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Rebecca in One Piece

Rebecca is the daughter of Scarlett and Kyros, Viola's niece, and Riku Doldo III's granddaughter. She was the former crown princess of Dressrosa but gave up her position to live with her father and now works as Viola's lady-in-waiting.

All About Rebecca



First Appearance in Anime

One Piece Episode 633 "A Formidable, Unknown Warrior! Lucy Appears"

Voice Actors

English Dub: Christine Marie Cabanos

Japanese: Megumi Hayashibara

Date of Birth

August 4th









Corrida Colosseum



Princess of Dressrosa (former)

Gladiator (former)


Dressrosa (Grand Line)

Rebecca’s Past

The eldest daughter of Riku Doldo III, Scarlett, and Kyros had a child named Rebecca. She formerly enjoyed a pleasant life with her family in a little home close to the kingdom. Rebecca used to go flower picking with her mother and sell the blooms throughout town. Her grandfather and Aunt Viola would often pay her a visit.

Rebecca's childhood.

The palace was burning when the Donquixote Pirates took control of Dressrosa. Kyros instructed Rebecca and Scarlett to meet him at the Red Flower Fields before heading to the palace. Later, a group of armed men commanded by Diamante attacked Rebecca and her mother.

Her father, who has been changed into a toy known as Thunder Soldier, assisted them in escaping. Rebecca asked her mother for food when she became hungry after spending two days on the run. Scarlett decided to go food shopping for them, leaving Rebecca alone but promised to return soon.

Later, Rebecca heard movement in the bushes and was startled to see a bloodied Scarlett held in the arms of a broken and bruised Thunder Soldier. Scarlett was attacked, Thunder Soldier revealed, and despite his best efforts to save her, she ultimately died. Then he fed Rebecca, but she started sobbing instead. As Doflamingo's soldiers stormed by, searching for her, Thunder Soldier instinctively clamped his hand over her mouth to keep her silent.

Later, Thunder Soldier revealed to Rebecca that Doflamingo had become king and that Doflamingo was seeking her because her mother was important and her daughter was as important. Then he promised to defend her, even at the price of his own life, because he had failed to shield her mother.

Rebecca, however, was preoccupied with her mother's passing and was not thinking about herself. While attempting to flee back to her former residence, she started to cry out for her mother while Thunder Soldier tried to cheer her up. On the other hand, Thunder Soldier understood that by now, Doflamingo's soldiers would have taken up residence in her house.

Thunder Soldier (Kyros after being turned to toy) with Rebecca.

After that, Thunder Soldier took on the role of her guardian, looking out for her while working several jobs to support her. The Thunder Soldier then attempted to care for Rebecca, who initially refused but eventually warmed up to him.

He found Rebecca a place to live and assured her that he would always be at her side even though he couldn't live with her. He would consistently toss a flower petal into her bedroom from the window every morning to sustain his claim.

Rebecca’s Personality

Rebecca is a composed and mighty warrior. Despite her attempts to look unconcerned about others making fun of her for being a Spartan, she finds it quite upsetting and even bites her bottom lip. She seems to know something about the history of the Colosseum. She is also highly considerate of other people.

She may be a brave warrior, but she can also be very emotional, as evidenced by the tears she did weep when she first saw Thunder Soldier. Other signs of weakness included biting her lower lip in response to the other gladiators' hoots. She feels awkward admitting her weakness to others.

She was willing to use deceptive methods to protect those important to her. She demonstrated she was not a coward by being ready for retaliation after her botched assassination attempt. Rebecca's mother instilled in her a love of kindness and a desire to treat others respectfully.

She carefully avoids directly hurting her opponents while fighting as a result. During her conflict with Diamante, Kyros enthusiastically commended Rebecca for retaining Scarlett's generosity. She likes to socialise and can start up a conversation with anyone.

Rebecca’s Appearance

Rebecca is a fair-skinned, petite teen who wears her long, bright pink hair in a braid. She was decked out as a gladiator in a bikini of yellow scale armour with a turquoise paludamentum, a ridged helmet, greaves, gloves, high-heeled armour, and a necklace.

She was armed with a big sword and shield. She threw away the shield before going into the D Block combat royale. The other gladiators find her to be incredibly lovely and attractive.

Rebecca in coloured manga.

Her braid separates into two strands beneath her helmet, beginning at her temples. She wore a short, straightforward white dress, a yellow pearl necklace, and brown sandals before the start of the Corrida Colosseum event.

Her hair was shorter as a child, but she wore a braided ponytail. She wore a hooded light blue coat. However, her coat was depicted as being dark in the manga.

Rebecca's current anime appearance.

