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Ope Ope no Mi in One Piece

The Ope Ope no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that transforms its user into a Free Modification Human. It grants its user the ability to manifest a spherical space in which the user can manipulate the orientation, movements, and physical configuration of anything and anyone (themselves included) in a “surgical” fashion. It was consumed by Trafalgar D. Water Law, who was force fed by Donquixote Rosinante. Before Law, the fruit’s power was under the possession of a certain famous doctor.

The fruit’s abilities were first demonstrated during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc. Later, they were shown largely during the Punk Hazard Arc, and the fruit made its debut during the Dressrosa Arc.

The Ope Ope no Mi is known and sought-after for enabling the user to carry out miraculous operations, treat incurable illnesses, and even get over physical limitations. It is also known as the “Ultimate Devil Fruit” because of its extraordinary capacity to bestow eternal youth upon a recipient in exchange for the user’s own life.

For this reason, over ten years ago, the Marines were prepared to shell out as much as 5,000,000,000 Berries to purchase the fruit from a pirate by the name of Diez Barrels. There are translation and dub differences with the technique's name; “Shambles”, which has been translated to “Chambres” by the Viz. “Chambres” is the French word for rooms. In addition, the Chapter of One Piece Party’s cover features this translation in romanized form.

All About the Ope Ope no Mi


Ope Ope no Mi

English Name and Meaning

Op-Op Fruit

Meaning: Operation

Fruit Debut

One Piece Episode 704

Usage Debut

One Piece Episode 398



Current User

Trafalgar D. Water Law

History and Appearance of the Ope Ope no Mi


A doctor reportedly consumed the Ope Ope no Mi fruit in the past, according to Diez Barrels. The fruit enabled him to carry out miraculous procedures that cured all manner of ailments, which helped him rise to a legend status.

When Donquixote Doflamingo escaped Maryu Geoise, he brought with him the knowledge of the Holy Land’s national treasure, which, if combined with the Ope Ope no Mi’s power, would give him endless life, enabling him to rule the entire globe. He went in search of this Devil Fruit because of this very reason.

At some point, Doflamingo learned that the Ope Ope no Mi was being sold to the Marines by a pirate who was unaware of the fruit’s true potential and contacted Donquixote Rosinante to inform him of this. This was about six months after Rosinante had left the crew with Law to look for a cure for Amber Lead Syndrome. Doflamingo gave the two runaways the order to return to the crew, once the crew was to steal this fruit from the exchange, which Rosinate was then to consume and use it to heal Law.

Doflamingo did not tell his younger brother that he intended to give the Perennial Youth Operation to Rosinante so that Doflamingo would have an endless life. Knowing Doflamingo’s secret plan and having his own Devil Fruit power as a spy for the Marines, Rosinante opted to carry out the trade himself so he could give Law the fruit and protect him from the Amber Lead Syndrome. Rosinante eventually managed to grab the Ope Ope no Mi and was on his way to Law when his carelessness caused him to fall off a cliff. The pirates from whom he had stolen the fruit later ambushed him.

Despite being shot all over, Rosinante managed to find Law and bring him the fruit, which gave him the ability to prevent the Amber Lead Syndrome. Doflamingo was furious when Rosinante informed him of this because he had never intended for Law to eat the fruit in the first place.

Nevertheless, Doflamingo collected himself and changed his mind. Unaware that Law had overheard his heartless remark while hidden, he intended to “teach” Law into understanding the value of dying for him. In contrast, Law devised a plan to use this power in addition to everything else he possessed to overthrow Doflamingo and exact revenge on Rosinante.

The Donquixote Pirates have been desperately attempting to reclaim power ever since Law abandoned the group, knowing full well that Law would not execute the operation on Doflamingo.

The Donquixote Pirates tried to steal his Devil Fruit again when Law and the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at Dressrosa. When Doflamingo was defeated by Monkey D. Luffy and the entire crew were taken into custody, they ultimately failed.

At some point during the raid in Onigashima during the Wano Country Arc, Law awakened his Devil Fruit powers.


