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Memo Memo no Mi in One Piece

The Memo Memo no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit and this fruit allows the user to turn people's memories into flimsy strips and manipulate them. This devil fruit was eaten by Charlotte Pudding.

All About Memo Memo no Mi

NameMemo Memo no Mi
English Name and MeaningMemo- Memo Devil Fruit
Fruit DebutOne Piece Episode 818
Usage DebutOne Piece Episode 818
Current UserCharlotte Pudding

Appearance of Memo Memo no Mi

As the fruit hasn't yet been shown in the anime, we don't know a lot about its appearance.

Strengths and weaknesses

By touching the enemy's head, Pudding can extract their memories in the form of film strips which they can manipulate using scissors and paste. By cutting the frames, they can remove that part from the enemy's memory and if they paste the frames in another person's memories and add new memories to the other person.

These frames can be removed and kept out for a long time and this memory altercation can be powerful to alter another person's mind. This extraction can be painful for the target and can cause them to faint.

If the third party is able to inform the victim what actually happened then the fruit's power is useless. Despite switching memory the victim might still suspect that the new memories are fake. Other than that they have the standard devil fruit weakness that other devil fruit users have, i.e. that they cannot swim.


Pudding uses her power to modify the memories of her victims to prevent them from implicating her plans. Pudding used her power to remove Reiju's memory of them meeting and replacing it with a memory of being shot by a bullet.

She also collects other people's memories in order to use them for altering memories. She even used this ability to make Sanji forget they kissed and kept the memory for herself.


The techniques used by Charlotte Pudding are:


In this technique, Pudding cuts out part of a target's memory and adds someone else's memory to take its place. She can use the altered memories again and again.

Memories Fil: Flashback

In this technique, Pudding creates threads from the palms of her hands, whoever makes contact with them to suddenly remember their old memories which distracts them.


Q. What does Memo mean?

A. Memo in Japanese means memory.

Q. Are the scissors necessary for the devil fruit user?

A. Yes, the pair of scissors is necessary for this power as it allows to sever the person’s memory.

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