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Cavendish in One Piece

Cavendish of the White Horse, sometimes called the "Pirate Prince," is a well-known Super Rookie and the leader of the Beautiful Pirates. He joined the Corrida Colosseum as a gladiator to compete for the Mera Mera no Mi.

Following the decisive fight with Donquixote Doflamingo, Cavendish swore allegiance to Monkey D. Luffy and assumed command of the first ship in the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

Before his banishment, he held the position of prince of the Bourgeois Kingdom. He also has a split personality, and when his dominant personality sleeps, he transforms into Hakuba, a crazy murderer.

All About Cavendish



First Appearance in Anime

One Piece Episode 632 "A Dangerous Love - Dancing Girl Violet"

Voice Actors

English Dub: Matt Shipman

Japanese: Akira Ishida

Date of Birth

August 31st








Beautiful Pirates

Straw Hat Grand Fleet

Bourgeois Kingdom


Captain of the First Ship of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet


Prince of the Bourgeois Kingdom (former)


Bourgeois Kingdom (Grand Line)


330,000,000 Berries

Cavendish’s Background

Cavendish was born as a prince of the Kingdom of the Bourgeois and from an early age, women fawned over him, and he had Farul since he was a tiny boy. Due to his popularity, the kingdom's women refused to wed anybody else as he grew older. Ultimately, Cavendish was expelled from the kingdom for being too well-liked and was left to survive on just 74 subordinates and 500,000,000 Berries.

His alter ego Hakuba, also known as the Kamaitachi of Rommel, was infamously known in the past as a peculiar wind that would cut people in the Rommel Kingdom. The Marines dispatched to look into it would only fall prey to him. Soon after, Cavendish decided to become a pirate on his own and he appeared to relish the attention he was receiving.

Cavendish arrived in the New World three years ago and quickly established himself. He was, however, eclipsed by the "Worst Generation" rookies after the events of two years ago. He now harbours intense resentment for the Supernovas and has determined to eliminate them all.

Dressrosa Arc

To compete for the Mera Mera no Mi, he entered the Corrida Colosseum. He was first seen discussing the weight restriction for defensive armour with Luffy (as Lucy) in the battle planning area. The other competitors believed that Luffy was mispronouncing his alias when he unintentionally revealed his real name to him. Cavendish continued by relating Luffy to his background, including how he came to hate the pirates from the Worst Generation.

Cavendish was irritated that Luffy ignored him in the middle of their chat. When Block B was ready to begin, Cavendish questioned Luffy about which block he was, sulkily pointing out that Bellamy has a respectable reputation. The position of Cavendish to D Block is made known after that.

When Luffy asks Cavendish to forget the past, he refuses, insisting on revenge on the Supernovas from two years ago. The two were subsequently contacted by Chinjao, who startled Cavendish by revealing who Luffy was. He quickly pulled out his sword and prepared to fight Luffy, but Chinjao launched an initial headbutt at Luffy.

Cavendish attempted to make Luffy remove his fake beard immediately after Luffy successfully evaded the attack. The second headbutt from Chinjao was blocked by Cavendish.

Chinjao, Luffy and Cavendish.

Chinjao repeatedly headbutted Cavendish and Luffy until the latter punched Chinjao to the ground. Boo and Sai arrived to stop Chinjao as he became really enraged. When Cavendish discovered Luffy had vanished, he vowed to kill him before Block C began.

Before Cavendish could confront him, Luffy had already arrived at the ring as Block C began. The Colosseum staff stopped him as he attempted to pursue Luffy. Later, while enjoying a fine supper, he watched Luffy's battle. Without turning his attention away from Luffy's fight, Cavendish congratulated Bartolomeo on his victory and warned him not to meddle in his private affairs when he approached him to inquire about Luffy.