The Ope Ope no Mi is a strawberry-like, crimson, heart-shaped fruit that is so little that a man can grasp it between his fingers. Its surface is swirl-patterned, as is typical of natural Devil Fruits, and its stem has an upward-pointing whirling end.

Strengths, Weaknesses and Awakening of the Ope Ope no Mi


The main ability of this fruit is that it allows its user to control and “remodel” their environment as though they were performing surgery on it. As described by Smoker, the user of the Ope Ope no Mi becomes the surgeon, their space is the operating room, and those caught inside are the patients on the operating table. They gain control over everything inside that area by conjuring a blue-transparent, spherical force field that is centered around them (dubbed “ROOM” by Law).

The following are some examples of how the user can “surgically” manipulate objects in their ROOM: switching the locations of two targets to teleport them, levitating and moving objects of any size around like with telekinesis, “scanning” targets, slicing people/objects apart without actual injury and then reattaching the separate parts to other surfaces, transplanting “personalities” (spirits), taking out people’s organs permanently without harm, producing electric shocks or energetic constructs. The user’s skills instantaneously reach their chosen targets regardless of distance as long as they are inside their ROOM dodging all external defenses

More specifically, Law is capable of cleanly severing flesh and bone from a distance without really injuring the target inside his ROOM through long-range spatial slicing. No matter how far apart they are, those who are split apart by this power are not killed and can still sense their split-off parts.

This power removes internal organs, leaving them exposed and undefended. Even when Law disengages the ROOM, the effects of this ability continue. Separated parts can be jumbled up and attached however the user sees fit, such as placing a severed head onto another surface, such as an inanimate item, or onto the body of someone or anything else. Even if a victim is put back together again, there is still a chance that some body parts could still break apart due to the appropriate injury.

It appears that victims with Devil Fruit powers still possess their abilities after being divided into pieces by Law, but only parts with “conscience” (i.e., the head) appear to be able to access them while in this state. This is because parts like the heart taken from Logia users have shown a lack of ability to use their elemental defenses to protect the extracted organ.

If one of their body parts has been submerged, Devil Fruit users who have been split by this power will still experience the effect of seawater. The outcome will be the same as a typical cut when the cutting power is used on a non-living object.

Law has the ability to immediately exchange himself with other objects in his room at will, which is similar to teleporting. He can also change the positions of people and objects inside his room. The user can place anything practically anywhere, whenever they want, thanks to the numerous water of snow droplets in the air that are present during rain or snow storms.

Also, Law has shown the capacity to exchange even ethereal ideas like one’s “soul”, similar to Nikyu Nikyu no Mi’s ability to extract someone's pain. Only the user can reverse a soul switch; however, in order to return the recipients to their original bodies, their bodies must still be present.

In order to force people to come back to him so that he can erase the transformation he made in the first place, Law has shown his ability to use this part of his Devil Fruit by altering their bodies. While voices and other skills, such as Haki, move along with the switched souls, the Devil Fruit powers are preserved within the original physical body. This is because Haki originates from the person's spirit, not their body.

The fruit’s signature ability is to freely control people, things, and even abstract notions within a specific area, although it is by no means its only one. The user can manifest different energy-based structures that can be used for multiple tasks and give them a ton of combat versatility, just like with ROOM.

The user can discharge spatial energy from its immense control over space in the form of high-voltage shocks that function as defibrillators or as electric blades that can directly penetrate physical flesh and damage internal organs. Another such method involves creating a scanning light that encompasses the entire ROOM with the goal of locating particular objects inside. The user can create transparent veils as a form of defense to shield themselves from approaching enemy attacks.

It should be noted that even if the user is rendered unconscious or restrained with Seastone, the effects of this Devil Fruit’s operations continue, such as people’s minds continuing to be switched or Law, or other people continuing to live with their hearts removed when the user found himself in such circumstances. Also, it has been shown that this skill can be used in conjunction with Busoshoku Haki, as demonstrated by Law’s usage of Mes method to get past Logia user’s defenses.

