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Enel in One Piece

Enel was the previous oppressive "God" of Skypiea. Enel, formerly of Birka, used Goro Goro no Mi's powers to destroy his native country before leading his minions to conquer Skypiea.

Enel kept up a personality cult in Skypiea, taking the title of "god" in the most literal sense possible. Skypiea was a fake paradise, much like any traditional dystopia, even if there was still a sense of tranquility and bliss. He would send a massive column of lightning hurtling down from the heavens to kill any dissidents who dared to disagree with him or his list of commandments.

Enel built a giant airship from Shandora's money to reach "Fairy Vearth" as his final destination. He took over as the moon's new ruler after Monkey D. Luffy defeated him.

All About Enel



First Appearance in Anime

One Piece Episode 167 "God Enel Appears!! Aubade to the Survivors"

Voice Actors

English Dub: R. Wayne Grayson

J. Michael Tatum

Japanese: Toshiyuki Morikawa

Date of Birth

May 6th

Age during death







God's Army (former)



God of Skypiea (former)


Sky Islands (Birka)

Enel’s Personality

Enel views himself as a divinity who can do no wrong. He considers himself a divine and eternal creature with the power to do, take, or destroy anything he desires, and the capacity to do anything. As a result, he comes across as brave, foolish, cocky, and carefree. The three first-person pronouns that Enel uses—ware, ore, and watashi—are unusually interchangeable. Like many other people, Enel has a distinctive laugh, starting with a strained "ya": "Yahahaha."

Enel has no respect for any life save his own and regards the killing of thousands of people as his divine duty. He chuckled maniacally as he attempted to destroy Skypiea. In a nutshell, he is an immoral narcissist with a God complex, which is made even more apparent when he leaves for the moon, which he thinks is where God lives.

His way of life is carefree and indulgent. When he's not doing his "godly duties"—smiting the people of Skypiea for speaking ill of him—he spends his time eating or sleeping in his home while being attended to profusely by gorgeous ladies. This attitude goes over to his attacks, where he is rarely annoyed; instead, he is calm and enjoys himself by quickly absorbing strikes and humiliating his adversaries. Sometimes, instead of shocking an annoying foe, he bludgeons them with his staff.

Enel overestimates his fighting skills, which causes unforeseen situations to completely catch him off guard, disturbing his Mantra and negatively affecting his ability to fight. But he also expresses some gratitude. When he first encountered Robin on the ark, he was amazed by her understanding of the golden city and told Luffy that he was fearless.

Enel’s Appearance

Enel is a pale-skinned man who is 8'9" (266 cm) tall and has a well-toned but rather threadlike build. He has a slender face, usually marked by a serene, self-assured smile and a relaxed, half-lidded expression. He has platinum blonde hair that is put in a considerable perm; however, it is constantly hidden by a tight-fitting, white skullcap in the anime and a darker shade in the manga.

His grayish-blue eyes have intense bottom lashes and thick, black eyebrows. His thin, flat bridged nose is determined by many lines that cross it horizontally. Enel's earlobes are very clearly dragged down by gold earrings with diamond-shaped pendants that, in the manga, hold fitted red gems in the middle, reaching all the way to his chest (or well below, depending on the inconsistent portrayal, though generally longer in the manga). This is similar to how depictions of Buddhas have their earlobes.

He has four wooden shime-daiko drums set next to and above his head, each with cream-colored drum skin depicting a black mitsudomoe on the front and back (based on the drum ring associated with the Japanese thunder deity Raijin), which Enel can use as a weapon similar to the thunder creation of said god. The drums are attached to a large gray ring stuck in the center of his shoulder blades (in place of Birkan wings).

Enel adopts a basic yet opulent clothing style to meet his "godly" self-perception. He wears two gold rings on each hallux and two simple, rigid gold bracelets worn like bangles on each wrist. He also has a large, pearl-edged gold anklet over each bare foot.

