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Who is Brook in One Piece?

Who is Brook in One Piece?

Brook is the musician of the crew. He is known as the "Soul King'. He was originally a member of the Rumbar Pirates but he got resurrected because he had eaten the Yomi Yomi Devil fruit which granted him the power to return to life after death only once.

After extensive training, Brook could take control of others too and he joined the Straw Hats crew after the Thriller Bark arc. He dreams of reuniting with Laboon at Reverse Mountain. He is really a jovial character who loves to entertain others. Brook is really sensitive about his hair and loves it a lot.

All about Brook



First Appearance in Anime

One Piece Episode #337

Voice Actors

Cho (Japanese Dub), Ian Sinclair (English Dub)


3rd April






Rumba Pirates (past), Straw Hats




West Blue

Devil Fruit

Yomi Yomi





Before becoming a pirate, Brook was the leader of a battle convoy and that is where he learned to fence. It is unknown why Brook left but after leaving, he joined the Rumbar Pirates. When Brook and his crew were traveling they noticed that a baby whale had been following them because of the music that Brook was playing. The crew allowed the whale to follow them and gave it a name, Laboon. Laboon tagged Brook and his crew on all their adventures. When the time came to enter the Grand Line, the Rumbar Pirates hesitated as Laboon was still a baby and the Grand Line was a dangerous place for him.

They tried to convince Laboon to stay back in the West Blue but failed. They then started to ignore the whale so that he gave up on them and left, this plan worked as they did not see Laboon for a few days. But when the Rumbar Pirates entered the Grand Line they were surprised that Laboon had followed them into the Grand Line. As their ship needed some repairs, they stayed with Laboon. Once their ship was fixed, Brook and his crew left Laboon under Crocus’s care and promised Laboon that they would come back for him after they explored the Grand Line.

While Brook and his crew traveled the Grand Line, a disaster struck their ship. The captain of the crew and half of the crew members caught an incurable disease. Brook cried when Captain Yorki and half of the crew fell ill with an incurable illness that required them to be separated in order to stop it from spreading to the other half of the crew. The rest of the crew decided to name Brook the new captain because they trusted him; they all sailed to the Florian Triangle where they were attacked by some enemy pirates. Their doctor was killed in the attack and the poison had spread in the ship. Brook knew that he would live as he had the powers of the Yomi Yomi no Mi and he suggested that he would play one last song that will be recorded in the Tone Dial, so that when Brook revives, he can take it back and play it for Laboon. Later on, slowly each crew member started to succumb to the poison and die.

When Brook died, his soul was able to return to his body due to his devil fruit powers. His whole body was skeletal and only his afro was retained as he had really strong roots. Brook spent fifty years on the ship which was really painful for him as he missed his crew a lot.

Thriller Bark Arc

During Thriller Bark Arc, Brook was first introduced in the series. When he first met Luffy, Nami and Sanji, Nami, and Sanji were scared and shocked at the fact that Luffy had invited him to join the crew. Brook said that he can't actually join Luffy since his shadow has been taken from him. Luffy, who genuinely wanted Brook to become part of them, promised to do whatever it took to get Brook's shadow back. Later on, when Luffy gets to know about Brook’s connection with Laboon, Luffy becomes even more determined to convince the skeleton to join their team. Once Moria was ultimately defeated and everyone's shadows restored, Luffy told Brook about how they had met Laboon on Reverse Mountain and that he was doing well and awaiting his return. After knowing that Laboon was doing well, Brook decided to join the crew.

Fishman Island Arc

During the Fishman Island Arc, Brook was busy fighting off the Royal Palace Guards as they were attacking the crew. He was also able to save Zoro, Usopp and himself from the cage that they were captured in by separating his soul from his body. Brook even used his music to hypnotize the New Fishman Pirates when they tried to attack Shirahoshi.

Punk Hazard Arc

During the Punk Hazard Arc, Brook met Kin’enmon’s torso and even though they didn't get off to a good start, they eventually got along and even defeated a dragon together on Punk Hazard. Brook even gets to know about the alliance between Luffy and Law.

