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Nico Robin in One Piece

Nico Robin in One Piece.
Nico Robin in One Piece. Still from the anime.

Nico Robin is the sixth member to join the Straw Hats crew. She is the archeologist of the crew. She is known as the 'Devil Child' due to the fact that her mother researched the Blank Era. She left the crew temporarily as she thought that she'll bring them harm during Enies Lobby but rejoined them in Water 7.

When she was just a child, Robin ate the Hana Hana Devil fruit which gave her the ability to reproduce any of her body parts on any surface at will. When Ohara was destroyed, she was the only survivor left and is also the only one in the whole world who can read the Poneglyphs. She used to be a part of Baroque works but then left them after they got destroyed and joined the Straw Hats.

All about Nico Robin

NameNico Robin
First Appearance in AnimeOne Piece Episode #67
Voice ActorsYuriko Yamaguchi (Japanese Dub), Natasha Malinsky(English Dub)
DOB6th February
AffiliationsBaroque Works(past), Straw Hats
Devil FruitHana Hana



Nico Robin was born in Ohara and her family consisted of archaeologists. Her mother, Nico Olvia, went to sea to find True History when Robin was just two years old. Nico Robin used to go to the Tree of Knowledge and read a lot of books out there. Roji, Nico Robin’s aunt, used to abuse her physically over little things and made sure to put it out there that she did not want Nico Robin. Nico Robin wasn't allowed to take part in family celebrations at all. Her devil fruit powers used to freak out the people around her and all the kids used to stay away from her. The only friends that she had were the scholars who used to work at the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ and Professor Clover took her in.

When Nico Robin was just eight years old, she aced the archaeology exam and became a scholar officially. She then told everyone that she wanted to research the Blank Era but Clover told her that if she tries to research further into it, then she would be banned from the library. Nico Robin was sad about this and ran out crying and then she met a giant named Jaguar D. Saul who had just washed up on the shore. Both of them quickly became friends. Later on, when Saul got to know that Nico Robin was Olvia’s daughter, he told her that there were battleships that were on their way to destroy Ohara as the scholars out there were studying about the Poneglyphs.

Meanwhile we see that Nico Olvia was just back to Ohara after making her way off a Marine ship. She told the archaeologists that the soldiers had murdered all of her colleagues. She informed them that the Marines believed Ohara to be their home because of the things they had on board, and that they were on their way there. But the scientists insisted on staying because they wanted to keep guarding the tree and the information they had spent so much time researching and gathering. When Olvia got word that CP9 was near the beach, she quickly left the Tree of Knowledge, running past her daughter without knowing.

When Robin arrived at the Tree of Knowledge, she asked Clover about the location of her mother. Olvia wanted nothing to do with her daughter Robin because she was a wanted woman and didn't want Robin to have any contact with a bad mother. As told by Olvia, Clover denied that Robin's mother was present on the island, but Robin didn't seem convinced. Robin was told to leave by Clover, who quickly changed the subject and warned her not to reveal that she was an archaeologist as she would be imprisoned too. In response to Robin's protest, CP9 broke into the Tree of Knowledge and started looking for the Poneglyphs.

The CP9 agents who were outside gave a warning to the island's citizens to get to the evacuation boat immediately as the island would be destroyed. Spandine, the head of CP9, was confronted by Olvia, but he was quickly subdued by his agents' force. All of the researchers were held outside the Tree of Knowledge, and Clover told Robin to leave. However, she once again refused. Olvia, who was severely hurt, was brought over by Spandine and the other members of CP9; when her daughter's name was mentioned, Olvia recognized her right away.

When CP9 found the Poneglyph in the tree's root system, Spandine executed the researchers using Buster Call. However, Clover started explaining his hypothesis as to why the government wanted to keep the Void Century a secret from the Five Elders via Spandine's Den Den Mushi. Clover was killed by a point-blank shot before he was able to reveal the name of the society he had named. It was found that Robin could also decipher Poneglyphs as the assault on Ohara got underway. Spandine and CP9 left as the assault started, Robin and Olvia reconnected, and Saul then showed up. Olvia told Robin that she must survive and asked Saul to see to it that her daughter got off the island safely. Robin wanted Olvia to stay but she refused because she had something else to finish.

Saul was able to get to the island's coast by accepting Olvia's request. However, the Marine ships found him and started firing. As he was carrying Robin, Saul set her down and started destroying several ships. As Robin attempted to head for the evacuation ship but was unsuccessful, she saw Saul being killed by Vice Admiral Kuzan while walking away in tears.

Robin met Kuzan when he ran to the raft that Saul had made. He told her that he was letting Robin go because he was interested in knowing why Saul saved her. Kuzan warned her that if she tried anything, he would be the first to go after Robin. Then Robin left on a boat using an ice route Kuzan had prepared for her. She broke down in tears as Ohara was destroyed, leaving her as the sole survivor.

