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Tony Tony Chopper in One Piece

Tony Tony Chopper, better known as “Cotton Candy Lover Chopper,” is the physician of the Straw Hat Pirates, and a Senior Officer of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Chopper is a reindeer who consumed the Devil Fruit Hito Hito no Mi, which enables its owner to change into a human or a human hybrid at will. He is from Drum Island, and his two parents, Doctors Hiriluk and Kureha, taught him how to become a doctor.

When Chopper was born, he was a regular reindeer with a blue nose that made other reindeer, including his parents, treat him strangely (always making him follow the herd from far back). Dr. Hiriluk saved him, named him and adopted him as a companion and "helper." Hiriluk imparted to Chopper his life's philosophy—that all illnesses could be cured—and his firm belief in the Jolly Roger as a representation of grit in the face of hardship.

Chopper is the fifth to join the crew during the conclusion of the Drum Island arc, and the sixth member overall. He wants to travel worldwide, specifically to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor who can one day treat every illness. During the Long Ring Long Land arc, he was briefly forced to join the Foxy Pirates but was soon welcomed back by Luffy's crew after they won the Davy Back Fight.

All About Tony Tony Chopper


Tony Tony Chopper

First Appearance in Anime

One Piece Episode 81 "Are You Happy? The Doctor who is Called a Witch!"

Voice Actors

English Dub: Emlyn Morinelli

Japanese: Ikue Otani

Kazue Ikura (Episode 254–264, Movie 7)

Date of Birth

December 24th








Straw Hat Pirates

Straw Hat Grand Fleet

Foxy Pirates (temporary)

Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance (disbanded)




Senior Officer


Drum Island (Grand Line)


1,000 Berries

Chopper’s Personality

Chopper frequently behaves like a child and is incredibly frightened around strangers because he lacks maturity. He is just as easily impressed by weapons like beams, cannons, and hidden skills as Luffy is. Whilst his cowardice can be linked to his immaturity and general lack of faith in his own combat prowess (in contrast to Nami's self-survival-based fear and Usopp's insecurity-based cowardice), he exhibits cowardice at times like Usopp and Nami.

He would prefer to flee and hide than fight, but when others stand by him, he develops more courage. Chopper, essentially trying to define who he is, looks up to practically everyone on his crew and, in some circumstances, mimics their behavior, especially Usopp. When eating sweets, Chopper has a sweet tooth, maybe just as gluttonous as Luffy. This feature earned him the title "Cotton Candy Lover" Chopper.

Chopper enjoys eating cotton candy.

Being the youngest, Chopper is the most sentimental Straw Hat and profoundly values his relationship with the crew, who he refers to as his "family". When Chopper was forced to join the Foxy Pirates during the Davy Back Fight, he was upset and sobbed that he was a Straw Hat, and he didn't stop until Zoro told him to "man up."

Chopper also tends to panic suddenly, which causes him to forget some important details. As an illustration, he frequently panics once someone is hurt and yells "Call a doctor!" He doesn't begin treating the injured individual until he realizes that he is the doctor.

Like Usopp, Chopper appears to have gained confidence after the time skip. He no longer seeks to be seen as a person, now simply desiring to "be a monster that can help Luffy" as he phrased it. He has also matured enough to beat his crewmates when they try to do anything crazy or idiotic, mainly Zoro and Luffy. He appears to have outgrown most of the traits mentioned above, but he still sneaks.

Though he doesn't show any interest in human women, Chopper is capable of romance. He was acting extremely Sanji-like with the reindeer mink Milky, though, blushing and sporting love hearts instead of eyes.

Chopper is an honorable friend and caring companion that will do whatever to complete a mission assigned to his crew. He is incredibly kind-hearted by nature. When Usopp sought to rejoin the crew at the conclusion of the Enies Lobby Arc, Chopper reached out to Luffy and Zoro despite their full unconcern for him. This suggests that Chopper is very forgiving of those close to him.

Chopper's ambition is to become a doctor who can treat any disease and to uphold the ideals of his late mentor, Hiriluk, who held that there is no such thing as an incurable disease. As a result, anytime his medical expertise is needed, his childlike spirit disappears. He does not hesitate about any decision involving his patients' well-being.

