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Kikunojo in One Piece

Who is Kikunojo in One Piece?

Kikunojo is also known as Kikunojo of the Lingering Snow and is sometimes even called Kiku. She is a samurai, a retainer for the Kozuki Family, and a part of Oden’s Nine Red Scabbards. She is Izou’s younger sister and the daughter of the Hanayanagi School. When she traveled 20 years into the future, she worked as a tea poster girl in Okobore Town.

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First Appearance in Anime

One Piece Episode 899

Voice Actors

Mariya Ise (Japanese), Kayleigh Mckee (English)


9th September






Kozuki Family, Nine Red Scabbards


Samurai, Retainer of the Kozuki family, Tea House Poster Girl


Grand Line

Devil Fruit






Kikunojo and Izou were born in Wano Country and they were raised in a dancing school that their family owned, but it was torn apart when their father got arrested. After that, they had to survive on the street in Ringo. When Kozuki Oden came to Ringo, he gave them food and they joined him. After Oden became the Daimyo, Kikunojo became his retainer and trained to become warriors. Then they all went to the Flower Capital. When they all met with the Whitebeard pirates, they had a feast with them, and when they left, Kikunojo realized that Oden, Izou, Inurashi, and Nekomamushi were missing. Without them, Kikunojo and the other retainers protected Kuri.

When Oden came back to Wano for two minks, Kikunojo and the other retainers greeted Oden and before they could convince him to stay, Kozuki Toki stopped them from convincing Oden to stay and to continue his journey with Gol. D. Roger. Nekomamaushi and Inurashi told Kikunojo about Izou staying with the Whitebeard Pirates. Later on, Kikunojo and the rest of the retainers were angry at Orochi for abusing his power. They went to confront Orochi but they saw that the Beast Pirates were out there threatening Oden’s family. When Oden came back from his journey, the retainers welcomed him and told them about what happened in Wano.

Oden told his retainers to protect his family before going to the capital. Even though Oden failed to kill Orochi, Kikunojo and the rest of the retainers remained loyal to him despite Oden losing the respect of all the people in Wano. When Oden went to take down Kaido, Kikunojo and the retainers followed him to Onigashima. They were joined by Shinobu but they all got overwhelmed and captured in the end. They were all sentenced to be boiled alive in three days. After the retainers were taken to the execution site during which Oden made a deal with Kaido saying that he would go into the boiling oil pot and stay in the pot for an hour and in return, Kaido let his retainers free.

Oden survived an hour in the oil pot and told his retainer to leave Wano but Orochi ordered his men to execute Oden and his retainers. Oden managed to send his retainers away and Oden was killed. While they were going to Oden’s Castle, they saw that it had been lit on fire by Kaido. The retainers went inside and found Oden’s wife, daughter, and Momonosuke. Toki then sent Momonosuke, Kin’emon, Raizo, and Kikunojo twenty years into the future. After they reached the future, they went around Wano and saw how much it changed over time. They found people they could rely on and formed a plan to take back Wano. Kikunojo stayed in Okobore Town in Kuri and worked as a porter for Kin’emon’s wife Tsurujo.

Wano Country Arc

During the Wano Country Arc, Kikunojo met Luffy and got him in on their plan; she did have to stop Luffy from announcing their plans out loud. Kikunojo and her allies went with Luffy to take over Udon. Later on, when they were on their way to Onigashima, Kikunojo fought against Kikunojo and while Kikunojo and the rest of the Nine Red Scabbards were fighting against Kaido, she was severely injured and her arm was sliced off. Later on, while fighting Kanjuro again, Kikunojo was seriously wounded by Kanjuro as he was disguised as Oden so she couldn't attack him. Later on, Usopp rushed Kikunojo and Kinemon to safely escape the fire surrounding Onigashima. Kikunojo and Kin’emon were brought to Chopper for medical treatment.


Kikunojo's Personality

Kikunojo is very upbeat, helpful, nurturing, and friendly to everyone she meets. She is also very confident and a skilled warrior who has a strong sense of justice and the desire to protect those around her. Her desire to do what is right can make her take rash decisions. She can be very emotional when she loses something that is important to her. She takes pride in being Oden’s retainer and she is very loyal to the Kozuki family.


Kikunojo's Appearance

Kikunojo is known as the most beautiful swordswoman in Wano Country. She has indigo eyes with long, dark blue hair that falls onto her back. She is very tall and is taller than Luffy. Kikunojo is seen wearing sandals with a yellow kimono with a chrysanthemum floral pattern and a pink-cream-lavender obi, white tabi, and a black-soled zori. She ties her hair into a ponytail with a red ribbon. After she traveled into the future, Kikunojo did start showing more of her feminine side like wearing lipstick and dressing in feminine clothing. After her fight with Kaido, she lost her left arm.

Kikunojo’s abilities, strengths, and fighting style

Kikunojo’s abilities, strengths, and fighting style

Kikunojo has musical talent as she was raised in a dancing school. She also has an immense amount of strength and can throw in strong attacks. She is very fast and agile and can move through incoming attacks very quickly. She has great endurance and was able to survive her arm being cut off. As she is a part of the Nine Red Scabbard, Kikunojo is a very skilled swordswoman and Orochi himself acknowledged her strength. She said that her swordsmanship to snow lingers in the spring and that the wounds she inflicts on her victims would be on them even in their afterlife. Her strikes have a freezing effect on her enemies.