When Bartolomeo attempts to take some of Cavendish's food and says that he would not allow him to kill Luffy, Cavendish takes Bartolomeo's hand away and informs him that Luffy would be his prey. Cavendish was furious after Luffy tamed the Ucy and became more well-liked. Later, after Luffy defeated Hajrudin with a single punch, he was seen to be unsurprised—if a little irritated.

When the two combatants left in Block C, Luffy and Chinjao, engaged in a fight with Haoshoku Haki, he acted very casually. He joked about how the spectators' cheers made him feel sick after Luffy fought Chinjao and won Block C. Then, once Luffy had left the arena, he intended to pursue him. Bartolomeo cut him off, who again asserted that he would not be the one to murder Luffy.

Cavendish swore passionately that if Bartolomeo got involved, he would murder him. He swung his sword towards Luffy after he left the arena. With ease, Luffy grabbed the sword and clung to it. When Chinjao arrived, he attempted to thank Luffy for giving him back his head but accidentally headbutted the ground, breaking it. Before Cavendish could catch up with him, Luffy ran off and was carried away by Rebecca.

The audience jeered and booed Rebecca before D Block even began. Cavendish rode into the arena and addressed the crowd, telling them how awful it was for them to want someone dead but not be prepared to put their own lives in danger.

Cavendish was ecstatic as the fans began to applaud him. Rebecca then expressed her gratitude to Cavendish for defending her. Despite having sympathy for Rebecca, Cavendish emphasises to her that they are rivals. He started to battle as soon as D Block started.

He appeared impressed by Rebecca's fighting strategy during the battle royale, which involved making her opponents leave the ring rather than using force to defeat them. However, Cavendish unexpectedly passed out when the 20 best combatants remained.

His alter ego, Hakuba, took over his body as many gladiators decided to fight him. Hakuba quickly dispatched all the opposing fighters with his great skill and speed. However, Rebecca was the only person standing when she noticed him coming and averted his blow. Cavendish dozed off again, losing his chance to compete.

He was still asleep as he was being brought to the hospital room. Later, he reappeared at the executive tower at the underground trade port, adhering to a sticky sheet. After coming face to face with Trebol and Sugar, Sugar transformed Cavendish into a toy. The underground port was then his place of job.

While watching Usopp's battle with Trebol and Sugar, Cavendish pleads with him to win, promising to stop being hostile to Luffy if he does. Cavendish changed back into a human when Sugar lost consciousness. Later, as Usopp was welcomed as their saviour, he was seen standing with the other former slaves.

Cavendish appeared after Doflamingo imprisoned Dressrosa in his "Birdcage". After coming across Law, Zoro, and Luffy, he briefly vented his resentment at his diminished standing with Law. He continued by saying that because of Usopp, he no longer harbours animosity against the Straw Hats.

He offered to defeat Doflamingo for Luffy after returning Law's headgear. The Chinjao Family, Hajrudin, Ideo, Elizabello II, Dagama, Orlumbus, Blue Gilly, Abdullah, Jeet, Suleiman, and Ucy joined Luffy's crew. Later, as Pica appeared as a massive stone giant, they marched towards the palace and started fighting him.

Everyone preparing to battle Doflamingo and his troops standing beside Luffy.

Chinjao and Elizabello II defeated Pica's onslaught by breaking his stone hand, allowing the team to advance. Cavendish and the other fighters from the alliance battled through Doflamingo's soldiers. He and a few other allies retreated due to Pica's subsequent strike with his other arm.

They were shocked to find Luffy, Zoro, Law, Abdullah, Jeet, and Ucy climbing Pica's arms after dodging Pica's strike. They were equally as shocked when Pica's stone head was shattered by Luffy. Cavendish and his companions continued to attack Pica after his enormous stone corpse stopped moving.

The Colosseum Fighters charged up the new King's Plateau. They quickly overcame the Donquixote Pirates' forces blocking their path as Zoro battled Pica and Sabo battled the Marines. They overcame Luffy and advanced to the first level afterwards. Luffy caught up to them as they battled through the second level. Cavendish contacted him and explained his strategy for getting to the top.

