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Hito Hito no Mi in One Piece

The Hito Hito no Mi is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit that enables its user to transform into a human or a human hybrid at will. It was consumed by the reindeer Tony Tony Chopper, which transformed him into a Human Reindeer.

The fruit’s abilities were first revealed in the Drum Island Arc, and they progressed further after the timeskip.

All About the Hito Hito no Mi


Hito Hito no Mi

English Name and Meaning

Human-Human Fruit

Fruit Debut


Usage Debut

One Piece Episode 83



Current User

Tony Tony Chopper

History and Appearance of the Hito Hito no Mi


Chopper was a young, normal reindeer (apart from his blue colored nose) when he consumed the Hito Hito no Mi. He was instantly given human knowledge and became aware of his herd’s rejection of him for being weird, which was intensified to the point of throwing him out for eating the fruit.


The Hito Hito no Mi is a fruit in the shape of a mushroom with a stem sprouting from the top and swirls that resemble a curled “S.” Its overall look closely matches that of an Amanita muscaria, which is frequently used as a stereotypical image of a mushroom. It features a red cap and a pale stalk.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Hito Hito no Mi


The main ability of this fruit is that if it is consumed by an object or an animal, it bestows the user with human intelligence and the capacity to talk in human languages; if the user is an animal, they retain the ability to communicate with other animals as well. Similar to humans, animals will eventually be able to learn new skills and use tools, the latter due to their bipedal biology. In Chopper’s case, the power of human intelligence allowed him to become a doctor. The user will conveniently retain their human intelligence even when they are not transformed, unlike other Zoans, who give the standard three phases of transformation.

The first look of the typical Human-Beast Zoan form being changed by adequate training or the use of specific drugs was through Chopper’s use of this fruit’s powers. As shown by Chopper’s use of these forms, the most effective way to utilize this fruit in battle is to figure out how to combine the user’s heightened intelligence with the characteristics of their original, non-human body.

Also, the complete human transformation is proven to make the user quite massive and strong; Chopper is much bigger in his full transformation than his reindeer and particularly his hybrid forms, and like many other Zoan users, he is significantly stronger in close combat when fully transformed.


Even when completely transformed, it doesn’t seem that the user is capable of looking perfectly like a human. Chopper’s entire transformation has frequently led to him being mistaken for a gorilla rather than a human and caused him to be rejected by both reindeer and humans. In his case, there is still a significant patch of fur around his neck and shoulder area, and he still has a blue reindeer nose. It can prevent the user from changing their forms if it is confined by a powerful full-body bound.

Apart from these, the user is vulnerable to the standard Devil Fruit flaws.

The only effect this fruit will have on any human who eats it is that it will make them incapable of swimming. A human who ate this fruit might become “more human-like” or discover their “true spirit,” as said by Oda.

Usage and Transformations of the Hito Hito no Mi

Chopper has mainly used the fruit’s abilities in a number of different ways. He mainly uses it to communicate with and understand people. He has mastered the Hito Hito no Mi to the point where he can communicate with people even in his regular animal form. Chopper has also used his Devil Fruit abilities while in battle to fight enemies with the power provided by the Devil Fruit. Unlike most Zoan Devil Fruit users, Chopper can extend the use of his Devil Fruit abilities thanks to the Rumble Ball he created.

Additionally, he simply requires the Rumble Ball to reach his previously controllable Monster Point, which is a transformation point. He can now change into any of his other forms at will. When the crew first fought the Kraken in the manga, Chopper was still using the Rumble Ball to transform into Guard Point without a Rumble Ball. To clarify that it was a mistake, Oda jokingly claimed in SBS that Chopper had truly consumed a Rumble Ball Candy in the manga.

Normal Transformations

Chopper can transform into one of three forms, like all Zoan Devil Fruit users. Walk Point is known in his natural form, Brain Point is known in his human-hybrid form, and Heavy Point is known in his human form.

Walk Point (Strengthening Power)

This form of Chopper as a typical reindeer is practical for everyday walking. This is the only form that appears to mature as Chopper gets older because it is his original form. When he adopted his other Zoan forms, it is uncertain whether or not his overall aging process was stopped or even reversed. Chopper is able to speak freely in this form despite his reindeer physiology missing the vocal cords for human speech, much like a few other creatures in the One Piece World like Pappag.