Enel is otherwise naked above the waist, and his only clothing is on his legs. A flowing blue (purple in the manga) sash is tied around his waist at his right hip, with one end dangling to almost the ground. This sash supports a wraparound skirt made of a dark turquoise (lighter blue in the manga) fabric around his waist, falling over the back and in the front where it slightly overlaps, creating a wide opening to see Enel's knickers. Said pants have distinct brown, short cuffs holding a small, light blue strap with a gold clasp. They are incredibly baggy, ballooning pants gathered quite a bit below the knees.

The pattern on each leg of the pants is bright orange. It consists of several longish, rectangular (more oval in the anime) shapes touching in a slanting position to form three separate rows, the lowest of which protrudes from the cuff. The upper and middle rows are each topped by a single row of spaced dots that are fewer in number than the shapes above, and the rest of the pants are dark blue (black in the manga).

When Enel overthrew Gan Fall eight years before the start of the story, his skirt piece was green. His pants had a different pattern: three black, horizontal lines with several thin spikes extending up and down from each (the ones from one line offset to the ones from another so that they did not touch); in the anime, the pants had horizontal line pairs running close to each other and kinking up and down to form a V shape.

Enel’s Abilities

Enel was in total charge of the island because he was the God of Skypiea. He is incredibly strong, but due to Luffy's complete immunity to most of his lightning-based techniques and his ability to attack Enel with his rubber powers, he seemed weaker than many fighters with comparable strength. Enel's power was initially revealed when he easily fought Kamakiri and another Shandia, Raki, shortly after.

Physical Strength

Enel can fight in close quarters without using his Devil Fruit abilities. He possesses good acrobatic skills, and he is solid physically. With one hand, he deftly removed a Maxim of enormous gold gear that was out of place.

Utilizing Kenbushoku Haki, he could grab Luffy's two arms in midair during a Gatling Gun strike and crush his body against the wooden deck of the Ark Maxim, destroying the deck in the process. Enel is more resilient than average and can withstand most strikes from Luffy.


Enel is very knowledgeable and aware of things many Sky Islanders would not typically be, such as what gold is. This is partly because he studied the Upper Yard ruins and carefully guarded this information, keeping it hidden from the other island residents. However, he had never heard of rubber before meeting Luffy.

He is also knowledgeable and has remarkable deduction skills, which allowed him to immediately detect Robin's lie and conclude that the Shandorian Golden Belfry Bell was outside of Upper Yard rather than at it. Despite his arrogance, Enel's prediction that he and four others would win the survival game was wrong because he could not foresee Luffy's survival within Nola's stomach.

The 400 years of bloodshed between Skypiean and Shandia, which had only recently been stopped by peace advancements from the previous God, Gan Fall, were used by him to incite chaos and war, destroying both sections in the process and leaving little competition for his expeditions into Upper Yard and his eventual discovery of the Golden Belfry. This shows some pretty good manipulation skills.

Enel spent a lot of time researching the Upper Yard's ruins. As a result, he has a thorough understanding of the 400-year-old conflict's history, causes, and politics. He was also more than willing to use this knowledge and information for his own purposes. Additionally, he was able to outsmart Nico Robin, the smartest Straw Hat Pirate and a master manipulator in her own right. All by himself, he developed and built his distinctive weapon, the Nonosama Bo, a gold melee weapon that synergizes with his Devil Fruit abilities.

Mechanical Knowledge

Enel is very knowledgeable in technology and mechanics. He created his flying ark, Maxim, and is highly familiar with its functions. He has the skills to fix any interior damage that occurs. If the main engines were disabled, he was even able to create a mechanism for producing storm clouds, an electrical power system, and a Jet Dial fail-safe for the ark.

He also has some understanding of the meteorological features of the sky. Additionally, he is very knowledgeable about the numerous Dials dispersed around the Sky Islands.

Devil Fruit Ability

Enel consumed the Goro Goro no Mi, a Logia type Devil Fruit that allows him to control, produce, and change his body into lightning. He can perform several lightning-based attacks by striking the drums on his back or channelling lightning through his body. Its might is supposed to be unstoppable.

