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Franky in One Piece

Franky, better known as, “Iron Man Franky,” is the shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates, and one of the Senior Officers of Straw Hat Grand Fleet. He is the seventh member to join the crew, making him the eighth member overall. Franky built the Thousand Sunny and joined the Straw Hat Pirates to help him achieve his dream of building a ship and circling the world.

Born "Cutty Flam," he initially preferred to go by his nickname, "Franky," before permanently changing it at Iceburg's request to conceal his identity. Franky was originally from South Blue, but when he was four years old, his family left him.

He ultimately found his way to Water 7, joined Tom's Workers there, and eventually became one of them until an incident severely destroyed his body and forced him to change himself into a cyborg. He joined the Franky Family, a crew of shipwreckers and bounty hunters after leaving Water 7, and rose to the leader position.

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First Appearance in Anime

One Piece Episode 233 "The Pirate Kidnapping Incident and the Pirate Ship Waits for Death!"

Voice Actors

English Dub: Patrick Seitz

Terri Doty (young)

Greg Ayres (young, Unlimited Adventure)

Japanese: Kazuki Yao

Junko Noda (young)

Date of Birth

March 9th








Straw Hat Pirates

Straw Hat Grand Fleet

Franky Family (former)

Tom's Workers (former)

Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance (disbanded)




Underworld boss (former)

Bounty Hunter (former)


Senior Officer


South Blue


394,000,000 Berries

Franky’s Personality

According to himself, Franky is an exhibitionist and a pervert. He is stubborn, odd, and free-spirited and frequently shows a blatant disrespect for laws and customs. Compared to most of the crew, he can occasionally come across as very bizarre due to his odd mannerisms and skill for building strange things (such as his Franky Centaur), but generally, he only wants to build strong ships or protect those he cares about. He is also very egocentric, taking great pride in how "SUPER" he is and in the brilliance of his creations or body.

Franky is one of the most responsible and mature Straw Hats despite his odd and silly behavior, trying to amuse the younger crew members while keeping serious concerns in mind. He can be pretty generous depending on the circumstances and the people he is dealing with, as he is quick to stand up for others and take action if his friends are hurt.

He also believes that no matter how a person is, they should never be biased against or exterminated simply because of who they are. As a result, he frequently befriends and stands up for those who are unjustly hated and mistreated. He also tends to use the exclamation "I've been like this all week" or "Of course I'm strong, and I've been especially strong this week" when referring to the current week.

Because of his impartial and protective approach, Franky quickly forms friendships and alliances with the most unlikely people, such as street gangs and pirates. Many people, including Nico Robin and the Franky Family, look up to him as a "big brother" figure and appreciate his work looking out for them. Even though the two had disagreements during the Water 7 Arc, Monkey D. Luffy and Franky shared some personality traits—except for fighting needlessly—and both developed respect for one another during the Enies Lobby Arc.

He has a running gag about being associated with "perverted" things because of a mix of his clothes, strange demeanor, and the situations he finds himself in. When someone calls him a pervert, he considers it a compliment. Franky also habitually substitutes the word "hentai" (pervert) for others. His lack of fashion sense appears to be a result of the fact that his creativity tends towards mechanics and crafts, which would account for his style of clothing, which typically consists of nothing more than his signature swim briefs, a large golden chain necklace around his neck, and a shirt concealing his somewhat bulky upper body build.

Another recurring joke is that whenever Franky overhears a touching story or situation, he becomes incredibly sympathetic and cries uncontrollably. Franky frequently admits to being moved to tears, but he feels too proud to show anyone. He will passionately deny crying by covering his face and blaming others around him as "idiots" for seeing him so vulnerable. His emotional conversations typically end with him suddenly taking out a guitar and asking everyone to listen to a song he's just composed about the narrative that's just impacted him.

Franky finds it terrifying to think about keeping money for more than a day. He also enjoys music and tends to dance in the presence of mild stimulation. Franky frequently refers to people by their nicknames rather than their real names, as when he initially joined, referring to Luffy as "Straw Hat," However, during their two-year separation, he now refers to everyone by their names and does not use nicknames.

Franky's behavior varies based on the beverage in his system. He will be concerned about health when he consumes fresh juice, as shown at Enies Lobby, declaring that health comes first. He will relax and take time to chill while he drinks tea, and he will revert to his original form after he consumes cola.

