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Impel Down in One Piece

Impel Down, also known as the Underwater Prison or the Great Prison, together with Marine Headquarters and Enies Lobby, is a government-controlled fortress in Paradise. For the most dangerous criminals and pirates, it serves as the maximum security jail of the World Government.

It sits in the center of the Calm Belt, where abundant Sea Kings make entering it challenging. The Tarai Current, a water current that can be used to enter through the Gates of Justice at either the Marine Headquarters or Enies Lobby, is the only means to reach there easily. The jail is also surrounded by Sea Kings, making one of the Seastone-lined Marine battleships the only means to get there securely.

All About Impel Down


Impel Down

Anime Debut

One Piece Episode 422

Manga Debut

Chapter 525


Calm Belt


World Government

History of Impel Down


Morley was a wanted pirate who was held captive at Impel Down a century before the story's beginning. He built a network of intricate tunnels connecting Levels 5 and 6 of the jail using his Devil Fruit talents. This knowledge was kept a secret for a long time, which allowed the prison to maintain its reputation of being inescapable.

Shiki, the Golden Lion, was the first known prisoner to escape Impel Down twenty-two years before the start of the series, thanks to a Marines' error and chopping off his chained-up legs. Up to the eve of the Summit War of Marineford, no prisoner has successfully attempted a break-out or break-in since that time.

Numerous Level 5 convicts would mysteriously vanish over the years. The guards referred to this event as "demoning away" and believed these prisoners had left their bodies forever. The Revolutionaries' commander Emporio Ivankov, who was also detained in Level 5, freed them from their cells. They all ended up at the covert Level 5.5, a location created by a former prisoner with a tunneling Devil Fruit power.

Shiryu of the Rain, the head jailer, was regarded as a threat because of the numerous detainees he killed inside the prison for amusement. He was placed on death row and detained in Level 6 pending the execution of his sentence.

Water 7 Saga

Nami briefly referenced Impel Down as a location where once a person enters, they can never leave. She mistakenly believed that Robin was traveling there. Later, in the Enies Lobby, Spandam gave the order to send Franky to Impel Down and Robin to the Marine Headquarters.

Crocodile (Mr. 0), Daz Bonez (Mr. 1), Bentham (Mr. 2), and Galdino (Mr. 3) were finally all moved from a regular prison to Impel Down for life once Baroque Works at Arabasta fell.

Thriller Bark Saga

Portgas D. Ace was moved to Level 6 and imprisoned there until his public execution after Marshall D. Teach had kidnapped him to become the Warlord of the Sea.

Summit War Saga

Buggy the Clown was kidnapped by the Marines and given a Level 1 sentence about the time Ace was imprisoned. Impel Down's reputation as impregnable prevented his crew from saving him, so they gave up and abandoned him.

Jinbe of the Seven Warlords of the Sea was transferred to Level 6 during the preparations for Ace's upcoming execution since he refused to fight for the World Government and even erupted in wrath at Marineford. He was put in the same cell with Ace, a person he had known for a long time.

Impel Down was entirely vanquished with the two subsequent mass breakouts, the first commanded by Luffy and Buggy and the second by Blackbeard.

Several Level 6 prisoners would escape after the battle with the Whitebeard Pirates because of Blackbeard's death match, and the warden, Magellan, would be beaten within an inch of his life. Shiryu was one of the escapees whom Magellan momentarily freed to get help to end the rioting. Shiryu soon deserted Magellan and joined forces with Blackbeard and numerous other Level 6 prisoners, delivering the final mortal wounds to Whitebeard.

Fishman Island Saga

Impel Down has been restored following the time skip following the mass escapes of Luffy and Blackbeard. Domino and Hannyabal have received promotions, with Domino becoming the new chief warden, and Minochihuahua has been added as a new Jailer Beast. Saldeath has become taller, and Sadi has developed feelings for Magellan, the newly appointed vice warden, who has been demoted (or walked down) from his position as vice warden.

Dressrosa Saga

Bounty hunter Jean Ango, who wanted to apprehend the major culprits of the escapes two years ago, became highly active in pursuing many escaped inmates and returning them for bounties, including several Level 6 prisoners.

Donquixote Doflamingo was sent to Impel Down after being defeated by Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law. Despite being close by, Captain Jack's pirate ship, flying Kaidou's Jolly Roger, pursued Doflamingo's escort of four Marine warships because he intended to take him back by force. Jack was rescued, but it did not work out, and he was initially thought to be dead. Doflamingo was assigned to Level 6, where he began searching for the most recent information from the outside world after Tsuru turned down his request to bring newspapers to him.