This Devil Fruit’s spatial abilities have numerous uses in warfare, but they can also be used in medicine. The fruit has been described as possessing “miraculous” qualities with the capacity to heal any kind of illness, but at the same time still necessitates some degree of medical knowledge in order to be used effectively, as the fruit’s influence only bends but does not fully defy biological aspects of those recipients to its lifesaving abilities, nand its miraculous healing is actually concentrated on spatially extracting disease causing impurities such as bacteria and virus directly out of the patient’s body.

If the doctor with extraordinary medical knowledge were to acquire the power of this fruit, their medical prowess would be unmatched. Law can make the most of her capacity because she is an incredibly excellent and informed surgeon and medical professional. By treating himself of Amber Lead Syndrome as a youngster and the enormous children at Punk Hazard of their drug addiction and poisoning, he has shown the fruit’s medicinal potential.

The ability to grant another person eternal youth via the “Perennial Youth Operation” is the fruit’s greatest power, earning it the title of “Ultimate Devil Fruit” even though doing so required the current fruit user to sacrifice their life. In order to conquer the world and maybe rule over it forever, Doflamingo sought out this fruit in an effort to fool Law into performing it on him. Doflamingo claims that the Globe Nobles have a national treasure that, when combined with the Ope Ope no Mi, would give the user the ability to successfully rule the entire world.


The fruit’s main flaw is that its user can only employ its power inside a particular circular region that they must summon themselves; as a result, if the victim travels outside the sphere, they are unaffected by its effects. It should be noted that when Law produces a ROOM, it stays put until he dismisses it and summons another one, suggesting that the user might not be able to move the ROOM after it’s summoned and that summoning multiple ROOMS at once is difficult. While a large enough ROOM is usually difficult to identify, smaller ones are much easier to spot, letting an attacker locate it and maintain their distance.

Law must make particular hand movements in order to use certain attacks; Doflamingo is shown halting Law’s “Mes”' technique at least once by constraining his arm. Also, Law must somehow arrange the positioning of the destination object if it is not already there in order to swap something or himself into a particular position inside his ROOM.

Law was never seen using Takt to move around; instead, he had to switch himself with something else to get around quickly and use a platform to lift himself when necessary. In addition, while the user can telekinetically lift anything or anyone else within the ROOM, it appears that they cannot lift their own bodies.

The fruit’s main flaw is that using its skills depletes the user’s stamina. This leads to circumstances where Law must rest after or avoid long or repeated enemy encounters in order to deploy his abilities later. Using the fruit’s awakened skills may require more vitality than usual, so overusing it and pushing oneself to the limit can even reduce one's longevity (as Law prefers to resort to them for last). In particular, using the Perennial Youth Operation will result in the user’s death.

It was also hinted that a Logia’s intangibility would provide some degree of defense against the fruit’s powers. This is because, if a Logia user has a part of themselves severed by Law’s power, that part of them loses the effects of the user’s Devil Fruit.

It was also implied that a level of resistance to the effects of the fruit would be possible with enough skill with Haki. These allegations are supported by the fact that despite being inside Law’s ROOM, his opponent used Busoshoku Haki to black Law’s attack bycatching the former’s sword. Further evidence that Haki can be used to counteract the effects of this fruit was provided in the Wano Country Arc, where Law stated that the two Emperors’ Haki prevented him from moving either of them.

To use the fruit’s medicinal properties to maximum, the Ope Ope no Mi necessitates a sustantial amount of medical expertise. Additionally, as Donquixote Rosinante mentioned, the fruit nonetheless sticks to the fundamental principles of science and medical reasoning, if somewhat conditionally, and its miraculous uses and premises are not divine or in any sense almighty by nature.

The user must be intelligent enough to know how to use the fruit’s powers in order to be adjusted to the advantage (or at least preservation) of recipients to use the fruit’s power in order to use its highest medical potential. This means that “patients” are at risk of dying or being inadvertently killed if the fruit is used inappropriately by someone with minimal and doubtful medical training.

Apart from these, the user is vulnerable to the standard Devil Fruit flaws.


Once this fruit is awakened, the user is able to employ specialized ROOMs to attack space-altering capabilities to foreign objects. In contrast to regular ROOMs, those can be attached to whatever they come into contact with and do not require the user to be inside the operating field in order to perform methods. The immobile character of the fruit’s natural area of range, which is one of its main disadvantages, is directly addressed by this.