The thing that makes Franky the most recognizable is his catchphrase, "SUPER!" He usually strikes his usual pose when he says it. He leans to one side while bending the same knee, and the other leg is straight and going the opposite direction. He reclines his head, and his arms are locked wrist-to-wrist above his head. The two distinct star tattoos converge into one star. Most of the time, it is accompanied by a glow or explosion as an effect. Two more notable characteristics are using the word "Yosh" in his speech and shouting "AOW!" when something excites him or when he wants to brag.

Franky is not interested in young, attractive ladies, unlike Sanji, Brook, and Usopp. Since undergoing his modifications after the time skip, he has drawn Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp's attention. He consequently exhibits robotic behavior, much to their amusement.

He enjoyed making powerful weapons and adding to his arsenal. Still, he did not appreciate the thought of devouring a Devil Fruit, even if it was a Logia. Franky graciously declined the offer to eat the Mera Mera no Mi since he desired to keep his swimming skills. Franky is highly possessive of his creations due to his mentor's parting remarks and shipwright philosophy.

Franky also exhibits childish interest in ideas like sentai superheroes, transformable robots, and other trends made for little boys. This is mostly because of Franky's silly behaviors, which are similar to those of Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp. He used Vegapunk's research and technology during the two-year time skip to fulfill his childhood desire to build his own transforming robot.

Franky’s Appearance

Franky is a powerfully built man at least seven feet tall, making him the third tallest member of the Straw Hat crew after Jinbe and Brook. This is a direct result of the modifications he made to himself and the years spent as a ship dismantler, bounty hunter, and street thug in Water 7.

Before time skip, his biceps are pretty modest compared to his big forearms. His abs and pectoral muscles are significant, and his chest is well-toned. He has tattoos of blue stars on his forearms and hair that is a vivid blue color. Franky has three noticeable lower Matsuge on each eye, and his eyebrows are unusually long and stern.

His chin tapers off in three sharp clefts and is quite angular. The only replacement portion of Franky's outer body not covered in artificial skin is a similarly angular prosthetic nose made of iron with several rivets and rough edges.

Franky had normal-sized forearms and a more minor total height than his cyborg-enhanced self would have before being struck by the Puffing Tom. He also had a regular chin and nose, which were later severely shattered in the accident and required iron repair.

He typically wears swim trunks, which prompts some to label him a pervert, along with an open, boisterous Hawaiian "Aloha" shirt and a huge golden chain necklace around his neck. Unless the situation demands it or someone forces him to, he rarely buttons up his shirt, wears long sleeves or even puts on trousers or shoes.

Franky went half-dressed before he was a cyborg just because he wanted to. Now, because of how his cyborg body is built, covering himself prevents him from using some of its features. Long sleeves prevent him from using weapons installed on his arms, a buttoned shirt prevents him from accessing his chest panels, trousers prevent him from using features on his legs that cause them to separate or expand, and shoes are a constraint for the same reason and are also unnecessary because his feet are reinforced with iron. Franky still gets cold easily, and his semi-nakedness can give him shivers. When things get serious, he typically dons a pair of sunglasses as well.

Franky used Vegapunk's blueprints to dramatically transform his body throughout the two years he lived alone, fixing the harm he unintentionally inflicted while replacing some outdated features with better and more powerful tools. By pressing his nose for longer than three seconds, Franky can now instantly change the style of his hair. He used to wear his hair up in a pompadour, but nowadays, he constantly switches it up, usually whenever he dons a new suit. But whenever he's inside General Franky, he returns to having a pompadour.

Additionally, he has two stitch-mark scars on his torso that extend downward from the back of his neck, showing that he had reattached his skin. He also appears to have changed the appearance of his eyes. His eyes are lenses covering a set of robotic eyes underneath that seem like human eyes. After his battle with Senor Pink, his left eye was seen with inverse coloration and a glowing red pupil after being knocked around so much that the lens covering the eye fell out.

He has significantly larger arms, shoulders, and chest than before and studded hands that almost have a robotic appearance. However, he also disclosed that he still has a set of robotic hands that are regular size inside of his enormous arms. He appears to be donning metal-rigged braces at this point.

He now has big red ball and socket joints with the letters "BF-37" on them in place of his shoulders, large light blue hinges instead of his elbows, and large light blue cubes in place of his forearms with his signature star tattooed on one edge. Even though they are obviously robots, Franky's forearms have hair, and his big robot hands can even wear gloves. He upgraded his own home with these new additions throughout the time jump. Besides these, Franky's outfit changes in every arc.