When Robin boarded the ship that had found her, she discovered that her bounty photo had been taken. The ship was sailing northwest of West Blue. Sengoku was told angrily by Spandine that he attempted to go after her, but his ship got stuck in ice. He suggested placing a bounty on her head for the World Government to capture her, and he dispatched Marines and agents to look for her while creating a story that she had sunk six ships to hide the truth. The World Government called her the Demon of Ohara and led people into believing that the scholars in Ohara were looking for ancient weapons to end the world when in fact they were not. The World Government spread the rumor that she presented a threat because they were afraid of what might happen to her, and soon everyone was brainwashed into believing that Robin was trying to end the world. Robin grew up despising the government for the crimes it committed.

At age 8, she joined her first pirate group. But when her new crew was discovered by the World Government, they believed she had abandoned them. Before the pirates became enraged and attacked her, she ran away. They even called her trouble and threw curses at her. Following that, a dog would frequently approach Robin pleading for food as she sat on a boulder in the pouring rain. Robin joined an unidentified organization when she was sixteen years old, but it wasn't long before she abandoned the group.

She entered the Grand Line at the age of 23 from the West Blue via the Red Line, where Mary Geoise is situated. Then, at the age of 24, she made a trip to Arabasta where she met the Warlord of the Sea, Crocodile. Crocodile required her knowledge of Ponelglyphs to locate the legendary ancient weapon, Pluton, which is thought to be kept away somewhere in the nation, and he also gave her permission to join the Baroque Works company. She was able to continue working for the company permanently, successfully evading the World Government for four years.

Alabasta Arc

In this arc, Nico Robin aka Miss All Sunday rescued Luffy and left him in Pell's care, and once he recovered, Pell took Luffy to Alubarna. She also gave Luffy the bottle of antidote to Crocodile's poison. As Luffy and the Straw Hats left Arabasta, Miss All Sunday aka Nico Robin appeared on the Going Merry as the Straw Hats sailed away from Arabasta and proposed that because Luffy had forced her to live, he should take responsibility by allowing her to join his crew.

Goat Island Arc

Nami reveals to the crew that she lost the ship to the old man over a game of chess.

Meanwhile, on the island, a celebration is going on and Nami asks the old man about his treasure. The old man reveals that he is Zenny, a money lender. Zenny told the crew how he wanted to become the King of the Pirates but he is too old to go on an adventure. Luffy tells the old man that it is never too late to start new adventures. Robin challenges the old man to a game of chess and wins their ship back.

Skypiea Arc

Skypiea is an island that is in the sky above Paradise. This island gets introduced in the Skypiea Arc. This is the sixth island that was visited by the Straw Hats Pirates on the Grand Line and the people out here live 10,000 meters above the ground. Nico Robin found a Poneglyph out on the Golden Bell. When she decoded it she got to know about the ancient weapon known as Poseidon in Gol D. Roger's handwriting. She also says that the Rio Poneglyph is on Laugh Tale. After this, Luffy understood how Nico Robin is very important in the changing era of the world.

Long Ring Long Land Arc

After the Long Ring Long Island Arc Robin met with Aokiji who threatened her that he would tell her whole crew about her dark past. She tried to attack him but he was unharmed, he then froze Robin with his powers and then tried to smash her frozen form but she was taken away by her crew. She managed to survive after having the ice melted by her crew putting hot water on her.

Water 7

Water 7 is a city in Paradise known for its shipwrights. The Straw Hats crew had stopped here to trade in their gold for food as well as to repair the Going Merry. They also wanted to find a new shipwright for their crew. During this Arc, Nico Robin was accused of assassination. Later on, she was taken to Enies Lobby along with Franky by CP9.

Enies Lobby

Enies Lobby is also known as ‘Judicial Island’. It is government-controlled in Paradise. Enies Lobby is one of the World Government’s three major strongholds and the headquarters of CP9. The Straw Hats had declared war on the World Government to save Nico Robin. During this Arc, she told Luffy that she wanted to live and travel with them. This statement made Luffy declare war against the World Government to save her.

Saboady Archipelago

Saboady Archipelago is the last island that the Straw Hats travel to before reaching towards the first half of the Grand Line. They had come to the island to search for a route to the Red Line to get into the New World. Luffy and his crew pick up a fight with the World Nobles. After the time skip, Nico Robin came back here to research for unknown reasons. She used to hide from the public and kept a low profile. She then went to where the Thousand Sunny was docked and met Franky out there and said how he hadn't changed at all. She, later on, met Nami, Usopp, and Chopper and said that they all had not changed at all.

Fishman Island

Fishman Island is the home to the fishmen and merfolk. It is an underwater getaway to the New World for the people who do not want to legally cross over the Red Line. This was the last island that the Straw Hats visited before stepping into the New World. Nico Robin discovered the Poneglyph on Fishman Island and when she read it turned out to be an apology letter from Joyboy. She also said that this Poneglyph was different from the ones she had seen. She even spoke with King Neptune about Poseidon which she had read about on a Poneglyph in Skypiea.

Punk Hazard

Punk Hazard is the first island where the Straw Hats Pirates arrive after the time skip. They arrived on this island after they received a distress signal from someone on the island. A sea of fire and icebergs surrounds this island on the other side. During this arc, Nico Robin was skeptical about the alliance between Luffy and Law. She told him not to make his decision hastily as an alliance between pirates always ends in betrayal.