Usage and Techniques of the Ope Ope no Mi

When a certain doctor in the past consumed the fruit, he or she was able to do miracle procedures that helped save many lives and treat a variety of illnesses in ways that no other surgeon could.

Overall, Law is a cunning and clever fighter, who uses a variety of strategies like deflecting attacks coming his way, disarming enemies, or escaping dangerous situations. Since its first debut, Law has greatly improved upon this ability, as seen by the fact that this ROOM now covers a significantly broader area than it did previously.

It is claimed that the spherical zone created by Law marks the length of time that Law can affect objects when he is at a distance. He used this ability both in and out of battle to aid him in obtaining items that would otherwise be out of his physical reach or to trick an enemy. Law excels at fighting from a distance because of the Ope Ope no Mi since he essentially has total control over a space where anything is possible while his abilities are in use. He has defeated a Vice Admiral this way, and subsequently one another opponent, using an offensive contact technique, proving that he is just as formidable in close quarter battles.

Law often combines his swordsmanship with his Devil Fruit abilities, turning his blade into a kind of “scalpel” while his abilities are active. Usually, one swing of Law’s sword is enough to sever a full squadron of enemies. Another frequent tactic used by Law is to telekinetically launch debris at his enemies while chopping up the surroundings in case he runs out of “ammo.”

He can also use the fruit’s abilities to help him with surgical procedures, such as dissecting his patients into smaller pieces so that can carefully remove dangerous things or substances from their bodies before reassembling them. He was forced to eat the fruit in the first place because of this ability, which allowed him to expel amber lead that had built inside of his body and prevented him from developing lead poisoning, which would have been fatal.

By joining the upper bodies of the people on Punk Hazard to the bottom bodies of the appropriate animals, Law was able to transform those who had lost use of their legs owing to a chemical weapon explosion on the island into centaurs and satyrs.

Doflamingo sought to brainwash Law into using the fruit to give another person eternal youth in exchange for the present user’s life when he first learned that the youngster had eaten it. The ability, according to Law, is not something he is interested in, least of all for his enemy.

When Law fully awakened his powers, he is able to cover objects with the space-altering essence of his Devil Fruit, which enables him to make them larger or phase through targets so he can use those targets so he can attack those targets from the inside. Law usually uses this application of his awakening in conjunction with his sword, from which, piercing his victims, he unleashes powerful internal shockwaves.

Law also has the capacity to produce spatial fields that, when directed towards a particular target, will have an impact on that target with user-specified environmental effects. Law has created at least one method through this programme in honor of his childhood hero, Donquixote Rosinante. Law, however, claims that he is still getting used to this ability and that because of how much stamina it uses, he reserves it for last-resort use only in the event that his regular techniques fail him.

Law has demonstrated the following techniques using his Devil Fruit powers:


In this technique, Law creates a spherical zone around his targets, within which he can manipulate anything he wants in a variety of ways. Outside of this spherical region, he cannot use any of his abilities. By drawing a small circle around his palm, which will eventually grow to form the ROOM itself, Law can delay activating his ROOM.

The ROOM can be as small as a few meters broad or as vast as entire buildings or mountains, although larger ROOMs require more maintenance. Law can keep his ROOM hidden from enemies if he expands it to a size outside their line of sight because the color of the ROOM is transparent, with just the edges visible in a pale blue aura.

Amputate (Amputate/Severance)

This technique is Law’s basic attacking strategy. He uses Kikoku to precisely cut his victim without actually hurting them. His sword can sever the target even when it is not in direct touch with the enemy.

Despite never having given it a name before using it, Law did so while describing Radio Knife. This technique also seems to be necessary when doing operations. Law did so on the drug-addicted children on Punk Hazard by extracting narcotics from the patients.

Radio Knife

This technique is an improved version of Amputate. Similar to his Counter Shock move, Law charged his sword with electricity before swiftly slicing his opponent, causing the target to split into numerous pieces and deliver an electric shock.