Chopper normally uses this ability during battle to sprint across the field of combat, either to avoid an opponent strike or for other reasons. Chopper is fully concealed in this form at all other times because he typically takes the appearance of a pet. Due to the reindeer’s keen sense of scent, he can also locate his allies and enemies quickly in this shape. In this form, Chopper resembles a conventional reindeer; the only feature that sets him apart from them, aside from his clothing, is his unusually blue nose, which is largely recognized by other reindeer. In contrast to other reindeer, his antlers are likewise not pointed.

This form was little and looked like a regular reindeer fawn at the age of nine. He had no fur at the shoulders and a small snout. With a longer snout and more noticeable fur at the shoulders, this form was more mature at 15 years old. At the age of 17, this creature underwent a dramatic maturation and stag-like transformation. Chopper has expanded to the size of a full-grown reindeer, making him smaller than a horse and enabling others to even ride on him. His antlers have increased in size and number. Also, his fur is noticeably fluffier in this form.

Brain Point (Intellect Strengthening)

Brain Point is Chopper’s reindeer and human hybrid appearance. In this form, he is more intelligent and is frequently observed. Due to its small size, Chopper usually transforms into this form right away when facing an enemy in order to dodge an assault. Additionally, when in this form and under the effect of a Rumble Ball, he can see an enemy’s weakness.

As he can use both his human brain and reindeer sensitivity at the same time, this is also the form in which he thinks of strategies at its best. In this form, Chopper is frequently mistaken for a tanuki, and this is also the form that is listed on Chopper’s wanted poster. But because of its appearance, Chopper was frequently mistaken for a pet by the authorities, which contributed to his extremely low bounty. He is still physically capable of carrying two heavy iron balls while running at full speed in this shape.

Chopper has demonstrated the following technique in Brain Point form:


In this technique after consuming the “Rumble Ball,” he concentrates and scans his opponent to identify their vulnerability. When Chopper demonstrated this technique for the first time, it was assumed that he was preparing to fire a beam. This claim is made because the Kikōhō technique in issue, which Chopper is most likely performing, visually resembles a Dragon Ball move when he puts his hooves up to accomplish it.

Heavy Point (Weight Strengthening)

Chopper’s “human” form, Heavy Point, gives him a human-like appearance and height. Nearly every physical trait that made Chopper a reindeer is gone in this form. Chopper’s blue nose and some of his fur are all that are left. Additionally, Chopper gains peak human (primate) strength and agility in this form, which is useful in combat or other situations. On rare occasions, Chopper has also used this form to dodge in the air by changing into it in order to fall more quickly.

Chopper usually takes this form to try to pass for a human, but it’s frequently mistaken for the Abominable Snowman or another cryptid with a similar hairy hominid appearance. This shape is sometimes misidentified as a gorilla or a yeti.

Chopper’s Heavy Point is now much larger and more muscular than before the two-year time skip, giving him an even more monstrous appearance. In this form, he was able to block a powerful blow from a drug-enhanced Dosun’s hammer by attacking it head-on while just slightly injuring his hand. This was the same hammer that had previously destroyed a building with a single blow.

Chopper has demonstrated the following techniques while in Heavy Point form:

Heavy Gong (Weight Gong)

In this technique, Chopper can use this straightforward facepunch in Heavy Point.

Robi-Cho Suplex

This is a combo technique which Chopper performs with Robin. After Chopper grabs an opponent, Robin uses Pierna Fleur to sprout leg after leg below Chopper. Chopper would leap off his “stilts” once he reached the right height and perform a suplex to knock the opponent’s head off.

Super Frapper Gong

This is a combo technique that Chopper and Franky perform together. When combined with Franky’s Strong Hammer, Chopper and Franky can both attack an opponent in the face at once. The names of FRAnky and ChoPPER, as well as the word “SUPER” used by Franky and Chopper, are all combined in the name.

Gomu Gomu no Stamp (Rubber Rubber Weight Stamp)

This is a combo technique between Chopper and Luffy. Chopper launches a Heavy Gong, Luffy performs a standard Gomu Gomu no Stamp.