Dressrosa Arc

The Dressrosa Arc is the arc where the Straw Hat Pirates took Caesar Clown once they had captured him in Punk Hazard. They wanted to take down Dressrosa’s King Donquixote Doflamingo, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. This arc set the stage for a chain of world-changing events as they clashed with large forces. Nico Robin reconnected with Koala in Dressrosa from the Revolutionary Army and they caught up.

Zou Arc

The Zou Arc takes place after the Straw Hats, Kin’emon, and Trafalgar Law defeat Doflamingo in Dressrosa. Nico Robin was reunited with Brook out here and then they also met the rest of the crew. Nico Robin got to know from Wanda that Jack was searching for a Ninja known as Raizo. It was also shown that Zou was under Jack of the Beast Pirates. Robin also finds a Road Poneglyph on Zou which she deciphered. The crew got to know then that there are four Road Poneglyphs, which when acquired will reveal the location of Laugh Tale.

Wano country

In this arc, Luffy and his crew with the alliance reach the land of Wano. They are on a mission to fight Kaido, one of the four Emperors. We also get to know Kozuki Oden’s past and his relation with Wano City, Whitebeard, and Gol D. Roger. During the Wano Country Arc, Nico Robin and Brook fight Black Maria, a member of the Beast Pirates.


Robin is the most composed and rarely shows comedy behavior. Even when Luffy behaves impulsively, she shows great respect for him, to the point where she finds his antics fun. She fully supports Luffy's choices. Nico Robin reads and researches information from the locations they travel to while the crew is at sea. She is extremely intelligent and kind. Robin can predict what might be discovered and how it might benefit others.

Robin is an archaeologist and scholar who wants to research the secrets of the world because of her lineage on the island of scholars. She is quieter and rarely expresses strong feelings. Even when speaking to her crewmates, she manages to maintain her composure. Robin has a slightly morbid side and frequently brings up disgusting or disturbing facts. Robin is the first to make predictions about a crewmate's fate, frequently going into graphic detail. Other times, she'll show interest in anything with a scary pattern. Some examples of this are

  • She tells Usopp when they first meet that her area of specialty is ‘assassinations.’

  • When Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji were exploring a galleon that had fallen from Skypiea and was eaten by a giant sea turtle, Nico Robin said that they might as well have been eaten up.

  • When Nami asks if Zoro was eaten by a sky shark, she says that the clouds would be turning red if he was.

  • When Nami is forced to swing on a rope past the sky sharks, Robin says the height is about 50 meters high and she would die if she fell.

  • When Zoro and Nami returned to the Going Merry in Skypiea but they couldn't find Chopper, who was guarding the ship, Robin says that he may have been shredded to pieces.

  • When Chopper is taken by the Foxy Pirates during a Davy Back Fight, Nami asks if Foxy is a collector of rare pets. Robin says, "Hopefully not a collector of rare pelts".

  • When the crew decides on the name "Thousand Sunny" for their new ship, Robin says that she was going to suggest the "Being of Darkness".

  • On Thriller Bark, she voluntarily investigates Thriller Bark with Luffy and Franky. She told Nami that she "likes thrills".

  • While the Straw Hats are looking for Nami, Chopper, and Usopp at Thriller Bark, Robin says that they are not even able to hear their voices anymore, wondering if they were strangled.

  • While searching for a way to reach Fish-Man Island in the Shark Submerge III, Robin, Luffy, and Brook encounter a giant sea monster that attacks them which resulted in Robin amusingly commenting on his big mouth that could swallow them instead of worrying about the situation.

  • As Noah approached the battlefield between Straw Hat Pirates and New Fish-Man Pirates, she wondered whether the ocean would be dyed red if everyone was smashed by it.

  • When Robin heard the news that Nami, Franky, Sanji, and Chopper were kidnapped by some mysterious men with rifles, she seemed concerned if they were already shot and had multiple holes in their bodies.

  • When Jinbe destroys an enemy ship at Wano, Robin states they could be targeted by the ghost of babies who died at sea.

Before the events of Enies Lobby, she usually remained silent, only talking when asked or when a major event occurred. She probably has a calm attitude as a result of the difficult childhood she faced. As a kid, the tragedy that happened to Ohara had a deep and traumatic impact on Robin, from which she has started to heal. But as she spends more time with the group, her attitude begins to change. As soon as the Straw Hats save Robin from Enies Lobby, she sees them as her friends and accepts them as full crew members. After the time skip, Robin's personality is more laid-back and lighthearted, as a result of her exposure to the other Straw Hats. She also showed an amazing level of knowledge, in the field of history.

Though she looks very mature and calm, Nico Robin has a very childlike imagination. Nico Robin has a bizarre imagination and will also give voices to these thoughts and maintain a poker face while doing so. Some examples of these are when Kuma mentioned that he had the powers of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi and Usopp thought that the name of the fruit sounded very calm which made Robin imagine three cute cats showing their paws and meowing while having a poker face. When Luffy, Zoro, and Usopp were crossing the river to get to the Ice Region on Punk Hazard, they thought that Zoro and Usopp would carry him and Robin on their backs as they can't swim. This made Robin imagine Zoro and Usopp swimming happily carrying her and Luffy on their backs.