Dressrosa Arc

During the Dressrosa Arc, the most notable moments of Brook are his fight against Giolla and Sheepshead.

Zou Arc

During the Zou Arc, Brook is seen helping and treating the injuries of the mink tribe and saving them from death. This helped the mink tribe trust Brook more. He is also really overjoyed in reuniting with Luffy again.

Whole Cake Island Arc

During the Whole Cake Island Arc, Brook is responsible for getting the Road Poneglyph inscriptions printed so that the crew can use it. He enters the Room of Treasures and easily defeats the chess soldiers. But just as he was about to get to the Road Poneglyph, he was confronted by Big Mom. After a tough battle Brook manages to escape with the help of Jinbe and everyone thinks that Brook failed in getting the Poneglyph prints but Brook surprises them with the printed inscriptions. While escaping Totto Land he also helps Chopper fight to take back the Sunny.

Wano Country Arc

During the Wano Country Arc, Brook aids Nico Robin in her fight against Black Maria. He helps Robin by fighting off Black Maria’s subordinates while she battles Black Maria. After the battle he also helps Robin escape CP0 who had come to capture them.


Brook is known to be very eccentric and has a personality of his own. Even though he is a gentleman he does have a very perverted and vulgar sight, like asking to see women’s underwear. He really appreciates the smallest and simplest of things. He is a very compassionate person who does not like cruelty at all. He is always ready to help people who are in need or very dear to him. The way Brook reacts to situations is quite weird and comical. He tends to make a lot of skull-based jokes with everyone around him.

Brook is known to be very patient but there have been instances where he can become impatient and rude. Brook really loves music and has great taste in it too. Be it in sadness or in joy, music is what keeps Brook going. Brook tends to lack common sense at times and does not think twice before acting upon things. He is not a big fan of moving fast. Brook strongly believes in the quote,’ Good things come to those who wait’. He does not like people who just waste their lives away, as he himself has experienced death firsthand.

Brook is known to always stick to the promises that he has made. Even though he does act childish at times he is quite loyal and fearless. Brook is also known to be chivalrous and very protective of women too. He also loves to drink tea a lot.


Before dying Brook was a tall, tanned, and skinny man who had an afro with a goatee and sideburns. He wore shades and never showed his eyes. He has a scar on his forehead that looks like a diagonal omega sign, this scar was also there when he turned into a skeleton. His outfit style was based on music artists like Ozzy Osbourne, Jimi Hendrix, etc,

After his death Brook was a very tall skeleton who wore formal outfits with a top hat and cane. He was almost 8 feet tall which makes him the tallest amongst all the Straw Hats. Even though he has no skin, his afro was still there, Brook says that it is because of his strong roots. Brook wears a coat, a top hat with trousers which are black but the inner linings of his coat are yellow-orange. There is a blue cravat that is tied between his coat and his neck. The outer covering of Brook’s cane sword is purple in color.

Brook’s abilities and strengths, and fighting style

Before he died the first time, Brook was known to be a very capable fighter and was the leader of a battle convoy before he became a pirate. After his death and his getting revived with the help of the Yomi Yomi no Mi, Brook is still able to fight in ways that a normal human being cannot. As long as Brook’s body is intact, he will be alive. He is able to repair any bone damage by just drinking milk. He can survive with his head cut off and due to the lack of flesh he is resistant to lightning. Even though Brook can resist a lot of things he is still capable of feeling pain. As his body is just bones, Brook doesn't age at all and is also capable of storing stuff inside his skull.

As Brook does not have any organs or flesh, he is very lightweight which gives him a lot of speed and agility. This helps him take down his enemies in battle before they can attack him. Brook also has an immense amount of physical strength and is known to have a huge amount of endurance too.