He then gave Luffy and Law permission to ride his horse. To Cavendish's dissatisfaction, Kyros also managed to board Farul during the fighting. Kyros refused Cavendish's repeated requests for him to be off the horse. Cavendish, Luffy, and Kyros could enter the gap that the other Colosseum combatants made when they united.

Cavendish stated his understanding that Doflamingo had no intention of sparing anyone, even if all twelve people on his hit list were apprehended, as Farul surged towards the third floor. He added that Doflamingo made a mistake by assembling powerful fighters from other nations and that the only way to escape Dressrosa alive was to sever his head.

Then, there was a lengthy argument over who would battle Doflamingo amongst Cavendish, Luffy, Law, and Kyros. They encountered a blockade made of enormous toy soldiers when they reached the third level. After that, one of the toy soldiers bit Farul's head until Luffy smacked it out of his hand.

The toy was violently attacked by Cavendish with his sword and was severed, but it quickly made a full recovery. At that moment, Gladius, Bartolomeo, and Nico Robin fell to the ground. Luffy and his group were instructed to leave while Robin and Bartolomeo dealt with the toys and Gladius.

Bartolomeo used his skill to construct a staircase leading to the fourth level. However, Cavendish decided to stay on the third level to exact revenge for Farul. He then participated in the battle with Gladius alongside Bartolomeo and Robin.

Cavendish was astonished to discover that Sugar had transformed her followers into toys when the huge toys reverted to their natural forms following Sugar's second defeat. The next time he was spotted, he told Gladius to get ready and noted that the attacks were putting him to sleep.

Later, Cavendish saw Gladius swelling and inflating the ground around them in preparation for a destructive explosive attack. Then he requested Bartolomeo's permission to enter behind his defence. At first, Bartolomeo declined, prompting Cavendish to exclaim that they were on the same team.

Fortunately for Cavendish, Bartolomeo let him into his defences when Gladius began his assault. Cavendish scolded Bartolomeo for not saving him sooner and then requested to be allowed out once more so he could carry on beating Gladius. When Bartolomeo charged in with his barrier, Cavendish was about to hit the officer.

Later, Cavendish transformed into Hakuba and began eliminating any Donquixote Pirates soldiers in his vicinity. Dellinger then arrived to aid Gladius, and he cut him. Hakuba tried to assault Bartolomeo after defeating Dellinger, but his defences prevented him.

Hakuba slashes Dellinger.

When he saw Robin, he went up the cliff to attack her, but she used abilities to stop him. Cavendish apologised to Robin for what Hakuba had done before taking back control of his body. Then, Cavendish and Hakuba fought for control of the situation. Gladius tried to break through the plateau they were on at that precise moment. Gladius was blocked despite Bartolomeo's best efforts to stop him.

After gaining some control of Hakuba, Cavendish begged Robin to trust him so they could use Hakuba's speed to escape the explosion. Cavendish held Hakuba's blade with his hand, preventing Hakuba from hurting Robin as the two narrowly dodged Gladius' strike.

He finally had complete control of himself and responded that Hakuba needed to listen to him occasionally when he was reprimanded by Hakuba for injuring his own body by doing this. After that, Cavendish slept out as Robin continued with Hakuba temporarily restrained.

Cavendish saves Nico Robin.

Later, when Doflamingo aimed his Tamaito at Robin's group, Cavendish awoke and hurried to the Flower Field. He arrived just in time to block the attack. The fact that Doflamingo had not yet been defeated startled Cavendish. He was then instructed by Luffy to transport everyone in the Flower Field somewhere secure. Cavendish initially declined because he wanted to help Luffy fight Doflamingo.

Cavendish, however, came to believe that Luffy was his fan and complied with Luffy's request after Luffy said that he trusted him with the lives of his friends. Cavendish hurried over to Bartolomeo. He knew he could get them down because he was one level below. However, Bartolomeo was still foaming after seeing Zoro win, so Cavendish had difficulty attracting his attention.

