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Buggy in One Piece

Buggy, better known as, “Buggy the Star Clown,” is the captain of the Buggy Pirates and an Emperor of the Sea. He is also recognized as the leader of Cross Guild. Buggy was a former apprentice alongside Shanks under the Roger Pirates. After the disbandment of the crew, Buggy and Shanks went their separate ways and formed their own pirate crews years later.

He became one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea soon after the Summit War of Marineford. He rose to become the captain of the "Buggy's Delivery" pirate dispatch group. Later, once the system was disbanded, he was stripped of his Warlord title, but after Kaidou and Big Mom were overthrown, and the Cross Guild was established, with him as its head, he was recognized as one of the Four Emperors.

All About Buggy



First Appearance in Anime

One Piece Episode 4 "Luffy's Past! The Red-Haired Shanks Appears!"

Voice Actors

English Dub: Brian Zimmerman

David Wills

Mike McFarland

Japanese:Shigeru Chiba

Subaru Kimura (young; Episode 959-Present)

Date of Birth

August 8th

Age during death







Cross Guild

Buggy's Delivery

Buggy Pirates

Buggy and Alvida Alliance

Four Emperors

Seven Warlords of the Sea (former)

Roger Pirates (former)

Impel Down (former)


Pirate Captain


Figurehead President of Cross Guild

Chairman of Buggy's Delivery (former)

Warlord of the Sea (former)

Apprentice (former)

Prisoner of the Great Prison (former)


Grand Line


3,189,000,000 Berries

Buggy’s Personality

Buggy strives to be revered and feared by others and is arrogant and selfish. He doesn't spend much time honing his fighting skills; instead, he concentrates on finding solid allies who will work hard for him while still being subject to him. He will seize any chance to boost his reputation and enlist the support of strong supporters. He will take pleasure in having his ego stroked and develop excellent ideas whenever this occurs, even if it results from someone having an incorrect impression of him.

Being a performer, Buggy frequently uses his behavior to draw attention to himself. Almost every statement he says includes the term "flashy" ("Flashily perish! He commonly uses it to characterize his stunts ("You flashy bastard!"). He also appears much bigger than he is by using his Devil Fruit powers and a huge robe.

Buggy is a treasure hunter who spends most of his time following charts that lead to enormous treasure and desiring followers. When he was with the Roger Pirates, he said that the real treasure a pirate finds is what matters most to them. He will kill anyone who tries to steal from him because of his intense possessiveness over the loot he seizes. Buggy has a great sense of pride and tends to underestimate opponents he is unfamiliar with.

Buggy will quickly punish anyone who criticizes his large red nose, generally by blowing them up with a Buggy Ball. He is quite sensitive about his prominent red nose. He has a tendency to misunderstand what others are saying. He thinks they are talking about his nose when talking about something entirely else. Sometimes, he even misunderstands his speech and snaps at others around him for it.

Despite his arrogant behavior, Buggy is aware of the Grand Line's numerous threats and avoids acting cowardly or in hasty ways that could get him into trouble. Buggy might, however, behave hastily if his emotions drive him to. He routinely hosts parties and dinners for his crew, giving the impression that he enjoys eating and drinking.

Buggy frequently exhibits cruelty and selfishness when it comes to his allies. Buggy will become extraordinarily angry and even physically attack a subordinate if they fail to complete a duty. He valued accumulating fortune for himself over helping the crew while he was a member of the Roger Pirates, keeping a treasure map from them without telling them and pretending to consume the crew's Devil Fruit to sell the genuine one. However, Buggy is prepared to go to any length to succeed and support his friends in war.

Buggy’s Appearance

Buggy is a slim, blue-haired man who looks like a clown, in keeping with his nickname. His nose is the large, red one visible on his face. Like a clown, Buggy always has makeup on his face, and the designs change occasionally. For example, on his initial appearance, he had red lipstick, jolly roger on his hat, and crossbones making an X on his face. He also had two blue lines next to each of his eyes.

He is dressed as a pirate captain, complete with a striped white and red shirt with short sleeves, white gloves that look like clown's gloves, a sash around his waist, loose pants that stretch to his calves, a pair of striped socks and pointy shoes. A scarf is wrapped over his neck as well. An orange, fur-lined captain's coat is draping over his shoulders.

He wears a necktie with the same pattern as his shirt over an orange hat with his jolly roger. In the anime, he was given a significantly brighter color scheme, with a purple scarf, green sash, light-green pants, and green epaulets, in contrast to the manga, where his scarf and belt are orange, just like many other parts of his outfit, his pants are light brown, and the epaulets of his coat are simply gold.

