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Choji Akimichi

Choji Akimichi is a Shinobi of The Hidden Leaf Village (Konohagakure) and was a team member of Team 10. He is also the sixteenth leader of the Akimichi Clan. He is one of the main characters in the Naruto Anime series, written by Masashi Kishimoto, one of the best Manga artists.

He often empties Asuma's wallet when they go out for Korean barbecue because he has such a big appetite. Although he is frequently seen eating, he makes use of his bulk to his advantage in fights and becomes quite angry when someone deems him overweight. Choji has the ninja skills passed down by his ancestors that enable him to enlarge any portion of his body.

All About Choji Akimichi

NameChoji Akimichi
First Appearance in AnimeNaruto Episode:1
Japanese Voice ActorKentarō Itō
Yūmi Kawashima (Child)
English Voice ActorRobbie Rist
Colleen Villard (Child)
Birthdate May 1
Sasuke Recovery Team
Konoha 11
Peddlers Escort Team
Twenty Platoons
Fourth Division
Allied Shinobi Force
VillageKonoha(The Hidden Leaf village)

Life of Choji Akimichi

Choji during Childhood

Choji was born in the Akimichi Clan which is one of the strongest clans in Konoha (The Hidden Leaf Village) but still had his own struggles during his childhood majorly because of his weight.

When Choji was younger, he frequently received criticism for not being adept at the kid's game "Ninja," which seems to be a hybrid of tag and hide-and-seek and frequently involves the usage of cardboard-and-stick-made shuriken. He would frequently receive criticism from his peers who would predict that he would play for a losing squad.

Shikamaru Nara was the only one who accepted Choji as a friend even when everyone around him refused to play with him. Choji went back to his home and sat on the roof of the house, where his dad Choza, who was the head of Akimichi Clan, comforted him.

He said that few people had hearts as kind and compassionate as his, and one day he would meet someone who would see it in him and appreciate him for it, leading to the ultimate development of their friendship into the closest of allies.

Shikamaru spotted Choji sitting on the roof and then he approached him, so Choji asked him why he was not playing with the other kids and Shikamaru responded by saying that it was such a drag to play with them. He then asked Choji if he wanted to watch clouds before lying down. Choji felt really happy and the duo became best friends after that.

Choji was also one of the few who accepted Naruto as his friend and used to play with him during Academy time which shows how good he was from a young age. He, Shikamaru, Kiba Inuzuka, and Naruto Uzumaki were the four who would frequently skip class or put their Academy instructor, Iruka Umino, to the test in various ways. Choji, Shikamaru, Kiba, and Naruto were once held back in class and lectured about their general lack of concentration.

In Choji's case, he was thinking more about food than doing his school work. Choji recalled this while Naruto was struggling to learn the second step of training for the Rasengan during the Search for Tsunade.

Choji in Chunin Exams

Choji was hesitant to help Sakura and his squad repel a group of Oto genin during the second round of the Chunin Exams because he was worried about his personal safety and kept requesting to leave. But when Zaku Abumi labeled Choji a "fatso," Choji went insane, defended his size, and declared that Konoha and the Sound ninja were now at war.

Choji battled the Oto genin with the proper motivation, but was unsuccessful in winning. By delaying Sasuke Uchiha's awakening and using the strength of the Cursed Seal of Heaven to drive them back, he purchased time.

Asuma persuaded Choji to engage in combat during the exam's preliminary rounds by offering to buy him BBQ if he triumphed and to step in if he was in danger. Choji was drawn up against Dosu Kinuta in the last preliminary match.

He was called obese at the beginning of the battle by Ino Yamanaka, who wanted to motivate him to fight. He employs the Multi-Size Technique and the Human Bullet Tank to rush at Dosu, reasoning that the sound-based assault won't be effective against him if he doesn't hear it.

Choji becomes impaled in a wall when Dosu repeatedly avoids his strike and he is unable to escape the wall. This allows Dosu to take the initiative and he launches a blast of sound into Choji's mass. Because sound travels more effectively through water, this move is more effective.

Asuma takes Choji to a buffet as a reward for doing well in the Chunin Exams and also uses it as a bribe to ask Choji to help Shikamaru with his training. However, Choji overeats and has stomach issues, which necessitates a brief hospital stay. He was able to get well in time to see Shikamaru and Sasuke's fights but passed out during the subsequent invasion of Konoha.

Shikamaru invited Choji to join the Sasuke Recovery Team when Sasuke Uchiha left Konoha, but Choji declined. Shikamaru and Naruto Uzumaki ate some of Choji's favorite delicacies in front of his house, determined to bring Choji with them.