The cutting itself is harmless, just like Law’s normal slash attacks, but it differs from them in that it temporarily prevents the target from being able to reattach their own body. This is done to counter any abilities that allow one to reassemble themselves using Law’s amputation abilities.


Law has the technique to change the locations of any object inside the area made by ROOM. Law primarily uses his move to switch places with other objects in order to avoid attacks or for transportation, but it also has offensive uses. As an example, he switched a cannonball coming his way for the head of a decapitated Marine, attaching the iron ball back to the spot where the Marine’s head had been.

Law frequently makes gestures while executing it, holding his palm inside and extending his index, middle, and thumb fingers. It’s interesting to note that he can bring objects to himself without having to exchange them for another.

Jinkaku Ishoku Shujutsu (Personality Transplant Surgery)

In this technique, Law demonstrated his ability to use Shambles to swap non-physical items like souls during his battle with the Straw Hat Pirates. However, in order to do this, he first needs to thrust each person to release their “heart”; however, if their “hearts” are already outside of their original bodies, he can do so without using a thrusting motion. This technique's name was given by Doflamingo.


In this technique, Law uses his telekinetic abilities to raise an object within his ROOM. In order to use this method, he must first lift the object off the ground with his index finger (if it is the air, such as a meteor, he need not do this), then reposition it by pointing in the appropriate direction.

Law has demonstrated the capacity to move multiple things at once while making use of every finger on his hand. He can also impale his opponents by using Takt to summon stone thorns from the earth.

Takt, in some forms of One Piece media is even written with a c, is German for “cadence” or “tact.”


In this technique, Law uses his sword, which he imbues with the energy of the fruit and beams through the crowd like an x-ray machine, to scan those inside his ROOM. This enables him to swap away any objects that the scanned persons may have on themselves while also being able to view the location of any items on them.


In this technique. Law uses his bare hand to attack his opponent in the chest in a clutching motion, causing the victim’s heart to leave their body and encase itself in a cube of glass. The target of this attack received a heart-shaped hole in the form of a cube. Law’s opponent was robbed of his heart through this technique which caused the latter to pant heavily, thus it’s likely that it wears the victim out somehow even though it doesn’t cause death.

Squeezing or beating the heart-cube causes the victims immense pain and internal damage, making this method perfect for subduing and controlling individuals. This is because all bodily parts severed with Law’s abilities still act as if they were still intact. A heart attack results in immediate death.

The Japanese word for scalpel, Mesu, is derived from the Dutch word Mes, which means “Scalpel” or “Knife” in that language.

Counter Shock

In this technique, Law launches a powerful electrical surge similar to a defibrillator upon whatever he is targeting (often in close proximity to an enemy). For this move, he can even use just one hand or just his thumbs. An electric shock is given to the chest as a countershock to get the heart back to its regular rhythm.

Injection Shot

In this technique, Law rushes at his targets aiming them with his sword drawn out to stab them. When the sword strikes, Law makes it “fire” like a gun, sending the target flying back a good distance while they bleed where it was pointed. This technique still allows Law to use his trademark ability to slice things from a distance. This technique is one of Law’s most powerful attacks.

Gamma Knife

This is Law’s non-awakened strongest ability. Law summons a brief energy blade and uses it to stab his opponent. Without leaving any external wounds, this method destroys his victim’s internal organs.

In reality, Brain Cancers are treated using radiosurgery known as the “gamma knife.” The hue of the energy is shown as pale-green at first and eventually yellow in anime and other contemporary media.

Sterben (Blade of Death)

In this technique, Law used this technique when his arm was cut off by Doflamingo. Law spins his severed arm after using Takt on it. It really ends up acting like a buzzsaw that slashes the opponent in a vertical motion because the arm is still clutching Law’s sword.

Sterben means “to die” or “dying” in German, frequently used to refer to fatalities at hospitals.

Curtain (Antibiotic Armament)

This technique is a defense method in which Law extends his arm horizontally in front of him and pulls, creating what appears to be a transparent, protecting barrier, analogues to surgical draping, between himself and his opponent.