Rumble Ball Transformations

Chopper has extended his transformations through the usage of the Rumble Ball in addition to his regular forms. He undergoes numerous additional transformations for three minutes while under the effect of this yellow medication that resembles a jawbreaker. The best use of these forms is when fighting challenging enemies.

With these forms and the Rumble Ball, Chopper takes an advantage in battle, but it is important to watch how many Rumble Balls he can consume in a six-hour period. Chopper is unable to choose the shape he will adopt when he transforms if he waits less than two hours. If he consumes three, Chopper transforms into a form that is lethal to both him and everyone around him.

Chopper only needs to use the Rumble Ball for his Monster Point following the two-year time skip. What Chopper says anytime he consumes a Rumble Ball in order to activate the remainder of their transformations is not really an “attack.”

Guard Point (Fur Strengthening)

Chopper’s fur stretches out to cover his entire body, leaving only his head and two legs visible. With this fur, Chopper has an impenetrable shield that allows him to repel most outside threats. Also, only specific kinds of attacks can be withstood in this form. This implies that Chopper can still sustain damage while in this shape from any attack that is too strong for the fur to withstand. The guard is flame-sensitive because it is made of fur.

Although this form has strong defensive qualities, it doesn’t appear to let Chopper launch any sort of attack. Therefore, Chopper needs to assume a different form in order to attack. However, Chopper has been shown attacking in this form in the anime. Chopper hits an enemy like a large furry rolling boulder by using the form’s thick fur.

The Guard Point has grown significantly in size over the past two years to the point where it can now defend the Thousand Sunny from a hit from the Kraken’s tentacle. Like in his earlier forms, Chopper can now change into this one without a Rumble Ball. Despite the fact that Chopper transformed to fight the kraken using a Rumble Ball in the manga, this was later discovered to be incorrect.

Guard Point was noticeably bigger when Chopper used it to battle the Kraken than when Franky used it while in his body. Whether Chopper had more control over his body than Franky at the time, or whether Chopper can now freely control the extent of the transformation, is still unknown.

Chopper has demonstrated the following technique while in Guard Point form:

Chopper Sensha (Chopper Tank)

In this technique, Chopper’s fur traps the firearms, enabling him to fire them all at once. The attack is much weaker than it could have been because Chopper’s Guard Point is much smaller as a result of Ain rejuvenating him to the age of five.

Horn Point (Horn Strengthening)

With larger and sharper antlers than Walk Point, Horn Point is a variant of that form. In order to balance off the heavy load on his head, Chopper’s human arms are still present but they grow thicker (and covered in fur). Chopper can make a lot of uses for these enormous antlers, such as using them as a big shovel.

After the two years time-skip, Chopper’s Horn Point has undergone a significant evolution. In this phase, he is now capable of standing on two legs, and his antlers have significantly changed in size and shape, becoming thicker and less pointed like those of a stag beetle. He now has hooves instead of hands, and his forearms are bigger than they were before the time skip.

Despite still being hooved, his legs and feet also gave a humanoid structure. Chopper has a face that resembles his Brain Point and a hairier back. He has grown taller and has improved his digging skills significantly. It’s unknown if he still has the ability to change into his former Horn Point form.

Chopper has demonstrated the following techniques while in Horn Point form:

Hissatsu Uso-Cho Hammer Suisei (Sure-Kill Uso-Cho Hammer Comet)

In this technique, Usopp uses Chopper’s antlers and a big rubber band as a slingshot to launch the hammer used in his Usopp Hammer attack towards the opponent with great power. Chopper transforms into his Horn Point form for this combo technique.

Roseo Colonnade (Cherry Blossom Colonnade)

In this technique, Chopper chases and throws his opponents into the air with his antlers when facing against multiple enemies at once. When they land, their body emerges vertically from the ground like a column, but their head remains buried in the dirt.

A symmetrical grouping of stone columns known as a “colonnade” is used in architecture to support the roofs of historic structures like churches and palaces, or in this case, the (symmetrical) appearance of Chopper’s vanquished enemies.

Kakuho: Elf (Horn Cannon: Eleven)

In this technique, after excavating beneath the surface, Chopper leaps out of the ground and attacks his opponent’s horns first.

Elf is German for “eleven” in this context (probably referring to horns forming “11”).