The only apparent differences in his appearance as a young man serving aboard Gol D. Roger's ship were his shorter hair and smaller height. Despite dressing differently in each flashback, he generally appeared in striped T-shirts (or collared shirts), white gloves, baggy pants, pointed shoes and sashes. He lacked the captain's coat and wore beanies instead of the traditional hat.

After the time skip, Buggy appears significantly different. His hair is now looser and appears more spiky. He is dressed in a large red and white striped tricorn with the Jolly Roger of his crew on the front and a rim decorated with multiple golden little balls. He uses his Devil Fruit abilities to make himself appear bigger while donning a massive red cloak.

Buggy’s Abilities

Buggy has command over his crew as the captain of the Buggy Pirates. His crew increased significantly during the Impel Down Arc due to his release of many influential prisoners from Impel Down, many of whom had individual bounties that were far larger than his own. These captives began to revere Buggy and followed him everywhere he went when they learned that he had once been a member of the Roger Pirates.

During the Summit War of Marineford, The Emperor, Edward Newgate (Whitebeard), observed that Buggy's new forces may curb his crew's efforts to save Portgas D. Ace if they were against him and volunteered to join forces with Buggy. Buggy's sudden power brought on by his affiliation with the Roger Pirates even caught the notice of the World Government, which extended an invitation for him to become a Warlord.

Buggy made use of this position to manage Buggy's Delivery. He controlled a large group of formidable mercenaries in this mercenary company, including giants from Elbaf. Buggy can no longer break the law at will because the Seven Warlords System has been dismantled, and he once again has turned back into an enemy of the World Government.

Buggy received a bounty of 3,189,000,000 Berries due to his partnership with Dracule Mihawk and Crocodile in the shape of the Cross Guild, which was run under his "supposed" directive. However, Buggy has never attained his crewmates' enormous strength and battle abilities, despite his high bounty and having once served as an apprentice with the famed Roger Pirates.

Buggy is physically and combatively weaker than most pirates active in the New World. It is safe to conclude that the only reason he endured for as long as he did was due to his deceit, manipulation, and several misinterpretations of himself, with only a select few people being able to see through the facade either due to their high intelligence or because they are familiar with Buggy well enough to know the reality.

He mostly poses a threat to ordinary people and inexperienced pirates in the weakest sea, East Blue. Still, he was able to dispatch the Kumate Tribe with ease with the aid of Alvida, Mohji, and Cabaji. Buggy is tough, though, having sailed the Grand Line with the Roger Pirates and enduring the battles and dangers they encountered, including clashes with rivals like the Golden Lion Pirates and Whitebeard Pirates.

Buggy currently works in the New World and has led his own crew through the Grand Line, so far weathered its dangers. Even though Buggy rarely engaged in direct battle and most of the fighters paid him little attention, he participated in the mass breakout of Impel Down and the Summit War of Marineford and managed to live.

Most of the time, Buggy survives thanks to his craftiness; he constantly comes up with strategies to unexpectedly overpower his opponents with his weaponry and Devil Fruit abilities. He is also a talented inventor, as shown by the potent ammunition he developed, such as Buggy Balls and Muggy Balls, substantially enhancing his destructive skills. He set up a trap to try and catch a giant bird alone on an unfamiliar island, but the bird was not deceived.

Buggy is also a very opportunistic person. Therefore he constantly tries to use other people to get him out of trouble. Most famously, he released hundreds of prisoners in Impel Down to persuade them to follow him and incite a riot. He made the rash decision to use the Marines' revelation that he was a former Roger Pirate to boost his reputation.

Buggy often makes an effort to appear excellent, but he also had a lot of luck when he was in charge of the Impel Down escapees. Although he repeatedly displayed cowardice, the escapees consistently interpreted his words and actions as signs of strength. Buggy also has an absurd amount of dumb luck; no matter how bad things go for him, he always manages to pull through and come out ahead.

Physical Strength

Buggy has great physical durability, as evidenced by the speed with which he recovered after being struck by a Muggy Ball that Dracule Mihawk threw back at him in Marineford. Buggy survived the explosion caused by a Buggy Ball that Luffy launched flying back at him and emerged from the rubble of the collapsing bar unharmed. However, he largely avoided the damage by using his troops as shields.

Additionally, despite not possessing lightning resistance like Luffy, he could stand back up after being struck on the Loguetown execution platform and resume pursuing Luffy right away. He could move through Levels 4 and 5 of Impel Down's intense cold and heat without experiencing any appreciable adverse effects.

