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Vinsmoke Niji in One Piece

Who is Vinsmoke Niji in One Piece?
Vinsmoke Niji in One Piece

Vinsmoke Niji, who is also known as Dengeki Blue, is the third child of the Vinsmoke Family. He is the prince of the Germa Kingdom. He is also the commander of the Germa 66.

All about Vinsmoke Niji


Vinsmoke Niji

First Appearance in Anime

One Piece Episode 787

Voice Actors

Atsushi Miyauchi (Japanese), Austin Tindle (English)


2nd March






Vinsmoke Family, Germa Kingdom, Germa 66


Prince, Mercenary


North Blue

Devil Fruit






Vinsmoke Niji is the third child of the Vinsmoke Family. When he was born, the Germa Kingdom was still in the North Blue. Niji was told by Judge that his body was genetically modified and they were trained hard in order to develop and take advantage of these superhuman enhancements.

Niji and his brothers used to get irritated with Sanji’s poor progress and took immense pleasure in bullying Sanji for being weak. When Judge locked up Sanji in a dungeon and said that Sanji had died, Niji questioned if Sanji was alive. When Sanji left the Germa Kingdom, it amused Niji, and he and his brothers imagined ways in which Sanji might die if left on his own.

Whole Cake Island

Vinsmoke Niji and Ichiji led a platoon of Germa 66 to end the war on Broc Coli Island and they collected the payment for their services from the winning side. He called Ichiji a liar when he said that he was excited to see Sanji. When they came back to Germa they were disappointed and annoyed that Sanji was not there. Later, he met Sanji when they were having a meal and Niji told Sanji about the conversation that he and his siblings had when he left Germa. Sanji ignored whatever Niji said. When Niji refused to eat what was on his plate, Sanji called him spoiled and when Niji was about to attack the Head Chef, Sanji stepped in and saved her. Sanji then proceeded to eat the food on the floor and Niji said that he brought shame to their family. Sanji replied saying that being related to them was sinful.

Later, Niji and the other siblings met Sanji in the Germa Lab where they mocked Sanji for being pathetic to which Sanji retaliated by attacking Niji but he got overpowered by the rest of his brothers. Niji then left the Germa Kingdom and headed for Big Mom’s palace. On their way, they saw Luffy and Nami come to rescue Sanji and saw Luffy and Sanji fight. After defeating Luffy, Sanji came back to the carriage, and while they were on their way Luffy said that he would wait for Sanji and Niji laughed at this. When they reached the Palace the Vinsmoke Family saw Big Mom’s collection of strange creatures. Judge told Niji and his other siblings that they would take Pudding with them after the wedding so that they have an upper hand on Big Mom.

On the day of the wedding, Niji got dressed and accompanied his family as they went to the venue. After it was said that the bride and groom were ready, they all assembled and sat together at the central table at the foot of the altar. When the assassination attempt began, the Vinsmoke family was held at gunpoint by the Charlotte Family. While Perospero was getting ready to shoot them, Sanji arrived to save them and gave them their raid suits back. They rushed to help their father in his fight against Big Mom but they were overwhelmed by her. Niji and Yonji carried an unconscious Judge to safety and got back to fight.

Later on, when Sanji and Luffy were almost cornered by Big Mom, Niji and his siblings came just in time to shield them from the incoming attack. Sanji took Luffy and left and the Big Mom Pirates brought anti-Germa bullets and used it on Niji and his siblings, but despite the injuries they fought till the Straw Hats left. Once they had left Totto Land, Germa 66 prepared to withdraw.


Vinsmoke Niji is very proud of his royal status and looks down upon those who are beneath him. He is used to living a rich life. He was irritated by Sanji’s kindness and bullied him saying that it only made him weaker. Since he was born, Niji did not have the ability to feel emotions and sympathy due to the genetic modifications done by Vinsmoke Judge. His emotional detachment is so strong that he was unmoved when he was threatened to be killed. He did not hesitate to inflict wounds on his servant. He tends to get angry and irritated very easily. He is very serious and business-minded and never forgets to collect his money whenever they give their mercenary services.

Vinsmoke Niji's Personality
Vinsmoke Niji

He does not agree with Reiju’s philosophy about war and dismissed her views saying that Germa is only concerned with those who give them a lot of money. He can also be lecherous as he was lovestruck by Nami. Even though he has a short temper he does have a certain degree of self-control. Despite his arrogance, he does have a sense of appreciation and gratitude when Sanji saved him, he even showed concern when Reiju was targeted by Big Mom. He also rushed to help his father when he was severely injured. Niji is very cunning when the situation calls for it.


Vinsmoke Niji has blue hair with curly eyebrows. He is slim with long legs and he styles his hair in a curved partition across the right side of his face. He wears a dark blue raid suit with a black cape with a blue ‘2’ on it and dark goggles with his gold-colored gauntlets with an aqua ascot. He has a set of horns that extend upwards from his pair of orange and red headphones with a belt. Niji is also seen wearing a light-colored buttoned shirt with a tie with dark pants. He also wore a floor-length dark-colored cloak with an upturned collar and neck clasp.