Kung Fu Point (Flexibility Power Strengthening)

The Kung Fu Point is a form Chopper added into his options of transformations after the time skip. The shape has a squat body structure, is typical in size, and is one head higher than the usual person. He develops a wider face and head, with no visible neck. Chopper’s face appears to be fixated, and his upper lip has also grown angular and is pointing upwards. Though not as much as Arm Point, his short, muscular arms and legs are incredibly strong. In this form, Chopper’s voice sounds like him, but with high-pitched screaming instead.

He bears several characteristics with the humans that live in Torino Kingdom, the island where he trained for two years. His antlers still have the same shape but seem a little thinner, and he still has his hooves.

Chopper is extremely skilled in kung fu in this form, which allows for fluid movement and makes him powerful enough to dispatch multiple powerful opponents. It appears to combine the strength of Arm Point with the acrobatic skill of Jumping Point, albeit to a lower extent than either point alone. Chopper has shown to be strong enough in this form to open enormous steel doors with ease.

Chopper has demonstrated the following techniques while in Kung Fu Point form:

Robi-Cho Daisenpu (Robi-Cho Great Whirlwind)

This is a combo technique with Robin, in which she first elevates Chopper, after which Chopper rotates quick enough to produce a whirlwind.

Kung Fu Boost Combo One

This is a combination video game technique in the One Piece: Burning Blood. Chopper uses this as a special attack.

Jumping Point (Flight Power Strengthening)

Chopper retains his reindeer legs in a human-like form at Jumping Point, which enables him to jump great distances. Even the ones with exceptional jumping ability are awestruck by Chopper’s use of this form because of how high it can jump.

This form is ideal for dodging an opponent’s assaults because it enables Chopper to leap far into the air to evade him. In this form, Chopper’s ability to jump into the air from a considerable distance might offer him a significant height advantage over opponents.

Despite its ability to jump, the form is largely ineffective against opponents who can also move while in the air. Additionally, Chopper hasn’t yet developed any attacks that he can use in this form. Chopper often only uses this form for evasive purposes; in order to fight, he must switch to another form.

Arm Point (Muscle Strengthening)

This is Chopper’s most powerful human form in which he retains his hooves while developing extraordinarily muscular biceps, triceps, and shoulders. In this form, Chopper can deal a lot of damage thanks to the increased strength of his forearms. They have the strength to smash a large rock in one blow, and are also highly durable. Chopper usually takes this form during battle to perform a devastating blow that will knock out his enemy.

Despite the fact that Chopper claims he can no longer access this point after the time skip (and that he hasn’t used it canonically since the crew came back together).

Chopper has demonstrated the following techniques while in Arm Point form:

Kokutei Roseo (Carving Hoof Cherry Blossom)

In this technique, when Chopper hits an opponent, his hoof makes an imprint in the victim that resembles a sakura blossom.

Kokutei Cross (Carving Hoof Cross)

In this technique, Chopper attacks his opponent with enormous force in a punch, but this time, he connects his right and left hooves at the wrists. When he hits, he spreads his “fingers” apart, using at least twice as much force as a regular Kokutei Roseo to leave an ‘X’-shaped impression in the target’s body.

Kokutei Roseo Metel (Carving Hoof Cherry Blossom Blizzard)

This is the most powerful attack from Chopper. In order to prepare for a Kokutei Cross attack, Chopper first puts his hooves together on either the right or left side of his body. Then, he runs or jumps in the direction of his opponent and launches a barrage of Kokutei Roseo fists at them over their entire bodies. The imprints left by the hoofs resemble a sizable cluster of falling sakura petals.

Metal is the Russian word for “Snowstorm.”

Armée de L’Air Kokutei Roseo Shoot (Air Force Carving Hoof Cherry Blossom Shoot)

In this technique, Chopper jumps onto Sanji’s legs and performs a combination attack. Sanji’s kick then launches Chopper in the direction of an enemy. Chopper makes a larger hoof imprint than usual with Kokutei Roseo thanks to the force of Sanji’s kick and the force of his own arms.

Kokutei Diamond (Carving Hoof Diamond)

In this technique, Chopper hits an opponent while keeping his hooves close together, which is similar to the Kokutei Cross in concept. The outcome creates an impression that resembles a diamond.