Whole Cake Island Saga

Doflamingo was portrayed as being in prison as the royal parties arrived at Mary Geoise for the Levely. He questioned Magellan's presence and worried whether he would be assassinated before he could reveal the whereabouts of Mary Geoise's national treasure.

Life in Impel Down

Nearly no one ever wants to go to Impel Down because of its brutality and reputation for being unavoidable since Shiki. The only known exceptions are Crocodile, Daz Bonez, and Monkey D. Luffy. Jinbe thought Luffy's penetration to rescue one person to be extraordinary and thought that one or two lives should not be enough to motivate anyone to enter the prison.

Impel Down is typically a hell fortress with high fortifications, making it impossible for criminals to break in or escape. However, Luffy broke the record for being the first to break-in, ruining Shiki's flawless record from 20 years ago. The second gang to ever initiate a break-in was the Blackbeard Pirates, who did so with less effort than Luffy because they did not bother to try to evade notice.


When inmates arrive in Impel Down, they are sterilized and disinfected by being placed in a tub of hot water known as Hell's Hot Tub. Ritually speaking, this is referred to as "baptizing" them. Instead, it is said that only the prisoners' clothing is dropped into the boiling water in the Viz Manga adaptation.

Only a few convicts have been reported to endure the sterilization without even the slightest wince, while the majority have cried in anguish from the intense heat. These inmates include Crocodile, Jinbe, and Portgas D. Ace.

Monkey D. Luffy, an intruder who was supposed to perish from poison in 24 hours, is the only known prisoner who has not undergone this process.


Most prisoners are stripped of their clothing before being handed a set of striped black and white shirts and pants. However, they can keep some apparel and prostheses, like Crocodile's hook and Galdino's glasses.

The only exceptions to this rule are captives who were only intended to be held until their deaths. Shiryu, Monkey D. Luffy, and Portgas D. Ace are a few. As Jinbe was intended to be held there until he was ready to assist with the World Government, he was also permitted to maintain his outfit.

The people of New Kama Land appear to have escaped their confinement and found their previous garments. Similar to how Crocodile appears to have retrieved garments resembling his old costume, including a long fur coat, almost shortly after escaping from his cage. However, Oda also stated in the anime that Crocodile had acquired his attire back from New Kama Land.

Level Assignment and Torture

The prisoners are put in one of the six known levels of Impel Down based on their crimes and strength after disinfection and a change of clothing. The level at which a prisoner is housed will depend on how evil or strong they are. The captives are subsequently subjected to various forms of torture based on their allotted levels, with the majority of them allegedly having no chance of ever surviving.


It is unknown if visitors from outside are allowed to see the convicts. Marines and government operatives are allowed to do this but need authorization from their superiors.

Pirates cannot enter Impel Down because it is a World Government facility without being labeled invaders and criminals. The Seven Warlords of the Sea are permitted with the government's approval. Nevertheless, they would have to go through a full body search and then be made to wear Seastone cuffs as a safety precaution. Without permission, they would be viewed as traitors, just like Blackbeard and his crew.

Leaving Impel Down

Most persons who enter Impel Down never leave alive, except for visitors and government representatives. Only those captives who are detained until their execution outside of the fortress (such as Portgas D. Ace), those who are intended to serve a temporary sentence (such as Jinbe), and those who are released for particular reasons are ever permitted to escape (e.g., Arlong).

The Sea King-infested Calm Belt is Impel Down's most significant barrier, and the fortifications of the location's very effective traps and guards make it nearly impossible to escape. However, Shiki set the record for being the first person to escape the prison twenty years ago due to a Marines' error, and Monkey D. Luffy followed suit as the second person.

Along with orchestrating the first mass rebellion within the penitentiary, Luffy is also accountable for his escape from the facility. He is also accountable for the first-ever mass breakout in Impel Down's history, together with Emporio Ivankov, Inazuma, Buggy, Daz Bonez, Crocodile, Jinbe, Galdino, and 233 other prisoners.

Bentham purposefully chose to remain behind, giving his life so that the rest might successfully make their getaway. Unknown numbers of inmates perished during the rebellion, mainly at the hands of Magellan's poison and the Jailer Beasts.