Chopper strongly believes that a doctor's job is to help save people and gets upset when someone doesn't treat life respectfully. By his principles, Chopper will fiercely aid any patients or injured victims he encounters. Additionally, Chopper values his role as a doctor highly and would be devastated if he could not help someone. Because of his morality, Chopper is outraged by people who use manufactured diseases as weapons.

Chopper dancing.

He still has mistrust for people from his more youthful years, and he frequently insults people directly and says that praise doesn't make him happy even when he is (he starts to do the "Dirty Old Man" dance which was a bit by famous Japanese comedian Ken Shimura, which became a running gag). Chopper has performed this dance at Monster Point at least once, which annoyed Usopp.

Chopper "hiding" from Nami.

Chopper also has another behavior known as the "reverse cartoon peek," in which he hides behind a wall or doorway and peers at people while attempting to avoid being noticed. Unfortunately, he is not hiding his body behind the wall; as a result, only one-half of his face is concealed, and his torso is visible.

Chopper is often said to believe anything he hears, which makes him an ideal target for Usopp's stories and his "Sogeking" appearance. Even though Nami lied to Lola about being a male, he accepted her story. In truth, he had assumed that the captain's role was to ignore everyone until Jinbe clarified otherwise. Although the Fake Straw Hat Crew did not resemble the real Straw Hats in the least, Chopper believed they were the real Straw Hats.

When Chopper is in his Brain Point or hybrid form, numerous characters mistakenly believe he is a tanuki (raccoon-dog, commonly translated as "a raccoon," which dramatically frustrates him and he continually attempts to correct them).

Chopper’s Appearance

Chopper usually is a little human/reindeer hybrid, but thanks to his Devil Fruit powers, he can change his appearance to suit the circumstance. When Chopper was younger, he searched for the Amiudake (where he believed the Amiudake could cure Hiriluk's disease) and ran into the herd's leader, who severely injured him. As a result, Chopper's left antler was broken and had to be reattached, and is now supported at the base by a metal plate.

Chopper before timeskip.

Before timeskip, Chopper generally wore a maroon pair of shorts and a huge light red or pink fuzzy top hat with a sideways medical cross (a gift from Hiriluk). He occasionally also carried a blue rucksack with the same diagonal medical cross as his hat. He also has a unique blue nose. Chopper wears the same costume for most of the series, just like most of his male crewmates.

Chopper has been given a much more "chibi" like appearance, which means that when in his preferred transformation (which he calls Brain Point), he has a larger head and eyes and a less defined muzzle than earlier in the series. This change was made as Oda's style evolved, and many readers commented on how cute Chopper was. Chopper is incredibly endearing to many female characters, and even some men find Chopper to be cute.

Chopper has considerably lost weight after two years. Compared to past seasons, he has a flatter stomach, leaner arms, and forelimbs. It may be argued that he has significantly shed body fat since leaving the chilly environment of Drum Island. As Nami and Chopper rejoin on Sabaody, Nami claims that Chopper's fur shade has changed from brown to gold, and the texture has softened.

Chopper after timeskip.

Chopper now wears a blue cap with buckles dangling from it and a circle of dots surrounding it. He covers his old pink hat with this. He also has an orange pair of shorts and a tank top with white and yellow vertical stripes that he removes when he evolves to Heavy Point.

Chopper's Brain Point form hasn't changed, except for his getting a little leaner and his fur turning from dark brown to light brown. He is now around the same height as Usopp in his Walk Point (reindeer) form after growing significantly. He has bigger muscles, more prominent horns, and longer fur. His Heavy Point has become massive and muscular, almost reaching Dosun's proportions. With his research throughout the time skip, he also developed new transformations. Chopper’s outfit also changes every arc after time skip.

Chopper’s Close Relationships


Chopper's biological family, a herd of reindeer, abandoned him because he was unique. He is initially shunned because of his blue nose. After consuming the Hito Hito no Mi and developing two "unreindeer-like" humanoid forms, he is further ignored. Eventually, he is discovered by Dr. Hiriluk, who takes him in as his son and a "Helper."

Dr. Hiriluk and Chopper.

Chopper's mentor, Hiriluk, adopted him and took on the role of "father." Despite their almost continuous fighting, they had a close friendship and a strong bond. The two gradually developed a father-son bond as they traveled (and, in a sense, terrorized) the island to cure patients, frequently fleeing for their lives from enraged patients or their companions. Hiriluk is referred to by Chopper as "the best doctor in the world."

