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Thousand Sunny in One Piece

The Thousand Sunny is the second vessel of the Straw Hat Pirates after the Going Merry was sunk. The crew frequently refers to it as "Sunny".

It is a ship of the highest craftsmanship, at least twice as big as the Going Merry, and it was constructed from Adam Wood. Sunny has included almost all of the features the Straw Hats requested before arriving in Water 7.

Franky originally had the idea for The Thousand Sunny when he was young. The Oro Jackson, a vessel built by Franky's mentor Tom, inspired him to create a ship that could travel the world. It is a brigantine-style ship that Franky planned and built with assistance from Yokozuna, Iceburg, and the remaining forepersons from Galley-La, among the best shipbuilders in the world.

All About Thousand Sunny


Thousand Sunny

First Appearance in Anime

One Piece Episode 321 "The King of Beasts that will Cross the Ocean! The Dream Ship's Magnificent Completion!"

First Appearance in Manga

Chapter 436 "Pants from Franky House"

Completion date

March 25th




Straw Hat Pirates


Water 7 (Paradise)

Sunny’s Background

Franky and Galley-La company building the Thousand Sunny.

Franky resolved to build the Straw Hats a new ship to replace the one lost after the attack on Enies Lobby because he felt he owed them for what had transpired. He laboured hard to create the new ship using the Adam Wood he had purchased with the cash his gang had stolen from the Straw Hats and some assistance from Yokozuna, Iceburg, Paulie, Peepley Lulu, and Tilestone. After working on Scrap Island for several days and nights, Iceburg showed the Straw Hats the rebuilt ship.

Sunny’s Appearance

Thousand Sunny in coloured manga.

The Thousand Sunny is a brigantine, a kind of ship that is incredibly adaptable and depends on the abilities of its navigator. The ship's deck has a lawn with a swing, a slide, and an observation tower with a crow's nest.

The ship has incredible mobility because of its enormous masts. The figurehead is an animal's head, precisely that of a stylised lion with a mane, similar to the Going Merry. Much to Franky's irritation, the lion was mistaken for both a sunflower and a sun throughout the ship's construction because of the lion's mane's ambiguity.

The ship is equipped with sixteen cannons, including the Gaon weapon in the figurehead and the Coup de Burst weapon astern. There are seven conventional cannons on each side of the ship. Franky noted that Jinbe was the ideal choice to maximise the ship's potential after learning his skill.

Sunny’s Design

One of the blueprints of Thousand Sunny as depited in SBS.

Sunny includes almost all features that the Straw Hats demanded when they arrived at Water 7 for Going Merry’s repair. Sadly, Going Merry became too fragile and couldn’t go further ahead and eventually got destroyed and sunk.

Fortunately, Franky decided to put his all into building Straw Hats, a new ship that contains almost all of the crew's demands. Thousand Sunny isn’t just all luxurious and beautiful. It is one of the strongest pirate vessels featured in the series.

Figurehead, Helm and Anchors

The Thousand Sunny's mascot is a large lion face with two crossbones behind it in the style of a Jolly Roger. The lion's mane can twist like a propeller to pull the ship backwards if necessary, and the figurehead's mouth may open to display the Gaon Cannon for frontal strikes.

The helm of the Thousand Sunny is situated at the bow. Sunny's steering wheel is positioned similarly to those of modern ships, as opposed to the traditional steering wheels used on traditional sailing ships. The steering wheel itself houses the Soldier Dock System's controls.

A lever located next to the wheel can be used to open the compartments after one has selected which ones to place at the ship's aperture on the side. The lever serves as both the control for the Soldier Dock System compartments and the trigger for the Coup de Burst. The user at the helm pulls the lever to activate the Coup de Burst once the cola energy in the Energy Room has been built up.

Conveniently, a bench is placed close to the wheel. The Sunny also features a built-in log position on a medium-height metal pillar directly behind the ship's helm. When they arrived in the New World, they changed the huge Log Pose to the proper New World variation, which resembles Nami's new Log Pose but has three needles instead of one.

Blueprint of Sunny's Figurehead, helm, and anchors.

The Thousand Sunny's anchors, which have three toes each and are positioned at either side of the ship's front, resemble enormous lion paws. The metal ring behind the figurehead keeps the ropes for raising and lowering them. The ship was depicted in the anime, post-time skip, as having the ability to fire both anchors like grappling hooks.

Franky put searchlights in the lion figurehead's eyes after the time skip. The figurehead recently displayed some anthropomorphic facial emotions similar to those of the Going Merry. The lion made a queasy face when the Straw Hats were caught in a White Strom in the manga.