As a result of the second breakout, the Blackbeard Pirates' released other Level 6 convicts to join their crew, leading to even more prisoners escaping.

Geography of Impel Down

Impel Down is a large submerged tower-like building with a foundation at the bottom of the sea bed. The entire tower is always surrounded by enormous Sea Kings swimming underneath the sea because it was constructed within the Calm Belt. A group of Marine battleships defends the jail in addition to these animals.

The detainees use a variety of cells and torture rooms within the gloomy walls of the prison. The cells are all made from seastone to keep those with Devil Fruit powers from escaping. The usage of the torture chambers is for many heinous, abhorrent crimes. Continuous whipping, savage beatings to death, boiling cauldrons for burning and drowning, and spiked pits for impaling are a few of them.

Locations at Impel Down

Monitor Room

A Surveillance Den Den Mushi closely monitors the prison from every angle. They are scattered about Impel Down in minor versions, in certain places. Everything they observe is uploaded to a larger version, which transmits video feeds to monitors attached to it so the guards can continue to watch. An alarm beeper is attached to each of the smaller versions' shells. Somewhere in the stronghold is a monitor room where the huge Surveillance Den Den Mushi is housed.

Medical Laboratory

Along with doctors and a range of medical tools for the urgent treatment of everyone within the prison, including inmates and employees, there is also what looks to be a medical laboratory stationed somewhere within the enormous facility. However, the doctor's ability to treat a buildup of different poisons appears to be limited.

Generator Room

Before Level 1, on the first floor, are the controls for opening the Gates of Justice and the generator room for the entire jail.

Levels at Impel Down

The reward amount placed on a prisoner's head typically determines the level to which they are assigned. However, some exceptions can be made when the government recognizes that a person's strength is unquestionably more extraordinary than their bounty, such as in the cases of Crocodile and Bentham, whose bounties were long since revoked.

Each level has a different method of torture in addition to several groups and solitary cells for detention. Each level has been called "hell" due to the horrible deeds committed there, and the torments get more severe with each lower level.

Level 1: Crimson Hell

Impel Down's first level, Crimson Hell, is where inmates are imprisoned. The level has a grove of red trees and shelters the least notorious inmates. The floor's grass, known as Haribaris, is as prickly as needles, while the trees' leaves, known as Kenju, are as sharp as blades.

In order to feel the misery of being sliced from all sides, prisoners are made to run through the forest while being pursued by guards and poisonous spiders. Since captives are dragged through this forest, it is saturated in blood, giving it its distinctive crimson hue.

A hole that leads to Level 2 is hidden deep within the jungle. The option to leap down the pit to Level 2, which includes an even more frightening hell that nobody is prepared to take, is available to those who do not want to continue to endure the pain of being cut. A prisoner could sneak a Black Den Den Mushi into his cell and listen in on activities outside the fortress, which makes the security seem to be a little loose.

Buggy was held here before he escaped since the guards were unaware that he was a Devil Fruit user, much less that his ability made him entirely immune to this torture.

Level 2: Wild Beast Hell

The second level of Impel Down is Wild Beast Hell, where convicts are housed. According to Buggy, every prisoner who was held on Level 2 and escaped with him has a bounty greater than 15,000,000 Beli. It is home to a wide range of wild animals. They are required to pursue prisoners held here through the level's hallways. Prisoners frequently lose the desire to continue due to the terrifying risk or refuse to leave even after their cells are unlocked.

Manticores and Puzzle Scorpions are among the animals housed here. Large deadly insects known as puzzle scorpions can connect to construct enormous centipede-like creatures. Manticores, who have human features and are man-eating lions, will consume their prey whole, including the bones. They can speak because they have human faces, but because they can only repeat what they have heard and do not understand what they are saying, part of what they say is inappropriate. Most of the time, they only repeat what the detainees have told them. Along with these smaller animals, the Basilisk and the Sphinx are two enormous animals maintained here.

A huge serpent that was created from a chicken is called a basilisk. It is a feathery mutant with characteristics of both chickens and snakes. It is incredibly powerful, and Luffy and Buggy had fun pursuing it before Luffy finally took it out with a single strike from his Gear Third. The Basilisk is a powerful creature, although it is not the strongest, and it is regarded as "second-in-command."