On many occasions, she remains silent out of a sense of respect and self-importance; she strongly opposes acting in any way that might be seen as humiliating. During the fight against Oars, she refused to take part in Franky's "Tactic No. 15" anchor technique. She said she did so because it made her feel "embarrassed as a human being." Robin is not scared easily and has a cheerful attitude. She is only seen scared on rare occasions when it directly threatens her. Robin gets very angry when anyone in the crew does something which can put anyone in danger. Despite being very distant due to her nature, Robin is very caring and compassionate. This can be seen when she saves Luffy from Crocodile. As a child, Robin was bullied a lot because of her Devil Fruit powers even though she did not do anything or have any hate towards them.

Throughout the series, Robin had character development, she became very loyal, selfless, and willing to sacrifice herself to protect her crew. Due to her tragic past regarding Buster Calls, Robin would warn her crew when there are incoming ships. Robin never understood why people think that history is meaningless and useless. She believes that destroying artifacts with historical importance is the worst thing possible. She has a calm outlook on life. She loves to research the world's past. She is not particularly interested in the Ancient Weapons that Crocodile and Spandam are looking for. She is the only person who can awaken them.

When in battle, Robin usually keeps a calm behavior that only seems to change when the situation becomes too much for her to deal with. She would frequently display firm control and reserved behavior in the face of a weaker enemy. She is very merciless in battle and does not hesitate to use lethal force because of her violent past, even when they beg for forgiveness. Despite her tendency to maintain calm, she is quite forceful and threatening when necessary. For the sake of the people depending on her, she even declares that she's prepared to assume the form of a demon if necessary.


Nico Robin is a tall, slender young woman with shoulder-length black hair. She had cerulean blue eyes with a long, thin, and defined nose. Robin has a tan skin tone and is tall. Before the time skip, she used to have a cowgirl aesthetic and it became her trademark. Robin tends to wear revealing clothes that are dark in color and made of leather. She also likes wearing high heels. Some of Robin’s outfits are mentioned below -

  • Robin is seen wearing a gold arm band with white fringes with the letter N on it.

  • During the Alabasta Arc, she wore a revealing outfit with a white fur-lined coat, a white cowboy hat and white high-heeled boots.

  • During the Skypiea Arc, Robin wore a yellow sleeveless shirt with purple pants. She wore a white ornament on her left arm. She also wore purple high heels and wore her trademark white cowboy hat.

  • During the Long Ring Long Land Arc, Robin wore a purple jacket over a blouse with aquamarine and dark blue pants with matching boots.

  • During the Water 7 and Enies Lobby, Robin wore a short, black leather dress with long sleeves with a white polka-dotted underdress. She wore it with black thigh-high heeled boots.

  • During the Thriller Bark Arc, Robin wore a short garnet dress with lace embroidered edges and stockings that reach up to her thighs that are held with suspenders with black high-heeled boots.

  • During the Saboady Archipelago Arc, Robin wore a black outfit with a cowboy hat, a sleeveless shirt with a wide, yellow collar covered with a black concentric circle motif with matching pants with purple high heels.

After the time skip, Robin’s hair grew longer and was pulled back. She wears a long salmon-colored sarong skirt which has seaweed with red and yellow flowers on the side with ruffles. She wears it with a partially zipped short-sleeved navy blue leather vest with a V-neck line with a print of a chrysanthemum morifolium. She wears high-heeled pumps with a lavender-pink backpack. Robin also wears white sunglasses with orange lenses. Some of Robin’s outfits are mentioned below -

  • During the Fishman Island Arc, Nico Robin wore a teal, long-sleeved V-neck dress.

  • During Punk Hazard Arc, Nico Robin wore a long spotted winter coat.

  • During the Dressrosa Arc, Nico Robin wore a short black dress. It has a low cut and she also wears sunglasses with black high-heel boots.

  • During the Zou Arc, Nico Robin wore a light purple turtleneck, dark, fuchsia-colored shorts, and cream heels.

  • During the Wano Country Arc, Nico Robin tied her hair up and wore a black Geisha outfit. She also wore a purple kimono with white and purple square patterns and the third outfit that she wore was a kunoichi outfit with a purple daffodil pattern with a dark purple obi with a large bow in the back.

  • During the Egghead Arc, Nico Robin wears a leather jacket that is connected by a belt.

Nico Robin’s abilities, strengths, and fighting style

Nico Robin is considered to be very powerful as she is known to have sunken down six buster call ships using her devil fruit powers. Robin is an exceptional archaeologist who knows a lot about history and culture. She was a child prodigy, she passed her archaeological exam just at the age of eight to become a certified scholar. As of now, she is the only one alive who can read the language in which all the Poneglyphs are written. Robin taught herself all these skills by researching in the library without the help of any of the senior scholars. This showed that Robin had a great aptitude for academics and research.

Besides historical knowledge, Robin also has a lot of knowledge about most of the powerful people in the world and she is also aware of top-secret organizations. This was one of the main reasons why Luffy usually goes to her regarding information on anything. Robin has been on the run since the age of eight and this has taught her the ways of survival and self-preservation and has been known to escape inescapable situations.