He can unleash strong lightning bolts on his enemies and has complete control over how much power he releases. His ship enhanced his abilities, making them robust enough to swiftly wipe out an entire island. He can move at lightning speed and pass through conductive materials using propulsion power.

He can use his energy to restart his own heart if he sustains substantial damage by using it for medicinal purposes as well. He can also discern electromagnetic signals in the air from a distance, dramatically enhancing his Mantra to almost omniscient levels.

In addition, he can use his Devil Fruit to control and mold gold using electromagnetism to reconstruct it into any shape he chooses. He can do this by using electricity to elevate the temperature of gold. This power allowed him to create both his flying ark and trident. According to his miniseries, he doesn't need to breathe and can survive without it.


Enel possesses the Kenbunshoku Haki ability, known as "Mantra" in the sky islands. His Devil Fruit abilities give his Haki even more power, giving him omniscience over Skypiea's thoughts and deeds. He can use this Haki with enough skill to anticipate an opponent's motions before they are made, making it much simpler to dodge the attack.

In the user's mind's eye, this prediction manifests as an image or brief "premonition" of what the opponent will do, along with the harm the user will suffer if the attack really "hits." The ability to foresee most attacks enables the user to defend against them. Still, it can also be gotten around in several ways.

Enel can pick up electromagnetic waves from the air with the Goro Goro no Mi, extending the range of his Mantra to practically cover the entirety of Skypiea. This allowed him to overhear conversations and everything going on around him. By contrast, most other priests could only keep track of those in their immediate vicinity. However, he cannot predict any random attacks, as seen when he fought Luffy.


Enel is skilled at wielding his golden staff, attacking his opponents when necessary. He mainly uses it to beat up opponents he doesn't think deserve to perish at the hands of his electrical abilities. When all electrical-based attacks were unsuccessful, he frequently used them against the rubber-bodied Luffy.

Enel’s Relationships

God’s Army

Enel showed no genuine concern for his people and had no issues executing them. In addition, he showed little compassion for his fallen people while foretelling the Survival Game's victims. The four individuals who worked closely with Enel were the priests. They were his most devoted followers, and the Straw Hat Pirates' biggest enemy.

Enel was in charge of 50 warriors known as the Enforcers, in addition to the priests. Hotori and Kotori were the group's lieutenants, while Yama was the group's leader. They appeared to take their leader's ideas seriously, but Enel did not appear to share their sentiments.

The Blue Seas Marines and the White Berets were both elite forces. Under Enel's authority, they upheld the laws of Skypiea. However, in reality, they detested him. They were only willing to follow his orders for the benefit of the people of Skypiea. The White Berets turned against him after learning about his plan to kill everyone in Skypiea.



When Enel and his priests were defeated, the Shandia turned their attention to mending the harm their fight with the Skypieans had inflicted. Wyper, the leader of the Shandia, is bitterly opposed to Enel. Even his own life would have been given up to defeat him. But he was unable to make it.

Wyper and others who fought with him against Enel with all their strength after learning that Enel has plans to destroy all of Skypiea. But despite all of their efforts, Enel's abilities proved to be too much for them. Wyper was defeated by Enel despite his determination, and he was left in the rubble with the other people God dealt with.

Despite the numerous lightning strikes the God had thrown at him and his people's house, Wyper stood proudly among the ruins of his ancestors as the beanstalk fell and Luffy traveled in the direction of Enel. Wyper encouraged Luffy to defeat Enel. After witnessing Luffy defeat Enel's Raigo, Wyper encouraged him to ring the bell.

White Berets

Initially, all of the White Berets were Enforcers working for Gan Fall. They appeared to turn on the Enforcers and swear allegiance to Enel. However, this strategy ultimately failed miserably. They turned against Enel when they learned he intended to wipe out all of Skypiea and assisted the Angel Island residents in safely leaving the island.