She was spotted wearing a light-coloured dress with frills at the bottom, nearly identical to the one her mother wore after Donquixote Doflamingo was defeated, and she momentarily regained her title as a princess. In addition, Rebecca had a ribbon tied at the top of her long, light pink braids.

Rebecca’s Abilities

Since she was a little kid, Rebecca has been trained in combat by Kyros (as Thunder Soldier), the best fighter in the Dressrosa Colosseum, even though he was constrained by his one-legged toy form. She is referred to as the "Undefeated Woman" throughout the Colosseum.

Rebecca is highly agile due to her extensive military training under Thunder Soldier since childhood. Rebecca's incredible speed and quick reflexes are among her strongest skills. She is unharmed, in contrast to the other gladiator prisoners, who were severely hurt to the point of losing arms and legs, which is evidence of her strength. She seemed to have almost unbelievable speed.

Rebecca in gladiator outfit.

Rebecca is untouchable and can fend off attacks from several foes simultaneously. Her evading was her most spectacular act. She also possesses great strength, as evidenced by the force she uses in her swordsmanship to parry or block tremendous blows from gladiators, including enemies who are physically larger than herself. Along with her sword, Rebecca was proven to push opponents out of the ring with skilled kicks or grappling throws.


Rebecca is shown to be adept with a sword. The "Backwater Sword Dance," also known as the "Back-to-the-Water Dance", is a totally defensive form of swordplay she uses. Similar to aikido in the real world, it emphasises turning the opponent's strength and momentum against them rather than using physical force.

She defeats her enemies in the Colosseum by causing them to stumble out of the ring without harming them. She became known as the "Undefeated Woman" because of this. Her fighting style, which mirrors her non-injurious disposition, has allowed her to survive and outlast all her opponents in the Colosseum without causing any harm to anyone.

Rebecca can skillfully use her sword to block strikes from physically strong and powerful foes, which suits her protective nature. But against more challenging and more skilled opponents, her fighting approach usually fails.

Haki and Weapons

Rebecca appears to have incredible mastery over her Kenbunshoku Haki, which, paired with her speed and reflexes, has allowed her to come out unhurt in her previous colosseum encounters. She has had intense training from Kyros to refine her inner instinct to perfection.

Rebecca is armed with a long sword in the Middle Ages style that almost reaches her shoulders. The sword is blunted, though, likely to avoid hurting or killing someone. On her left arm, she wears a circular shield as well. She has experience using both a sword and a shield in battle as a gladiator of the Corrida Colosseum.

Rebecca’s Relationships



Rebecca's father, Kyros, was turned into a toy. Thunder Soldier has cared for and shielded her as his own after her mother's death when she was a young child. Rebecca claimed to despise Thunder Soldier at first because he didn't defend her mother, but she eventually became close to him because he had reared her for the previous ten years and had also taught her how to fight.

She was proven to be aware of her father's past as a gladiator despite losing her memories of him when he was turned into a toy because she was able to inform Luffy about it when he questioned her about the statue of Kyros. When they were reunited, Kyros prevented Rebecca from being killed by Diamante, and Rebecca sobbed with happiness at seeing her father again after he told her he would take care of the fighting for her.

Rebecca and Kyros after Diamante's defeat.

After Doflamingo's defeat, Kyros lied that her biological father was a distant prince to shield her from the stigma associated with having Kyros' criminal past. When her father attempted to leave Dressrosa, Rebecca pursued him because she would not accept his decision.

Looking over his prior transgressions, she claimed he is her real father and joyfully embraced him while requesting permission to live together. He asked her if she genuinely wanted him to be her father, and she immediately renounced her royal position to be with him. She clutched her father's hand as he sobbed excitedly when the Straw Hats departed Dressrosa.


Rebecca picking flowers with her mother Scarlett.

Rebecca and her mother Scarlett shared a close bond. Before Donquixote Doflamingo seized the Riku Family, they coexisted peacefully. When Doflamingo took control of Dressrosa, Scarlett tried to protect her daughter by removing her from the carnage that was occurring there. Rebecca lamented her loss after she passed away while attempting to obtain food for her. She fights in a way that honours her mother's request that she not hurt anyone.


Rebecca and Viola.

Viola is Rebecca's aunt. When they were reunited, Rebecca gave her a warm embrace, which she received back, suggesting she cared deeply for her. She asked Viola to become the next princess of Dressrosa after Doflamingo's defeat, which Viola understood and agreed to because it was a request made by Rebecca's mother.

Riku Doldo III

The Riku Family.

Rebecca is the granddaughter of Riku Doldo III, who is thought to have attempted to plunder his own people; as a result, she is hated by everyone because of her family. Riku begged Rebecca to succeed as princess of Dressrosa, but she ultimately declined to be with her father, which Riku found fair because he compared her to Scarlett.