The kanji for this move would suggest that Law used Busoshoku Haki to perform it.


This is an awakened technique in which Law creates a similar circular space to ROOM above his hand, but unlike ROOM, it never seems to expand on its own. Instead, Law has the ability to cover things with his spatial bubble, giving them characteristics similar to those of a regular ROOM and enabling him to operate via them alone.


This is an awakened technique in which Law wraps his Kikoku with the essence of K-ROOM in a similar manner to spatial phasing, enabling it to pierce through anything without injuring the target. He can also extend the range of his K-ROOM-coated blade, just like he can with a regular ROOM.

Shock Wille (Impact/Shock Surge)

This is an awakened technique in which Law fires an electrical shock wave through a target after piercing it with Kikoku, frying it from the inside. Although its effects are remarkably similar to those of the Gamma Knife, the target’s external defenses are ignored since the electric shock is delivered straight from the inside rather than from the outside.

In German, the word wille translates to “will,” with the W sound being read as a V (making the technique literally mean “Shock Will”). The phrase “shockwave” is a pun on the German word “shockwelle,” which is how the technology got its name.

Puncture Wille (Puncture Surge)

This is one of Law's most destructive awakened techniques. He stands on top of a victim and uses Kikoku to penetrate them, pinning their body to the ground as his sword extends downward and slices through anything that stands in its way.

Law releases a strong shockwave when Kikoku reaches a certain depth, which causes anything solid that the blade pierces to implode. This causes severe harm to all living things and leaves enormous holes in rocky surfaces. After being used against a certain strong enemy and severely hurting them, this technique was powerful enough to create a huge crater close to a wide region.

Puncture Wille, which translates to “Puncture Will,” is the name of the move that follows the same planning as Shock Wille. The process of extracting fluid from the body with an injection needle is known as a centesis. Another phrase for the technique is a puncture.


This is an awakened technique of the ROOM variant. Law places his hand in a sphere above his head before throwing it towards a target. After setting R-ROOM, Law adds a particular effect on it that has an impact on the target inside. Unlike a typical ROOM, an R-ROOM will stick to its target and may even grow in size to maintain the applied effect.

Silent (Calm)

This is an awakened technique in which Law makes his R-ROOM soundproof, preventing any direct or indirect sound created by the target to leave the designated location. This move is a tribute to Rosinante, Law’s mentor, who was a former user of the Nagi Nagi no Mi and was capable of using a move with a similar name.

Resection (Cut Off/Ablation)

This is a Video Game Exclusive Technique in the One Piece: Giant Battle! 2 New World. Law cuts from top to bottom while standing on one side of the room. In surgery, an ablation is the process of removing material from surfaces of an object using erosive processes (such as vaporization and/or chipping).

A resection is the act of completely removing a body part, such as an internal organ. His neural basic attack input needs to be charged up for around a second before being used as one of his basic attacks.

Emergency (First Aid)

This is a Video Game Exclusive Technique in the One Piece: Giant Battle! 2 New World. Laws gets on his hands and knees and uses his Shambles to teleport from one side of the ROOM to the other.

Accident (Unforeseen Accident)

This is a Video Game Exclusive Technique in the One Piece: Giant Battle! 2 New World. Law creates ROOM with himself in the center after falling from the air and kneeling on his knees. He then uses a sweeping slash as his downward midair attack by first teleporting to the ground and slicing.

Transection (Severance/Amputation)

This is a Video Game Exclusive Technique in the One Piece: Giant Battle! 2 New World. Law slashes from bottom to top while seated in one corner of the room. A cross-section or division made by cutting across a long axis is known as a transection.

It oddly shares the same kanji and literal reading as his Amputate, a technique (setsudan). This happened as a result of the attack’s name appearing in the manga or anime before Law’s basic Amputation ability.


This is a Video Game Exclusive Technique in the One Piece: Giant Battle! 2 New World. This is the greatest special attack used by Law in which he steadily advances forward, cutting others around him with quick slashes as he does so. He then completes the killing by replacing the victim’s head with a cannonball using Shambles.