Brook is really skilled in playing different kinds of instruments. Music has really helped him in his darkest times and he has also started incorporating it in combat. Brook said he can use his music to completely change the mood and hypnotize his opponents. This has also given him a sharp hearing. Brook is also a very skilled swordsman. He uses a shikomizue and uses it like he is fencing.

Brook’s special abilities

Devil Fruit

Brook’s special abilities

The major strength of the devil fruit is that it gives the user another chance at life after death. Even though the Yomi Yomi devil fruit's power comes into play after the user's first death, the secondary use of this fruit is basically keeping the user alive. With the help of the fruit's power, Brook is able to function without the need of his vital organs and body parts. He can also interact with the environment around him without his sensory organs. He can do all the basic body functions as a normal human.

Brook’s special abilities

As he is just a skeleton, the devil fruit also allows Brook to do things that most people cannot do, like living without their body tissues. He is quite lightweight and is able to execute fast attacks and also do attacks that will otherwise be harmful to others, like charging himself with electricity and becoming an electrically charged projectile. He is also able to withstand deadly attacks to an extent. His devil fruit allows him to store objects in his skull by opening it along its crack.

Even though he can achieve a lot from his devil fruit, Brook can still feel fatigued as well as pain. He can even repair his own bones. Brook in his spectral form resembles a skeletal face and is engulfed in spiritual flames (which are not only visible but audible to people and animals). The drawback to this is that while Brook has his soul out of his body, he cannot use or move his physical body and someone has to guard his physical body so that it isn't harmed.

After the time skip, Brook can use his devil fruit to its full potential. It's revealed that in order for his soul to stay in this world, he can produce powerful energy for it to exist. He has also mastered the energy that allows his soul to reattach his bones by using his energy. He can even engulf his sword with his energy.


The techniques used by Brook are:

Kasuriuta: Fubuko Giri

In this technique, Brook combines his speed and devil fruit powers, and with the help of his sword, he creates a chilled mark that freezes the opponent’s blood. This is done with the help of the sword’s slashing technique as it contains the essence of the chilling winds of the underworld.

Ekakiuta: Hitoyogiri

In this technique, Brook slices his enemy’s torso with three freezing cuts. In the anime, the freezing effect is not seen.

Soul Parade

This is a defense technique in which Brook holds out his Soul solid backhand and blocks attacks, freezing anything that touches it.


In this technique, Brook uses a swift draw and sheathing technique to freeze the ground up to a certain radius.

Swallow Banderole

In this technique, Brook jumps towards the opponent and performs a very swift vertical downward slash which also freezes them. These freezing effects even spread to the ground.

Hanauta Sancho: Tyamasi no Yahazu Giri

This is also a combination technique with his devil fruit in which Brook jumps into the air and uses a draw and sheathing technique to vertically slash his opponent. His speed and light weight allows him to jump high and go far away from his enemies.

Cold Soul

In this technique, Brook flies out of his skeleton body in soul form and then passes through his target, freezing it with his soul's coldness.

Phrase d'armes: Orchestra

In this technique, Brook creates a slash in the shape of a G- clef, which freezes his opponents on impact.


Brook uses a sword known as shikomizue, a sword that is concealed in a cane. He has a gentle blade style that focuses on speed and precision. Brook named his sword the ‘Soul Solid’.


Rumbar Pirates

As a member and later the second captain of the Rumbar Pirates, Brook and his crew were like family to one another. Brook cried when Captain Yorki and half of the crew fell ill with an incurable illness that required them to be separated in order to stop it from spreading to the other half of the crew. They all appreciated music and each other's company. The rest of the crew decided to name Brook the new captain because they trusted him. Brook alone carried the promise of the team to reconnect with Laboon and grew lonely and melancholy when everyone else died when they were all destroyed by a force that utilized poisoned weapons against them. Even after being revived and spending the following 50 years alone in the Florian Triangle, Brook never forgot them.

Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy became friends with Brook before he officially joined the crew because he thought he was funny and was shocked to witness an actual skeleton. Luffy was not bothered by Brook as he expressed his ideas and even extended the offer to include Brook in his crew. After spending so many years alone in the dark, this gave Brook joy. Brook admits that he solely obeys Luffy's instructions and that he respects him a lot.