Until it was revealed that Enel intended to destroy Skypiea with his Devil Fruit powers, McKinley, their leader, seemed to be utterly committed to him. Then, as a demonstration of his devotion to his country, McKinley said that he only carried out Enel's orders to ensure the security of Sky Island's residents. The rest of the White Berets followed McKinley's lead and left Enel's side to assist Conis in rescuing the Skypieans.

Gan Fall

Enel had a habit of making fun of the previous God of Skypiea. Both his age and his face were treated with complete disregard by him. With one of his thundershocks, he even rendered him paralyzed. In addition, Gan Fall feels intense resentment towards Enel, whom he sees as inhuman.

In the past, Enel attacked with his army and simultaneously routed the Shandia and Gan Fall. Enel, therefore, assumed the role of Skypiea's God for himself. Once again defeated by Enel, Gan Fall took the role of God.


Conis was terrified by Enel's abilities. Even though Enel did not see her as a threat, he retaliated against her for discussing the Skypiean's responsibility with El Thor. Conis and her father were directing the Going Merry through Upper Yard when Su called their attention to an injured Skypiean. They learned about Enel's plan to wipe out all of Skypiea from the man who was formerly a member of Enel's Enforcers.

She questioned whether there was actually a God as she observed her house being progressively destroyed by Enel's abilities. Conis and the other residents of Skypiea began to pray for a miracle as Enel prepared to send a massive apocalyptic thundercloud, Raigo, to completely destroy the entire Skypiea. Conis and the other members of Skypiea saw Luffy completely block Enel's assault. She afterwards saw Luffy punch the god directly into the golden bell to eventually slay Enel.

Straw Hat Pirates

Enel and his priests became enemies of the Straw Hats on Skypiea due to disobeying their laws. He met Sanji, Usopp, Robin, and Zoro during the survival game and defeated them all while severely beating them. However, their captain Monkey D. Luffy was a natural foe because of his rubber body and perfect immunity to his electrical abilities. Their captain Monkey D. Luffy was a natural enemy. Luffy eventually overcame him, putting an end to his malicious schemes.

Enel in Other Media

Video Games

Enel features in the following One Piece inspired video games:

  • One Piece: Grand Battle! 3

  • One Piece: Going Baseball

  • One Piece: Grand Battle! Rush!

  • Fighting for One Piece

  • One Piece: Grand Adventure

  • One Piece: Unlimited Adventure

  • One Piece: Unlimited Cruise

  • One Piece: Gear Spirit

  • One Piece: Gigant Battle! 2 New World

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

  • One Py Berry Match

  • One Piece Treasure Cruise

  • One Piece: Burning Blood

  • One Piece Thousand Storm

  • One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

  • One Piece Bounty Rush

  • One Piece: Round the Land

  • One Piece: Dragon Dream!

  • One Piece: Pirates Carnival

  • One Piece: Unlimited World Red

  • One Piece: Gigant Battle

  • One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X

  • One Piece: Dance Battle

  • One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum


Enel features in the One Piece Full Color R Gashapon series.


In Kyutai Panic Adventure Returns!, Enel appeared and attacked Tokyo and Odaiba. Luffy appears to aid Goku as he prepares to battle Enel. Enel is defeated by Luffy and Goku's "Gomu Gomu no Kamehameha" strike.


  • In the 2011 One Piece Premiere Show, Charlos and Shalria con Enel into capturing the Straw Hat Pirates. Enel battles Luffy after they have fled but is defeated by the Gomu Gomu no Gigant Pistol.

  • The Hungry Days ads with Nami at their center feature Enel.


Q. Is Enel stronger than Luffy?

A. Enel is the perfect enemy to Luffy due to their Devil Fruit abilities. Luffy, having a body of rubber, is the perfect counter against Enel’s Goro Goro no Mi’s abilities i.e., being able to summon and control lightning.

Q. Who kills Enel in One Piece?

A. Enel was defeated by Luffy during the Skypiea arc. After the battle, Enel chose to depart from Skypiea and go towards the moon.

Q. Is Enel’s Devil Fruit the strongest?

A. Enel’s Devil Fruit is one of the most formidable powers in the entire One Piece series.

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