Franky’s Abilities

Franky, the Straw Hat Pirates' shipwright, is a crucial crew member since he keeps the Thousand Sunny in top condition and any other tools, vehicles, or weaponry the Straw Hats may need. He is also a skilled surgeon since, despite not having any surgery training, Franky could operate on himself twice. This is particularly impressive, considering that Franky was on the verge of death the first time he did it.

Franky is one of the most dangerous Straw Hats in terms of combat prowess. His strong fighting prowess substantially improved upon returning to his crew after spending two years studying on Karakuri Island and his engineering abilities. Additionally, Franky is a very accomplished guitarist.

Physical Abilities & Tactical Skills

Franky's physique has undergone bionic enhancements, giving him tremendous superhuman power. Before becoming a pirate, he worked as a ship dismantler and bounty hunter, which may have contributed to his impressive physical prowess; even when his cola supply was low, he still showed enough strength.

In addition to his power, Franky demonstrates great expertise when using any object, whether in or out of action. Franky is a very competent boxer who, even without his cyborg features and arsenal of weapons, combined with his cybernetically boosted physical strength, can defeat highly skilled and dangerously powerful assassins with swift and forceful blows.

Franky can withstand weapons and artillery thanks to his cyborg modifications, which give him unparalleled superhuman durability. He is formidable enough to withstand a barrage of strong punches even when he is low on cola. Franky was severely run over by the Puffing Tom before he turned into a cyborg while trying to save Tom. Even though he was about to die, he managed to live long enough to swim to and board an abandoned ship. He then uses the ship's wreckage to transform himself into a cyborg.

After the time skip, Franky's physical ability significantly improved after the time skip, and he also appears to have excellent hearing. Franky is a very powerful and skilled swimmer who can even swim up waterfalls using his Franky Butterfly method.

Franky is wild and reckless, but he's also incredibly tactful and will use deceit and trickery to his advantage. He has shown a deep knowledge of psychological battle.

Engineering Skills

Franky is a brilliant craftsman, having learned how to build ships from Tom and becoming a superb carpenter. He is a top-notch and knowledgeable shipwright once employed by Tom's Workers and was also one of Tom's apprentices. His early involvement in building the first Sea Train, the Puffing Tom, alongside Tom, proved his abilities as a shipwright to include naval design.

He contributed to this accomplishment while working on his own line of 35 specially designed, numbered battleships, known as the "Battle Frankies," each capable of taking down a Sea King. His carpentry talents were unaffected by his years of demolishing. The most precise definition of this was how quickly he could complete the Thousand Sunny's construction with the help of Iceburg, Yokozuna, and the remaining foremen from Galley-La.

Franky was the only one who could recreate the terrifying Ancient Weapon of mass devastation before the knowledge was permanently lost, having formerly kept the Pluton plans before burning them.

Franky is a brilliant and creative inventor who uses his cybernetic body, equipped with vast weapons and incredible strength, to fight opponents with superhuman physical prowess on an even playing field. He also equipped the Thousand Sunny with incredible tools, weapons, and even the ability to fly.

He was also able to learn independently and understand the blueprints and technology of the venerable scientist Vegapunk, which were discovered in one of his labs on Karakuri Island and were previously believed to be impossible to create, complete, and even comprehend. After spending two years training on that island, Franky was able to effectively illustrate his understanding of and capacity to duplicate his invention.

Franky's addition of light lasers to his arsenal, a type of technology that only Vegapunk himself was initially able to manufacture, is the best illustration of this achievement. With the aid of the freshly found alloy Wapometal, Franky can also discover Vegapunk's vision of a transforming robot. His engineering expertise also extends to gadgetry, as shown by the fact that he assisted Usopp in revamping Nami's most recent Clima-Tact.

A scientific genius in his own right, he created a cannon-like mechanism that rapidly gathers air in a small area before releasing it as a compressed air-based missile. This mechanism served as a model for developing his "Coup De Vent" functions. It was powerful enough to bring down large buildings and provide an excellent means of propulsion. He created Thousand Sunny with various original features, including the Soldier Dock System and the Coup De Burst.

In a concise period, he even constructed a whole bridge across a vast distance, including minute finishing touches like carved handrails (albeit he desired an extra thirty seconds because he was dissatisfied with the result). In addition, he has a way of creating short-lived, suspended stairs that can support human weight but not much else. This action is known as "Franky Skywalk" by him.