Choji rushed through the front door to devour the final chip, declaring that it was precious and he could not allow anybody else to have it. He had fallen for Shikamaru's ruse and joined the group to get Sasuke back.

Choji took on Jirobo of the Sound Four at the outset of the expedition. Choji originally struggled to defeat Jirobo and was compelled to employ the unique Three Colored Pills of the Akimichi clan. Choji was hesitant to utilize the pills, but Jirobo's relentless derision of Shikamaru as a useless, self-centered, and heartless leader forced him to take all three.

He noted that while it was okay for people to make fun of him and even eat his meals, it was unacceptable to talk ill of his closest buddy. With the resulting boost in strength, he was able to beat Jirobo. Choji then saw the arrow placed by his allies as he made his way through the forest, experiencing the side effects of the pills and fell to the floor incredibly underweight.

He collapsed beneath it and sobbed to his father that he had at last found true friends. Choji, who was close to death, was discovered by members of the Medic Corps and taken back to the village for immediate care. Choji avoided death and made a full recovery thanks to the work of the Nara clan's medical dictionary, which detailed their study on their comrade's drugs and their effects.

Choji’s Knowledge of Plant and Pills

Choji was tasked with leading a group of three Academy students on a survival drill in the anime. Choji taught them the value of having access to food when on a mission while on route, presenting a plant known as the "Ninja-Aid Plant" that is both palatable and nutritious.

Even while the "Ninja Blockage Plant" resembled the "Ninja-Aid Plant" in appearance, it was poisonous, and Choji was able to tell the difference between their leaves to prevent one of his squad from ingesting it.

Choji in Naruto Shippuden

As Sora wanders Konoha, he runs across Kiba and Akamaru and fights them. Choji and Shikamaru then show up and tell them not to fight. However, Sora calls Choji a fatso, which infuriates him. Shikamaru and Asuma break up the "fight" before it escalates.

Asuma and Sora buy the Konoha 11 lads lunch. Later on, Furido summons a swarm of zombie ninja to assault Konoha. The revived ninja was repelled by Choji, Ino, Shikamaru, Kiba, Akamaru, Rock Lee, Izumo, and Kotetsu.

When the chakra of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox was released in Sora's body later, Choji and his friends supported Team Yamato. The chakra cloak then starts to burn Choji's hands as he immobilizes Sora with his Partial Multi-Size Technique. Sora attacked Choji and the others while sporting four tails, but Yamato was able to defend them with his Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall.

Sakura said that the Nine-Tails' injuries cannot be readily cured as Ino and Sakura worked to treat Choji's charred hands. Later, Choji and the other ninja are seen saying goodbye to Sora.

Asuma’s Death

Choji appeared to support Asuma's Nij Shtai squad in their battle with Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzu, together with Raido Namiashi, Aoba Yamashiro, and Ino. Choji got ready to transport the fatally injured Asuma back to Konoha for treatment as the Akatsuki couple fled as a result of their presence. However, Asuma was aware that he wouldn't return to Konoha and gave his team some parting advice.

He advised Choji to have faith in himself since he is a good-hearted youngster who cares for his friends and, as a result, maybe a greater ninja than anybody else.

Choji acknowledged that it would be challenging but promised to try when Asuma advised him to increase his diet. He treated them to lunch on the day they were assigned to him as pupils, and Choji treated them to a banquet, which hurt Asuma's finances. Choji then recalls his past interactions with Asuma.

Then Choji broke out in tears. Asuma smoked one last cigarette before passing away, leaving Choji, Shikamaru, and Ino to go off in an effort to avenge him under the interim leadership of Kakashi. They discover Hidan and Kakuzu, and discuss a strategy Shikamaru had come up with. When Shikamaru diverted their attention, Choji struck the two from above with his Spiked Human Bullet Tank.

The attack's potency was augmented by his new ability to grow and sharpen his hair, and the impact left a massive hole in the earth. They were unfazed by his onslaught, though, since Kakuzu was able to defend himself and Hidan just put up with it. Kakuzu quickly released his masks, and Hidan was released from Shikamaru's control.

Choji became furious after Hidan branded him a "fatso" and made fun of his sensei. He charged towards Hidan but was stopped by Shikamaru's shadow for charging in recklessly, which regrettably gave Hidan the opportunity to attack. Fortunately, Kakashi intervened and defeated Hidan by himself with Kakuzu standing in front of him.

He reacted quickly and slammed Kakuzu with his enormous hands, but Kakuzu was able to halt him and effortlessly knock him out. As soon as Choji came to, he utilized Super Open Hand Slap to shatter the two masks and hold them at bay. He also became bigger but was unable to defeat him. In the end, Naruto defeated him and Choji praised him.