Cavendish eventually attracted Bartolomeo's attention and got Robin's group ready to depart the Flower Field. Law wouldn't go away, saying he wanted to see Luffy's battle through to the bitter end, even if it meant dying alongside him. Cavendish grudgingly consented and instructed Robin and the others to continue down Bartolomeo's stairs.

At the same time, he stayed behind to watch out for Law. Cavendish said, "Law and Luffy will be at the centre of the coming storm," as he sat beside Law, amazed by Leo's skill in reattaching Law's arm. He was in awe of Luffy's ability after he used his Gear Fourth technique and began topping Doflamingo.

Cavendish remarked that no one could survive an attack like that after Doflamingo was sent flying into the New King's Plateau after being struck by Luffy with the Gomu Gomu no Leo Bazooka. He was instructed to look up by Law, who also noted that the Birdcage was still in play. Then, Cavendish was shocked to see Jesus Burgess jump into the city from the palace.

Cavendish was unaware that Law had departed the plateau until Gatz warned him that Luffy and Doflamingo fight was about to end. When Luffy defeated Doflamingo, Cavendish stood back and observed the Birdcage's destruction. The gladiators celebrated relaxing at the palace sometime after the incident. Cavendish was bound in chains to stop Hakuba from wreaking havoc.

Cavendish (tied up) while sleeping.

When the Marines mobilised to pursue the Straw Hats three days after Doflamingo's defeat, Cavendish and the other gladiators planned to aid the Straw Hats' escape from Dressrosa. Cavendish and his fellow gladiators blocked the Marines pursuing the Straw Hats as they made their way to the eastern port.

Later, the combatants met at the eastern port to get ready to battle Issho. The fighters and the Straw Hats flew to the escape ship as Issho prepared to attack them with all the debris from Dressrosa. Issho was then assaulted by Luffy, who had just arrived. Issho used his gravity skill during the fight to blow Luffy, later caught by Hajrudin.

The Straw Hats and warriors sprinted across a bridge to a massive ship in the distance. The Dressrosa residents, who acted like they were chasing after Luffy, prevented Issho from dropping the rubble on them as he was about to.

They eventually arrived at the flagship ship of Columbus, the Yonta Maria. The Beautiful Pirates were then identified as one of the seven organisations that desired to declare their loyalty to the Straw Hats after boarding the ship.

Establishment of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

To other's shock, Luffy denied the request to participate in the sakazuki ceremony that would seal the alliance. The allies agreed to join the coalition, creating the Straw Hat fleet, after Luffy clarified that they could do anything. Sai, Bartolomeo, Leo, Cavendish, Ideo, Columbus, and Hajrudin sat and sipped from their sake cups.

They then hosted a feast to commemorate their triumph over Doflamingo. Following the feast, Cavendish and the other important allies parted ways after receiving Luffy's carte de vivre.

Whole Cake Island arc

Cavendish told Suleiman about his life while the Beautiful Pirates were sailing a mysterious sea in the New World. They then came across two pirate crews completely enamoured with Cavendish and urged Suleiman not to fire on them.

Levely arc

Cavendish pretended to be a journalist conducting an interview as word of Luffy's adventures at Totto Land spread throughout the world.

Cavendish’s Personality

Because of his attractiveness, Cavendish is very proud, arrogant, boastful, and vain and enjoys drawing attention. He holds a deep-seated grudge against the Worst Generation for depriving him of attention two years ago. To express his rage, he even stabs their wanted posters. When speaking of himself as Cavendish, he employs the young boyish pronoun "boku."

Still, when speaking of himself as Hakuba, he uses the more masculine pronoun "ore." Additionally, he is seen to become extremely irritated when the person he is speaking to ignores him. He will not let anyone stand in his way and is even willing to kill those he is jealous of with his hands out of petty jealousy.