In the One Piece: Pirate Warriors game, he uses a similar move known as his inverted S3 (Triangle x2, Square), where he merely slashes quickly with his sword while standing still and flails it around before ending it with a Takt. If Law uses his R1 ability to place another ROOM during the inverted S3 to rapidly transition into the C5 (Square X4, Triangle) variant of his Shambles, he can roughly mimic the original version of the move. In Pirate Warriors 4, it is transformed to be his airborne C5 (Square x4, Triangle).

This, however, serves as Law’s Secret Attack in One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X and is a modified version of his broad slash that he used to defeat Vergo. First, in the opening scene, Law creates a huge ROOM to raise a marine ship (through Takt) in a manner reminiscent of Punk hazard before cutting it in half.

Then, just like a Giant Battle! 2 New World, Law ends it with a Shambles by snapping his fingers to replace his targets’ heads with an inceddiary object, but this time he uses a blue bomb with a fuse. As Law stands in the foreground of the area, cutting up all targets within it 16 times (also used by the midair strong attack version of his Shambles in the same game).

Kaitengiri (Rotating Cutter)

This is a Video Game Exclusive Technique in the One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X. Law uses this attack as his side weak attack in which draws Kikoku for a forward spinning slash attack. It can be increased in spins/hits and range by tapping ROOM. It can also be used in midair, but only at an upward-slanted, forward-angles angle, similar to Senkaigiri (though he first delays himself in a small drop then rises upward-forward after the first two spins).

Kiriage (Slashing Lift)

This is a Video Game Exclusive Technique in the One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X. Law launches his target by slashing upward and outward.

Nagiharai (Mow Down)

This is a Video Game Exclusive Technique in the One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X. Law uses a neutral strong attack in which he cuts out forward across in front of himself. ROOM may be able to increase its range. It should be noted that “mowing down” is referred to as “nagiharai”, with the “nagi” portion written in hiragana rather than kanji.

Kiri Oroshi (Slash Dropping)

This is a Video Game Exclusive Technique in the One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X. This technique is the second input that follows Nagiharai, where Law reaps downward with Kikoku. Its range can be increased by ROOM.

Senkaigiri (Swiveling Dropping)

This is a Video Game Exclusive Technique in the One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X. Law climbs at a slight forward angle, but unlike the aforementioned Kaitengiri, it can also press the button to perform more spins or hits. It is his strongest upward attack and can have its range increased by ROOM.

“Mou dare no hikikaesene-!” (No one is ever going back)

This is a Video Game Exclusive Technique. This is used as Law’s Level 2 Special Attack in Pirate Warriors 2 and 3, and available in Pirate Warriors 4 as one among many others. Law creates a huge ROOM, tosses his sheath into the air, and draws Kikoku back while holding it over his shoulder with both hands. Then, after making a very broad slash that covers the entire said ROOM, he grabs his sheath and re-holsters Kikoku.

This is perhaps a reference to his finishing move against Verfo, which cut much of Punk Hazard in two; the quotation for the attack’s name is also the exact one Law uses, though he doesn’t say it out in-game until Pirate Warriors 3. The technique is referred to as “No one will go back!” in the English Version of the game.


Q. What does the Ope Ope no Mi do?

  1. The Ope Ope no Mi transforms its user into a Free Modification Human. It grants its user the ability to manifest a spherical space in which the user can manipulate the orientation, movements, and physical configuration of anything and anyone (themselves included) in a “surgical” fashion.

Q. What type is the Ope Ope no Mi Devil Fruit?

  1. The Ope Ope no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit.

Q. Who was the previous owner of the Ope Ope no Mi?

  1. The Ope Ope no Mi was previously under the possession of a certain doctor, whose history or whereabouts have not been revealed.

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Cancer in One Piece

Cancer in One Piece

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Medaka Mermaid Quintuplets in One Piece

Medaka Mermaid Quintuplets in One Piece

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Shusui in One Piece

Shusui in One Piece

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Strawberry in One Piece

Strawberry in One Piece

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Gion in One Piece

Gion in One Piece

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Doll in One Piece

Doll in One Piece

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Komei in One Piece

Komei in One Piece

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