Dr. Kureha and Chopper.

Another person that Chopper calls his family and a role model in medicine is Dr. Kureha. She grudgingly agrees to Hiriluk's final requests when she knows he is dying, which include completing his life's work and teaching Tony Tony Chopper how to practice medicine. She instructs Chopper in medicine during the time following Hiriluk's passing, claiming to have taught Chopper "all she knew" and being pleasantly surprised by the young reindeer's skill. She considers him her son, even though she often conceals her affection for him.

Straw Hat Pirates

Straw Hat Pirates.

Chopper was initially only hired by Luffy as a "talking changing reindeer monster," not as the ship's doctor. Since Chopper is the youngest crew member, was not born a human, and has lived a relatively sheltered life, the older boys have frequently advised him on what it means to be a genuine man.


Chopper, Usopp, and Luffy enjoying laying on the grass.

Chopper is one of the first to join in with Luffy's shenanigans and frequently plays practical jokes on Luffy for the group's entertainment. He plays around with him the most, but Luffy has also given him some of his greatest inspiration.

Roronoa Zoro

Chopper seems to have a close bond with Zoro, whom Chopper worships because he is "so cool". They share a deep bond, just like he does with Luffy and Usopp. Zoro taught Chopper that, despite each crew member having a different dream, the crew sticks together and is stronger as a result. When they are traveling, one of Chopper's favorite things to do is to ride on Zoro's shoulders, and he frequently goes to him when he is afraid.


The first member of the crew to identify Chopper as a doctor is Nami, who has a special affection for him. She values his medical expertise and is just as concerned for his safety as hers. Chopper also admires her navigational skills, despite his tendency to be terrified of her obsession with money and aggressive behavior towards the crew's "idiots." They have a bond similar to that of an elder sister and younger brother.


Chopper meets Usopp for first time after two year gap.

Usopp was initially afraid of Chopper, but after discovering that he was a buddy of Luffy's, he treats him more kindly, especially after Chopper joins the crew. Chopper is a fateful listener to Usopp's lies because of his naivete; for a moment or two, he actually believes most of them. Chopper was one of the crew members most impacted when Usopp temporarily left the crew.


Sanji jokingly wanted Chopper to join as an "emergency food supply" because he initially planned to cook him (together with Luffy, who wanted to eat him raw). Sanji continues to taunt Chopper throughout the series by calling him "the emergency food supply," yet he is very much Sanji's friend; in fact, being the group's youngest member, Sanji is closest to him.

Nico Robin

Chopper enjoys reading, and Robin calls him "Doctor-san" when she joins the crew, which makes him happy dance. They also appear to appreciate one other deeply, perhaps as a result of their shared interests in learning. Robin treats Chopper with a motherly nature in addition to treating him as an intellectual equal.


Chopper in awe of Franky's transformation.

Chopper is in awe of Franky's innovations after he joins the crew, notably the Mini Merry II, and he treats him with a lot of respect. After the time skip, he is similarly in awe of Franky's robotic artificial body. Franky resembles Chopper in many ways, and when they are on the road, the robot will let the doctor ride on his head.


Chopper's Kung Fu point.

Because Brook is a living, breathing skeleton, Chopper was terrified of him when they first met. He even argued with Usopp that he would not accept Brook as a crewmate. However, Chopper sobbed and even said he was no longer terrified of skeletons after hearing the Brook and Laboon story. Despite Brook being the most senior Straw hat and Chopper being the most junior, they get along very well.


Chopper is one of the first to push Jinbe to join the Straw Hats, saying that having a former Warlord would benefit the crew. He is revealed to be quite impressed with Jinbe's strength, and he thinks Jinbe is wonderful since he wept with happiness when he saw how he defied Big Mom.

Chopper’s Abilities

Chopper's duties as the Straw Hat Pirates' physician go beyond the profession of medicine. While on the Going Merry, he periodically carried out tasks such as working as their unofficial helmsman and, in the heat of battle, taking on the role of a warrior to help his friends.

Nonetheless, Chopper was initially regarded as a member of the "Weakling Trio" alongside Nami and Usopp due to his lack of fighting experience or formal training (as well as the time-limited effect of his Rumble Ball). This was primarily due to his inexperience and lack of battle sense at the time, but it is clear that he has become much more capable after his two years of training in the Torino Kingdom. Chopper is shown to have a strong will despite his usual fearful behavior.