Cavendish is also willing to kill anyone attempting to steal his prey. He has an animal-loving temperament despite his excessive narcissism and pettiness, especially towards his horse and steed, Farul, demonstrating a solid emotional bond with his animal friend and companion.

Cavendish is quite sophisticated and has fantastic taste in fanciness because of his royal background as a prince. He appears to be a friendly person. Even with those who have a negative reputation, he can be pretty courteous and civil. Due to roses being one of his favourite foods, he has occasionally been caught devouring a rose he was carrying.

He despises other popular people, especially those who draw attention away from him. Still, he will be ecstatic once he regains the spotlight. He does not, however, appear to be able to refuse a request from a "fan". While he despises individuals who attained enormous popularity, he sympathises with those with low popularity.

He is partially honourable because he told the crowd that a warrior's life shouldn't be put on display and that people who aren't willing to risk their own lives shouldn't be mocked. After being released from Sugar's spell, Cavendish maintained his promise and stopped harbouring ill will towards Luffy. Cavendish exhibits good judgement and is quite insightful.


Hakuba, a separate personality that Cavendish possesses, only manifests when Cavendish sleeps off. Hakuba is a harsh and ruthless character that assaults everyone around him with tremendous speed while wearing a wicked grin, and he only vanishes once everyone has been defeated. Cavendish is aware of Hakuba's existence and has the power to control him to some extent when he doesn't want him there.

The two, however, frequently quarrel about who has authority over their bodies. Cavendish is portrayed as being extraordinarily upright and righteous despite his flaws. He also harshly criticised Hakuba, his alter ego, for having a homicidal and bloodthirsty character and being willing to harm himself to control that alter ego.

Cavendish’s Appearance

Both men and women find Cavendish extraordinarily handsome and frequently swoon when they see him. His vivid sky-blue eyes are depicted in a manner typically reserved for ladies. He has long, flowing blond hair that falls just beyond his shoulders and is a powerful yet thin man but tall at 208 cm.

Cavendish in coloured manga.

He has a black cowboy hat with a giant plume of aqua blue colour. Under a coat that is slung over his shoulders, he is wearing a white v-neck shirt with ruffles. In the anime, his pants are dark purple but dark purple, with a thin white stripe down the side and a fold that ends just below a pale yellow and aqua-blue star on each knee. The stripes in the manga are orange.

His brown high-heeled boots contain dark purple straps slightly above each ankle that are clasped with golden buckles. Being right-handed, he carries his sword, Durandal, on his left side. His face slightly alters and has a demonic aspect when he is Hakuba, his alter ego.

His eyes turn entirely white, his face goes into the shade, and he smiles without exposing any teeth since his lips are always open in a sneer. Overall, his visage resembles the grinning mask from the pair of dramatic acts, however, when he frowns, it resembles the sombre mask.

Additionally, his hair loses its ringlets and looks untidy; in the anime, it gets a little bland. The tone of his voice likewise varies, going from polite and refined to stern and homicidal.


His face turns into what Bartolomeo terms "half-and-half" while the two personalities battle for control of the same body, with features from both personalities mingled and divided in half. In the anime, the eye on Cavendish's dominant side also changes to a yellow-orange colour.

In contrast, Cavendish's dominant side keeps Cavendish's natural blue eye. It is unclear if this is Hakuba's actual eye colour when his expression is not in its default manic state or if it is an artistic choice to distinguish between the two personalities more clearly. He wore a polka-dot blouse and had a round head with a cone hat when he transformed into a toy.

Cavendish’s Abilities

Despite not having consumed a Devil Fruit, Cavendish is still mighty. He was a notorious and feared pirate who was well-known throughout the world three years ago, but all the Supernovas from the Worst Generation stole his thunder. His "beautiful" appearance causes ladies to be dizzy just by gazing at him.