The Sphinx is a huge, lion-like creature with a human face. It is regarded as the "boss" of the level and is tasked with protecting the stairs that go out of it. It is noticeably bigger than the Basilisk and far more terrifying than the other animals. Because it is so terrifying, even the other animals in the area run for cover from it. It can mimic speech, just like Manticores can. It speaks the names of different noodles at random and appears to comprehend the idea of saying grace before food. It is a beast so powerful that if it strikes something enough times, the floor beneath it will break.

Galdino was imprisoned here until Luffy and Buggy freed him. After the Basilisk and the Sphinx were vanquished and all the prison doors were opened, Luffy and his friends started a large-scale riot on the level. Saldeath and his Blue Gorillas managed to put an end to the violence, nevertheless. Shortly after the first riot, there was a second one, but it was put down when Magellan seemingly annihilated virtually all the convicts on the level and closed all the entrances and exits. However, the Level 2 rioters reactivated as Magellan was preoccupied with Luffy's breakout force.

Level 3: Starvation Hell

The third level of Impel Down is Starvation Hell, where inmates are housed. Most of those detained here are pirates with a bounty of 50,000,000 Beli or more. Prisoners on this level can feel the heat rising from Level 4 and are only given a small amount of food and water to keep them from passing out. They have been diminished to the point where it is impossible to discern from their appearance that they ever represented a threat to criminals. In addition, although this level's temperature is nothing compared to the level below, it is intense enough to induce excessive dryness, giving Level 3 its relatively arid appearance.

A sizable hole in the center of the level leads directly to Level 4 below. This acts as the primary ventilation system to direct the smoke created from below, together with a massive fan situated just above the hole. Level 4 can be reached through this hole, but descending through it poses a risk of being burned to death or killed by the heat and fire from the floor below.

Level 4: Blazing Hell

The fourth level of Impel Down is Blazing Hell (Inferno Hell in the Viz Manga). This level contains a pool of boiling blood that is heated by a blazing fire and is quite hot, and this generates such a tremendous amount of heat that it also heats the level directly above it. One will perish if one attempts to descend from Level 3 to this level through the sizable ventilation hole above and does not land in a secure location.

Regular torturing of prisoners from lower levels occurs here. Throwing someone into the enormous pot of boiling blood in the middle of the level, however, is the most common method of torture. Other forms of torture include:

  • mass hangings of prisoners from ropes around their stomachs,

  • danglings over the level's blazing fires, and

  • back-breaking labor supplying the fire with enormous logs of wood.

The high heat on this level is strong enough to sear bare skin. Thus guards are required to wear protective gear to prevent injury.

The Impel Down warden, Magellan, resides here, and his office has an elevator that can transport multiple persons to every level of the fortress without using the stairs. The prison's kitchen is also situated here, adjacent to Magellan's workspace. Luffy and Magellan engaged in combat before Luffy was poisoned and taken prisoner.

Level 5: Freezing Hell

The fifth level of Impel Down is Freezing Hell (Frozen Hell in the Viz Manga). Criminals having bounties of 100,000,000 Beli or more are kept on this level. The entire level here is a gigantic freezer, contrasting with the level above. In addition to the fact that the prisoners here freeze to death or lose chunks of their flesh due to severe frostbite, the level is so cold that the food provided to them is frozen to the point of being almost inedible.

Except for the areas confined around the gates that connect Level 5 to the preceding and next levels, Den Den Mushi does not work on this level due to the intense cold, cutting off contact and surveillance. In addition to being extremely chilly, the level is home to wolves. These wolves traverse the whole level like the creatures on Level 2, where they were initially stationed. They were too vicious to be on Level 2, though, as they also hunted the Basilisk and the Sphinx, among different beasts.

Along with the level's extreme cold, there appears to be a trend of inexplicable prisoner disappearances. Prisoners who are unable to move independently have started mysteriously disappearing. The inmates and personnel at Impel Down refer to this occurrence as the Demoning Away as a result. According to superstition, the missing inmates were indeed abducted by demons and taken to the actual Gates of Hell.

This superstition has been carefully preserved within level 5 so that no inmates from the higher levels were aware of it until Bentham (posing as Hannyabal), Buggy, and Galdino descended to level 5 and the guards informed them. The queen of the okama, Emporio Ivankov, is one of these missing inmates. He was held here until he vanished from his cell inexplicably. Since then, he was said to have been residing in the level's deep woodland in an abandoned guardhouse.

After losing against Magellan, Luffy was moved to the floor's central tower, where the effects of Magellan's poison slowly drained his energy until Bentham freed him in the hopes of discovering a cure.