Vinsmoke Niji's Appearance
Vinsmoke Niji

At the tea party, Niji wore a blue shirt with a double-breasted jacket and pants with a baby blue cravat and brown gloves. He wore a white royal cape. As a child, Niji wore a light blue shirt with the number ‘2’ on it, white pants and brown boots with a light blue bandana around his neck, and a pair of small goggles.

Vinsmoke Niji’s abilities, strengths, and fighting style

Vinsmoke Niji’s abilities, strengths, and fighting style
Vinsmoke Niji

Vinsmoke Niji has political power over his people and has an influence on the World Government. He is really good at the act of impersonation and has a strong will. As he had genetic modifications as a child, Niji has immense physical strength. He has an outer skeleton that is very strong and acts as a shield. He also has a great amount of speed and is capable of taking down his opponents easily. He has great durability too and is seen to fix his broken jaw instantly and has a huge tolerance for alcohol. He also possesses the skill of a swordsman and is shown combining it with his speed and attacking his enemies.

Vinsmoke Niji’s special abilities


Vinsmoke Niji possesses a raid suit due to his family’s technological prowess. It protects from his fire, bullets, and strong blows. Niji also had jet-propelled boots.

Dengeki Blue

Vinsmoke Niji has an ability called Dengeki Blue which is similar to Electro. Niji is able to electrify parts of his body and cause heavy damage to his enemies. He is also able to imbue other objects with electricity like a sword.


Vinsmoke Judge

Vinsmoke Niji is highly regarded by his father. Niji laughed at the fact that they fell for the trap while the family was being held at gunpoint by the Big Mom Pirates when they betrayed them. As a result, a terrified Judge made the ironic claim that the three brothers were abnormally casual about death. Niji, despite this, cared for his father after he was struck by Big Mom.

Vinsmoke Sora

There is not a lot known about Vinsmoke Sora and Niji's relationship when she was living. Niji's mother used a risky medicine throughout her pregnancy with him and his siblings in an effort to save him from losing his emotional capacity. However, Judge's procedure on Niji was successful, and Sora later passed away from the drug's side effects in Niji's childhood.

Vinsmoke Reiju

Niji's connection with his older sister is still mostly unknown. When he returned to the Germa Kingdom, Reiju was seen grinning, suggesting that at the very least, they are friends. Reiju, who believes that there is no place in the world for any of them, secretly hates him as well as the rest of their family (except Sanji) for their violent methods and has no intention of intervening to prevent the Big Mom Pirates from killing him, in spite of the fact that she feels bad for Niji and her other two brothers since Judge altered their emotions.

Vinsmoke Ichiji

Niji and his older brother Ichiji seem to get along well. Despite his aggressive behavior, Niji complied with Ichiji's request to stop talking when Sanji failed to welcome them when they arrived at the kingdom.


Niji, along with Ichiji and Yonji, used to bully Sanji as a kid for his "unroyal" interest in cooking. Like his brothers, Niji delighted in severely beating Sanji. Niji once viciously and enthusiastically abused his younger brother during a training session, and he only stopped when a German soldier restrained him. He was the only one who showed curiosity when he learned that Sanji had "died" in an accident. He proceeded to abuse Sanji alongside Ichiji and Yonji after learning that Sanji was still alive.

Vinsmoke Yonji

The fact that Niji's younger brother would join him and Ichiji in bullying Sanji was proof that they at least got along. He was also looking forward to Niji, Ichiji, and Sanji's chaotic reunion. Yonji laughs uncontrollably at Niji's crude remarks and jokes about Sanji. They both share a laugh at his expense after seeing him weep.


As one of their leaders, Niji is well regarded by his troops in Germa 66, who cheered him and Ichiji on their return from their brief war on Broc Coli Island. Each soldier is also willing to give their life for Niji like a member of their royal family. He also shows no remorse while admitting to Sanji that he had severely abused Cosette.

Big Mom Pirates

Niji and his family were deceived into establishing an alliance by Big Mom, who was actually planning to kill them all. Due to his lack of emotion, Niji remained composed when the Big Mom Pirates exposed their betrayal at the wedding. Later, Niji made the decision to confront Big Mom with his family in order to provide an opening for Luffy and Bege's groups to flee.

Vinsmoke Niji’s Top fights

Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji vs. Sanji


Niji vs. Sanji (inside Germa Lab)


Germa 66 vs. Big Mom Pirates


Niji vs. Charlotte Oven


Niji and Yonji vs. Charlotte Linlin


Vinsmoke Niji in Other Media

Vinsmoke Niji does not only appear in the anime but is also a video game character.

Video Games

  • One Piece Treasure Cruise

  • One Piece Thousand Storm

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

  • One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

  • One Piece: World Seeker


Q. What was Vinsmoke Niji’s rank in the 6th popularity poll?

A. Vinsmoke Niji was in the 93rd position in the 6th popularity poll.

Q. What does Vinsmoke Niji like to eat?

A. Vinsmoke Niji likes to eat blueberries.

Q. What is Vinsmoke Niji's choice of drink?

A. Vinsmoke Niji likes to drink scotch.
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