Kikunojo’s special abilities


Busoshoku Haki

Kikunojo is the master of Busoshoku Haki which is known as Ryou in Wano. She infuses her Busoshoku Haki with her sword while in battle.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Kikunojo also possesses the ability of Kenbunshoku Haki.


Kikunojo is seen using a katana with an orange scabbard, a red hilt and a gold clover-shaped guard.



Izou was Kikunojo's older brother. They stayed together to survive on Ringo's streets when their father was arrested and found guilty, and they both joined Kozuki Oden. Kiku worried when Oden, Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, and Izou vanished since she couldn't find her brother. Kiku was happy when Nekomamushi and Inuarashi later returned to Wano and told her about Izou remaining with the Whitebeard Pirates since she knew her brother would be content.

Nine Red Scabbards

As one of the Nine Red Scabbards, Kikunojo got along well with the other retainers and put up a tough fight with them to get revenge for Kozuki Oden and to bring the Kozuki Family back to power in Wano. She participated in the battle against Orochi and the Beast Pirates. Like the others, she was shocked by Kanjuro's betrayal, but although being willing to kill him for it, she couldn't.


Kikunojo has respect for Kin'emon and they get along well. She was so happy to see him again that she immediately gave him a strong hug.

Ashura Doji

Kikunojo and Ashura fought side by side as fellow Kozuki Oden retainers and other members of the Nine Red Scabbards. Kikunojo rescued Ashura from his criminal activity. Additionally, Kikunojo was disappointed with Ashura since he claimed to only respect and be loyal to Oden, and not the rest of his family.

Kozuki Family

Kikunojo and her brother Izou stuck together to live on Ringo's streets after their father was detained and found guilty, and they both joined Kozuki Oden when he offered them food. The two later became Oden's retainers and were so grateful and respectful of him that they even made an effort to improve and become outstanding samurai for him. As soon as they reached the future, Kikunojo and the others made plans to defend Momonosuke at all costs and gather friends to defeat Orochi and Kaidou as Wano. Kikunojo was happy to watch over Momonosuke and stayed by his side and even helped him in his training in swordsmanship.

Straw Hats Pirates

When Tsurujo and Tama brought Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro to the tea store, Kikunojo became friends with them. Kikunojo attended to Zoro's injuries. To save Tama, the three of them later sneaked into Bakura Town. Kiku was amazed by Luffy's use of Haoshoku Haki, and she surprised them with her swordsmanship.


Kikunojo obeys Tsurujo's orders as her subordinate. Kikunojo already knew Tsurujo as Kin'emon's wife before, and even when Kikunojo came to the future, Tsurujo kept this a secret.


When Tama drank from the tainted river water, Kiku was concerned for her. Kiku quickly chased the kidnappers after Tama was kidnapped which showed how much she cared about her.


Urashima is a nationally famous and haughty sumo wrestler who has a crush on Kikunojo. Kikunojo declined Urashima’s proposals politely despite his repeated requests. Kikunojo was disappointed with Urashima when he grumbled at viewers for their low rank in front of her and evaded their attempt at a hug by cutting off his chonmage. Urashima attempted to murder Kikunojo but was stopped by Luffy.

Kurozumi Kanjuro

Kikunojo trusted Kanjuro, but when Kanjuro revealed his real colors, the two became rivals. Kikunojo confronted the traitor after hearing Kanjuro's comments and seeing how he thrashed Momonosuke. Kikunojo was the only one who appeared to be regretting having to fight Kanjuro. She cried after defeating him. Kanjuro did not reciprocate these feelings, however, as he went on to create a clone of Kozuki Oden and played out his characteristics with such incredible success that it took the Scabbards by surprise. As a result of this wicked act, Ashura experienced an enormous blast that caused Kikunojo to quiver with rage and terror. Kikunojo ultimately lets go of her feelings for Kanjuro after doing this, promising Kin'emon that she will kill him no matter what, though she was unable to really kill him because of his Oden disguise.

Kikunojo’s Top fights

Kozuki Oden, the Nine Red Scabbards, and Shinobu vs. Beasts Pirates


Kikunojo, Monkey D. Luffy, Tony Tony Chopper, Hyogoro, Raizo, and Kawamatsu vs. Beasts Pirates


Kikunojo vs. Kanjuro


The Nine Red Scabbards and Izou vs. Kaidou


The Nine Red Scabbards and Izou vs. Kanjuro


The Nine Red Scabbards and Izou vs. Kurozumi Orochi


Kikunojo in Other Media

Kikunojo has not only appeared in the anime but is also a video game character.

Video Games

  • One Piece Treasure Cruise

  • One Piece Thousand Storm

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 (DLC)

  • One Piece Bounty Rush

  • One Piece: Burning Will

  • One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!


Q. What was Kikunojo’s rank in the 7th Popularity Poll?

A. Kikunojo was ranked 47th in the 7th Popularity Poll.

Q. What is Kikunojo’s hobby?

A. Kikunojo likes to do aromatherapy.

Q. What does Kikunojo like to eat?

A. Kikunojo likes to eat shirataki noodles and she doesn't like to eat sea urchin and salmon roe.
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