Choji saved by Kakashi

Choji and his father arrived at the site of Kakashi and Pain's fight, stunning Pain's Asura Path, just as Pain started to attack Konoha. Choji and Choza attempted to divert the Deva Path when they launched a counterattack against them so Kakashi could deliver the killing blow.

They failed, and Choza suffered severe injuries as a result. Kakashi, who was immobile, ordered Choji to inform Tsunade of the Deva Path's power. Choji followed the instructions despite thinking his father had passed away. When Tsunade informed him that his father was still alive, Choji was overjoyed. But as soon as he realized Kakashi had died for his protection, he promptly became sober.

He went to take care of his father and stayed with him until Konoha was destroyed. Choji welcomed Naruto when he arrived in Konoha, after seeing Kakashi come back to life.

Fourth Shinobi World War

Choji and Shikamaru are assigned to the Fourth Division as the Fourth Shinobi World War starts. Later, the First Division receives assistance from Choji, Shikamaru, and other soldiers of their division.

They connect with Ino, who was sent as backup by her own section, and they work together to support Darui against Kinkaku. Choji attacks Kinkaku with his Human Bullet Tank, giving Shikamaru and Ino a chance to enter and eventually seize Kinkaku.

After that, Ino-Shika-Cho battles the reborn Kakuzu. He warns them that Asuma has also been reborn and is on the battlefield as they get ready to fight him once more.

Choji Fights with Reincarnated Asuma

Shikaku defers to Ino-Shika-Cho to battle Asuma as they are familiar with his fighting technique being Asuma's former pupils. Despite Shikamaru and Ino's efforts to soothe him, Choji is hesitant to engage Asuma in battle and is unable to bring himself to attack him.

Ino tackles him to get him out of the path as Asuma hits with his Wind Release: Dust Cloud Technique. Asuma calls Choji fat in an effort to inspire him as he struggles to comprehend what is occurring.

Choji reacts in his typical way, yet he still restrains himself from striking Asuma. In order to fight for Choji, Ino enters her awareness inside his body. He considers his obligations as an Akimichi as she struggles, finally returning to reality when his father protects them from Asuma's onslaught.

Akimichi Clan power

Choji discovers the fortitude he requires after observing that his colleagues and his father are willing to battle despite the conditions. His father was astounded by his ability to produce butterfly chakra wings without the Three Coloured Pills by using Butterfly Choji Mode.

Choji expanded to enormous size and utilized the Butterfly Bullet Bombing method to knock Asuma onto a nearby cliff as Shikamaru maneuvered Asuma into a precarious situation. Asuma, who is immobilized, utilizes his final few seconds before being sealed to commend his students on their impeccable formation and to express gratitude to Choji for developing courage.

Then Choji expanded his wings to tremendous proportions, drawing the attention of almost everyone taking part in the conflict. He requested support from Shikamaru and Ino as he concluded the battle. By dusk, Choji had crushed Kakuzu with his other fist while grabbing Hizashi Hyga in his palm.

The seeming triumph is very fleeting, however, as Tobi soon shows up on the scene carrying the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. Choji and his father attempt to attack the statue, but they are thrown back in their futile attempt. As the statue rampages, Choji shrinks back to his normal size and hides out with the rest of his crew. He then makes arrangements with the rest of his crew and Tenten when the onslaught has subsided.

The Sound Four reappear on the battlefield the following morning, although everyone is still unsure of whom to believe as a result of the altered White Zetsu that had entered their ranks. They also have improved cursed seals. Jirobo, who observes Choji's significantly smaller build, soon engages him in battle.

Despite not having his clan pills to help him, Choji manages to restrain and defeat the Sound ninja. His triumph, however, is fleeting as Jirobo uses an odd maneuver to envelop both Choji and himself. Choji's spirit was transported to a new location and revived within a substantial barrier while his body was left in a vegetative state.

Choji Fights the Ten-Tails

Choji was engulfed by Kurama's chakra cloak, which caused his body to automatically start turning the chakra into calories, quickly causing him to begin gaining weight, much to the young man's dismay. Soon after, Choji and a number of other Akimichi prevented the Ten-Tails' tails from attacking.

As a result, Ino was able to control Obito using her Mind Body Switch Technique to divert an assault that was directed at them. Shikamaru and several other Nara employ the Shadow Imitation Technique to paralyze the beast as the other tails are flailing around.

Ino plays the part of the mind, Shikamaru plays the body, and Choji plays the role of the yo-yo. Together, they use the Human Bullet Yo-Yo technique to destroy all of the nearby clones.