Cavendish is an expert horseman who owns a white stallion named Farul. He carried Law, Luffy, and Kyros while riding Farul up the New King plateau's challenging terrain. He also has a strong sense of charisma and can influence the crowd.

Physical Strength and Swordsmanship

He could hold Chinjao's enormous build in the air after Chinjao headbutted him to stop his "Biken: Blue Bird," demonstrating some of his physical superhuman strength. He had an exceptionally high level of physical force, as evidenced by the fact that he handled the headbutt with just one arm and was not disturbed by its impact.

He chopped through a portion of the New King Plateau to make a route, demonstrating how the force he uses with his swordsmanship is strong enough to create a compressed air slash that can slash through vast amounts of stone. He can also perform acrobatics, as seen by his ability to avoid a barrage of headbutts intended at him and Luffy and a double-punch strike from Chinjao while he was in the air.

Cavendish is a phenomenal swordsman, and Vice Admiral Bastille has referred to him as the "Genius of the Sword." In the anime, Cavendish easily slew several formidable gladiators, including Gardoa. Cavendish, who specialises in Strong Blade swordsmanship, can produce powerful compressed air slashes that quickly decapitate a huge metal doll and cleanly slice vast amounts of stone.

Doflamingo fired several String Bullets intended for Robin and an injured Trafalgar Law, but Cavendish used his sword to intercept them. When his alter ego took control, Cavendish's swordsmanship skills significantly improved. He switched to Gentle Blade swordsmanship, which fully exploits Hakuba's incredible speed.

He killed the remaining 20 members of D Block in a single blow. He also killed Dellinger, one of the Corrida Colosseum's top fighters, according to the dwarves, with a single strike.


As a result of narcolepsy, sleepwalking, and dissociative identity disorder, Cavendish has a rare illness. When Cavendish falls asleep, his inner personality, Hakuba, wakes and gives him extreme speed to the point where he runs too quickly for the sight to follow; even with Haki, he can hardly be seen.

Cavendish in Hakuba form.

As a result, back in the Rommel Kingdom, everyone thought people were being slashed by the wind. As a result, the phenomenon earned the moniker "Kamaitachi of Rommel," which is Japanese for "Sickle Weasel of Rommel." Hakuba quickly overpowered Dellinger, a Donquixote Pirates executive known for his lightning-quick reflexes, without ever being seen is an even better illustration of his speed.

There are better fighting methods for match-type fights, such as those in Corrida Colosseum. Even though he swiftly defeated the twenty best fighters in D Block, Rebecca ultimately won because she was the only one who saw him coming and narrowly avoided being hit. He then promptly fell asleep.

Additionally, Hakuba will attack both allies and enemies, making it unsuitable for team fighting. Hakuba can be temporarily restrained by Cavendish so that he can utilise his high speed without losing control, but only for a very little time before Hakuba will still fall asleep.

Haki and Weapon


Cavendish is adept at using Kenbunshoku Haki and Busoshoku. He frequently carries the Meito called Durandal and is skilled in its use.

Cavendish’s Relationships


Before his banishment due to his extreme popularity with the women of the kingdom, Cavendish was initially the prince of his nation. His devoted servants, who later became his crew, eventually joined him after his exile.


Cavendish and Farul.

Since he was a young child, Cavendish has owned and cherished the horse Farul. Cavendish liked fewer people riding his horse at once during the charge to the royal palace. He first disputed who would defeat Doflamingo with Luffy, Law, and Kyros. However, Cavendish left it to the others and stayed behind to exact revenge on his horse when Farul suffered a terrible injury while travelling.


Cavendish permitted the war criminal Suleiman to join his crew after Doflamingo was defeated. Suleiman refused to address Cavendish as captain and his casual claim that he joined his crew when the latter allowed him to irritate Cavendish. Later, Cavendish got to know him quite well; in fact, he told Cavendish about his former life as a royal.