Franky's unmatched skill as a carpenter enables him to quickly acquire and master various architectural styles. His superior commended his work, describing it as faultless when he went undercover in Wano Country as a carpenter. According to reports, Franky is ten times more productive than his coworkers. To prepare for the raid on Onigashima, Franky successfully led a team of Wano carpenters to completely repair the damaged ships. Franky also restored the Thousand Sunny, which had been severely harmed by Big Mom and then the Beasts Pirates, to its original condition in a single night with the help of Usopp.

Cyborg Body

Franky is a cyborg, a human with artificial body components. His back, which he could not reach, remained exposed despite his front, which is armored and impenetrable to most attacks. His body is armed with many different types of weapons, such as rocket launchers, an extending right arm, the capacity to breathe intense flames, and the ability to release massive airbursts from several different body regions.

To fuel him and his attacks, his stomach has a refrigerator section that can fit up to three bottles of cola. The kinds of drinks he keeps in his refrigerator section have an impact on his personality as well. He can quickly consume massive amounts of cola to shoot strong airbursts from his arms, using these blasts for devastating "Coup de Vent" maneuvers.

Battle Frankies

The Battle Franky is a group of unique battleships that Franky built, each with the designation "Battle Franky" and a call number ranging from 1 to 35. Each is fully armed with cannons and other weapons despite being no larger than a lifeboat. Some ships have turrets, armor, and other mechanical gadgets. Because of this, these tiny vessels are just as lethal as real battleships.

BF-36/Cyborg Tactics

Franky recognized that his blood-soaked and severely injured physique needed urgent repair after barely surviving the event and floating to an abandoned ship. He repaired his body and transformed into a cyborg using the ship's components and shipwrighting abilities. Battle Franky 36, his thirty-sixth iteration of the same name, was given to this new body.

BF-37/Armored Me

Franky modified and rebuilt his physique into a second configuration called "Armored Me" or BF-37. Notably, he is considerably more significant and sports more typical cyborg elements. Franky has even gone above and beyond by adding useful (Franky Nipple Lights) and absurd (Franky Hair Salon) features. Franky is powered by cola, just like in his previous guise.

Franky's new additions are most noticeable in his massive robotic arms. His elbows have been replaced by enormous blue hinges. His forearms are covered with large light blue cubes, and his signature star tattoo is etched on the edges. He has BF-37 printed on each red sphere that makes up his shoulders. His left arm's ball joint has a slot beneath the "BF-37" emblem via which missiles can be fired. It has also been demonstrated that his right forearm functions as a toolbox, housing several tools, including a hammer and a wrench.

BF-38/General Franky

Franky created General Franky after analyzing the several designs Vegapunk left behind on Karakuri Island. It is a one-person weapon/vehicle that Franky himself controls from a control room inside the chest. It comes with Franken, a vast "marauder's" sword. Franky can crush his opponents by slamming them with his huge body and using his enormous fists to deliver strong punches.


Since he built and installed long-range artillery and mid-range missile weaponry into his body, Franky is an expert marksman with these weapons.


Franky rarely carries weapons because he keeps several of them inside his body. However, he has occasionally used tools and other objects as weapons, most notably his construction equipment. He's carried conventional weapons before and appears to be able to use them well. Custom-made nunchucks and hand-held cannons are two examples of such weaponry.

Franky’s Relationships


In the beginning, Franky opposed the Straw Hats, robbing them, beating Usopp, and pursuing Luffy. He didn't like the Straw Hats because of the abuse they gave out to his employees and the damage they caused to his home. In the Enies Lobby Arc, however, Luffy forgives Franky and accepts him as a friend.

When Franky saw the lengths they would go to to save just one of their own, he also decided to lend them his support and forgive them. His regard for them increased to the point where he built them a brand-new ship, the Thousand Sunny, using the Adam Wood he brought with the money he had stolen from them. Franky is a favorite among the crew's younger members because of his cyborg modifications. He can therefore be viewed as the Straw Hats' father figure.


Franky Family

The entire Franky Family was founded by him to care for the misfits and rejects of Water 7, including Zambai, despite not being connected to him by blood. The group members are very close, referring to one another as "sister" or "brother" and those who get along with them.

They are the outcasts of Water 7, those who failed the entrance exam to become shipwrights but still wanted to work for Iceburg in the Galley-La Corporation. They were left with little choice but to resort to Franky, who also views himself as somewhat of a failure.