Level 5.5: Newkama Land

Newkama Land, also known as The "Prisoners' Secret Flower Garden," is a hidden level of Freezing Hell where all the inmates who were purportedly Demoned Away have gone. Between Levels 5 and 6, inside a rock, is the secret section.

It is a secret spot that the jailers are unaware of and was chiseled out decades ago by a prisoner with a tunneling Devil Fruit power. It is known as the Okama Paradise and is ruled by the "Queen" Emporio Ivankov. Here, convicts and okama alike constantly party and have fun. Ivankov has called it a "heaven within hell," and it is true that, as a result, not a single prisoner from this subterranean level is motivated to break out of their cell.

The level occupants appear to adhere to very stringent restrictions that forbid them from actively interacting with the other levels, at least not without covert mobility, but this may be because the level itself is hidden. Even so, they do not seem prejudiced, as seen by the cordial greeting they extended to Bon Kurei.

The primary feature of one of its main rooms, which combines the functions of a sit-down cafe and a discotheque, is a cabaret stage where Emporio Ivankov and his supporters play. The residents can exploit the hidden level's secret entrances to their advantage to obtain any supplies they may require from the other levels (except Level 6). In order to allow the inmates to view what is happening on all levels of the jail, the level also features a Surveillance Den Den Mushi that records feed from Impel Down's primary surveillance system. They frequently smuggle newspapers out of the prison's trash bins to stay current on the news.

After Impel Down's mass breakout, Newkama Land's inhabitants took part in the war with Whitebeard and departed for Kamabakka Kingdom, leaving Level 5.5 vacant. The only real difference is that it is now under the control of "Queen" Bentham after it had been abandoned for two years.

Its name is a play on the words "newcomer" and "okama," and it alludes to the okama who, due to Ivankov's abilities, are fully capable of changing their gender. A transgender woman in Japan who has not yet undergone sex reassignment surgery is known as a "Newhalf."

Level 6: Eternal Hell

The lowest level of Impel Down is Eternal Hell. It houses incredibly strong inmates, who have committed horrific crimes or whose very existence has posed a severe threat to the World Government. According to Sengoku, even a single Level Six prisoner hiding in a far-off nation may pose a serious threat to the general populace. On this level, the inmates have either received the death penalty or a life sentence. In a sense, they are "erased" from history.

Due to the threat these criminals pose, most of Impel Down's senior officers tend to stay away from this level, but they will go there if necessary. Additionally, Impel Down's chief warden can immediately execute convicts imprisoned there if they misbehave. When he served as head warden, Magellan had no qualms about utilizing this capacity to show off by deploying his lethal Hydra attack to drown captives who openly despised him.

Ace was detained at this location while he was on death row. He was thought to be on Level 5 by other prisoners because most people reject Level 6 as a rumor (until its true discovery). Also sent to this floor was Jinbe, who was confined in the same cell as Ace. Jinbe was only given a temporary sentence for refusing to engage in combat with Whitebeard, unlike the other convicts on this floor who are imprisoned for the rest of their lives or until their execution day. Alongside them in a cell was the crocodile. They are surrounded by many other illustrious pirates, including numerous imprisoned giants, who harbor bitter animosities towards Whitebeard.

The previous Head Jailer, Shiryu, was kept in the same facility as the inmates. He became too dangerous to be kept anywhere else in the prison since he routinely killed detainees, becoming a threat even within Impel Down. He was placed in Level 6 until his death sentence for abusing his powers. Though it was demonstrated that Minotaurus periodically appeared and punished the inmates with its club, it is interesting to note that despite Level 6 being regarded as the darkest hell, prisoners confined here are never actually tortured.

In contrast to the higher floors, it appears to be a simple holding cell where inmates are kept until they are executed or till the end of their lives. The residents of this level might just be too strong to be impacted by torture, as seen by Jinbe and Crocodile moving through the other levels while unaffected by those circumstances. Shiryu, on the other hand, observed that he wished to pass away from boredom from spending his time in this vacant level.

Inhabitants of Impel Down


Given below is a list of main staff at Impel Down.


Impel Down's deputy warden is Magellan. He used to be the chief warden, but after failing to end the jail's only mass escape, Hannyabal took over and relegated him to the vice warden.


Hannyabal is Impel Down's warden. He was first seen as the Vice Warden and a supporting adversary in the Impel Down arc, but he was elevated to Magellan's previous post and is now in charge of Impel Down during the two-year time skip.