Monster Point

Before the time skip, Chopper acquired an additional Rumble Ball transformation by consuming three Rumble Balls in less than six hours, with the exception of Brain Point (Heavy Point stance, Arm Point strength, Walk Point speed, Horn Point horns, Jump Point legs, and Guard Point hair).

The height of this form increases dramatically, dwarfing even the already unnaturally tall creatures. As a result, it is regarded as a form of gigantification that looks similar to a wendigo. It also has hands that are different from those of the others; he still has five fingers that are similar to those of a human, but each one has been replaced by a thick, long, black hoof that is shaped like a finger. His eyes were similarly changed in this form prior to the time skip; they were transformed into bright cyan with no discernible distinction between the sclera, iris, and pupil.

The transformation significantly improves Chopper’s physical characteristics. Also, his body grows more dense and durable in this form. He is incredibly strong offensively, and he once used this form to destroy a Drum Island entire village. Also, Chopper was able to easily overcome very strong opponents. His roar alone is terrifying enough to neutralize several attacks.

However, this form has two very significant drawbacks. The first time before the time skip, when Chopper transformed into this form, he passed out, and went berserk. It has also been stated that Chopper himself would be in danger if this form were to take on the characteristics of a true monster. That remark reflected the form’s second flaw: as Zoro noted, this transition may be fatal to Chopper because the energy required to keep the form up was more than his body could manage.

The only two ways to end this form were for the Rumble Ball to wear off, which would take less than three days given that Chopper was thrown into the air by Kuma while in Monster Point and landed in his Brain Point form, or for Chopper’s Devil abilities to be neutralized by common Devil Fruit weaknesses like seawater, as Franky did when he blasted him into the water. In either case, the strain on Chopper’s body when he returns to normal causes him to briefly immobile.

In this state, after the time skip, Chopper is now able to maintain control over himself and speak clearly, but his voice is noticeably deeper. He can stay in it for three minutes by eating a Rumble Ball, which is now the only form for which he needs one. It still consumes a tremendous amount of energy, though, and after returning to normal, Chopper is too tired to move for two to three hours. According to him, Chopper should be limited to using it once every six hours.

This form didn’t have a formal name at first. In chapter titles, it is referred to as Monster. This form’s name in the Japanese edition of One Piece: Unlimited Adventure is Overlimit Chopper. If Chopper is victorious in a boss fight after swallowing a Rumble Ball and if he is at least the fifth member to be defeated, it is also available in the same as a character in VS Mode and is playable in the main plot.

The same character also makes an appearance in One Piece: Unlimited Cruise and can be used in the main plot by eating a Rumble Ball when Chopper’s HP is extremely low, regardless of how many crew members are still alive. Overlimit Chopper is extremely sluggish and has a limited attack range, but he has a ton of health and strength, is able to take a lot of hits without recoiling, and deals a ton of damage per hit. This form is comparable to an awakened Zoan in Impel Down because it grants the user enormous control over all of their other forms.

Chopper has demonstrated the following technique while in Monster Point form:

Kokutei: Palme (Carving Hoof: Palm)

In this technique, with his enormous, hoof-like fingers, Chopper attacks his opponent open-handed. Its initial use against an opponent was powerful enough to break his iron hammer and seriously hurt them.


Sometime later, with Caesar Clown’s help, Chopper was able to extend the time he had access to Monster Point to 30 minutes by enhancing the Rumble Ball’s duration periods. When the effects wear off, however, the additional side-effects force Chopper to regress to an infant-based state known as Babyjiji, also known as “Baby Geezer.”

In this form, Chopper becomes a man of average height who can be held in a person’s palms. His speech in this form, for some reason, emphasizes the name of the form. This side effect lasts for about 15 minutes before disappearing.


Q. What does the Hito Hito no Mi do?

A. The Hito Hito no Mi enables its user to transform into a human or a human hybrid at will. In the case of Tony Tony Chopper, the fruit also gave him the power of human intelligence that allowed him to become a doctor.

Q. What would happen if a human ate Hito Hito no Mi?

A. According to Oda, if a human ate the Hito Hito no Mi, their ability to swim would be taken away.

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