Robin is known for her exceptional physical power and because of her harsh past, she became really strong and has strong agility. After the time skips, her strength improved a lot. She can use her devil fruit powers to make a clone that is in conjunction with her own body. Her body is extremely tough, as shown by the fact that she was able to restrain a strong zombie-like Jigoro. Furthermore, she was able to escape being impaled through the chest by Crocodile and continue living her life without the help of a doctor until the wound began to heal on its own. She can rapidly move through a group of Marine captains and commanders while maintaining the "X" formation of her arms before hitting back with her abilities.

She has got incredibly quick reflexes, which increased her response time as well. She was able to use her powers to easily restrain Hakuba. She was also able to evade Black Maria's assaults on numerous occasions. Her strength of character is one of her most unique traits because she quickly recovered after Gecko Moria stole her shadow. She has an amazing healing rate as well. When Enel's Devil Fruit power knocked out Zoro, Gan Fall, Wyper, and her as well, Robin was the first one to awaken, demonstrating her capacity for recovery. She was severely hurt, but she had enough stamina to use her Devil Fruit power to carry them to safety, and she recovered completely without Chopper's help. She also possesses a high level of stamina, as shown by her ability to fight off enormous nutcracker dolls, a Donquixote Family Executive.

Due to her brilliant mind, Robin is a great strategist. She excels at using clever deception and trickery to deceive foes who are stronger than her. Robin does not hesitate to use force to defend herself. She frequently breaks the necks or backs of her enemies to render them helpless. She also practices spying on others. Robin can assume another person's identity. She is able to blend in with the crowd. Robin is fully aware of the power of Haki, even though she has not yet used it. She also knows a lot about haki; for instance, she taught Franky the Busoshoku haki concepts when Luffy fought Caesar Clown.

Nico Robin’s special abilities

Fishman Karate

During the time skip, Koala taught Robin Fishman Karate fundamentals. It is a series of palm strikes. Since then Robin has incorporated this style of fighting into her usual fighting style which allows her to break structures with precise palm strikes.


Nico Robin is seen carrying a dagger around with her on her belt but is never seen using it in battle. She fights unarmed and only uses her devil fruit powers. When Nico Robin teamed up with CP9 as they were raiding Icebergs’s mansion, she carried several pistols as well. She had them at all times.

Devil Fruit

We can see that Nico Robin has been using her devil fruit powers since she was just a child. She was considered an outcast due to her bizarre powers. As a child, Robin used her devil fruit powers for self-defense. As an adult, Robin used her devil fruit powers for combat. Her fighting style is replicating her arms on specific points of her opponents to either immobilize them, disarm them, or perform painful joint locks. When Robin activates her fruit's power, she usually crosses her arms in front of her like she is concentrating. She also uses her devil fruit powers for things other than combat, like multitasking.

Nico Robin in One Piece.
Still from the anime.

Robin can be seen using her powers to replicate her arms a lot. She tends to flood a pattern in which she says the number of arms she will sprout and from there it depends on where she sprouts her arms. Aside from her arms, Robin can also replicate other parts of her body. These allow her to do a variety of things like helping her gain insight into her enemies or transporting anything or anyone.

After the time skip, Robin acquired new skills like being able to grow a thousand arms at once and also learning how to replicate her entire body.


The techniques used by Nico Robin are:

Dos Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts out two arms and uses them to either grab her opponents or use those two hands to cover the opponent's mouth and then bend them backward with bone breaking.

Tres Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts three arms and attacks her enemies. She uses two of her arms to restrain her enemies.

Cinco Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts five arms and she can be seen using them as vines to swing.

Seis Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts six arms. She uses this technique to twist her enemies, grabbing her enemy’s legs and making them fall backward. She also uses them to slap her enemies.

Ocho Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts eight arms and uses them to flip up her opponents and clutch them.

Nueve Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts nine arms and twists the bodies of her enemies.

Once Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts eleven arms and slams down her enemies.

Doce Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts twelve arms. She uses this to clutch and restrain her enemies.

Dieciséis Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts sixteen arms.

Veinte Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts twenty arms and we can see her using this to protect the ruins of Skypiea.


In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts out twenty arms and wields a shield of old that helps her block attacks.


In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts a large number of arms from the torso of the opponent and then twists them around.

Treinta Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts out thirty arms. She uses them to strangle or hang her enemies.

Ochenta Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts eighty arms. She uses them to create gigantic arms to hold down her opponents.

Cuatro Manos

In this technique, Nico Robin uses her eighty hands and combines them into four giant hands.

Cien Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts out a hundred arms. She uses these hundred arms to make wings to fly, makes spider webs to capture her enemies or act as a safety net. She also uses it to defend herself by making it a shield.


In this technique, Nico Robin uses her hundred arms to create a path with her hands in which she lifts up her opponents or allies.

Slalom Vine

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts a large number of arms and connects them like a chord and winds it around her opponent, and pulls them towards her.

Dos Manos

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts a large number of hands to create two large arms. This helps her grab her opponents and then break them.

600,000,000 Belly Jackpot

This is a combo attack with Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, and Franky. In this technique, Nico Robin is seen sprouting a large number of hands to grab her opponents to get them to her.

Ojos Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts eyes so that she can see things over large distances.

Pierna Fleur

This is a combo attack with Chopper. In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts several feet under Chopper’s feet to increase his height so that he can perform his suplex move.