Buggy has extraordinary physical strength, which is made possible by his Devil Fruit, which enables his hands to separate and fly. With one disengaged hand, he could easily pick up Mayor Boodle and one of his soldiers by their necks.

He could also carry Luffy and the giant fish-man Jinbe in the air with just his hands holding them against his torso and raise a huge Blugori high into the air with both of his detached hands. Despite Mohji being a little bigger than him, he could also hurl him a long way forward. Buggy was an excellent swimmer, according to Shanks, but after consuming his Devil Fruit, he no longer had this skill.

Devil Fruit

Buggy consumed the Bara Bara no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to dissect his body and put it back together again at will. He is additionally protected against slashing attacks because of this power. He can hover and telekinetically control his disassembled body parts, except his feet. His body parts can be launched rapidly, allowing him to strike a distant target hard.

By separating the part of his body that would have been attacked and propelling it out of the way, he can also split it to avoid strikes from opponents. Even though his physical parts are separated, they are still linked. He can still move his fingers without his hand. In addition, he can feel any harm done to his broken bits.



The weapons that Buggy uses the most are his knives. He has not only held his blades but also slipped them between his fingers, using them like claws. He frequently uses his knives in combination with his Devil Fruit ability to fly his unattached hands and attempt to hit targets from a distance.

He is also capable of throwing the knives with force and accuracy. He can remove his legs and twist them to attack opponents, and his shoes include retractable knife blades. As a result, Buggy can overwhelm opponents by swarming them with attacks from several angles at once while flying quickly with his detached limbs holding blades.

Buggy Balls and Muggy Balls

The most famous weapons of Buggy are his Buggy Balls. These enormously potent cannonballs can instantaneously destroy a whole row of buildings. He can terrorize an entire village with this ammunition. He has also shot Buggy Balls at opponents who visit his base to face him or at subordinates who irritate him, ensuring their deaths. His crewmates have demonstrated the ability to survive after being struck.

The Muggy Ball is a scaled-down variation of the Buggy Ball. The Muggy Ball is only a little bigger than a bullet. Yet, it has the same devastating power as a Buggy Ball. Since it is so tiny, Buggy can carry it about on his body and throw it, unlike Buggy Balls, which must be fired from a cannon.

Buggy’s Relationships

Roger Pirates

Buggy was devoted to the crew and had been a trainee since he was young. Most connections between Buggy and the other Roger Pirates crew members are still a mystery. Even though Silvers Rayleigh frequently disciplined him, he still has a great deal of respect for the former first mate of the crew and even expressed a desire to meet with him. He also had a positive relationship with Roger.

Because Kozuki Oden's rise diverted his crew's attention, Buggy initially had a negative impression of Oden. On the other hand, Buggy regarded Oden highly after joining the crew. Despite the displeasure of being referred to as the second son, he wanted to assist Oden in fulfilling his dream to let the world into Wano Country.

Buggy Pirates

Buggy was prepared to deploy his crew as human shields before losing to Luffy. Later, he expresses far greater care for their well-being. After undergoing a transformation, he joins forces with Alvida, reassembles his crew, and rejoins the rest of his body through a series of adventures.

The crew was devastated when Buggy was sent flying by Luffy, and they even built a tomb for him. They stopped looking for Buggy after he was apprehended and taken to Impel Down out of fear for their safety. However, they told Buggy a lie after the war, saying they never gave up seeking him.

Many other prisoners who escaped from the prison since Buggy's escape from Impel Down are aware of his past as a member of Gol D. Roger's crew but are unaware that he is only an apprentice and may be the weakest person on board. As a result, people start to respect him as a strong pirate.

Buggy repeatedly displays cowardice throughout the Battle of Marineford. Still, the escapees keep mistaking it for bravery and boldness, which only increases their respect. They vowed to follow him wherever he went after witnessing his contact with Shanks, which further astounded them.

When the war is over, and Buggy is reunited with his old crew, the criminals join him and show admiration for First Mate Mohji and Second Mate Cabaji. These new recruits are stronger than Buggy himself, and they have all previously received large bounties. Despite having much more combined strength than Buggy's previous crew, they pose no threat because of Buggy's unwavering dedication. Their ears are so full of hope that they are deaf in part, according to Mr. 3, who joins the crew and is the only one who sees through the facade.

Buggy and Galdino worked together to make their getaway from Impel Down. Galdino remained with Buggy and joined his crew after the Summit War of Marineford, joining the other freed prisoners. Galdino did not hesitate to leave Buggy to his fate while declaring his joy at once again serving under Crocodile when Crocodile and Mihawk threatened Buggy with death for accidentally usurping the new organization, Cross Guild.