Monkey D. Luffy

After witnessing Luffy defeat Spartan, Rebecca began to appreciate him a little and was happy to tell him the Kyros legend when he showed interest in the statue. Even though she respected Luffy, she unwillingly attempted to murder him after he triumphed in their group's battle royale to increase her chances of obtaining the Mera Mera no Mi.

Rebecca and Luffy before Corrida Colosseum battle.

She is a good person in Luffy's eyes and thus he was furious with the crowd for jeering and booing her. She appreciates all he has done for her, is pleased when Luffy leaves the country without incident and hopes to see him again.

Prisoned Gladiators

The prisoner gladiators were the only ones who respected Rebecca before the Straw Hats arrived on Dressrosa since they did not share the townspeople's opinion of her, and they concurred with Luffy that Rebecca has nothing to do with what her grandfather is alleged to have done.


Like the prisoner gladiators, Acilia did not share the citizens' hate of Rebecca because of her heritage.


Rebecca appeared interested in learning more about him when he replaced the real "Lucy" during the tournament's finals. Later, he exposes himself to be Sabo, the Revolutionary Army's chief of staff and the first "Lucy's" sworn brother.

After witnessing Doflamingo's behaviour at Dressrosa, Sabo appeared to feel Rebecca's plight. Even after destroying the arena, he spared Rebecca by ordering Bartolomeo to defend her from Diamante.


Rebecca and Mansherry after Doflamingo's defeat.

After Doflamingo's defeat, Rebecca and Mansherry are seen together, suggesting they have become friends.

Tank Lepanto

Tank Lepanto was Rebecca's ally because of his commitment to her family and his efforts to save her and the others from avaricious pirates.

Straw Hat Pirates' friends

Rebecca, Vivi and Shirahoshi discussing about Luffy at the Levely.

Due to a mutual acquaintance they are indebted to, Rebecca and Vivi, Shirahoshi, and Dalton quickly become close friends at Mary Geoise.


Donquixote Doflamingo

Rebecca has a profound hatred for Doflamingo because of his horrible rule, the way he falsely accused her grandfather and sentenced her to live forever as a "convict gladiator" in the Colosseum. To be able to defend Thunder Soldier, she intended to triumph in the Mera Mera no Mi and defeat him. Later, Rebecca wept with happiness as she witnessed Doflamingo's defeat.


Diamante killed Rebecca's mother, Scarlett, a fact he brought up during their fight to make fun of her and mentally destroy her. Rebecca grieved so hard that she was unable to continue the battle as she believed that Diamante was to blame for her losing her memories of her father at the moment.


A few of the Corrida Colosseum fighters reported that Spartan had previously victimised Rebecca for a considerable time.


Dressrosa Citizens

Rebecca was hated by almost every person in Dressrosa since she was the granddaughter of the last monarch. The severity of this hatred was evident by the audience's barrage of offensive taunts during the match at the Corrida Colosseum. The kingdom's people eventually understood how the Riku family was set up and realised their error in disliking Rebecca for it as the truth about Doflamingo's conquest of the kingdom came to light.

Regardless, they attacked the Riku family following Doflamingo's Birdcage bounty-hunting game; some did so to collect the reward for her head, while others wanted to stop the devastation caused by Doflamingo's manipulation of puppets. They no longer harbour animosity towards Rebecca after Doflamingo's defeat, and they now accept her.


Cavendish stood up for her when everyone else booed at Rebecca, making them cheer for him instead. Although Rebecca praised him for it, he emphasised that they were still at war. She didn't feel any desire for Cavendish, unlike many ladies who swooned at the sight of his good looks.

Rebecca in Other Media

Rebecca features in the following One Piece themed video games:

Game Name

Release Date

One Piece Treasure Cruise

May 12, 2014

One Piece: Dance Battle

November 12, 2014

One Piece Thousand Storm

April 21, 2016

Jumputi Heroes

March 28, 2018

One Piece Bounty Rush

March 2018

One Piece: Burning Will

September 20, 2018

One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X

November 13, 2014

One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum

September 21, 2016

One Piece: Burning Blood

April 21, 2016

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

March 26, 2020

One Piece Odyssey

January 12, 2023


Q. Does Rebecca have a crush on Luffy?

  1. No, Rebecca doesn’t have a crush on Luffy. She does however admire and respect him for everything he has done for her and hopes to see him again some day.

Q. Is Rebecca a Haki user?

  1. Rebecca is a Kenbunshoku Haki user.

Q. Who defeated Rebecca in One Piece?

  1. Rebecca and others were defeated in the Corrida Colosseum battle by Sabo when Sabo obtained the Mera Mera no Mi.

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