Biological Family

Although unnamed, Franky is a pirate's son. Since they were the very reason he was thrown into the ocean, his parents obviously weren't amused by the creations he made when he was younger. As he describes them to Tom in his conversation, Franky appears to dislike them for it.



As a master shipwright, Franky had the utmost respect and admiration for his mentor. Franky frequently devised clever designs, and Tom would constantly compliment him on them. Tom taught Franky the most crucial lesson about being a shipwright: that you must be proud of what you've produced, no matter what. To stop the Sea Train Puffing Tom from taking its creator to Enies Lobby, Franky was likewise prepared to put his life in danger, even attempting to stop the train with just his hands. Franky decided to always remain in Water 7 as penance to lessen his guilt for his role in Tom's capture.


Initially, Iceburg and Franky did not get well along with each other, and would call each other names. When Franky's Battle Frankies were used for destruction and hurting innocent people, Iceburg grew even more furious. Despite the differences between Iceburg and Franky, the two former apprentices of Tom are the best of friends.

Iceburg eventually forgave Franky for the role his Battle Frankies played in framing Tom. By collaborating with the Straw Hats and ultimately providing Franky with the proper guidance, Iceburg could relieve Franky of his duty as the guardian of Water 7 and free him to move on with his life by joining the Straw Hats to pursue his true dream.


Franky became close friends with Tom's pet sumo-wrestling frog during his formative years as Tom's apprentice, even teaching him how to crawl stroke. After becoming aware of his old friend's situation, he teams up with the Straw Hats and the Franky Family to free the kidnapped Franky during the Water 7 arc.


As Tom's apprentice, Kokoro was a matron to Franky and Iceburg. Kokoro was willing to pilot the unsteady Sea Train, Rocketman to help the Straw Hats & Franky Family help rescue Franky since she was concerned about Franky's well-being. Franky likewise cares for Kokoro.

Water 7 Citizens

Despite being a criminal, Franky is well-liked by most of the people in Water 7. However, he still commands some respect and fear (though the fear is typically just the town's fear of Franky going on a rampage and destroying the town).


With his unusual behavior, Franky immediately became friends with Kitton, his cyborg dog Taroimo, and his grandfather after being "sent" to Karakuri island by Bartholomew Kuma. When he decided to live in Vegapunk's weapons lab, they tolerated him even after he destroyed their country's "treasure" and provided him with cola.

Bartholomew Kuma

Franky has grown to admire Kuma as a result of him protecting the Thousand Sunny for the Straw Hat Pirates for two years and saving them from Kizaru and Sentomaru. The other Straw Hats learn through Franky that before Bartholomew Kuma was fully programmed as PX-0, he struck a deal with Dr. Vegapunk to allow him to incorporate a goal of his own: to guard the Straw Hat Pirates' ship until the day one of its members returns. The Straw Hats owe Kuma a massive debt of gratitude for saving their lives and defending their ship, among other things.


When Franky got to Fish-Man Island, he immediately started looking for Tom's family member, Den. Den hailed Franky on the ship he constructed and offered to coat it. He said that letters from Kokoro are how he found out about Iceburg and Franky.

Thunder Soldier


Franky teamed up with Thunder Soldier because they had a shared enemy in Doflamingo and a desire to destroy the SMILE factory in Dressrosa. Franky could comprehend Kyros's (Thunder Soldier's real name) choice to sob after Doflamingo was vanquished. Kyros kept the Straw Hats hidden from the marines at his house.

Kozuki Family

Franky first encountered Oden when the Roger Pirates came to Water 7 when he was a kid. Oden was acquainted with Franky and had invited him to join the Roger Pirates, but Franky declined because he had a negative opinion of pirates owing to his parents' desertion.

Even though Franky didn't seem to remember this encounter, he would later join forces with Oden's son and retainers in their fight against Kaidou and Orochi, fulfilling Oden's last wish to open the Wano border to the rest of the world. To prepare the Kozuki Family's revolution for their raid on Onigashima, Franky personally led a team of Wano shipwrights, and he was overzealous in doing so.


World Government and Marines

Due to his early possession of Pluton's blueprints and the fact that he later destroyed them and helped the Straw Hats rescue Robin, Franky is a foe of the World Government.

He is at odds with the Marines because they have a bounty on his head. Franky battled the Marines' Buster Call with the other Straw Hat Pirates before joining the Straw Hats. Franky became a wanted man and earned a bounty following the events at Enies Lobby.