Roronoa Zoro

When they initially met, Zoro was horrified and confused by Brook's skeletal body. However, After knowing of Brook's relationship with Laboon and saving him from Ryuma, Zoro grew to appreciate Brook's company. Brook was further shocked when Zoro and Sanji chose to give their own life to Kuma rather than Luffy's.


When Nami initially saw Brook, she was afraid of him and hid behind Sanji, but as they got to know each other better, their relationship developed into something funny. Brook gives her reasons to be upset with him due to his humorous and twisted personality, this makes Nami be very impatient with Brook at times. As a result, Nami frequently strikes him in the head. Despite that they both have a really friendly relationship.


Usopp was opposed to Brook joining the crew even after learning that he was harmless because he was afraid of him and tried to scare him away with a crucifix. Usopp didn't accept Brook as a crewmate until he learned of Brook's relationship with Laboon. Usopp likes it when Brook sings or plays music. Usopp finds Brook's jokes about his skull irritating.


Sanji gets irritated by Brook's juvenile personality traits, such as his farting and burping over meals, as well as by his corny "skull jokes." Sanji and Brook are quite similar in some ways. They are the "pervert duo" of the Straw Hats, they are both dressed in suits, behave like gentlemen, and swoon for Nami and Robin. Sanji seems to have great faith in Brook's power.

Tony Tony Chopper

When Chopper first saw him, he was afraid of Brook as he was a walking, talking skeleton. Chopper, however, broke down and said that he was no longer terrified of Brook after hearing his and Laboon’s story. Despite the age gap Brook and Chopper get along very well. Chopper frequently dances to the music that Brook plays because he adores it.

Nico Robin

When they first met, Robin found Brook bothersome. Nevertheless, they get along well and are friends with one another. Robin tends to hold Brook to a higher standard and finds it mildly bothersome when he doesn't act his age. Despite this, she still has a lot of affection for Brook, especially his music.


Franky was annoyed by Brook's skull jokes, frequently threatening to shoot Brook when he made one. After asking Brook about his history and hearing his story, he quickly warmed up to him. Franky and Usopp constructed a beautiful cemetery for the Rumbar Pirates after the war with Gecko Moria was over, which touched Brook. Since Brook joined the crew, the two get along great.


Brook met Jinbe on Fish-Man Island. Brook believed the Jinbe was not as scary as the Totto Land News had portrayed him out to be and was more sympathetic to Jinbe's decision. Brook believed something was missing when Jinbe had reversed his effort to leave the Big Mom Pirates. Jinbe shows respect in return by complimenting Brook on how he handled Big Mom and kept the Poneglyph copies hidden from her.


Laboon first encountered the Rumbar Pirates more than fifty years ago, when he was lost and separated from his pod and started pursuing them out of loneliness. They eventually noticed how dejected he appeared, and they cheered him up by singing, which caused him to continue to follow them and the crew grew fond of him. After learning that Laboon is still waiting at the Twin Capes from the Straw Hats, Brook was ecstatic to be able to keep the promise made by his late comrades.


When the Rumbar Pirates entered the Grand Line from the West Blue fifty years before the current plot, Brook first met Crocus. The Rumbar Pirates gave the baby whale to Crocus since Laboon was too young to accompany them. Crocus decided to keep an eye on Laboon until the pirates returned from their world cruise and descended Reverse Mountain once more.


Over the two-year time skip, Brook's career as a musician developed tremendously and he rose to international fame. In Sabaody he was prepared to perform his last concert for his fans before becoming a pirate again. When the Marines publicly revealed Brook's past identity as a pirate and his relation with the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates, his fans were deeply disappointed. They were even ready to ignore the Marines' attempts to capture Brook when he said he would play one last song for them.