Cross Guild

When the war was over and Buggy became a Warlord, he borrowed a lot of money from Crocodile to launch his delivery business, Buggy's Delivery. Crocodile arrived and sank the Marine fleet sent to apprehend Buggy when the Warlord system was disassembled.

This allowed Crocodile to force Buggy to pay back his debt and launch the Cross Guild, expressing amazement that Buggy had not fled. Buggy frantically responded by donating Buggy's Delivery to be used as a building foundation for Cross Guild when Crocodile tried to sell him into slavery when he learned he could not pay.

However, before Buggy could evaluate it, his employees, too impressed by his importance to them, portrayed him as the Guild's most influential member on flyers and sent them out into the world. As a result, the World Government mistakenly identified Buggy as the leader of this new group and assumed that Crocodile and Dracule Mihawk were under his command, dubbing him the new Emperor in the process.

This misunderstanding caused Crocodile and Mihawk to become very offended and severely beat Buggy. However, Mihawk finally recommended using Buggy as a figurehead leader so that he and Crocodile could operate without constant attention, and Crocodile consented.

Buggy now constantly lives in fear of Crocodile and Mihawk's wrath and the repercussions he must endure due to their harassment and beatings; he even wishes he were killed by them instead of cooperating with them. Although he knows Mihawk and Crocodile would be upset with him for speaking without their permission, Buggy does not back down from speaking out against them, even if it means getting beat up by them for doing so. He even goes as far as to announce his plans to find the One Piece.



Despite fighting Gaimon when he landed on the island, the two are now close friends. Ironically, none of them is aware of the other's connection to Luffy.

Portgas D. Ace

Buggy was close with Portgas D. Ace. Ace came across the Big Top as Buggy and his crew were having a celebration while pursuing Blackbeard. Ace sneaked onto the ship and started helping himself because of the "very strong and sweet scent" of food. Buggy was unaware of his presence until Ace offered to provide them with helpful information after overhearing Buggy and Alvida mention that they were after Luffy but had no idea where he was. Buggy was not aware that Ace was either his previous captain's kid or Luffy's sibling.

Cabaji yelled that their captain might receive the same death penalty as their friend Ace when the Buggy and Alvida Alliance reached Impel Down intending to rescue Buggy. Buggy notes that Ace was a great man, unlike Luffy, and they had evidently been drinking companions for some time after meeting Luffy on Level One. Buggy also admitted to Luffy that he was horrified to learn of Ace's impending execution but that he did not want to put his own life in danger to save him. Buggy was stunned to see Ace lose to Admiral Akainu, as were many people at the time.


World Government

The World Government assumed that Buggy's low bounty resulted from him keeping a low profile on purpose despite being a former member of the Pirate King's crew after he broke out of Impel Down and recruited several captives. Thus, Buggy received a letter inviting him to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

His classification as a wanted criminal was withdrawn, and he joined the World Government's coalition. However, Buggy used his authority as a Warlord to run his new company, Buggy's Delivery, to make money from battles and give his team free reign to act in any way they choose without worrying about the consequences of their decisions because of his position. Buggy turned back as the Government's opponent once the Seven Warlords system was dismantled.

The Government mistook Buggy's role as Cross Guild's symbolic leader for natural charisma after he could attract characters like Crocodile and Mihawk. Additionally, given the popularity of the new Marine hunting activities, they dubbed him the new Emperor of the Sea and a severe threat to the Marines as a whole.


Straw Hat Pirates

Luffy, Zoro, and Nami decided to establish a temporary alliance to defeat Buggy and his crew when they were terrorizing Orange Town. After a relatively challenging battle, they succeeded. Buggy was resolved to exact revenge on the Straw Hat captain after accompanying Luffy to Loguetown.

He was enraged that the latter forgot about him until he remembered his identity. Buggy was about to put Luffy to death on the Pirate King's scaffold when lightning hit him. After leaving Loguetown, Buggy chose to continue seeking retribution on the Straw Hats by pursuing Luffy on the Grand Line.

Even though he used to despise Luffy, Buggy will cooperate with Luffy if he stands to gain something from it. Buggy and Luffy have a hostile yet amicable relationship, much like he formerly did with Shanks. He views Luffy as the world's worst troublemaker. Mihawk and Crocodile thought Buggy's plan to topple Luffy and the other two Emperors (Shanks and Blackbeard) was exceedingly irrational.