Physical Abilities

Chopper was born with exceptionally high speed and agility because he is a reindeer. He acquired greater human physical capability besides his own after ingesting the Hito Hito no Mi. He has extraordinary powers of endurance. Chopper undertook two years of hard physical training in Torino Kingdom to boost his base form's natural physical strength. As a result, whenever he transforms, his Zoan Devil Fruit-enhanced physical skills have greatly improved.

His Heavy Point is now strong enough to hold most types of potent attacks. His new Kung Fu Point form keeps the incredible agility of Jumping Point while also having the enormous punching power of Arm Point. His weakest form, the Brain Point, is now strong enough to easily handle two heavy iron balls while sprinting. His Monster Point is powerful enough to strike down an opponent as huge as himself after transforming and withstanding the enemy’s powerful attacks.

Chopper can morph his Devil Fruit into many forms but is also a skilled self-taught fighter in hand-to-hand combat. He excels at boxing and wrestling, which he frequently combines with Heavy Point's greater physical power to easily overpower various opponents. He can use Kung Fu with Kung Fu Point to fight strong opponents with powers ten times greater than that of a regular human being.

Medical Expertise

Chopper is an incredible doctor with excellent knowledge of both medicine and medical drugs, as well as the preparations of most treatments and ointments made from standard fruits, herbs, roots, and vegetables that can be found and used on most islands. He studied under Dr. Kureha, one of the best doctors of the medically advanced Drum Kingdom. He is also capable of performing surgery and conducting CPR. Overall, Chopper is capable of treating even the most severe wounds.

Chopper's understanding of pharmacology has greatly expanded during the two years he spent independently studying the vast library of books on herbalism owned by the Torino Tribe in the Torino Kingdom.

Chopper self-studied many books in the Torino Kingdom on new and very powerful cures, ointments, unknown herbs with excellent healing capabilities, and other medicinal medications created by the people of the Torino Kingdom, who are virtually unknown to the rest of the world. The range of Chopper's medical expertise has significantly expanded due to his new knowledge of pharmaceuticals and his initial training in medicine from the Sakura Kingdom.

After five years of research, Chopper created his medication, the "Rumble Ball," which improves the fighting prowess of his Devil Fruit powers. Also, while serving as Dr. Kureha's apprentice, Chopper learned about the dangerous side effects of the highly addictive medication NHC10 (which only certain scientists in selected nations are authorized to use).

Chopper can stabilize the condition of a person who has taken an excessive amount of the substance. In addition, Chopper quickly developed a treatment for the Mummy virus, one of Queen's worst pathogens. Moreover, Chopper can create his own viruses, but only to prevent the spread of other viral diseases.

Chopper has demonstrated to successfully transfused blood between two different species, such as a human and a fish-man, even though humans and fish-men share the same blood. He did this to save Sanji’s and Luffy's lives after losing too much blood, even knowing their correct blood types: Luffy's was F (the same as Jinbe's), and Sanji's was S RH- (an unusually rare blood type).

Chopper has demonstrated the following techniques using his medical expertise:

Masui (Anaesthesia)

The opponent faints after being injected with some substance by Chopper, possibly an anesthetic. This method is known as Sedative in the English manga.

Chopperphage Nebuliser (Chopperphage Mist Cannon)

Chopper used this technique to nullify Queen’s Ice Oni virus during the raid in Onigashima. Chopper fired it into the crowd using a cannon, causing a mushroom cloud to appear with his face on it. This enabled people nearby to inhale Chopper's virus, curing them of the effects of Ice Oni. Bacteriophage, a class of viruses used in phage therapy to treat bacterial infections, is where the word "phage" comes from. A nebulizer is a machine used to dispense medicine as a mist.

Devil Fruit

Chopper consumed the Hito Hito no Mi, a Devil Fruit similar to a Zoan, enabling him to change into either a human or a reindeer-human hybrid at pleasure. It gave him human-level intelligence and enabled him to communicate in human languages. It also allows him to hold objects in his cloven-hoof hands and stand upright on two legs. Because of this ability, Chopper could learn about medicine and become a doctor, which is not possible for a usual reindeer.