Domino is the Head Jailer of Impel Down, serving under Warden Hannyabal.


Shiryu of the Rain, who is in charge of the Second Ship, is one of the Ten Titanic Captains of the Blackbeard's Pirates. He was first described as the former head jailer of Impel Down, sentenced to death on Level 6 for using excessive, homicidal force against inmates.


Given below is a list of famous prisoners from Impel Down.

Portgas D. Ace

Due to the World Government's pursuit of Ace because of his ancestry, Ace was arrested, imprisoned in Impel Down, and given a death sentence. This led to the Summit War of Marineford, a full-scale conflict pitting Whitebeard's forces against the Marines and the Seven Warlords.


Knight of the Sea, Jinbe, is one of the Senior Officers of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Because he voted against Ace's execution, Jinbe was imprisoned alongside him in the same cell.


The "Desert King", formerly known as "Mr. 0," the secretive crime organization Baroque Works was presided over by Sir Crocodile. He escaped Impel Down with Luffy's help, and he later traveled to Marineford to take part in the conflict.

Donquixote Doflamingo

Donquixote Doflamingo, also known as "Heavenly Yaksha", is the captain of the Donquixote Pirates. He was the most powerful underworld broker known by the code handle "Joker" and a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, with a frozen reward of 340,000,000 Beli before his imprisonment.

Emporio Ivankov

Iva, also known as Emporio Ivankov, is the leader of the Revolutionary Army and is referred to as the "Queen" of the Kamabakka Kingdom. He is also referred to as the "Okama King" and a "Miracle Person." He had formerly been imprisoned at Impel Down on Level 5, but he resided in the covert "Okama Paradise" on Level 5.5.

Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy infiltrated the Impel Down after learning the news of his brother Ace's execution. Luffy was imprisoned for a brief moment, but later freed by Mr. 3. He managed to escape the jail alongside many other prisoners, and participated in the Summit War of Marineford to free Ace.


Former Baroque Works officer agent Bentham of the Wild, also known as Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, is an okama. As a former member of Baroque Works and an enemy of Luffy, Bon Kurei quickly won Luffy's trust. As a result, he volunteered to die for Luffy at Arabasta and subsequently at Impel Down, becoming one of his most important allies. Right now, he is the reigning monarch of Newkama Land.


Buggy was one of the prisoners in Impel Down’s Level 1. He managed to escape due to his special Devil Fruit abilities and roamed about freely inside the jail.


"Loan Shark" Galdino, also known as Mr. 3, was a former officer agent with Baroque Works. He was one of the Impel Down inmates and one of Luffy's main helpers during the Impel Down arc and Summit War.


  • The initials "I" and "D" of the jail name are crossed in the Impel Down logo.

  • Impel Down inmates are given a 4-digit number, followed by a single letter indicating the floor they will be confined to. This floor designation ranges from E for level 1 to A for level 5. It is unclear what letter Level 6 offenders would receive or if they were given numbers.

  • Impel Down appears to have drawn extensively from the Divine Comedy's description of Hell. Both are level-based, "inescapable" jails with various punishments assigned according to each level, with the severity of the penalties increasing as one descends.

  • The poem's second section, Purgatorio, contains a description of Mount Purgatory that is strikingly similar to Impel Down's layout.

  • Starvation at Level 3. Ironically, hell is located on the third floor, while in Dante Alighieri's version of hell, those who were cursed for the sin of gluttony are "starved to death" inside Cerberus's gullets.

  • Level 4: Blazing Hell is a typical depiction of Hell in popular culture and literature, with scorching heat and flames consuming the "sinners" (in this case, the captives), while a demon (in this case, the Jailer Beast Minozebra) forces sinners into the flames. Magellan's home on this level may hint at the idea that Hell is the devil's habitation. This is comparable to the level of violence in Dante's Inferno, where the violent are punished: a lake of boiling blood where the damned are drowning.

  • Level 5: The vilest characters are punished in Freezing Hell, another concept from the Divine Comedy known as Treachery. In actuality, this level is where the damned are deceitful. The main distinction is that Dante's Divine Comedy is said to be the lowest deck of hell, while the damned of Dante is frozen in an ice lake.

  • A few of Impel Down's levels also seem to be inspired by Buddhist notions of hell, such as the Crimson Hell, which is thought to be based on the "Hell of the Sword Tree and Knife Hill," which similarly torments its victims by making them run upon or impale them upon trees and hills covered in swords and knives. The Jailer Beasts Horse Face and Ox Head appear to be the Four Jailer Beasts' closest relatives.

