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FlyLo FM in GTA 5

FlyLo FM is a radio station in GTA 5 hosted by Flying Lotus. This radio station plays alternative Hip-Hop and rock music in various styles like Dance, Disco, Funk, Electronica, Instrumental etc.

FlyLo FM Information

NameFlyLo FM
LocationVespucci Beach, Los Santos, San Andreas
GenreAlternative Hip-Hop
StylesAbstract Hip-Hop Alternative Hip-Hop Art Rock Dance Deep House Disco Electronica Experimental Footwork Funk Glitch-Hop Horrorcore IDM Instrumental Jazz Fusion Juke Lo-Fi Progressive Rock Psychedelia R&B Soul Tech House Trap Trip-Hop UK Bass
Host(s)Flying Lotus
Appearance(s)GTA V

GTA Online


There is neither much information revealed about this radio station throughout the game, nor do its songs play during/after any mission. It is hosted by DJ Steve Ellison better known as Flying Lotus. Judging by the name, one can figure out that the radio station is dedicated to his songs with a few tracks featured by other artists. Molly Schultz and Tao Cheng prefer listening to FlyLo FM.

Track list

  1. "Getting There" by Flying Lotus feat. Niki Randa (2012)
  2. "Crystals" by Clams Casino (2013)
  3. "Crosswerved" by Flying Lotus (2013)
  4. "Be Spin" by Flying Lotus (2013)
  5. "See Thru To U" by Flying Lotus & Erykah Badu (2013)
  6. "The Diddler" by Flying Lotus (2013)
  7. "Computer Face Remix" by Flying Lotus (2013)
  8. "100hm" by Hudson Mohawke (2013)
  9. "The Kill" by Flying Lotus feat. Niki Randa (2013)
  10. "Garbage" by Tyler, the Creator (2013)
  11. "Elevators (Me & You)" by Outkast (1996)
  12. "Evil Grin" by Captain Murphy (2013)
  13. "Catapult Man" by Flying Lotus (2013)
  14. "Encoded Flow" by Dabrye (2006)
  15. "She Died There" by Machinedrum (2011)
  16. "It's Wack" by DJ Rashad and Heavee D (2013)
  17. "Oh Sheit It's X" by Thundercat (2013)
  18. "Stonecutters" by Flying Lotus (2013)
  19. "23" by Shadow Child (2012)
  20. "Stalker Ha" by Kingdom (2011)
  21. "Windowlicker" by Aphex Twin (1999)

Exclusively in Enhanced Version

  1. "Eddie You Should Know Better" by Curtis Mayfield (1972)
  2. "You Never Come Closer" by Doris (1970)
  3. "Medication Medication" by Flying Lotus feat. Krayzie Bone (2014)
  4. "What We Want" by XXYYXX (2014)
  5. "Make Money" by Lapalux (2014)
  6. "Shred You To Bits" by The Gaslamp Killer (2014)
  7. "B Adams" by Mono/Poly and Thundercat (2014)
  8. "Osaka Trade" by Flying Lotus (2013)
  9. "Masquatch" by DOOM (2014)
  10. "Early Mountain" by Flying Lotus (2014)
  11. "Into Vogon Skulls" by Dimlite (2012)
  12. "Fuck the Makeup, Skip the Shower" by KNOWER (2010)
  13. "4 AM (Araabmuzik Remix)" by Kaskade (2006)

Appearances in storyline

This radio station and its songs make no appearances in the GTA V storyline.


  1. This is one of the eight radio stations that don't feature commercials or news breaks. The others are WorldWide FM, Soulwax FM, East Los FM, The Lab, Los Santos Underground Radio, iFruit Radio and Music Locker Radio.
  2. David Firth, an animator known for various internet shorts and series (Salad Fingers, Burnt Face Man) appears as a disturbed caller who rambles about how he isn't a doctor. This segment appears only in the Enhanced version.
  3. While the first minute of the song "4 AM (Araabmuzik Remix)" plays, the station actually plays the first part of 4 AM (Adam K. and Soha Remix) at a higher pitch. This may have been used as a way to provide space for Flying Lotus's commentary as there is no intro to the official version of the song.


Q. Is FlyLo FM hosted by Flying Lotus?

A. Yes FlyLo FM is hosted by DJ Steve Ellison, also known as Flying Lotus.

Q. What genre is FlyLo FM?

A. FlyLo FM plays alternative Hip-Hop and Rock music in various styles.

Q. How many songs does FlyLo FM have?

A. In the enhanced version, FlyLo FM has a total of 34 songs on its track list.

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