Shikamaru says that the team has a lot more to show, and Ino reprimands him for his sudden competition with the other teams as Choji gets ready to double in size to boost his attack. He then softly encouraged them as he watched Naruto and Sasuke battle the Ten-Tails.

Infinite Tsukuyomi

Choji had a dream in the genjutsu of eating a big lunch as a lovely girl complimented him about it and his father looked proud of his son. But after Naruto defeated Madara and Kaguya, the war got over and they all went back to Konoha.

Choji in Boruto: The Next Generation

Choji wed Karui in the years that followed, and the two of them had a daughter they called Chocho. As his daughter's class's graduation examinations drew near, Choji ran into Chocho, who was still displeased with her father's choice of potato chips. Later, he went out to dinner with his family, and Chocho was still irritated by how different she was from her parents.

Immediately after Choji went for a mission, Kakashi got in touch with him and asked him to travel to a secluded town in the Land of Hot Water to relocate a massive meteorite that was preventing a hot spring from flowing. When Choji arrived the following day, he was ready to lift the rock but Mirai Sarutobi had just finished his final bag of potato chips, depriving Choji of the energy he would have needed.

She produced a fresh batch of potato chips out of guilt, which Choji enjoyed and thanked her for. He expanded himself and switched into his Butterfly Choji Mode, pushing the boulder but failing to move it until Might Guy, Kakashi, Marai, and the other Yugakure shinobi there worked together to push it.

Mirai decided to cook him as many chips as he desires after he had regained his usual size and was also hungry. Later, it was revealed that Choji was assisting Kakashi and Guy in their investigation into the disappearance of women from the Land of Hot Water by gathering information.

Choji’s Personality

Choji is a really polite, caring, and kind person, and both his father Choza and his previous master Asuma Sarutobi identified these traits as being his greatest assets. But they both noticed that his greatest flaw was a lack of self-assurance.

Eating is a powerful motivator for him, and the mere mention of food makes him incredibly upset. He is simply "pleasantly fat," in Asuma's words. However, he is open about his love of food, and his near-constant hunger irritates his comrades because it frequently comes before other requirements like stealth and cooperation.

Food may also make him overreact to little things, like who gets the final chip or when Akamaru tries to take his chips. He will not allow anybody else to eat the last chip in the bag even in a combat situation. Shikamaru and Choji have been pals for a very long time. Shikamaru was one of the few individuals to see past Choji's lack of athleticism and understand that he had a kind heart, recognizing his actual strength.

The two had total faith in one another and as a result, Choji has unflinching confidence in Shikamaru and is completely devoted to him. So much so that he would even risk his life for him, which almost happened during his conflict with Jirobo.

Choji also has a strong bond with Asuma, his master, and found it hard to oppose him during the Fourth Shinobi World War because he didn't want to harm his own teacher, even when Asuma labeled Choji "fat" in an effort to anger him.

According to his father and teacher, he lacked a great deal of confidence in himself and his skills, which frequently hampered his actions or even advancement in some areas.

Choji was able to overcome these obstacles during the Fourth Shinobi World War and became one of the key elements in the Allied Shinobi Forces' ability to shift the tide of the conflict in their favor.

Choji is depicted as being incredibly carefree and joyful as an adult. He is also revealed to be a devoted father to his oddball daughter Chocho and a loving husband to Karui. He still has a competitive side, though, and Chocho regularly challenges him to eating competitions.

He is shown to joyously cheer her on during her Chunin exam while simultaneously showing worry for her safety when she confronts the accomplished genin Shinki.

Choji’s Appearance

Choji in Naruto’s first season has a chubby frame and swirl-shaped marks on his cheeks. He has light brown hair that spikes up in jagged strands. He wore a light-green shirt (white in the anime) with the kanji for "food" (shoku) on it under a green, short-sleeved haori with a long, white scarf.

In addition, he sported a pair of black shorts, hoop earrings and bandages on his arms and legs. Two tufts of hair could be seen poking out from each side of his blue forehead protector.

Choji in Naruto Shippuden

Choji wears a crimson outfit with the same character for "meal" (shoku) on the front and plate armor covering his chest, arms, and upper legs.

He switches to a regular red forehead protector and dons stud earrings that Asuma Sarutobi gave him in place of his hoops. He covers his attire with the typical Konoha flak jacket during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Choji in The Last: Naruto the Movie

Choji has his hair pulled back into a braid and has a goatee, both of which grow longer when he becomes an adult. He starts to look a little leaner overall and more chubby when he views himself. The majority of his attire is the same but his boots reach his calf area and he dons bigger wrist guards.