Since they were kids, Buggy and Shanks have served in the Roger Pirates and have been at odds with one another. Buggy and Shanks used to dispute over pretty much anything while they were Roger Pirates trainees. Whitebeard himself remarked that the pair were always together, and the Marines refer to their friendship as a "brotherly bond."

After Roger was put to death 24 years ago, Buggy still harbored resentment towards Shanks since he was viewed as Roger's successor and Buggy had thought Shanks would take over the One Piece. As a result of feeling deceived by Shanks, Buggy did not forgive him. Shanks also caused Buggy to lose his treasure map on the Roger Pirates' ship, making Buggy declare Shanks an enemy until they cross paths again.

Buggy in Other Media

Video Games

Buggy features in the following One Piece inspired video games:

  • Grand Battle!

  • Grand Battle! 2

  • Grand Line Dream Adventure Log

  • Treasure Battle!

  • One Piece: Going Baseball

  • One Piece: Grand Battle! Rush!

  • One Piece: Grand Adventure

  • One Piece: Unlimited Cruise

  • One Piece: Gigant Battle

  • One Piece: Gigant Battle! 2 New World

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2

  • One Piece: Unlimited World Red

  • One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X

  • One Py Berry Match

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

  • One Piece: Dance Battle

  • One Piece Treasure Cruise

  • One Piece: Burning Blood

  • One Piece Thousand Storm

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

  • One Piece Bounty Rush

  • One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

  • One Piece: Become the Pirate King!

  • Set Sail Pirate Crew!

  • Birth of Luffy's Dream Pirate Crew!

  • One Piece: Treasure Wars

  • Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands

  • Aim! The King of Berry

  • One Piece: Round the Land

  • Treasure Wars 2 Welcome to Buggyland

  • One Piece: Dragon Dream!

  • One Piece: Pirates Carnival

  • One Piece: Gear Spirit

  • One Piece Romance Dawn: The Dawn of the Adventure

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors

  • One Piece: Dance Battle

  • One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum

  • One Piece: World Seeker

  • Legend of the Rainbow Island


  • Buggy has appeared in various fan products due to his popularity as a recurring antagonist. Alongside Chopper, he is included in the trading figure set One-Piece Motion Figure box. One Piece Gashapon and One Piece Gashapon Grand Battle sets have included him.

  • One Piece Super Deformed Figures, One Piece The Combining Prison Impel Down!, One Piece World Collectable Figure, CharaColleCan, and One Piece Anime Heroes set all prominently featured Buggy.

  • Additionally, he has a One Piece DX Buggy Plushie available.

Other Appearances

  • After joining forces with Deacon to defeat the Straw Hat Pirates and discover the wealth buried under Atoll, Buggy becomes one of the show's main antagonists.

  • In Premier Show 2014, Bildy builds a copy of Buggy to battle the Straw Hat Pirates on behalf of the DX Marines.

  • When the Bounties Pirates enlist the assistance of Buggy's Delivery to assist them in assassinating the kings of Levely, Buggy also serves as a supporting antagonist in One Piece Premier Show 2018.

  • In One Piece Water Battle 2019, Buggy and his subordinates Galdino and Mugon battle Luffy, Usopp, and Nami. Sanji's Pirates Restaurant's 2018 season has Buggy as well.

  • When he and Puggy kidnap Ann as part of a scheme to capture and give the Straw Hat Pirates to the Marines, Buggy becomes the main enemy in One Piece Live Attraction: Phantom.

  • Buggy is depicted in the opening One Piece Water Spectacle.

  • Buggy makes an appearance in the Hungry Days commercial featuring Vivi.

  • The brass entertainment production One Piece Oto Utage recounts Buggy's botched attempt to kill Luffy. He is portrayed by the same actor that plays Clapper and Arlong.


Q. Is Buggy more powerful than Luffy?

A. Luffy has defeated Buggy when he sent him flying away far from his body. Even though Buggy has the advantage of his Devil Fruit, he cannot overpower Luffy.

Q. Is Buggy as strong as Shanks?

A. No, Buggy isn’t as strong as Shanks, and if it comes to a battle, Buggy would rather choose flight over fight.

Q. Why does Buggy hate Shanks?

A. During their time as apprentices, Shanks mistakenly led Buggy to lose a treasure map, and Buggy has harbored resentment towards him ever since.

Q. Can a Haki user defeat Buggy?

A. No, Buggy cannot be defeated by using any kind of Haki, as witnessed when Mihawk attempted to slash him using his Haki infused sword during the Summit War of Marineford.

Q. Is Buggy the weakest Warlord?

A. Yes, Buggy is the weakest of the former Seven Warlords.

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