Oreja Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts an ear to listen in on conversations.

Mil Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts a thousand arms and uses them to create gigantic arms.

Gigantesco Mano

In this technique, Nico Robin creates two giant limbs which can be sprouted from anywhere. She uses them to stomp down on her opponents.

Campo de Flores

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts a thousand arms across a large area to capture her enemies.


In this technique, Nico Robin creates hundreds of pairs of hands that are linked together by interlocking thumbs in a mouth-like appearance. This helps to divert an attack.


In this technique, Nico Robin creates two giant hands, then several smaller hands that are growing from them.


In this technique, Nico Robin creates a path with one thousand arms that can systematically grab and roll her enemies down the path

Fish-Man Karate: Giganteum

In this technique, Nico Robin creates a giant arm and then delivers an upward palm strike on an object, generating a circular shockwave of Fishman karate moves which causes stronger internal damage on whatever it hits.

Cuatro Mano

In this technique, Nico Robin combines forty arms together to form four gigantic arms.

Cuerpo Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts a copy of her whole body anywhere she pleases. This clone is capable of moving on its own like a real person and can also dissipate easily.

Double Clutch

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts a clone of herself which she uses to grab her opponent’s head, and sprouts two extra pairs of hands to grab her opponent’s legs.

Sea Serpent

In this technique, Nico Robin grabs her opponents with her giant limbs, making them approach the enemy in a snake-like motion.

Demonio Fleur

In this technique, Nico Robin sprouts a giant copy of her upper body. She doubles her features to intimidate her opponents and make them lower their guard.



Monkey D. Luffy

Nico Robin is glad for Luffy for making her a part of his crew. She even laughs when he unexpectedly invites people to join, while the others are shocked. (after all, it is through this she became a Straw Hat member). Also, as Robin spent more time sailing and exploring with the group, she grew to care for Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat crew. Furthermore, she is much more accepting of Luffy's actions, which occasionally makes her laugh. Robin often compares Luffy to the other people who have the letter D. in their name and whom she made a friend with.

This might have added to her initial interest in him because she knew his complete name when they first met and further asked about it when she saved him from Crocodile after the first time they met. Given that Luffy is the only person for whom she wishes to become better, Robin also appears to be very loyal to him. This shows how dedicated she has grown to him being her captain since the Enies Lobby Arc. Robin was shocked to hear of Ace's death and immediately started to worry about Luffy. After seeing Luffy use Haoshoku Haki and defeat the Kraken, Robin became fascinated by his power.

Roronoa Zoro

Zoro and Robin's relationship had a unique start. When Zoro and Robin were forced to work together during the South Bird Hunt, Zoro avoided believing Robin and straight-up told her he did not trust her. She did not, however, attempt to control him to gain his confidence or even reveal any details of her past to him. Although he is suspicious of her at first, he later shows that he cares for her as a member of the crew by being ready to fight for her when she is in danger, and Robin also protects him from danger as well.


Nami and Robin get along well and spend a lot of time together, especially when they have spare time and want to go shopping. Nami didn't believe Robin when she first joined the crew, but when Robin put a bag of jewels that she took from Crocodile, that convinced her. One of the Straw Hat members who was most disturbed by Robin's capture by CP9 was Nami. Nami worked hard to bring Robin back, and when they did, she cried with Chopper. Soon after Robin joined the team, Nami started to think of Robin as her older sister, even though both of them have motherly traits.


As Robin worked for Baroque Works at first, Usopp was suspicious of her. Usopp felt scared and told Luffy that Robin was dangerous when she said that her area of expertise was "assassinations". He stopped being scared of her when he got to know how much fun Robin's Devil Fruit was, and they got along well. Usopp usually acts cowardly, but Robin rarely responds to him and acts as if nothing ever occurred. Despite this, Usopp is concerned for Robin's safety and was the one who stopped her from being taken under the disguise of Sogeking from Enies Lobby. He also convinced Robin to have confidence in other people and herself. They are seen to get along much better after the time skip, and Usopp is no longer scared by her dark comments about the fate of lost crew members. They work more effectively as a team.


Sanji is continuously flirting with Robin. Other than Luffy, he was the first crew member to accept her. Sanji's weakness for women prevented Robin from trying to gain his trust when she first joined the crew. Sanji knows that Robin has independence, but he still worries about her in battle and will still run to her if she is in danger. Sanji is the first one to forgive Robin even after it is said that she tricked the group, even before finding out why Robin did what she did, and followed her without a doubt.

Tony Tony Chopper

Nico Robin has a somewhat motherly love for Chopper as she refers to Chopper as a "cute little furball" and behaves very motherly towards him. She regards Chopper equally intellectually because of their shared interests in learning and literature. After the time skips, Robin appears to have grown to love Chopper even more, Robin cheerfully cradles him on her knee. Robin will also play with him by tickling him or making him turn over using her Devil Fruit ability. It was shown in the Punk Hazard arc that Nico Robin was extremely upset when Franky made gross expressions and spoke while inside Chopper's body, despite her warning him not to ever do either action.