The lion made a panicked face when surrounded by Sea Kings while making their way to Fish-Man Island in the anime. The lion also made a second panicked face when the ship caught fire because Luffy forgot to turn off the stove, and during the ensuing chaos, the figurehead got a sweat drop. Upon reaching Wano Country when Luffy announced his plan to leave it behind, it displayed a distressed expression.

Men's and Women's Rooms

Men's and Women's rooms.

The first floor of the ship's fore is where the men's quarters are, and the second floor is where the women's quarters are. Either of the first-floor door can be used to access the men's quarters. A horigotatsu-type kotatsu, a traditional Japanese fireplace setting, lies in the centre of the space, complete with a sunken table and low sofas.

The men sleep in three double-decker bunks suspended from the ceiling like wooden hammocks. They can store their clothing in one of six lockers in the back of the room, behind these bunks. The men's wanted posters are displayed on the room's wall.

However, Sanji's poster is missing due to his persistent difficulty correctly taking his picture. The men's quarters have a hatch that leads into a storage area below the deck.

Men's room.

The door on the second floor leads into the women's quarters. The women's rooms resemble more ordinary bedrooms on land than the men's quarters, which have a more traditional ship appearance.

It has two beds, a library, a four-door wardrobe, a vanity with a mirror and some comfortable sofas. Behind the mattresses is a treasure box that belonged to Nami. Since the time skip, the two beds have been swapped out for a single king-sized bed.

Women's room.

Each room has a bathroom right outside the door. The men's restroom is located at the entrance in a standard bathroom setting. It has some toothbrushes and a classic washbasin. The only distinctive aspect of this room is the bell to alert everyone in case of emergencies or other urgent situations. The lavatory by the entrance to the women's quarters is a little more elaborate.

It has a closet where the crew can keep wine and a tea set. While internal pumps and filters supply cold, fresh water for both bathrooms, hot water for the tea set must be collected from the kitchen.

Additionally, each bedroom has a door on either side that opens to a tiny room with a cannon. A hatch leading to the chamber housing the Soldier Dock System is located on the lawned deck in front of these quarters. Outside, beneath the stairwells that circle the foremast, are restrooms.

Kitchen, Dining Hall, and Sick Bay

Blueprint of Kitchen, Dining Room, and Sick Bay.

Near the ship's stern, on the second story, are the kitchen, dining room, and sick bay. The ship's integrated dining room and kitchen have a restaurant-like feel, with a bar separating them. The kitchen features a professional layout and cooking utensils, such as a vast oven that can bake anything and a huge fridge with a lock, which Sanji has often demanded to prevent others from stealing food (especially Luffy).

Kitchen and Dining Room.

Only Sanji, Nami, and Robin know the four-digit code "7326" unlocks the fridge. Their names are combined to form the code. In Japanese, the numbers 7 and 3 can be pronounced as "na" and "mi" respectively, relating to Nami.

The two first syllables of Nico Robin's entire name are represented by the numbers 2 and 6, which can be pronounced as "ni" and "ro" respectively. As "san" and "ji" can also be used to allude to Sanji, the numbers 3 and 2 are also Sanji-related. Only raw, uncooked food is kept within the pantry, accessible through a door outside and next to the refrigerator.

This is done to deter Luffy from plundering the supplies here. The ship's main mast, which is located next to the galley, has a built-in dumbwaiter that can be used to bring food to the aquarium bar below. A ladder in the space also provides access to a hatch that opens to the observation deck above. Also, a Den Den Mushi is also kept in the dining area, close to the couch.

Sick Bay.

The Thousand Sunny, unlike the Going Merry, features a sick bay. The dining room and the ship's outside have access to it. The room has various medical items, including Chopper's preferred swivel chair, a desk, and a bed. The Straw Hats typically use it to treat any injuries they might sustain. It can act as a back entrance to the ship when not used.

Aquarium Bar

The Aquarium Bar.

The glass walls of this room allow the aquarium to be seen from the neighbouring lounge and make it a fantastic spot to store live fish that will later be eaten. The aquarium encircles the entire space and serves as the ceiling for the hallway behind it.

One must net the fish from the second-floor deck hatch to remove it from the aquarium for food. If that doesn't work, they will simply have to dive in and grab it themselves.

Aquarium Bar.

The ship's main mast, located in the centre of the room, has a tiny cabinet for keeping alcohol and a dumbwaiter leading to the kitchen above. Franky claims the room is a lovely dining spot because of the ambience. A stairway in the back of this room leads to Thousand Sunny's energy room.