  • It makes sense that each senior staff member's dress code has a demon motif since each level of Impel Down is dubbed Hell.

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show's main character Frank N. Furter, who is a transvestite like the people of Newkama, is referred to as "Newkama Land" in the movie. The movie's protagonists, Brad and Janett, give in to their transgender desires in the film's climactic moment, just like Ivankov's candy boys do.

  • Level 5.5 is a pun, given that it is pronounced: "Go Ten Go," Goten, which means "Roaring Heaven," was used to describe Level 5.5.

  • Roche Tomson and George Black's names appeared on a list of inmates on Level 5. These inmates' whereabouts are unknown, and they were never seen.

  • Roche Braziliano, a Dutchman who cruised in Brazil and was renowned for his extreme sadism, even among other pirates, shares a name with Roche Tomson. Braziliano was also once apprehended by Spanish forces, just as Tomson was by the World Government, but Tomson managed to get away and eventually vanished.

  • The identification number for Roche Tomson on the Impel Down prisoner roster is 6581.

  • The damnatio memoriae, a form of punishment in Ancient Rome, had the goal of deleting a person's memory and everything that could be passed on to the following generation, effectively erasing a person's existence from history. The Level 6 goal of erasing a person from history is akin to this.

Translation and Dub Issues

The moniker of Impel Down is frequently rendered as "the Great Gaol"; the word "gaol" is an old English term for "jail" or "prison."

Buggy claims Ace is in level 5 rather than level 6 in the Funimation dub because he was unsure that level 6 existed.

Anime and Manga Differences

A giant praying mantis with sickle-like appendages and a little hippo with the ability to open its mouth wide and swallow inmates whole are the two extra animal guards stationed in Level 2 in the anime.

The sand in Level 3 is the remains of prisoners who had dried up and died, according to Galdino, who claimed this in the anime.

In the manga version of Level 5, a prisoner's finger froze, broke, and came off, prompting another prisoner to mock him for suffering frostbite; in the anime version, the prisoner could no longer feel or move his finger.

In a 20-year-old anime-only flashback, Olive was the first prisoner Hannyabal had to deal with when he started working at the facility. She enticed him to get him to let down his guard, then tied him up and took his clothes in an attempt to escape (similar to what Bentham would do while posing as Nami 20 years later), but she was caught by Magellan and imprisoned.


Q. What episode is Impel Down first seen in?

A. Impel Down is first shown in the 422nd Episode of the One Piece series, titled, "A Life-threatening Break-in! The Underwater Prison Impel Down!".

Q. How many episodes are there in the Impel Down arc?

A. There are 35 episodes of the Impel Down arc.

Q. Who is the strongest person in Impel Down?

A. Shiki, the Golden Lion, is presumed to be one of the strongest people in Impel Down in history. However, Luffy’s escape alongside a vast number of prisoners puts him at the top of the list now.

Q. Who is the villain of Impel Down?

A. Magellan, the former warden of Impel Down is the main villain of the Impel Down arc.

Q. Is Impel Down the best arc?

A. Impel Down is one of the most significant arcs in pre time-skip where Luffy gained numerous allies before the Summit War of Marineford, and yes, it is one of the best arcs in the One Piece series.

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Ryugu Palace in One Piece

Ryugu Palace in One Piece

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Michael in One Piece

Michael in One Piece

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Hoichael in One Piece

Hoichael in One Piece

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Roronoa Pinzoro in One Piece

Roronoa Pinzoro in One Piece

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York in One Piece

York in One Piece

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Atlas in One Piece

Atlas in One Piece

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Egghead Island in One Piece

Egghead Island in One Piece

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Joy Boy in One Piece

Joy Boy in One Piece

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Pythagoras in One Piece

Pythagoras in One Piece

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Edison in One Piece

Edison in One Piece

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Lilith in One Piece

Lilith in One Piece

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Shaka in One Piece

Shaka in One Piece

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Shimotsuki Ushimaru in One Piece

Shimotsuki Ushimaru in One Piece

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Daaachshund in One Piece

Daaachshund in One Piece

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Bellett in One Piece

Bellett in One Piece

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Gatz in One Piece

Gatz in One Piece

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Hogback in One Piece

Hogback in One Piece

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Jesus Burgess in One Piece

Jesus Burgess in One Piece

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