stand
FletcherFletching Table
Shepard Loom

Minecraft Villagers and their Jobs

Image credits: Cubey, Youtube

Schedule of the Villagers

Villagers in Minecraft follow a set schedule depending on their profession and the day/night cycle in Minecraft. However, these set scheduled behaviors may be superseded by panic, trading, or taking shelter during rain.


Minecraft villagers that have assigned jobs usually spend most of the day standing near their job site blocks. However, these villagers may sometimes roam just a further bit to “gather supplies”. During work hours, villagers can also refresh locked trades.


Wandering is majorly done by villagers that are unemployed, are Nitwits, or are baby villagers. Unemployed Minecraft villagers especially wander around the village and near its boundaries in order to pathfind to a nearby empty job site block to claim a profession.


The gathering is when during a specific time of the day, usually during the time of dusk, villagers gather together at the center of the village, where a bell is hung. At this time, the Minecraft villagers make sounds and communicate with each other as well as exchange items at times.


Only baby villagers spend time playing in Minecraft. Baby villagers look for other baby villagers as well and try to find beds to jump on. Sometimes, a baby villager may stare at an Iron Golem, who may gift a poppy to the baby.

Returning Home

At the end of the day, all of the Minecraft villagers head to their homes and sleep in their beds in the relative safety of their village homes. A villager that does not have a bed simply waits inside a house until morning.


A Minecraft villager searches for nearby beds at night. Villagers will spend the night lying in a bed unless they are disturbed by external factors such as the bed being broken by the player or by the ringing of a bell, etc.


Villagers can heal themselves in the brief moment after they level up in their profession by trading with the player.


The player’s popularity amongst the Minecraft villagers may change according to the actions of the player. Each player starts with the popularity meter at 0, and the various actions of the player either adds or subtracts popularity points.

If the player reaches a popularity level of -15 or below, a village’s Iron Golem begins attacking the player.

Here are the various actions and their corresponding popularity points for the player.

ActionChange in Popularity
Hero of the Village10
Spawning an Iron Golem5
Trading with a villager to Expert/Master4
Trading with a villager to Journeyman3
Trading with a villager to Apprentice2
Trading with a villager for the last offer on their list1
Attacking a villager-1
Killing a villager-2
Attacking a child villager-3
Killing a child villager-5
Killing an Iron Golem-10

Popularity of Each Villagers in Minecraft

Image credits: GameSkinny

Minecraft Villager Breeding

In order to begin breeding villagers, there must be at least two villagers with enough food and beds to be willing to breed. If there are enough number of beds for the extra baby villagers that you’re hoping for and if the villagers are willing to breed, then two villagers will get together and spawn a baby villager.

In order to become willing to breed, a villager must have food equivalent to either 3 bread, 12 carrots, 12 potatoes, or 12 beetroots in their inventory. Players can also throw this food at villagers and have them pick it up in order to become willing.

All baby villagers once spawned take a few days to grow up. They have no assigned professions until they can find an unclaimed job site block.

Minecraft Villager Trades

The player can trade many items with a Minecraft villager, depending upon their profession and ranking as a trader. Usually, the villager do two kind of trades - buying items from the player in exchange for emeralds and selling items to the player for emeralds. Thus, emeralds are the currency that is most important in villager trading.

The higher the rank of a Minecraft villager, the better trade he unlocks. The ranking of a villager may be increased by trading with the villager. For example, selling crops like potatoes, carrots, or melons to the farmer will unlock more trades and you can sell crops and get a steady supply of emeralds for rarer and more valuable villager trades. The librarian is especially considered one of the most highly sought villager to trade with, since he often trades books with enchantments for emeralds. Similarly, the toolsmith, armorer, and weaponsmith may rank up and trade you for diamond tools, armor, and weapons as well!

There are five levels of rank that a villager can have, which is denoted by the badge that a villager wears. These ranks are as follows:

  1. Stone - Novice
  2. Iron - Apprentice
  3. Gold - Journeyman
  4. Emerald - Expert
  5. Diamond - Master

Villager Farming

Villagers can automatically farm for their supply of food inside the boundaries of their village. Even villagers who are outside the village will look for nearby crops to farm.

If the villager does not have enough food in their inventory - 15 bread, 60 carrots, 60 potatoes, 60 beetroots, or 45 wheat - and he finds farmland with fully grown crops, the villager will harvest it.

While any kind of villager can harvest the crops, only farmer villager can plant new seeds into the empty slots of farmland.

Villagers can automatically farm for their supply of food inside the boundaries of their village

Image credits: Sketchfab

Zombie Villager Minecraft

If a zombie attacks and kills a Minecraft villager, there is a chance that the villager will turn into a zombie villager. This chance depends on the level of difficulty the player is playing on.

Chance for turning villager into zombie villager

Difficulty LevelChance

A zombie villager can be turned back into a normal Minecraft villager by throwing a Potion of Weakness on it and feeding it a Golden Apple. The player must wait while the zombie villager vibrates and shakes for a bit and eventually changes back into the villager.

Minecraft Villager House

Minecraft villager houses are usually designed and built with the materials from the biome the village is based in. For example, a savannah villager house is built with terracotta or acacia logs. Similarly, taiga villager houses are often built with a lot of spruce wood and planks.

Minecraft villager houses act as the default shelter for the villagers and may sometimes contain a loot chest for the player to claim items from. The houses usually have a bed for the villager to sleep in. But if there is no bed, then villagers will simply be inside the house for safety during the night.

Minecraft Villager Skin

Within the incredibly creative community of Minecraft, it is now possible for players to download and use skins that look like various Minecraft villagers. There are many popular Minecraft skins that also build upon the basic villager look and add quirky accessories like sunglasses and even a Coronavirus face mask. Such Minecraft skins can be found on any popular modding sites and forums for Minecraft.

Minecraft Villagers Skin Pack

Image credits: MCPE DL

Explainer Video


FAQs on Villagers

1. Can you live with villagers in Minecraft?

Yes, it is possible to live in a village and even live in the house of a Minecraft villager. Creating your base within a village allows you ready access to any number of shelters for the night, saves you the trouble of crafting a bed, and even gives you ready access to trading whenever you feel like it.

2. Can you build houses for villagers in Minecraft?

Yes, it is possible for the player to build houses for villagers. You might want to create a huge house to place all your useful trading villagers in one spot. This can be done by creating a house with secure doors and ample beds and then leading the villagers into the house. The villagers can be transported in minecarts and boats.

3. What are villagers in Minecraft attracted to?

Unemployed villagers will almost always seek an unclaimed job site block that is placed in their vicinity. Additionally, villagers usually wander to look for food supplies. In fact, if a villager has enough food and beds, they will breed and spawn new baby villagers.

4. What are the best villagers in Minecraft?

Villagers like clerics, librarians, toolsmiths, weaponsmiths, and armorers are considered the most useful villagers to trade with. For example, the cleric will trade you emeralds for rotten flesh, which is easy to procure. Clerics also trade for Ender Pearls, which can be used to go to the End. Librarians will trade you rare enchantments at times.

5. How to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft?

A zombie villager can be cured by throwing a splash Potion of Weakness on the villager and then feeding it a Golden Apple. The villager will then violently shake and vibrate for some time before turning back into the villager that was infected.

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