Mink Tribe

Brook and his crew are regarded as the minks' saviors as a result of their attempts to save the Mink Tribe after they had been decimated by a Jack onslaught. They consequently developed a friendly bond. Brook is terrified every time he comes into contact with the "Canine" variety of minks since he is made up of bone.


Shimotsuki Ryuma was Brook's greatest enemy from his time on Thriller Bark. Brook came to the island in pursuit of his shadow after being abandoned at sea. After causing some trouble on the island, Ryuma, who had taken over Brook's shadow,encountered him. Despite the fact that they used similar combat tactics, Ryuma was physically stronger and was able to defeat Brook in his own fighting style. Ryuma let Brook escape with a damaged skull because he knew he couldn't kill him.

Charlotte Linlin

Big Mom was genuinely intrigued by the fact that Brook was a living skeleton. Big Mom overpowered him during their fight, then asked about Brook's intentions before mocking his optimism. Before standing firm and informing her that he will be seizing the Poneglyphs in her hands, Brook warned her not to underestimate the strength of his crew. Despite Brook's best attempts, he was ultimately defeated by the Emperor, who made fun of him by treating him like a pet after being humiliated by his defeat.

Brook’s Top fights

Brook vs Spider Monkey


Brook vs Ryuma


Brook vs New Fishman Pirates


Brook vs Kin’emon


Brook vs Giolla


Brook vs Oven One


Brook vs Big Mom


Brook vs Charlotte Perospero


Brook vs Oven


Brook and Nico Robin vs Black Maria


Brook in Other Media

Brook has not only been featured in the series but has also made an appearance through songs, video games etc. Some of these are-


  • Binks' Sake

  • Black Handkerchief of Happiness

  • Bone To Be Wild

  • New World (Song)

  • Let's Go See Master Nekomamushi

Video Games

  • One Piece: Gear Spirit

  • One Piece Unlimited Battle

  • Treasure Hunt of Treasure Island

  • One Piece RPG2 ~Thousand World~

  • One Piece: Unlimited Cruise

  • One Piece RPG Chronicle

  • One Piece: Gigant Battle! 2 New World

  • One Piece Romance Dawn: The Dawn of the Adventure

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

  • One Piece: Unlimited World Red

  • One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X

  • One Py Berry Match

  • One Piece: Dance Battle

  • One Piece Treasure Cruise

  • One Piece Thousand Storm

  • One Piece: Burning Blood

  • One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum

  • One Piece King Battle

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

  • One Piece: Burning Will

  • One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

  • One Piece Bounty Rush

  • One Piece: Fighting Path

  • Jumputi Heroes

  • One Piece Odyssey

  • One Piece: Gigant Battle

Quotes of Brook From One Piece

  • "What do you know of death?! Have you ever died?! You think death will preserve your cause forever?! Ridiculous! Death leaves nothing behind!! Once a person passes on, nothing remains but dead bones! If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is a person with no respect for life!"

  • "No matter how deep the night, it always turns to day, eventually."

  • "Death is never an apology."

  • "What keeps me alive in this world is neither bodily organs, nor muscles - it's my soul!"

  • "Loneliness is no longer part of my vocabulary."

  • "Neither God nor the Devil can give aid to those without the will to fight."

  • "It's over when you give up."

  • "All for one, one for all! There are times when a man has no choice but to act!"

  • In addition to losing our crew, my face, my body, I've lost it all. Even if we met again, you wouldn't recognize me at all in this skeleton form. I don't have anything left but they all said... this head of mine made you laugh...!!! I'll protect this look to the end because I'm coming to see you. I just hope you're waiting at our promised cape...!!!


Q. What is Brook’s most distinctive trait?

A. Brook’s most distinctive trait is his laugh, ‘Yohohoho’.

Q. What is Brook’s nickname?

A. Brook is also known as the ‘Humming Brook’.

Q. What is Brook’s favorite song?

A. Brook’s favorite song to sing is ‘Binks’ Sake’.

Q. What is Brook’s favorite instrument?

A. Brook really likes to play the violin.
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