Library, Workrooms, Baths, Survey Room, and Crow's Nest

Blueprint of library, workrooms, and bathhouse.

The library and bath are in the big hut-like building near the ship's stern. There is a giant lamp on each side of this structure. The lower level of the building has the library, a vast circular space with multiple bookcases, windows and a bench surrounding the entire area. Except for Luffy, everyone has books stashed here.


Nami's mapping workstation, which also has the Ship's Log, is in the centre of the room. There is a stairway leading up to the bath on the port side. Nami described the library as "the brain of the Sunny."

The bathroom is placed in the area of the structure that resembles an attic above the library. A front washroom with an accessible toilet and a door leading into the actual bath is accessible from the ladder in the library. It has a bathtub significantly bigger than the one on the Merry.


The crow's nest is located atop the foremast. It is a hut with a dome shape and numerous windows around it. It can be accessed by scaling the ropes surrounding the mast and then ascending a ladder via a hole in the metal floor of the nest.

It has a microphone and some cutting-edge telescopic equipment. Anyone inside the crow's nest can swiftly communicate news to the crew below thanks to the microphone's connection to a loudspeaker below the crow's nest to the rear.

With space to spare and gym-quality equipment like dumbbells, the crow's nest can also serve as a training facility for even Zoro's level athletes. The crow's nest has a bench around the edge, just like the library.

Blueprint of survey room, and crow's nest.

The Thousand Sunny's observation deck is atop the kitchen and dining room. It provides an entrance to the library and can be reached by passing through a hatch from the kitchen below.

It features Robin's flower garden and Nami's mikan trees, much like the top deck of the Going Merry. Along with the Usopp's Factory branch office, Usopp's Pop Green garden, and the chimney for the kitchen below, it also houses the Usopp's Factory.

Usopp's Factory.

Usopp's Main Factory and Franky's Weapon Development Room are the two rooms used for research and development beneath the deck, to the rear of the Soldier Dock System. Both come equipped with tools and drawing boards for creating plans and devices. Both are reachable by descending the steps from the Energy Room.

Sunny's Features

The Thousand Sunny is one of the series' most technologically sophisticated ships. It has several qualities that the crew has long desired, in addition to the extraordinary longevity provided by the Treasure Wood Adam from which it was created. Additionally, it has several wonderful modifications that Franky made himself; most of them are powered by Coca-Cola, typically from the ship's energy room.

Soldier Dock System

An internal unique mechanism known as the Soldier Dock mechanism is displayed publicly as two enormous numbered plates, one on each side of the ship. It is a turntable with six compartments, each housing a unique tool or vehicle used by the Straw Hats.

It is titled Soldier Dock System because of the vehicles kept there. Franky refers to them as the troops of the Thousand Sunny.

Blueprint of soldier dock system.

It has Channel Zero, which consists of two parallel compartments with paddle wheels that transform the ship into Paddle-Wheel Sunny before the time skip. It used cola as fuel. The wheels may move independently of one another and rotate in reverse.

These wheels made it simple to alter the Thousand Sunny's direction. The paddle wheels were removed to make place for Channels Five and Six after the timeskip. The Rabbit Screw was installed in their stead.

The soldier dock system further has these following features:

Mini Merry II

Mini Merry II.

A four-person shopping boat called the Mini Merry II is based on the Going Merry. It is located in Soldier Dock System Channel 2 of the Thousand Sunny. Its figurehead is modelled after the sheep figurehead from the first Going Merry. It can accommodate up to four people and was primarily designed for shopping. Franky created it to keep the original Going Merry's memory alive.

Shark Submerge III

Shark Submerge III.

The Shark Submerge III is a three-person deep-sea exploration submarine with a shark shape. It is a Thousand Sunny's Soldier Dock System component and is deployable via channel number 3.

Franky created it to support the Straw Hat Pirates whenever they encounter an aquatic scenario. A Den Den Mushi allows the passengers to communicate with the ship above them. The maximum depth that the Shark Submerge III can dive is 5,000 metres. Any deeper than that would result in the sub-cracking because of the water pressure in the area.

Shiro Mokuba I

The Shiro Mokuba I is a Waver that belongs to Nami and was formerly a shipwreck near Jaya. It is now situated in Channel 1 of the Thousand Sunny's Soldier Dock system after undergoing numerous alterations (including its name) from Franky.

Shiro Mokuba I (waiver), after Franky's modifications.