Franky and Robin get along well. They share a unique bond because he was the first person other than the Straw Hats to be ready to risk his life to save hers (during Enies Lobby). Since then, Robin and Franky have frequently teamed up for fights and other events, including Enies Lobby, Thriller Bark, and Punk Hazard. She and he have a lot in common because they were both wanted as children by the Cipher Pol of the World Government despite being harmless and because they both witnessed the destruction of their loved ones by the World Government in front of them.

The two of them have developed a psychological understanding regarding the existence of evil in a potentially harmful thing or person. Robin was moved by Franky's constant dedication to his master's teachings that simply existing is not a crime and that someone must always be glad of its existence as she considered the ethics of her existence while having the power to activate the Ancient Weapons.


Robin found Brook irritating when he was making jokes rather than telling them how to stop zombies. The fact that he wanted to get back together with Laboon, however, earned her respect, and she was happy he had saved her and Franky from the undead. They get along with each other well. She finds it annoying when he does not behave his age. She still likes Brook a lot, particularly his songs. Robin and Brook have a connection because they both joined the Straw Hat Pirates after spending years alone and losing everyone they loved.


When Jinbe and Luffy were fighting furiously about how to put an end to the New Fish-man Pirates' conflict, Robin was worried about Jinbe. She gets in the way of their argument and argues that they shouldn't fight. She agrees to Jinbe's plea for the release of the human pirates held captive by the New Fish-man Pirates, but she wonders if they won't harbor hatred towards fishmen generally for their abuse. Jinbe asks for some time to wrap up his business before becoming a crew member, which leads Robin to think that he must want to join the crew. She was overjoyed to see him at Wano and delighted when he joined the crew as the formal helmsman. Robin chose to travel with Jinbe in Onigashima because she found his wisdom to be a comfort.


Nico Olivia

Robin's mother was Nico Olvia, and even though the two didn't speak for many years, her mother loved her. She was proud of her daughter and thought it was amazing that at a young age she could read Poneglyphs. All Robin ever wanted was to see her daughter again and be with her.


Olvia embarked on a six-year expedition to study the Poneglyph with 33 other researchers after her husband passed away. She felt she had to leave Robin in her brother's custody, under the care of his wife, Roji, even though she regretted having to do so. From the time Robin entered her home, she hated her, abused her, and treated her like nothing less than a slave.



After passing her exam, Professor Clover allowed Robin's request to become an archaeologist. It was his research into Poneglyphs that first sparked her interest in True History. She became interested in literature after Clover let her peruse them in his library. The other researchers in the Tree of Knowledge backed her up. They were the only friends she had, and they loved her dearly. They banished her from the Tree of Knowledge to keep her from being labeled as a criminal, even if she continued to listen in on the attempts to discover the True History.

Jaguar D. Saul

Jaguar D. Saul held a unique place in Robin's heart for being a friend to her during her lonely times, understanding her suffering, and encouraging her to laugh during difficult times. He also sacrificed his life to save hers. Saul got caught in a storm before fate brought him to Ohara. He met Nico Robin there, became friends with him at first unknowingly, and reconnected with Nico Olvia. When Vice Admiral Kuzan saw Saul as he was destroying the Buster Call ships after Saul promised Olvia he would make sure Robin was secure, he froze him. Later, Robin broke down to tears when she heard from Shaka that Saul was still alive and hiding.


Robin took a liking to the young kamuro right away and even laughed at one of her jokes when they first met at Sanji's soba noodle stall. They ran into each other at Orochi's dinner. Robin protects Toko when she was teased by the Shogun and became a target. The girl showed up at the execution site and placed herself in danger, which greatly worried Robin in Rasetsu Town. The majority of the time after the flight to Amigasa Village, Robin is by her side, holding her while she rests and taking her to her father's grave.

Nefertari Vivi

Robin was an enemy of the Straw Hats and Nefertari Vivi, who thought she killed Igaram, during her tenure in Baroque Works. Robin was also an enemy of those trying to protect the land from Crocodile's plan. Because of this, the majority of the Straw Hat Crew was doubtful about her joining until she won them over. When Cobra found out Robin had joined the crew, she was concerned about Vivi's response, but Vivi seemed to have no ill will towards Robin and believed that Luffy had a good cause for including her in his crew.


Iceburg claims that even though he would rather destroy Pluton's plans, he must protect them in case the World Government uses her as a means to reactivate the weapon. He admits that she is a decent person after seeing that she is ready to turn herself in to save her friends, which causes him to have a change of heart. Franky initially has similar feelings about her, but when he learns that she had to turn herself in to save her friends, he becomes instantly sympathetic due to his emotional personality.


Aokiji is the Marine with whom Robin has had the most recent personal interaction. Aokiji said that he was not a friend and that if she ever caused trouble, he would go looking for her. Jaguar D. Saul had asked him to let her survive, so he had done so. Aokiji had appeared to develop a somewhat friendly connection with Robin following the battle in Enies Lobby, saying "Ohara still lives."



She was stopped by Yama as she checked out the remains of Upper Yard. When she screamed at him to stop, he continued fighting while the land around them was destroyed, ignoring the meaning of the ruins. Because of his disrespect for history, Robin drew him away from the debris while getting some hits in the process. Yama asked Robin and apologized after the attack, saying he now appreciated the importance of history. Robin ignored his demand and argued that what he did was still wrong.