Worst Generation

He used to despise the entire Worst Generation for stealing his fame. He claimed that he was well-renowned and extremely well-known before becoming a pirate. Still, as soon as the Supernovas, the Summit War of Marineford, and Blackbeard arose, their daring exploits and brutality quickly took his glory and reduced his fame.

He pledged to kill any Supernova he came across as a result. This changed, though, during the Dressrosa arc when he abandoned his animosity towards Luffy and Law. He even went so far as to swear allegiance to Luffy and accept the position of his servant.

Monkey D. Luffy

Cavendish initially hated and wanted to kill Luffy since he was a Worst Generation of pirates member. Cavendish made a covert pact with Usopp that if he could free him from the Donquixote Pirates' control as a toy and restore him to human form, he would forget his animosity towards Luffy.

After transforming back into a human, Cavendish maintained his promise and was equally kind to Law, another pirate from the Worst Generation, as he was to Luffy and Zoro. Cavendish still thinks Luffy is a fan after Doflamingo is defeated, but he respects him so much that he vowed his allegiance to him and joined the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

Trafalgar D. Water Law

Like Luffy, Law was a Worst Generation pirate who stole his honour, and Cavendish wanted him dead because of this. He extended this to Law after promising to let go of his animosity towards Luffy. He joined forces with him in the battle against Doflamingo.

Cavendish tried to talk Law out of staying behind to assist Luffy, but when Law refused, he decided to stay and witness the combat with him.



The Marines are at odds with Cavendish because he is a pirate. The Marines know his hazardous sword prowess and parts of his dual personalities.

Donquixote Pirates

Cavendish developed a grudge against Sugar and Trebol for turning him into a toy and a slave. After Usopp defeated Sugar and restored him to human form, Cavendish became determined to eliminate them.

Cavendish set aside any resentment he might have had for Luffy and Law to overcome the crew that had held him captive and knew that doing so would help him acquire even more fame.



Cavendish's second personality is Hakuba. Since Hakuba has no qualms about killing those around, Cavendish is revealed to disapprove of Hakuba's merciless and cold-blooded demeanour, mainly when he must deal with others. They routinely battle over his body due to Cavendish's sleepwalking problem. Cavendish is frequently forced to restrain him to prevent him from going on a murdering rampage.


Cavendish defended Rebecca by arguing that they had no right to jeer at her if they weren't willing to fight for their own lives. Although Cavendish remarked that they were merely getting on his nerves and reminded Rebecca that they were still enemies, Rebecca expressed gratitude and thanked him for everything. Later, he was amazed by her fighting technique.


Cavendish and Bartolomeo arguing.

Due to his participation in the Mera Mera no Mi competition and Cavendish's desire to murder Luffy at the time, Bartolomeo was initially Cavendish's opponent. However, they work together to beat the Donquixote Family in Doflamingo's Birdcage Survival Game.

Cavendish in Other Media

Cavendish features in the following One Piece video games:

Game Name

Release Date

One Piece Treasure Cruise

May 12, 2014

One Piece: Dance Battle

November 12, 2014

One Piece Thousand Storm

April 21, 2016

One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum

September 21, 2016

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

March 26, 2020

One Piece Bounty Rush

March 2018

One Piece: Burning Will

September 20, 2018

One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X

November 13, 2014

One Piece: Burning Blood

April 21, 2016

One Piece Odyssey

January 12, 2023


Q. What is Cavendish Devil Fruit?

  1. Cavendish doesn’t possess any Devil Fruit.

Q. Who is inside Cavendish in One Piece?

  1. Cavendish's second personality is Hakuba. They routinely battle over his body due to Cavendish's sleepwalking problem. Cavendish is frequently forced to restrain him to prevent him from going on a murdering rampage.

Q. Does Cavendish like Luffy?

  1. Initially, Cavendish held a grudge against Luffy. However, he let go of those grudges when Usopp knocked out Sugar which ultimately turned Cavendish back into human form.

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