Franky secretly altered the Waver to resemble a Yagara Bull, renamed it the Shiro Mokuba I, and docked it in Channel 1 of the Thousand Sunny's Soldier Dock System not long after he joined the Straw Hats. Nami was outraged initially that this was done without her consent, but she seemed to find the changes acceptable enough to not have them reversed.

Brachio Tank V

Brachio Tank V.

One of the most recent additions to the Thousand Sunny's Soldier Dock is the Brachio Tank V housed at the recently built Dock 5. By pulling a lever, the cockpit can be expanded. The gun's mouth has a brachiosaurus shape and may be lifted and lowered.

The tank's main body is relatively rounded and propelled by tread belts. Wapometal construction allows it to "dock" with the Kurosai FR-U IV to create General Franky.

Kurosai FR-U IV

Kurosai FR-U IV.

This is also one of the most recent additions to the Thousand Sunny's Soldier Dock is the Kurosai FR-U IV ("Black Rhino FR-U IV"), which is housed in the previously vacant Dock 4. It has three wheels, a huge black motorbike, and a rhinoceros-armoured head.

On the two back wheels are the distinctive star. The Iron Pirate General Franky can "dock" with the Brachio Tank V and is built of waxometal.

Paddle Wheels

The Paddle Wheels can be brought about from the dock system to mobilise the ship in an area without wind or waves, such as the calm belts.

Inflatable Pool

An inflatable pool is also kept in the soldier dock system.

Coup De Burst

The Coup De Burst in action.

The Sunny makes a magnificent escape by firing a massive cannon downward and rocketing the spacecraft for one kilometre into the air using three barrels of Coca-Cola. It is what Franky refers to as an "Amazing Emergency Acceleration Device."

The move is a parody of the Going Merry's escape from Enies Lobby and other instances in which the Merry flew through the sky. The Sunny can withstand the force of this manoeuvre without suffering damage because Adam Wood was used in her construction.

Chicken Voyage

The Sunny can swiftly flee from attackers. It can move the entire ship backwards by spinning the mane of her figurehead like a propeller by turning a device at the helm.

Ships Bottom: Rabbit Screw

The Channel Zero paddle wheels were replaced by a turbine called Ship Bottom Rabbit Screw (literally, "Ship's Bottom Dashing Screw"). The Sunny moves at a significantly faster speed than when it has paddles. Two substantial metal arms hold the turbine in place as it protrudes from the hull's centre. It has two bunny ears on top and resembles a fan inside of a barrel.

Gaon Cannon

Gaon Cannon in action.

A potent weapon called the Gaon weapon is concealed inside the lion's mouth at the ship's prow, and it fires an airburst that resembles an energy beam (much like the non-canonical Goe Goe no Mi).

It's one drawback is that it burns through five barrels of cola in total: three to fire the cannon and two to fire the Coup de Burst cannon in the ship's rear to prevent it from rocketing backwards (unless the crew uses the cannon with the intent of doing so, such as if they need to flee from immediate danger in front of them, in which case only three barrels are consumed). This means the cannon should only be used occasionally.

Usopp's Garden, Nami's Mikan Trees, and Robin's Flower Bed

Usopp set up his Usopp Garden at the back of the ship after the time skip so he could nurture and grow his Pop Greens supply. Robin's flowerbed and Nami's Mikan trees are retained in the same location.

Sunny’s Other Appearances

Thousand Sunny Beach House

Thousand Sunny Beach House.

One Piece's 10th anniversary was celebrated by constructing a unique beach house in Kamakura. The beach house was designed to imitate the Thousand Sunny. The beach house doubles as a museum and is home to several One Piece-related attractions.

One Piece 20th x Kyoto

Thousand Sunny's painting.

A Japanese-style painting of the Thousand Sunny near Yo was displayed during the event art show "NUE".


Thousand Sunny figurine.

One Piece Super Ship Collection and One Piece Wobbling Pirate Ship Collection are two merchandising lines that include Thousand Sunny figurines. A few model kits of the Thousand Sunny are also available, including the Grand Ship Collection model and the Thousand Sunny, no grade, which comes in two variations: New World and Wano.


Q. What is the Thousand Sunny from One Piece?

  1. The Thousand Sunny the current vessel of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Q. Who built the Thousand Sunny?

  1. Thousand Sunny was built by the crew’s shipwright Franky. The workers from Galley-La company and Iceburg also helped Franky in completing the ship.

Q. In what episode Luffy gets the Thousand Sunny?

  1. Luffy gets the Thousand Sunny in the One Piece Episode 321, titled, "The King of Beasts that will Cross the Ocean! The Dream Ship's Magnificent Completion!"

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