Chopper's Arm Point before timeskip.

While Chopper is typically depicted in his tanuki-like hybrid form, a chibi-creature, he occasionally uses his human shape to blend in. However, this attempt frequently fails because Chopper's full human form more closely resembles an apeman. His humanoid body structure allows him to use melee attacks like punching and kicking that he cannot use in his actual reindeer form. His full human form is massive and mighty in battle.

Rumble Ball

In addition to the three forms his Devil Fruit gave him, Chopper created the "Rumble Ball," a yellow narcotic resembling a jawbreaker. The Devil Fruit can access further transformations thanks to this drug's ability to "distort the wavelengths" of the Devil Fruit's transformation. The drug's effects barely last three minutes.

Chopper’s transformations are listed below:

  • Jumping Point: Makes his legs long and agile.

  • Guard Point: Chopper Spins his fur into a protective ball of fluff.

  • Arm Point: Gives him muscular, thick arms.

  • Horn Point: Chopper gains enormous, formidable antlers.

Chopper's current Guard Point.

Chopper can consume up to one Rumble Ball every six hours because this transformation requires careful monitoring of consumption. He would get further transformations if he took a second one, but he would lose control over one of his seven forms he assumed as he changes. And if a third one is taken, Chopper transforms into Monster Point, a huge, incredibly powerful monster that makes him insane and wild. Moreover, this form needs deadly quantities of energy to be active, making Chopper a threat to friends and enemies and himself.

Chopper's Horn Point.

Chopper could access the extra forms after the two-year gap without restriction and, at any moment, without actually taking the Rumble Ball. He has also grown significantly on both his Horn Point and Guard Point; his Horn Point horns and his protective Guard Point fluff are both much bigger, thicker, and stronger. He has also created a brand-new transformation called Kung Fu Point, which combines the best features of Arm Point and Jumping Point and allows him to execute powerful martial arts moves.

Chopper's Monster Point after timeskip.

He also improved his Monster Point, allowing him to fight in his most powerful form for three minutes with just a single Rumble Ball and the ability to maintain control of himself. It is yet unknown how he used the medicine to increase his level. Eventually, with Caesar Clown's assistance, Chopper could expand the use of Monster Point by increasing the Rumble Ball's duration period to thirty minutes. However, when the effects of the Rumble Ball wear off, Chopper reverts to an infant-like state.


Chopper can understand and interact with other animals since he was originally an animal, which enables him to act as a translator between animals and people.

Other Skills

  • Chopper's vast medical knowledge of bipedal anatomy came in handy when the Straw Hats attempted to take down Oars. During this time, Chopper developed numerous theories about where to target the enormous enemy and where to look for the giant's weak point.

  • He is also a skilled tactician, as demonstrated in his battles with the Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas duo and Gedatsu.

  • Chopper worked on repairing the Thousand Sunny's damage following the escape from Totto Land while Franky was away, demonstrating that he at least has a basic understanding of carpentry.

Chopper in Other Media

Video Games

Tony Tony Chopper is a playable and featuring character in the following video games:

Game Name

Japanese Release

English Release

Grand Battle!

March 3, 2001

June 25, 2003

One Piece: Grand Adventure

August 29, 2006

September 22, 2006

Jump Super Stars

Battle Stadium D.O.N


Tony Tony Chopper appears in the following One Piece movies:

  • Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals

  • Dead End Adventure

  • The Cursed Holy Sword

  • Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island

  • The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle

  • Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates

  • Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura

  • One Piece Film: Strong World

  • One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase

  • One Piece Film: Z

  • One Piece Film: Gold

  • One Piece: Stampede

  • One Piece Film: Red


Q. What Devil Fruit does Tony Tony Chopper have?

A. Tony Tony Chopper consumed the Hito Hito no Mi, which enables him to transform into a human or a human hybrid at will.

Q. In what episode did Chopper first appear in One Piece?

A. Chopper first appeared in the 81st Episode of One Piece, titled, "Are You Happy? The Doctor who is Called a Witch!"

Q. Why does Zoro love Chopper?

A. Zoro and Chopper share a brotherly bond. Chopper often looks up to Zoro in times of trouble and Zoro always ensures Chopper’s well-being even in the most difficult circumstances. He loves and cares for Chopper as an elder brother whose job is to protect the younger one.

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