Then Yama attempted to grab Robin, she broke his fingers to launch the commander to a lower level of Upper Yard. She then held the commander in a lock position to increase the potential impact and used "Seis Fleur: Clutch" to snap him just before he crashed into the ground. It is unclear what happened to Yama after Enel was forced out of power.


Crocodile's relationship with Robin was purely professional; he did not regard her as a friend, but rather as a means to achieve his objectives. He protected her from the law in return for her services, but he never once showed her mercy; she was only expected to do as he said. Although he was aware that she had been a helpful partner to him, he had no sympathy for her when she failed to bring Pluton and did not hesitate to hit her.

Black Maria

When Sanji was fighting against Black Maria he called Robin for help. Robin challenged her to a battle and ultimately won.

Nico Robin’s Top Fights

Nico Robin vs Pell


Nico Robin vs Tashigi


Nico Robin vs Crocodile


Nico Robin vs Yama


Nico Robin and the Straw Hats crew vs Enel


Nico Robin vs Spandam


Nico Robin vs Tararan


Nico Robin vs Cavendish


Nico Robin vs Black Maria


Nico Robin in Other Media

Nico Robin has not only appeared in the anime but also in shows, video games, and cosplay events.

  • Robin appears in every year of the One Piece Premier Show except 2007.

  • One of the Tokyo One Piece Tower's exhibits, "Robin's Finding Ponegliff", centers around the archaeologist, and a statue of Robin appears as part of Straw Hat Crew's Great Feast. Robin appears in most Tokyo One Piece Tower special animations and stage shows, including the first three Live Attraction shows, One Piece 4D, The Great Treasure of Tongari Island, and Immersive Theater: When the Box of Time Opens.

  • Robin and the crew help Toratsugu save Kikuhime from Lark in One Piece Art NUE.

  • Robin appears in the teamLabCamera attractions in the Digital Art Island Adventure event.

  • Robin appears in Straw Hat Pirates vs. Marines vs. Seven Warlords Holographic Battle Theater and One Piece Dramatic Stage THE METAL ~Marineford of Remembrance~.

  • Robin appears in Super Kabuki II: One Piece during the retelling of the Sabaody Archipelago Arc.

  • Robin appears in the first two shows of One Piece Water Spectacle.

  • Robin appears in the Zoro, Nami, and Vivi-centered versions of the Hungry Days commercials.

  • Robin was set to appear in ONE PIECE LIVE STAGE ~Tower of Steel~, but it was postponed indefinitely.

  • A bronze statue of Robin was dedicated in Kumamoto as part of the Kumamoto Revival Project.

  • Robin appeared in Kyutai Panic Adventure!, where Frieza attacks Odaiba.

  • The Straw Hat Pirates come to Goku's aid, but they are intercepted by and fight the Arlong Pirates. Robin also appeared in Kyutai Panic Adventure Returns!, where Enel attacks Tokyo and Odaiba.

  • Robin and other characters also appeared in Cross Epoch.

  • Robin has appeared in the games Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars for the DS.

  • A cosplayer dressed as Robin appears in the background of Lucky Star episode 12.

Popular Quotes of Nico Robin From One Piece

  • “Fools Who Don’t Respect The Past Are Doomed To Repeat It.”

  • “Sometimes The Only Thing You Have To Doubt Is Your Own Common Sense”

  • “When All I Want Is To Learn Of A History, There Are Too Many Enemies Within My Dream”

  • “When You Have A Hard Time, Just Laugh”

  • “I Want To Live”

  • “The Things You Have Destroyed Back There Were Priceless Artifacts. Precious Treasure Whose Importance Cannot Be Measured… History May Always Be Repeating Itself, But Humans Cannot Go Back Into The Past…”

  • “There Is No Such Thing As Being Born Into The World To Be Alone”

  • “My Dream Just Had Too Many Enemies”

  • “This Is The First Time I Ever Wanted To Be Stronger For Someone Else’s Sake.”

  • “I wonder if the sea will get dyed red if we all get crushed at once”

  • “Our captain is worth the risk... of our lives! In every situation... Luffy is the trump card that leads us to victory!!”

  • “The things you destroyed back there were priceless artifacts. Precious treasure whose importance cannot be measured... History may always be repeating itself, but humans cannot go back into the past... you wouldn't understand that, would you?”

  • “For the past twenty years, I've been able to run away and survive no matter what the circumstance. That's only because I had nothing to protect. Because I was willing to betray others and use them as a shield. But not now. For the first time in all these years I can't do that. They picked up the life I gave up on, returned the heart I lost, and continued the dreams that I no longer believed in. Even after all I've done, I've found friends who will still believe in me.”


Q. Does Robin have different abilities?

A. Yes, Robin can also sail, do hairdressing, cooking, and dance. She also has good artistic skills.

Q. When is Nico Robin’s birthday?

A. Nico Robin’s birthday is on 6th February.

Q. What is Nico Robin’s favorite food?

A. Nico Robin really likes eating sandwiches.

Q. What is Nico Robin's favorite dish to cook?

A. Nico Robin really loves making paella.
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