Choji In Boruto

Choji wears clothing inspired by both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, including a green haki over breastplate armor, brown slacks with a red belt, bandages on his arms, and black sandals. He appears to no longer be donning a forehead guard.

Choji’s Abilities

Choji was one of the strongest Shinobi when it comes to physical fights and also became the most talented Akimichi Clan member and that’s why he is the leader of the Clan. His kind heart is his greatest strength and also a weakness at some points but in the end, his caring nature and skills make him a fine Shinobi.

Multisize Technique

This enables him to take out his adversaries with the Human Bullet Tank. He may wrap spikes around his body to intensify the damage.

Choji has the ability to enlarge various body parts to improve his physical attacks, grasp and crush opponents, or become enormous to crush them from above.

Three Coloured Pills

Choji's own body fat is transformed into chakra when consumed, enhancing his physical characteristics and enabling the application of his clan's more sophisticated skills.

His ability increases one hundredfold after taking the red pill, which causes a significant quantity of chakra to appear as two enormous butterfly wings on his back. However, his body suffers after ingesting each pill, with the red pill leading to eventual death in addition to emaciation of the user's body.

As a result, using the medications is viewed as a last resort. Tsunade's medical knowledge and the medical manual from the Nara clan helped Choji live after taking the red pill. He develops the ability to create the butterfly wings on his own during the Fourth Shinobi World War, avoiding the harmful side effects of the pills.

Butterfly Mode

When the chakra is open, it resembles two enormous butterfly wings that may be folded into smaller wings. The method makes heavy use of chakra, and the user's combat skills are substantially improved in this form.

He uses them to employ high-level clan tactics like Butterfly Bullet Bombing and the capacity to summon gusts of chakra with the chakra wings.

Choji in Other Media


Naruto Shippuden: Blood Prison

Choji is a member of the group of Konoha ninja tasked with guarding the Blood Prison. Choji assists in capturing the fugitive inmates as the Ryha Armament Alliance orchestrates a jail breach.

Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Will of Fire

When Naruto and Sai's recovery was originally being celebrated, Choji was first seen enjoying BBQ with Shikamaru and the others. Choji was present with the other Konoha 11 members, except for Naruto, who Tsunade had tasked with protecting the village.

When Hiruko later declared that a Fourth Ninja World War would break out once he had the last kekkei genkai, Choji and the others departed the village to stop Naruto as he and Sakura fled to save Kakashi.

Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie

Choji originally appears with his buddies engaged in combat with multiple White Zetsu replicas posing as late Akatsuki members. Later, in the parallel reality, a different Choji materialized. He was looking leaner and more fit with swirls on his cheeks while still using the clan expansion procedures. This Choji was also more sensible and perceptive, as well as more careful of his eating habits.

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  1. According to Hyō no Sho, while in the Academy, Chōji had a B in ninjutsu, taijutsu, cooperation, and positivity, and a C in genjutsu and classroom attitude.
  2. In Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2, it is revealed that Chōji fears lizards after seeing Ibushi's puppet lizard.
  3. Choji's hobby is buying and eating snacks.
  4. While Choji doesn't wish to fight anyone in particular, Chōji will fight anyone if there is food involved.
  5. Choji's favorite foods are Korean barbecue and junk food, whilst his least favorite food is anything inedible.
  6. Choji has completed 39 official missions in total: 17 D-rank, 13 C-rank, 6 B-rank, 3 A-rank, 0 S-rank.
  7. Choji's favorite word is 'meat' (niku).


  1. (To Dosu) "Fat!? I'm big boned!"
  2. (To Ino about Shikamaru) "I told you he'd give up. It's you who doesn't know anything about Shikamaru, Ino."
  3. (To Ino) "The last bite! The end of the meal is the most precious morsel of meat. I won't let anyone take the last piece away from me!"
  4. (To Jirobo) "You've never heard of the phrase: "a grudge over food is deeper than the ocean"? That strike was for eating the last piece of my snack…"
  5. (To Jirobo) "I can't forgive you for calling me fat! But even more than that… Not just for stealing the last chip… or calling me fat… most importantly, I won't forgive anyone who insults my best friend!"

FAQs about Choji Akimichi

Q. Choji is from which Clan?

A. Choji is from the Akimichi Clan.

Q. Why did Choji take Food Pills during the Sound Four fight?

A. Choji took the food pills to gain strength to fight against Sound Four.

Q. Who is the wife of Choji Akimichi in Boruto?

A. Choji’s wife is Karui, as can be seen in Boruto: The Next Generation.

Q. What is Choji Akimichi’s daughter’s name?

A. Chocho is the name of the daughter of Choji Akimichi.

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