For framing Iceburg, Tom, and Franky in the attack on the Judicial ship, Franky has a particularly bitter grudge against Spandam. After ten years, they finally crossed paths at Enies Lobby, and Franky was so upset at Spandam for making fun of Tom that he cruelly bit the man twice on the head. Later, during the Enies Lobby Arc, he destroys Spandam's plans to rise to power by destroying Pluton's designs as payback and smashing him with Funkfreed.

Senor Pink

Despite being enemies, the two gained some respect for one another during their conflict at the SMILE factory. Senor Pink vowed to admit defeat if Franky survived his final move, and when the latter did, he even kept his word. When Franky defeated him, the cyborg wiped Pink's tears and expressed interest in learning about Pink's past should they ever cross paths again.



Franky knows the scientist, Dr. Vegapunk, and after being transported for two years to the doctor's native Karakuri Island by Bartholomew Kuma, he grew to appreciate his genius. He then studied the doctor's work intently to advance his cyborg abilities.

As a scientist, Vegapunk is someone who Franky genuinely admires and considers to be a kind of role model. Franky was first confused when the crew visited Egghead and encountered one of Vegapunk's duplicates, Lilith, who presented herself as Dr. Vegapunk. However, he soon became excited and informed Lilith about his time on Karakuri Island. He then wanted to show Lilith some of his own work.

Franky in Other Media

Video Games

Franky features in the following One Piece inspired Video Games:

  • Fighting for One Piece

  • One Piece: Unlimited Adventure

  • One Piece: Unlimited Cruise

  • Jump Ultimate Stars

  • One Piece: Gear Spirit

  • One Piece: Gigant Battle! 2 New World

  • One Piece Romance Dawn: The Dawn of the Adventure

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2

  • One Piece: Unlimited World Red

  • One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X

  • One Py Berry Match

  • One Piece: Dance Battle

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

  • One Piece Treasure Cruise

  • One Piece Thousand Storm

  • One Piece: Burning Blood

  • One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum

  • One Piece Bounty Rush

  • One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

  • One Piece Odyssey

  • Dragon Dream!

  • One Piece: Pirates Carnival

  • One Piece: Gigant Battle

Other Appearances

  • Every year the One Piece Premier Show features Franky.

  • The shipwright is the focus of "Franky's Ball Run," one of the Tokyo One Piece Tower's displays, and "Franky's Cola Bar," a restaurant in the park. Franky's statue also appears at the Straw Hat Crew's Great Feast. Franky can be seen in most Tokyo One Piece Tower stage productions and special animations, such as One Piece 4D, The Great Treasure of Tongari Island, and Immersive Theater: When the Box of Time Opens.

  • In One Piece Art NUE, Franky and the group assist Toratsugu in rescuing Kikuhime from Lark.

  • Franky can be seen at the Digital Art Island Adventure event's teamLabCamera attractions.

  • Franky appears in One Piece Dramatic Stage THE METAL "Marineford of Remembrance" and Straw Hat Pirates vs. Marines vs. Seven Warlords Holographic Battle Theatre.

  • In Super Kabuki II: One Piece, Franky appears during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc retelling.

  • One Piece Water Spectacle's first two performances include Franky.

  • Franky appears in the Hungry Days commercials, including Zoro, Nami, and Vivi.

  • The scheduled appearance of Franky in ONE PIECE LIVE STAGE's "Tower of Steel" has been postponed indefinitely.

  • As part of the Kumamoto Revival Project, a bronze statue of Franky was unveiled at Takamori Station.

  • On the fourth episode of One Piece Variety: I Will be the Pirate King TV, a guest comedian performed a skit while dressed as Franky.

Cultural References

When he was introduced for his event at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, American shot putter Payton Otterdahl struck the "SUPER!!" pose made famous by Franky.


Q. Does Franky have a Devil Fruit?

A. No, Franky doesn’t possess any Devil Fruit. He also turned down the chance to consume Mera Mera no Mi when offered. He holds his cyborg pride and doesn’t want to lose the ability to swim.

Q. Why did Franky join Luffy?

A. Franky created the Thousand Sunny and joined the Straw Hat Pirates to achieve his dream of building a ship and circling the world.

Q. Who joined Luffy after Franky?

A. Brook joined Luffy after Franky.

Q. Who are Franky’s real parents?

A. Franky’s real parents were pirates whose identities haven’t been revealed in the show yet.

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